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Create order out of chaos. Clutter weighs us down emotionally, mentally, and physically. Our non-judgmental approach to organizing takes your personality and needs into consideration. Imagine letting go of stuff you no longer need & being excited, moving peacefully, being happy & relaxed in your home or office, being able to finds items? We are passionate about helping you take control back of your life through having a decluttered and harmonious environment. We offer Rice Blessings to clear out stagnate energy. Angie can help you clear the clutter in your mind as well.

Operating as usual

6 ways to boost your productivity by managing your energy (not your time)

Usually, it is our energy & not time that needs to be managed. Take our current situation; some people have a lot of time on their hands yet are still not productive or content. This is a great article about managing our energy. It’s not about making a better to-do list or finding slots in your calendar.

Dr. Eric Berg talking about virus corona

Some say perspective is everything. I have a link below that may do just that for some. If we could look at this time as an opportunity to either slow down, be mindful of how we handle stressful situations and how we take care of ourselves & others then something good would come out of this challenging time we are facing.
It is helpful when we can find a gift. For some the gift might be an opportunity to rest or slow down, for some it may be being mindful of breathing and thoughts around stressful situations and for others it might be an opportunity to connect with people you haven’t connected with in a while as we find ourselves with free time & also in a time of realizing how precious life is.
There are resources out there such as WhatsApp or Skype or Zoom which allow us to stay in contact with people that might be isolated. We can simply pick up the phone & call someone who has been on your mind or might be alone. I understand some people are not comfortable with technology & this is a good time to get creative & finds new ways to connect.
This could be a good time to take a look at that project at home you have been wanting to focus on, or that hobby you’re interested but haven't found time for. Being in nature is super good on many levels as you are getting exercise, you are breathing fresh air and you’re connecting with Mother Nature.
Of course the organizer in me says what a great time to clean things out from under the bed (hopefully things aren’t stored there), in the closets or the stack of paperwork that’s been waiting to be dealt with. What truly better time for spring cleaning?

For people that are used to being social and spending money going out, this is a great opportunity to put that money towards a charity that delivers meals because many of those recipients were lonely before this time & may be more so now or a time save for that vacation you will want in the next coming months.😁
It is certainly important to be aware and it is equally important to not oversaturate ourselves with the news or talking too much about possibilities of doom and gloom.
For parents that are struggling for daycare for their children with schools closing, perhaps you can (temporarily) adopt a local teenage neighbor who can help out with child care.
We can say that no one is immune from this as much as no one is immune from wanting love & connection. May this be an opportunity for us all to let down barriers, be vulnerable & make healthy choices for ourselves.
Below are a variety of links:
A link to put things into perspective:

A link that may provide a technique to fighting the virus (the information has not been verified)

Cynthia James leads a prayer each Monday at 8:30 am MST I have permission from Dr. Berg to re-upload his videos! I PM the doctor about this and this is his "Dr. Berg's Support Team " replay: You can post/use/trans...

[12/31/19]   Here is great way to let go, jumpstart some good energy and manifest chi for your new year. The Feng Shui challenge suggests For 9 days you give away or purge 27 items. When we let go of the old items which hold their own energy and sometimes stagnant energies, it can create space for new vibrant energy. Happy New Year!

'The Best Thing You Can Do Is Not Buy More Stuff,' Says 'Secondhand' Expert "Your average thrift store in the United States only sells about one third of the stuff that ends up on its shelves," Adam Minter says. His book explores what happens to the things that don't sell.

[11/26/19]   Organizing for the holidays with simplicity:

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is not the time of the year to organize the entire house. However, if you are expecting guests during the holidays it is good to be prepared.

Hall closet - Have extra toilet paper, soap and toothpaste on hand. Make sure you have an extra set of sheets with a couple extra blankets and a soft & firm pillow for your guest’s needs. You can put the entire sheet set in the pillow case for easy access. (See a post below for more information). Have enough towels for each guest to have a bath towel & washcloth for every few days. (If they are staying that long)😬

Guest room - Have at least one empty drawer in the dresser and one in the night stand. Nobody wants to open the drawer right before turning in and see your misc. junk. Keep Knick knacks to a minimum. This provides more space for your guests and prevents your personal items from getting misplaced. Provide a few empty hangers in the closet along with an uncluttered closet. In the winter it is nice to provide a portable heater if that room gets cold. People like good lightning in a bedroom with a light near the bed as well. Make sure windows can open and close easily. Plan ahead and keep an outlet free for guests to charge up their gadgets.

The kitchen is where people gather.

Go through the frig & freezer to make room for meals you are planning ahead and for leftovers.

Do a quick scan of canned foods & toss out expired products or foods you never intend to use. Unexpired products can be donated and this is the perfect time of year for that. Have the foods you intend to use for the holidays right up front.

Clear the counter tops - You will need all the space you can get. This is a good time to consider starting a donation bag or simply moving items to a closet.

You will need to have easy access to food storage containers for leftovers for you & your guests. This is another great time to go through your container drawer(s) and look for mismatched items to toss or collect a few containers you are willing to part with and send home with your guests.

You can also ask your guests to bring their own leftovers container.

You may think you don’t have time to do this now and you might be surprised at the fun of clearing out, preparing for guests and creating new energy in the home.

Whether you are the host or the guest, leave the politics and judgements out of the house. We are overwhelmed with division and opinions. This is a time to appreciate what we have with nothing to prove.

Do not get on your scale now or the next several days. You are going to eat what you want and drink what you want so there is no need to torture yourself.

Have fun and enjoy your company

[11/23/19]   Simple steps to be prepared for the holidays:

Preparing the menu ahead of time may seem obvious and sometimes we forget the obvious. Know who is bringing what. Consider designating people with allergies to bring a dish that suits their needs such as gluten free stuffing or a pie without nuts etc. This alleviates added stress on the host & guests will be sure to have plenty of choices. At least a week before dinner, consider if you are putting out the fancy dinnerware, casual dinnerware or perhaps eco friendly, disposable dinnerware.

If you need to extend yourself to a loved one and it feels like an obligation and not too joyful, attempt to be present with that person and know when you do for others that in itself is a gift. Kudos to you.

This is not the time to organize the entire house. People are coming over to see you not the house. Clean and comfortable is the way to go. However, you can clean up the guest room if you are having guests, prepare the hall closet, clean up the kitchen and any other area where you all will be spending time.

These days, we find people living away from loved ones, being stretched financially and feeling socially challenged. I can appreciate there are people who do not have plans and may feel lonely. It is okay to reach out to friends at your church or workplace. You never know who else is in a similar situation. It might be an opportunity to make a new friend. The holidays are suppose to bring people together not separate us.

Professional Organizing Services - Denver - In Harmony Services

Clutter Cannot always be seen

When people think of clutter and often times when I write about clutter it is the clutter we see all around us. It might be under the bed, on the dresser, a pile of stuff in the corner of the house, stacked dishes, stacked paperwork, a trunk load of miscellaneous items or the entire garage filled with stuff. Do you ever consider the clutter you can’t see? It’s hiding in the corners of your mind & stored in your body which is your emotions. It is your thoughts, beliefs and judgements. More often than not, all of the “stuff”is a representation of what is happening on the inside. Those thoughts, beliefs and judgments people might be running the show, not allowing one to live by their integrity and their authentic power.
The definition of integrity is:
-The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. -
Do you have moral principles and standards for yourself? Do you take care of yourself first or are you living to please others or to look good?
Do you know what thoughts, beliefs or judgements are running your show?
These are not questions to be answered now and they are questions to be pondered upon.
There is so much outward information it can be quite challenging to know who we are and what our standards are. So how can we live in our authentic power?
It requires self observation and inquiry.
When I help people Declutter their homes we ponder if items bring joy or serve a purpose, then we move objects and often times release objects. When we want to Declutter the inside it requires an inward pondering & often times moving energy & releasing beliefs and energy that do not bring joy or serve a purpose (for our higher good).
This is a subject that can be talked about or written about for a long time.
I am touching the surface.
To start with, sitting still and being aware of one’s breath or meditation is a great way to connect with yourself. Yoga, QiGong, writing, or being in nature are ways to become aware of the inner energies & to move out energy that is not serving you.
Working with an experienced practitioner to release energy such as a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness practitioner like myself, massage therapist or others can be extremely beneficial and a great tool to start shifting the inner clutter as well.
Always be kind and gentle with yourself. This is a process.
My passion continues to be clearing the clutter from the inside out. In Harmony Services provides expert professional organizing services in the Denver metro area. We help you create clarity and restore order in your life.

Tips for the Home

Here are some spring cleaning tips to maintain your home.

These tips will save you so much time and money!

Professional Organizing Services - Denver - In Harmony Services

Are you respecting your space or neglecting it. Let’s start in the bedroom because that is the ideal place for you to find your harmony.

I know it can be tempting to come home at the end of the day, change clothes & leave a pile of clothes on the bed or in the corner. Then you lay some misc. items on the dresser. At night you leave your chapstick on the nightstand along with a few more misc. items. It builds up over the week & before you know it, you have items spread all over the room. You want to spring clean but you cant seem to simply get through what’s been collected over the week or weeks let alone go through the drawers & closets. Recently I spoke of how you go through all clothing.

Today let’s talk about the outer surroundings.
Remove everything from the dresser, nightstand and bed if is is not related to relaxation or sleeping. Put clothes away when you change and have a drawer for romance.

Keep up the good work. If you need support, I would love to help you get organized & find some harmony.
303 356-4265 In Harmony Services provides expert professional organizing services in the Denver metro area. We help you create clarity and restore order in your life.

Professional Organizing Services - Denver - In Harmony Services

It may not feel like spring yet, but it is around the corner. When the sun is out and the weather is warming, you will want to get outside. So now is a great time to clean out those drawers, closets or rooms. Lets focus on the clothes.
Do you wear all the clothes in your home?
Are you aware of all your clothing items?
I recommend gathering every piece of clothing item & putting it all in one area. This way you can see what you have & how much of the same item you have. Ask yourself if you like item article of clothing before you put it back. Also, when organizing your items there are several ways to organize. A couple are by color or by type of clothing. If this seems like an overwhelming task, I am here to help. In Harmony Services provides expert professional organizing services in the Denver metro area. We help you create clarity and restore order in your life.

Professional Organizing Services - Denver - In Harmony Services

If you care about bacteria & germs, here are a few tips:
Microwave your damp sponge for a minute to kill bacteria. Replace your sponges every couple of weeks.

Hand towels & wash clothes should be washed in hot water frequently. For whites, add a dash of bleach.

Do not leave razors in the shower. You want them in a dry place to prevent builder up bacteria

It is important to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. If you use a toothbrush holder, wash it weekly. It hosts more germs than the toothbrush. Ultimately, you want the toothbrush in a closed area. Germs from the toilet & sink can spread a distance

I know this might be a challenge for some women, however it is best to replace your mascara every 6 months at the most & lipstick more often.

You probably wash your own sheets weekly, but do you consider your pet’s bed? Your pet can bring in germs & fecal matter. The best situation is to have a removable cover that can be washed on a monthly basis.

If you are ready for spring cleaning, tidying up & clearing out some clutter, I would be happy to assist. In Harmony Services provides expert professional organizing services in the Denver metro area. We help you create clarity and restore order in your life.

Professional Organizing Services - Denver - In Harmony Services

Perhaps you may have heard of Marie Kondo by now and her show on Netflix called tidying up. Whether you have watched the show or not, if you are ready to tidy up your own home then I would love to talk with you. I find great joy in helping other people find their Joy. You might be surprised at how much joy and harmony is created when you declutter and organize your home and surroundings. In Harmony Services provides expert professional organizing services in the Denver metro area. We help you create clarity and restore order in your life.

12 Habits People With Clean, Organized Homes Have in Common

This may seem overwhelming if you are not used to tidying up. However, like anything new, once you get a system it makes life easier. Having your environment in order can provide joy & comfort If your New Year’s resolution is a clean, organized house, check out these 12 simple, quick habits that will make your house look great effortlessly.

Professional Organizing Services - Denver - In Harmony Services

Do you have that one room area in your home or office that you don't want to look at or deal with? Perhaps you say "one day I will get to it" and that day never comes? Have you considered hiring an expert to help you get that room de-cluttered and organized and perhaps create a space for your guests or a hobby room or an office? Do you feel calm & relaxed in your home?
I often hear that people don't hire an organizer because they are afraid of being judged. I say, there is nothing to judge, you are simply hiring an expert to do something you're not an expert at. Sometimes I encounter people who don't want to spend the money to do something they can do themselves. And what I say to that is "if you could or wanted to do it yourself wouldn't you have done it by now"? Consider the money you're wasting perhaps by paying for an extra storage unit or buying items because you can't find the ones you have.
What would it feel one to have people over & not worry about shutting a door or two or walk into your home or office & be excited instead of anxious?
I am compassionate & nonjudgmental when it comes to helping people clear out their space. Call me if you are ready to de-clutter and organize your environment, creating a new comfortable, relaxing & inviting space. In Harmony Services provides expert professional organizing services in the Denver metro area. We help you create clarity and restore order in your life.

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