Bakke Graduate University

Bakke Graduate University is a US accredited graduate school for leaders who are seeking to aid the social transformation of urban areas. BGU includes a school of Christian theology for church leaders; a school of urban studies for non-profit NGO and NPO leaders, a school of business for leaders wanting to focus on the three primary customer groups of BGU, plus communicate with government leaders in China and Vietnam. Almost half of BGU’s faculty, students, and course related city immersion tours are outside of North America. The school is named for Ray and Dennis Bakke who in the late 20th century pioneered movements to give decision-making power to people in disadvantaged neighborhoods and front-line employees. As a result, BGU has been able to expand into regions in places such as Asia and Africa by developing platforms for local leaders to have the primary voice in how students in their region are trained.HistoryBakke Graduate University is named for two brothers:Ray Bakke is an urban leader who pioneered a community development approach in Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s that gave decision-making authority to residents of disadvantaged communities rather than government or outside agencies. Ray was appointed in the early 1980s to lead an effort initiated by Rev. Billy Graham that involved holding 250 city consultations over 25 years in the world’s largest cities. Ray is the Chancellor and Chairman of the Regents of BGU.



Seattle, WA
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