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Alisa Glutz, a licensed mortgage professional with Cherry Creek Mortgage Scottsdale provides personalized service you can count on. BK # 0904024 NMLS #204235

Alisa Glutz’s “client for life” approach is built on the foundation of providing personalized service tailor-made to meet her client’s mortgage needs. With nearly a decade of experience, Alisa has developed a broad knowledge of the mortgage business which allows her to guide clients to the loan program that will best suit them as well as help them plan for the future. Alisa’s strong referral base knows that they can count on her to provide the highest level of personalized service. Born and raised in Arizona, Alisa is also a proud graduate of Arizona State University. After a successful beginning to her career working in Hollywood as an Executive for HBO and a Producer on a National Television Show, Alisa decided to return to her native Arizona where she has become committed to helping her community realize the dream of home ownership. Recent accomplishments: Recognized annually as a Top Producer for Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc. based on production Nominated for the 2nd year in a row for AZREA's Mortgage Lender of the Year Continuing Education Instructor Featured on the cover of the nationwide edition of Top Agent Magazine in 2015 Guest on podcasts such as Talkjet and Todd Duncan's High Trust Selling Podcast Quarterly writer for Scotsman Guide Speaker at Todd Duncan's 2015 Sales Mastery and current member of Advisory Board. Founder of Color My Credit which teaches consumers how to understand your credit report in a colorful simple way and shows how to take action to improve your credit score(s). When she’s not working, Alisa cherishes time with her two beautiful daughters.

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Thanks Shauuna Burns for fighting the good fight! #nytimes #tiktok #ellendegeneres #ellen

Thanks Shauuna Burns for fighting the good fight!

Great article in the New York Times this week on medical debt!

! #nytimes #tiktok #ellendegeneres #ellen

If you are working to improve your credit score to buy a home, watch those credit card balances! They could greatly impact your scores in a short amount of time.

If you would like to get preapproved to buy a home in Arizona or California, call us today at 480-206-6516 or apply online at and our team will be in touch within 24 hours. 🏚🏡🏘🏠

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Starting a new job or changing your withholding? What you need to know about the new W-4 form.

There are new W-4 Forms for 2020 which means If you are starting a new job, changing employers or just want to change your tax withholding with your current employer then you have a new form to fill out.

Since HR and payroll advisers are not allowed to direct you or guide you in filling it out (and if you’re like me, you don’t recall ever learning how to fill one out in school), you might want to get familiar with it.

Good article that breaks down what you need to know right here for you.
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 HR and payroll advisers still aren't allowed to give staffers advice on the worksheet, which makes it all the more important for employees to come prepared.

Help yourself by not doing any of these things once you are under contract to buy a home. Keep the wobbling on the dance floor! To get preapproved today, go to #wobble #buyahome #homebuyertips #mortgage #dontdothat

What Happens When Your Car is Totaled? | Top Class Actions If your car is totaled, your insurance company will assess the pre-accident value of your car and offer you a payout for your car's value.

Quick mortgage minute!
Have you ever wondered how much home you can afford?

There are many variables as I am sure you know but here is a little real talk on what lenders look at to figure out how much you will qualify for. More to come to help educate you on home buying in 2020! Get pre approved in Arizona or California today at 🏚🏘🏡

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Maybe it’s time to move! ❤️❤️❤️

Looking to save some money on dining out with kids? Watch this! Also check out:

You could be sitting on a fortune if you have some old VHS tapes. Here’s how to cash in

You could be sitting on a fortune if you have some old VHS tapes. Here's how to cash in | Modesto Bee Some Walt Disney movies in mint condition in VHS format sold for thousands on eBay, including in FL where “Aladdin” went for $28,000. A data study says resurgence of ‘80s nostalgia, “Stranger Things,” a factor.

Don’t stand in your own way!

I have a couple waking up this morning that I met with yesterday that are still in disbelief that they are going to start looking for their new home this weekend. They thought their past was holding them back but by opening a credit card and only charging $20 once a month and paying it off, they were able to drown out the bad with good and saw their scores go up over 100 points in the last three months.
They thought it would be a year or more before they had a chance at homeownership. Luckily, their landlord was able to let them out of their lease early.

No matter where you are starting from, this is possible for you. Contact us today to get a plan in place. It may be sooner than you think. #stoprenting #glutzgroup #getoutofyourownway #colormycredit #homebuyer2020

FHA increased their loan limit for 2020!
Here are both conventional and FHA loan limits for 2020.
Get pre approved today at!
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The 24 Best Coffeehouses in Greater Phoenix In April 2019, Apartment Guide released "The 10 Best Cities For Starbucks Lovers In America" — and we made the list. Scottsdale sneaked into the 10th slot, and

Did you know Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac increased the loan limit again last week for 2020?
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Always get a second opinion!
Let me know if I can help!
[email protected]
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You want solutions to your credit issues?? I have solutions! ❤️❤️

Have you recently seen your credit score? On any given day, you could pull or be provided over 30 different credit scores, depending on the:
❤️Credit bureau reporting
❤️Version of the score
❤️Model of that version

For a mortgage, we pull a
tri-merged credit report that has three separate credit scores for Experian, Transunion and Equifax and we use the middle of the three scores for getting you qualified and pricing your loan. People often think this is the median or average score and this is false. It is just the number that falls in the middle of the three scores. Call us if we can help you build a plan to raise your scores and maximize what you qualify for! 480-206-6516

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Halloween 2019

Love this video from our Corporate office yesterday! All the departments competing for top prizes. We love Halloween! So fun!

This is "Halloween 2019" by CCMC on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

[10/31/19]   Monster Mash your way to
higher credit scores and
purchasing a home
with the Glutz Group today!
Get started at
Happy Halloween!
Be Safe!!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
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Color My Credit

For those of you looking to:

Establish credit for the first time...

RE-establish credit after a bankruptcy or divorce....

Raise your credit score...

or just understand how YOU can have a perfect credit score WITHOUT having to be in debt....

This method is for you! 🖍🖍🖍
Set up the Easy as 123 method today! Raise your credit score by giving back, being present and paying your future self! ❤️💚💜💛

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Thank you to our clients, friends and family for continuing to trust us with your home loan needs. In my 7 years with Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, September was the biggest month my team has ever had in volume but the real impact is in how we were able to enhance the lives of 21 families this month, not only with their home loan needs but with real credit education they can pass on to their kids and family.

Stacey Harding, our Executive VP, sent this message to the employees this morning and it reminded me why I CHOSE to come to Cherry Creek Mortgage 7 years ago and why I CHOOSE to be here everyday.

If we can assist you, please let us know. Contact us today at 480-206-6516 or go to to start the process of getting pre approved or refinancing your home loan!
Thanks and have a great weekend!

Looking for ways to spend less for your life?? We have solutions!

Contact us today to get a creative spin on your budget and finances and let us show you step by step, ways to save half on everything you purchase monthly. That down payment will be saved in no time!

Or better yet, let’s look at all the down payment assistance and grants available so you can stop throwing away money on rent as soon as possible and help you build towards owning an income~producing asset!

Let’s get things back in your price range! Contact us today! [email protected]

MacQueen & Gottlieb, PLC

Before closing on a new house, experts recommend getting a home inspection. These are the best questions to ask a home inspector in Arizona. #HomeInspection #Arizona

ABC15 Arizona

People must really love a good sunset! ☀️😎

The census bureau released its American Community Survey 2018 'One-Year Estimates' today, showing Arizona is the fastest-growing state in the nation.

Something to consider....

Are you currently making payments on old debts? Don’t make this mistake! #colormycredit #colormymoneyclub #quicktip

Study: Most first-time homebuyers feel overwhelmed and underprepared

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed! We would love to guide you through the process
step by step! ❤️❤️

Email us at [email protected] or text to 480-206-6516 for assistance. Although homebuying is a sign of independence and a big step in many people's lives, a new report from Framework shows that homebuyers wish they were better educated about the process before embarking on their real estate journey. The study found that only 41% of first-time homebuyers felt they were...

Quick mortgage tip!

Congratulations Snider Family on your new home! Everyone gets their own room!!! Wooohooo!! ❤️❤️

Why another Fed rate cut is good news for your wallet ... mostly The Fed's rate cut Wednesday affects credit card, home equity line, savings rates. It's the Fed second cut in less than 2 months

Color My Credit

Three years ago...and still an important message!

Great to see library fines, parking tickets, judgements and most tax liens removed from credit reports and not affecting credit scores any longer. That doesn’t mean one negative account under $100 isn’t showing on your credit from a collector and costing a ton of points in your score. Better to KNOW than to assume! Contact us today to schedule a time to plan for your next home purchase or refinance and see how higher credit scores can improve your financing options!

[email protected]

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Illumination in affect! 🖍Amazing story that I
HAD to share!
Have a great weekend!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ha thanks for sharing Christin Dockery and for your assistance this week on a tough title issue!

The Biggest Story Nobody is Talking About.

Debt to income ratio requirements to be reduced? No that’s not the biggest story nobody is talking about....the BIGGEST story nobody is talking about is the SOLUTION.

Credit scores.

For example, John and Julie are preapproved for a 250k home with 5% down ($12,500). Their mid FICO scores are 650. The guesstimate with the taxes and insurance for their new home $1680. The lender notices on their credit that even though they say they pay their credit cards in full each month, the creditors report their balance used to the three credit bureaus on the 15th every month. Julie pays it off when she receives it on the 18th, a couple weeks before the due date. The credit cards all show maxed out balances and monthly minimum payments typically between 1-2% of the balance reporting. All those minimum payments affect the debt to income ratio and almost half of the formula of mortgage FICO scores is based on the reported amount of the available credit you used that month on each card. By changing the day she pays the balances off (ideally one or two have a small balance around $20) to right BEFORE they report the balance, their credit scores go from 650 to 722 in 30 days and the estimated new house payment drops almost $400 a month on a 250k home with their new credit score. Now John and Julie have reduced their debt to income ratio just by changing the date they pay their bills each month.

But nobody is talking about that.

New program to bring public art installations to 6 Valley cities - Rose Law Group Reporter

New program to bring public art installations to 6 Valley cities Six Valley cities are looking for artists to produce new temporary and portable public art installation and performances. The In Flux Cycle 9 program...

Waiting for my segment on @azdailymix with @1andonlydivadanielle ....the pens are delicious! ❤️❤️ #azdailymix #azgirl #news #colormycredit #silly

Phoenix becomes biggest city in U.S. to nix overdue fines at public libraries

Phoenix becomes biggest city in U.S. to nix overdue fines at public libraries Starting in November, overdue fines will no longer be an issue at the Phoenix Public Library.

MacQueen & Gottlieb, PLC

Here is a guide on how to handle breach of contract in Arizona. Learn more about common breach of contract remedies and examples.

Beware These Ways You Can Lose Social Security Benefits

Beware These Ways You Can Lose Social Security Benefits Watch out for these scenarios that can shrink your already modest payments.

From doughnuts to tacos, every food event you won't want to miss in Phoenix this fall

From doughnuts to tacos, every food event you won't want to miss in Phoenix this fall From the Arizona Taco to Downtown Donut, these festivals are some of the most delicious things to do in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale for fall 2019.

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