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Whether you've been doored, T-boned, rear-ended, right-hooked, left-hooked or even thrown from your bike by a road not fit for ordinary travel, Washington Bike Law has the experience to help.

Washington Bike Law's founding attorney Bob Anderton has over two decades of experience in successfully representing injured bicyclists.

In law school, Bob planned to do pure public interest law work. But in 1992 Bob had the opportunity to work with acclaimed trial lawyer Tom Chambers and began representing catastrophically injured people and their families. Tom Chambers served as the President of the Washington State Bar Association and, in 2000, became a Washington State Supreme Court Justice until he retired in 2012.

After learning the best practices in the profession, Bob Anderton started Anderton Law Office. The phrase "bike law" did not exist then, but Bob had always been a bicyclist and found that he really enjoyed representing bike people.

Without ad campaigns or even a business plan, bicyclists gradually became the majority of Bob's clients. Bob advocates for individual clients and provides pro bono advocacy for bicycling and safer streets.

Attorney Jessica Cutler brings to Washington Bike Law the perspective of a professional bike racer who has also worked as a bike messenger. She offers the motivation and stamina of an athlete and applies it to the law.

Attorney Rob Levin brings more than a quarter century of litigation experience to Washington Bike Law. Rob spent many years representing insurance companies and defendants in civil litigation and this experience can help Washington Bike Law's individual clients. Rob is a bike commuter and recreational rider.

Hi-viz clothing has no effect on driver passing distances | Cycling Today


So this study found that "the only item of clothing that had a noticeable impact on passing distance was a high-vis vest that had the word POLICE on the back."

This doesn't mean that we should start wearing all black. Drivers need to see us in order to give us space. I (Bob) suspect that, like in the old riding with a wig study, drivers who do see bicyclists give less room to bicyclists they perceive as more competent. (But see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3783373/)

Not only aesthetically questionable, neon clothing may result in this pro perception. I sometimes weave a bit, just to look like someone who might create an "obstacle" to unimpeded motoring pleasure.

The real problem isn't what clothes people choose to wear when riding bikes, but that too many drivers are looking at their phones and too much of our urban roadways are taken up with parking spaces for cars.

cycling.today A study by researchers at Bath and Brunel universities has found that wearing hi-vis clothing while cycling doesn’t have a noticeable impact on the distance

Bike Man vs The Fossil (lo-fi)


I (Bob) realized that Jessica had not seen my "classic" super-8 movie. It's sequentially shot (and unedited) with an original soundtrack by Kevin Suggs. Unfortunately, the super-8 camera was pretty lousy. This is compounded by the video being shot of the film on my first (cheap) digital camera. Still, I like it. George Ciardi made it work.

Synopsis: Car Girl is late for a meeting and gets stuck in traffic. She calls her superhero Bike Man to help her, but The Fossil tries to push her back into her car. Bike Man encounters The Fossil (Jimmy Cleary) several times along the way. Stuck at the old South Park Bridge, Bike Man flies his tandem superbike to the traffic jam and arrives just in the nick of time. He reveals (though it's difficult to see) that the fossil is actually Big Oil and he vanquishes him with... well, watch it and see.

This movie was fun to make... everyone wants to be a superhero, right? You too can be a superhero...

Join Bike Works at the ‘Be Your Inner Super Hero’ Community Bike Ride on June 4. More here: https://bikeworks.org/event/community-bike-ride/

Bike Man battles The Fossil to save Car Girl in a 3 minute epic.

The myth of the beleaguered Boston driver - The Boston Globe


I (Bob) fed a troll this weekend on Twitter. But the article he started whining about is pretty enlightened... which might sound like arrogance to the ignorant.

Give it a read... it begins, "If you’re driving in a crowded city, it’s your job not to hit anybody. Not cyclists, not pedestrians, not even pedestrians wearing headphones."


Wow, that was FUN! Thank you to everyone who came to our Bike Everywhere Celebration Station... thanks too to World Pizza and Cherry Street Coffee House. Keep Riding!



Perhaps you've heard the phrase "America First"? Well, the USA is #1 by far, when it comes to pedestrian and bicyclist deaths in developed countries, as this new, peer-reviewed, comprehensive study shows.

The study's authors also discuss why this might be:

One possible explanation for greater pedestrian and cycling safety in northern European countries is the far more extensive
and better quality walking and cycling infrastructure in Europe.

In contrast with the United States, many northern European cities have extensive auto-free zones in much of their centers; most neighborhood streets traffic-calmed with speed limits of 30 kilometers per hour (20 miles per hour) or less; sidewalks on both sides of almost every street; pedestrian refuge islands for crossing wide streets; clearly marked crosswalks, often raised and with special lighting; and pedestrian signals at intersections and midblock crosswalks with ample crossing times. Facilitating safe and convenient cycling, many northern European cities have extensive systems of separate bikeways,both on-road and off-road, often including priority traffic signals and advance stop lines for cyclists at intersections.

US cities only began building separate bike facilities in the 1990s, and, even currently, they lag far behind northern European cities in the extent, quality, and integration of their

In addition to better infrastructure, some European countries provide mandatory traffic education in schools—to teach safe walking and cycling skills—and require far stricter motorist training and licensing than in the United States.

Further promoting traffic safety, police enforcement of traffic regulations is much stricter in northern Europe,
both for motorists and nonmotorists.


To the few who actually read down this far, I (Bob) would like to add that these safer countries also have safer laws to enforce. Most have strict liability for drivers involved in collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists.


Two disciplines. Two wheels. One elite program.


I, Bob, graduated from the University of Iowa's Journalism School and, 3 years later, from its Law School... "In my day" we didn't have classes like this, but I'd like to think I would have taken them if we did...

Don Walker, founder and president of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, says these "kids have got a good eye for detail and some great aesthetics and good designs and some really good craftsmanship... They’re way ahead of the curve from a lot of guys taking it up on their own and practicing in their garage, and that has everything to do with the instruction.”

now.uiowa.edu The University of Iowa’s world-renowned bicycle frame–building courses bring together art and engineering students to answer the question “How do you build a bike?” Conceived by art professor Steve McGuire in 2010, Fabrication and Design: Hand Built Bicycle has become the model for how to build a un...

How Bicycling Infrastructure Benefits Non-Bicyclists - AARP


Complete streets are good for everyone!

aarp.org People who have no intention of ever getting on a bicycle still reap the rewards of bike-friendly roadways.

The Bike Comes First

Too often people on bikes are blamed for getting run down by drivers or for being injured on unsafe infrastructure. But sometimes people do do dumb things. Even with bikes.

Thankfully, this guy's dumb move was executed too slowly to be his last one.

Pay attention... not many other people are. And if you are reading this post in your car, please stop.

Not everyone with a bike is a cyclist. Check out this idiot. He's lucky to be alive right now.

Yesterday we had the most beautiful Bike to School Day, here in Seattle. No rain, no clouds and bikes everywhere!

I (Lauranne) celebrated the event at my children’s elementary school. What a success! These before and after pictures speak for themselves, don't they?

Bike Works Seattle


It's GIVE BIG Day... there are lots of worthy causes in the Time of Trump, but one that is near and dear to me (Bob) is Bike Works. I am a long-time volunteer and donor and, more recently, a member of the board.

Bike Works promotes the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower youth and build resilient communities. Bike Works helps young people; it helps people of all ages who bike; it helps the planet.

Please support Bike Works now and double your donation...

givebigseattle.org Bike Works promotes the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower youth and build resilient communities.

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