ART - POLI Painting on Location International in Malta

The ART - POLI program in Malta exposes students to a Fine Arts curriculum and Maltese culture.

ART - POLI Painting on Location International
©2004 Georgetta Gancarz

ART - POLI© Malta Residency:
Starts September 5 to 21 2016

About ART - POLI:
ART - POLI is a financial self-sustainable, College and University educational program, academy and residency founded by professor Georgetta Gancarz. College credit, certificate and non-credit courses are offered in fine arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture), art history, photography, glass blowing, literature, language, music, culinary and oenology studies.

The ART - POLI program in Malta exposes students and artists to Maltese culture, fine arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture), art history and photography.

Students establish an understanding and collaboration between Maltese and American art and culture. Participants create work inspired by Malta and its art.

ART - POLI organizes art classes, events, tours, museum, gallery exhibits, critiques, readings, culinary studies, language classes and other activities to understand Maltese culture and inspire a creative, unique personal journey for each participant.©

ART - POLI believes that everyone deserves a chance to participate, so ART - POLI gives information on funding sources and provides a formal letter of acceptance to support your grant applications.

ART - POLI program fee covers the costs of accommodation in our facilities including housing, utilities, art lessons, tours, excursions within Malta, museums, galleries and assistance from staff and teaching professors.

ARTISTS (Emerging and Intermediate and Mid-Career) AND STUDENTS
1. Details about the medium you wish to study
during your residency. Example: acrylics,
watercolor, drawing, printmaking, sculpture,
art history, glassblowing, photography,
literature, creative writing, Italian language,
music, culinary or oenology studies.
2. A list and award letter of your funding,
grants, or scholarship programs to cover your
residency and travel costs.
3. Returned documents for participation in the
ART - POLI program. Your course
registration number and school, if taking the
class for college credit.

Documentation for ART - POLI includes, for professional artists, an up-to-date CV,
a residency proposal, details about duration and desired field of study, your funding, grants,
scholarship programs to cover your residency travel costs.

Returned documents for participation in the
ART - POLI program.


•Visual Art / Painting all types / Drawing
Sculpture Marble
Glass Blowing
Art History
Yoga /Pilates
Creative Writing
Mixed Media

ART - POLI Provides: Accommodation / Shared Apartment room

Applicants are responsible for their own art supplies. They can also purchase, with a discount, ART - POLI custom made artists paints for travel.

CONTACT DIRECTOR: Georgetta Gancarz at:
for more information about the program.

Applications for enrollment will start in September for next years applicants.
Program is ongoing every year in September.

Malta. Great food. Great people. Great art. Come, learn, travel and explore with ART - POLI.

ART - POLI® Malta scholarships are in for 2017. They cover partial housing and credit classes. Please contact Academy for more information.

Study art and humanities in Europe and Asia with
ART - POLI Academy.

Join ART - POLI® for the last orientation of 2016. Live demos on Hanamusubi (Japanese knot tying) and movie screening of Vampire D).

$1,000 - 1,500 scholarships and over 200 courses to choose from! Learn about the Fine Arts, Jewelry, Language, Literature, Music, Dance, Theater, Culinary and Oenology programs.

Register before December 10 for immediate discounts!
Florence, Italy program starts at $1,800 (includes classes, housing, museums, excursions and cooking classes). Return students half price off program fee.

Join us at Seattle Central College, December 1. Email program founder / director for more details:

Today ART - POLI West Coast orientations started for programs in Italy, London, Paris, Malta, and Japan. Every student was offered a $1000 dollar scholarship off final program fees! Plus introduced new program... three friends sign up, and one goes for free! Orientations for Spain, Greece and Portugal starts on December 1.

Scholarships for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, and Straight Ally's will be open for the ART - POLI© programs to Italy, London, Malta and Japan. Students must be credit students enrolled at Seattle Central College. ART - POLI© is also giving scholarships for students that want to travel abroad. Please contact me for more information and good luck! :)


ART - POLI Malta is now open for applications for Fall 2016 and 2017

Please contact the founding director for more information, or visit the websites:

Non-credit program two weeks
$2,795 with 12 credits $3,865 (with scholarship from 2,447 to 1000)

Non credit one semester program
$4,300 (2 months in Malta)

12 credit one semester program
$4,925 (2 months in Malta)

15 credits one semester program
$5,100 (2 months in Malta) Educational travel painting program, artist residency, college credits for travel, arts, humanities and language.

ART - POLI © Educational Travel Program | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Want to paint and travel through Italy but don't have the money.

ALL students receive some award or discount for the Florence or Malta program through ART - POLI.

ART - POLI Art Student Scholarships (700 to 1,000 dollars off final program fee)


Offers high school students (ages 16 - 18) a $500 dollar scholarship toward ART - POLI Florence!
Every accepted high school applicant receives this award.

ART - POLI Senior Program
Offers seniors ages (55 and up) 10% discount on all ART - POLI programs.

Offers major discounts for returning ART - POLI students, up to 1,000 dollars off your total program fee!


(206) 934 - 5448
or contact Director Gancarz at:

This is Malta - Part 1

ART - POLI in Malta. Come paint, draw and photograph this Fall!

This is just the first of many more videos to come which will showcase various parts of Malta and Gozo. The purpose of this video is to promote our beautiful...

ART - POLI Bicycle and Vespa Tours
All ART - POLI programs will now offer Vespa and Bicycle tours. Come cycle in the city and countryside! Explore Tuscan wine country, the quiet alleyways of Malta, the colorful Parisian cooblestone streets, London's architecture, and so much more! Tour starts with a nutritious breakfast, a break for lunch in the countryside, time for photographs and sketching, to return for dinner in the city! Plus, the ART - POLI outstanding art programs in painting, drawing, printmaking, art history, sculpture, glass blowing, architecture, photography, fashion, graphic design, jewelry making, creative writing, literature, poetry, language, philosophy, music, film, theater and dance. The new school catalog is coming soon. Email ART - POLI for a copy, or ask to be put on the quarterly newsletter.
ART - POLI Art Residency Travel Painting on Location International©

Cruise news: Valletta, Malta wins 'best port' award Tiny Malta, a Western Mediterranean destination about 50 miles south of Italy and with a population of less than a half-million people, earned a big prize in th




ART – POLI P.O. 85243
Seattle, WA
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