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Go Quakers!
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Franklin High School is a large, public urban high school respected for its traditions of student and community involvement and academic preparedness. The student body is a richly diverse balance of ethnicity and culture: 51% Asian descent, 33% African American, 7% Caucasian, 8% Latino, and 1% American Indian respectively.

Franklin students spend their school years learning with and about students of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Thus our graduates, in addition to being high caliber academically, receive another enriching educational experience—that of community—learning to live and get along in a complex urban society.

Energy and persistence conquer all things.
~Benjamin Franklin

[06/01/15]   QUAKES. You only have abut 35 minutes left to download all the things you need from your teachers' fusion pages before they are shut down and lost for good. So hurry and do what you need to do now before it's too late!

[04/23/15]   "Per Dr. Wiley, business as usual for Thursday, April 23, 2015. School will resume."

[02/25/15]   Get a good night sleep Juniors, and get a big breakfast.

[12/19/14]   You should know what Fridays of Spirit Weeks are by now

[12/18/14]   Hat Day.

[12/17/14]   Ugly Sweater Day tomorrow! Doesn't even have to be ugly, just claim you think it's ugly. Doesn't even have to be sweater, just claim you think it's a sweater.

[12/16/14]   Late night post, but tomorrow is Traffic Light Day! Go to school in traffic light costume, wear all black, wear green, yellow, and red at the same time, or wear none of the colors on the traffic light!

[12/15/14]   Lazy Day tomorrow! Show up in your hoodies, sweats and sweatshirts, etc. Don't be a wise guy though - the key term here is "show up"!

[12/13/14]   It's Spirit Week next week, Quakes!

Monday is Lazy Day! Wear sweats, hoodies, and anything homely. No. That doesn't mean you can go to school naked.

Tuesday is Protecting-Your-Own-Privacy-Means-You're-UnSpirited Day! Wear all black, or the colors green, yellow, and red at the same time!

Wednesday is Ugly Sweater Day! Bring out those knits!

Thursday is Hat Day! *tips fedora*

And Friday, is as always, Quaker Day as well as the Winter Assembly! Don't be a square!

After that is winter break. Enjoy your Christmas, Hannukah, Boxing Day, Birthday, Stay-At-Home Break, Hawaiian Vacation, Countless Hours on League, Great Wolf Lodge-Out, or whatever! As long you enjoy your break and let others enjoy theirs!

[10/13/14]   Spirit Quakes! It's Pajama Day tomorrow!

And no, that does not mean you stay at your bed in your jammies ofr the day.





3013 S Mount Baker Blvd
Seattle, WA
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