The Flight Academy

The Flight Academy

Our mission is to produce safer, more proficient Cirrus pilots through specialized training of the highest quality.

The Flight Academy was founded in 2002 by former Cirrus Aircraft instructors. Our mission is to produce safer, more proficient pilots through specialized training of the highest quality.

Since 2002 we have been working with clients all over the United States and across the world, using our passion for aviation education to provide top-level customer service. We believe in safety as the number one goal of training with having fun as a close second.

All of our instructors are experienced, professional educators who know Cirrus aircraft inside and out. We pride ourselves on being experts not just with the aircraft but also with the teaching process.

The Flight Academy is a boutique flight school which doesn’t train in the traditional manner. Our specialty is working with busy clients with busy schedules. To do this, we map out a plan to achieve the training objectives, tailor the schedule to our clients’ lives, and then train in full day or multi-day blocks of time to achieve the objective.

We’re experts in different facets of aviation. Not only do we teach people how to fly, we also deliver aircraft around the world, have group adventure trips, provide buyer’s agent services to help pilots acquire aircraft, staff personal pilots for 3 months to a year with an individual client, and can work as consultants and problems solvers for any other aviation need.

Learning to fly should be an enjoyable process with the outcome of helping our clients see the world in ways they’d never imagined. The new lifestyle accessible to pilots is a wondrous one filled with adventure, beauty, and a new definition of efficiency. The Flight Academy specializes in opening up that world to our clients.

The first Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet has been delivered to Europe. It was a wonderful experience and it is an amazing aircraft.

We have been dreaming about what flying the Cirrus jet would be like since 06. It was that rarest of things in life where the actual experience exceeds the expectation.

Special thanks to Rob Haig Executive Director, Flight Training & Operations; Chief Pilot. You know the plane inside and out and along with your team have put in countless hours and efforts into the SF50 program. We appreciate your wisdom and patience on this flight. It was great to share a cockpit and a Gull with you.

We cant wait for the next flight at FL280 doing 300+ kts. #SF50 #CirrusLife

We picked up some ice on the departure out of Egilsstadir and the plane handled it like a champ. Inlet heat on, boots on, windshield tks on, no worries.
After that it was our last 2 hours wearing the gumby suits staring into the hot sun as clear skies accompanied us to Stavanger.

Greenland is always cool to fly over, with glaciers and mountains as far as the eye can see. We were bucking a 50kt headwind to Iceland. Landing in Reykjavik feels great- back in controlled airspace with VHF contact.

Flew across Iceland and over the volcanoes... May 11 and it was living up to its name and snowing.

The tower controller looked up the SF50 on the web. Not too busy in Egilsstadir!

Landing the SF50 in Greenland.

2 of 3 water legs completed. We flew from CYYR- BGBW-BIRK-BIEG today. Tomorrow we launch for Norway.

Steaks in Goose talking with the Canadian Military Hercules pilot.

A few pics from today flying from Maine to Goose Bay.

Here is what a takeoff looks like in the SF50 Cirrus Vision Jet. Departing Bar Harbor.

Landing Bar Harbor in the SF50 Cirrus Jet

Sunrise departure. 300+ TAS

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