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Dahlia Natural Health Clinic is a private, holistic health care practice located in the Northgate area of Seattle, Washington.

Dahlia Natural Health Clinic is a private, holistic health care practice located in the Northgate area of Seattle, Washington. As naturopathic doctors, we provide effective, natural medicine for the whole person, not just the disorder. We also work with other providers to ensure complete care. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain optimum health.

Answers. You will receive our undivided attention and enough time for us to answer your questions. This approach enables you to make informed decisions. We believe that your education is the key to better choices for health and healing. We are tenacious in finding the cause of your illness and the treatment that works the best for you.

Basics. Complete health is dependent on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance. If you are out of balance in these spheres, lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise modifications, may be necessary to bring you back into balance. This protocol may also include nutritional supplements, homeopathy, energy medicine, physical medicine or pharmaceuticals.

Compassion. We will meet you at your comfort level with our treatment options. We will help you progress at your own pace to regain your health. Some of your issues are years in the making and won’t completely disappear in a few days. We understand that long term health issues may take time to resolve. We will be patient and ask that you are patient and gentle with yourself as well.

[11/09/15]   Recently an acquaintance told me he was confused about whether to starve a cold and feed a fever or to feed a cold and starve a fever. I believe the original quote from 500 years ago was an admonition, "Starve a cold lest you feed a fever." In other words, if you eat a lot while you have a cold, it may get worse and you may develop a fever. You don't need to fast during the cold, but avoid sugar, bread and dairy; eat soups or broths and drink lemon water, juice and teas. My favorite drink during a cold is Hot Lemonade:
1 cup boiling water
1-2 Tablespoons maple syrup
2 dashes cayenne pepper
1/2 fresh squeezed lemon (add last)

[10/28/15]   The change in weather also brings cold and flu season. One of our favorite cold remedies is elderberry (Sambucus nigra). In addition to flavanoids and antioxidants, this plant has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Unlike a number of other medicines, it has a pleasant taste and does not need alcohol to extract it's properties, making it suitable for children.

[08/17/15]   You've probably heard about SIBO but be wondering what it is or if you have it. Dr. Ellis just added a new post that will answer your questions. Check it out at dahlianaturalhealthclinic.com.

Blueberry Supplementation Improves Memory in Older Adults


I love this time of year for its availability of berries. My favorite is the blueberry. Blueberries are known for their antioxidants and low calorie count. They contain many phytonutrients which have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These include numerous anthocyanins, flavanols like quercetin and phenols like pterostilbene and resveratrol. These phytonutrients prevent illness and slow aging. Although we get the most benefit from fresh berries, new studies make it clear that we can freeze blueberries without doing damage to their delicate anthocyanin antioxidants which is great news to us berry pickers.
A recent study found that blueberries as a low-GI (Glycemic Index) fruit, along with other berries, have a favorable impact on blood sugar regulation in persons already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In addition, a 2012 study suggested that eating at least one serving of blueberries a week slowed cognitive decline by several years. Other studies have concluded that blueberries improve memory as well (1.2).
If you want to maximize your antioxidant benefits from blueberries, go organic! Organically grown blueberries have significantly higher concentrations of total phenol antioxidants and total anthocyanin antioxidants than conventionally grown blueberries, as well as significantly higher total antioxidant capacity.
The perfect blueberry should be dusty in color bur don’t wash off the dust until you’re ready to eat it. A rinse softens your blueberries, which can quicken spoiling.

1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2850944/
2. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/eating-blueberries-and-strawberries-staves-off-memory-decline-study-suggests/

Creamy Blueberry Pops makes 10 pops

A simple, but satisfying low carb, sweet treat.

2 cups yogurt (coconut, soy, goat or cow)
1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
1 medium to large banana
1 teaspoon vanilla
Optional: 1 tablespoon agave nectar or maple syrup
Substitution: strawberries or cherries

Blend all ingredients in blender. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for 3 or more hours.

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov The prevalence of dementia is increasing with expansion of the older adult population. In the absence of effective therapy, preventive approaches are essential to address this public health problem. Blueberries contain polyphenolic compounds, most prominently ...

Vaccinations: What's All the Fuss About?


Although measles outbreaks occur periodically over the years, the last resurgence a few months ago spawned media coverage that created fear among the public. This was opportune for pharmaceutical companies and legislators to push their agenda. Check out my vaccine blog post on http://www.going2natural.com/home-2/vaccinations-whats-all-the-fuss-about/

going2natural.com While the general public was distracted by race issues …

[04/26/15]   I love the spring season. Unfortunately, for some people, spring means a return of environmental allergies to pollen, grass, etc. My favorite remedy is a combination of quercetin and nettles. Stinging nettle leaf is an herb that's highly nutritious, detoxifying and helpful for mucous discharge. Quercetin is a flavanoid found in various vegetables, fruits and herbs (including nettle). It's anti-inflammatory and acts as a natural anti-histamine. Food sensitivities also play a role in the body's reaction to environmental antigens. In particular, avoid foods that cause respiratory symptoms, like a cough or nasal congestion.

[02/18/15]   Several of our patients have had the flu that comes with a nasty, hard to placate cough. Drinking licorice root tea (two teabags per cup) seems to help.

Alcohol and Your Health - Dahlia Natural Health Clinic


Have a safe, healthful New Year's Eve! Some facts about drinking:

northseattlenaturopath.com New Year’s Eve is traditionally a big night for drinking. A little bit of alcohol will warm you up and give you a sense of well-being. Too much drinking can cause alcohol poisoning and even death What is too much? One unit of alcohol is the amount your body can process in one hour. Drinking …



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