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The lived experience is far greater than academic - especially in a crisis. Starting today, I will strongly advocate that all clients provide a copy of their Powers of Attorney to at least two categories of people: 1) the people they have designated as the it doesn't do anyone any good to have a document granting authority if that is not in the hands of the person needing it; 2) for medical POA - give a copy to your Primary Care Provider. Read on for more details.....

Doctors and doctor's offices are concerned about patient privacy and liability under HIPAA - a doctor's office that has had a patient for over 30 years, who has known the POA for that same amount of time can still require that a physical copy (not a scan, not an email, not a fax) of the POA be delivered to their office before helping.....even in an emergency situation.

My goal for all my clients - ensure that if/when the time comes that people need to act in your place that they are ready and able to do so. Call me at 425.830.5134 (or email to learn how I can help you and your family.

[05/15/17]   First meeting of the week done. An update to a medical Power of Attorney. When finished, client asks how much it would cost - my response: NOTHING!

It is far more important to me to ensure my clients have current and up to date documents than to charge a fee for this service. She insisted on paying - I said, take these cards and tell two friends!

Celebrating the life of Mothers today. It's always wonderful to think on how your life has been shaped and influenced by mom. This is my mom and I during a trip to Maui a couple years back. I can't post a picture from today because she's off on a world adventure in Europe. Spoiling herself with a bucket list cruise. To all the moms - thank you and enjoy this day - every day.

[05/08/17]   One of the things my estate planning clients appreciate the most is my flexibility in scheduling. Tonight is no different - a signing appointment that starts at 6:30 p.m. Please share or tag a friend who could use estate planning services on THEIR schedule and at THEIR convenience.

[05/06/17]   Estate planning is as much about living life than the eventual day that waits for us all. So today - I will join my family at the Windermere Cup, support the Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus at their gala auction, and then see the opening night of The Magic Flute at Seattle Opera. Whether your day is laundry and mowing the lawn - or special adventures with friends - remember that today is a day worth living!

[05/03/17]   In honor of all the future NFL players who were drafted in the recent draft - today we will be drafting estate planning packages for eight clients! Busy day on the keyboard! To learn about this process - send email to

Spring is in full swing - even if the weather hasn't completely caught up. Today marks the re-set. The fresh start. The promise of a new month. The first client of the month tonight at 6:00 p.m.! Estate planning is a much easier process when you work with BWR Consulting. Evening & weekend appointments. Free updates. Call me to learn more and how you can be prepared for that day that comes to us all - 425.830.5134

[04/28/17]   Auburn to Seattle to Lynnwood to Graham to Puyallup to Seattle. Today may be a record miles day for this small business owner! But a day filled with networking, empowering the next generation, and three clients is exactly how I want my days to be. Keep them coming!! What a way to end the month.

[04/23/17]   After two days working in Walla Walla, it's time to meet up for a first meeting with a client this Sunday evening. Rule #1 - treat the clients as they would treat themselves. It's how I ensure the highest level of service.

This morning, as I am drafting estate planning documents for my clients - I smile as they have taken my advice to heart by naming six different possible guardians for their minor children. I always recommend at least two but allow my clients to provide as many layers of successors as they feel comfortable. When I first got into this business I would say that estate planning is not JUST about money.




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