Shiro's Sushi Restaurant

Shiro's Sushi Restaurant offers premium sushi and Japanese cuisine from a talented team of chefs, located in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.

In 1994, master sushi chef, Shiro Kashiba, opened his namesake, Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant, in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. His blending of classical Japanese technique with the Pacific Northwest’s wealth of local seafood and ingredients set the bar that others aspire to.

In 2014, after an amazing 20-year run, Chef Kashiba handed over the renowned restaurant to a capable culinary team lead by Chef Jun Takai who carries forth the restaurant legacy and expands the pursuit of artisan sushi craftsmanship by way of advanced training and culinary experiences.

With the ocean and fresh water heating up this time of year, spring is the best time for chefs to indulge themselves with a plethora of different seafood choices. It goes without saying that the quality of the fish differs greatly between inshore and offshore fishing and we take great pride in finding the best! #inseason #freshcaught #shiros

Hyakumono-Zoroe Sennin Gyoretsu is otherwise known as The Great Samurai Style 1,000 Person Procession. That’s a mouthful, but full of tradition. Held on May 18 in Tochigi, Japan, shrine parishioners parade down the street dressed in elaborate costumes to re-enact the relocation of the Divine Spirit of the great shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa from Mt. Kuno in Shizuoka to Nikko. #celebration #shiros

The first taste of Hatsu-gatsuo or dried bonito flakes happens in the spring. Dried, smoked skipjack tuna is shaved off into tiny flakes, which are essential for many soup stocks in Japan. #tasteofspring #bonito #ferment #shiros

Recipe: Spring for Washington Asparagus and Sake - Sip Northwest Magazine

Sautéed Washington fresh Asparagus with Bacon and Potatoes is a playful dish featuring sake and soy sauce that packs a punch of Japanese umami. You can find the recipe via Sip Northwest Magazine! #shiros #spring #WAasparagus Around these parts, it’s hard not to think seasonally when eating. Summer produces berries and corn, fall with apples and...

Did you know shrimp are the #1 consumed seafood in America? Its true, and at Shiro's, we prepare them a number of different ways. #nationalshrimpday #shiros

New in May 2017 – Shiro's

We are excited with the fresh seafood offered this year, including Sakura Ebi (cherry shrimp), Suzuki (seabass), and check out Chef Joe's recipe for fresh asparagus! #news #freshcatch #seasonalsake #recipe While May is the last month before the rainy season in Japan, it is just the beginning of warmer weather in Seattle! As we enjoy fresh catches from warmer waters, we also pause to enjoy the long tradition of Children’s Festival. We are excited to offer a very rare and limited sake this month and we…

Children's Day is a national holiday in Japan that is part of Golden Week. Celebrated today, May 5, it is a day set aside to honor children as shown through Koinobori, a flag with one carp for each family member..Happy children and a beautiful future! #shiros #celebrate #nationalholiday #ChildrensDay #GoldenWeek

Goma-ae is a side dish that literally translates to spinach dressed with sesame seeds. Simple in its preparation, but very delicious, it is a quick Japanese salad that’s traditionally served as a side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We also serve it here at Shiro's! #sidedish #shiros #simplemeals

Hakata Dontaku Festival has a long and rich history, almost 800 years to be exact! Considered Japan's largest citizen festival, people dress up in costumes and parade through the streets, clapping shamoji spoons. An estimated two million visitors turn out every year to watch the festivities. #shiros #tradition #celebration

The all too short a season for spot prawns starts early-mid May! Get ready for this world renowned delicacy that we sustainably source them from SE Alaska. Spot prawns are known for their sweet, delicate flavor and firm texture. #shiros #seafood #delicious #Spotprawns

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2401 2nd Ave
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