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Video Solves Mystery of How Narwhals Use Their Tusks

and now we finally know: Behavior captured for the first time on camera shows narwhals using the long tusks protruding from their heads to stun Arctic cod by hitting them, using jagged, quick movements. This behavior immobilizes the fish, making them easier to prey upon. Drone footage taken in the far northeastern regions of Canada finally sheds light on how narwhals use the massive tusks protruding from their heads.

TSA electronics ban is ineffective — stop it, don't expand it - Travelers United

This article says it all, like it is: TSA electronics ban is ineffective — stop it, don't expand it written by Ned Levi who has traveled the world as an engineer and business executive. He is the founder of NSL Associates, a technology consulting company, and is a professional photographer (NSL Photography) specializing in travel, wildlife and corporate photography. The current Middle Eastern electronics ban is ineffective and doesn't provide proper security. TSA should stop the ban and check laptops more closely.

Port of Seattle kicks off its biggest cruise season ever in 2017

This is amazing news. Seattle is in.

Center for Whale Research


Check out this fantastic graphic of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) of Gulf of Alaska illustrated by Uko Gorter, and have a listen to the sounds each species makes. What a great educational tool.

Passport Hell — 6 tips to avoid big problems - Travelers United

Best to pay attention to when your passport expires, etc. It is easy to enter Passport Hell. If your passport is about to expire, it is no good for many countries. Pages matter. Major passport card limitations.

Dam Sense

This is a very important message.

Howard Garrett, Orca Network, writes about the life and death of J2 Granny. He calls out that her clan needs salmon and “the salmon they depend on have been decimated by decades of all manner of habitat degradation, overharvest, and river blockage.” His words are followed by a sampling of recent press coverage that reached far and wide telling of Granny’s death; from Canada to the UK, Japan and China, all over the United States and beyond. The Smithsonian, TIME, National Geographic, The Washington Post, BBC News and many more have helped the world know that there's trouble for resident orcas and salmon. It's becoming more and more obvious to the general public that recovery of Southern Resident Killer Whales is closely tied to salmon recovery on the Snake River and that those wild salmon runs are perilously close to extinction.

Please share this webpage with your representatives in congress to let them know the cat is out of the bag. They need to know that the public is aware the dams are losers ($$$) and killers (salmon) and it wants them breached in 2017. Here's the short link if you are tweeting:

Who are your representatives?

Tilikum the orca entertained us, but he was born to be wild

Yes, so true ... tell the world how wrong this is: Wild animals don't belong in amusement parks or circuses. As a summer whale-watching guide leading hundreds of tours, I have been witness to the wonder of orcas living as they were meant to live: swimming up to 100 miles a day, jumping for the sheer joy of it, and even responding to humans in ways that can't be explained by science alone.


How old was J2 - Granny?

2017 has a sad start. Two famous orcas died: Granny and Tilikum.
Granny was an old lady, but was she really 105? In this article we provide more insight. Please let us know what you think about it!

5 Important Ways Your Passport Will Change in 2017

Please note: Don't worry—the little book will still stay blue.

Dam Sense

We cannot stress this enough; those Snake River dams have got to come down now.

Well, thank you Mirror Daily for the focus [Nov 2] …“The orcas living in Puget Sound are endangered as their numbers dropped down to 80 specimens. Scientists underline that breaching four dams is the best solution to address this issue.” If only everyone understood this and our leaders were willing to ACT by December 2016, before it’s too late. THIS MORNING is the time to contact the White House, and local politicians as the end of 2016 draws near.

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