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Supporting public and charitable funds through our end-to-end solution providing outstanding partner Falling Colors Technology is a Santa Fe-based company providing innovative data collection & analysis solutions for publicly-funded behavioral health programs.

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Falling Colors is hiring! If you think you'd be a good fit on our team, we'd love to hear from you! Details for applying can be found at fallingcolors.com/jobs


Certified B Corporations like Falling Colors are on a mission to create an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone.

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Being a B Corp means more than a certification, it means we put people first. We always consider our impact on our employees, customers, and communities because we believe business should be a force for good.
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We're thrilled to announce the addition of our new Junior Financial Specialist, Antoinette Tripp!
We're so excited that you've joined our team and for all of the great things you are bringing to Falling Colors!


There’s a better way to do business –– via B Corps! Customers have a role to play in Better Business and by purchasing from and working with B Corps, you are doing just that. Because B Corps are held to the highest standards of performance, transparency, and accountability, you can be certain that you spend your money at certified B Corps, your money is going to support better business practices. Some local B Corps you could support are Meow Wolf, Taos Ski Valley, and Positive Energy Solar, and if you're interested in supporting bigger B Corp brands, check out Patagonia, Ben and Jerry's, or Uncommon Goods!

What does better business mean to you?

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We are all responsible for each other and for future generations with the choices we make. As a Certified B Corporation we’re not just responsible, we’re also held accountable.
The B Impact assessment measures our impact on customers, community, employees, governance, and the planet. We’ve met the highest standards of performance, transparency, and accountability.

#BetterBusiness #WeAreBCorps #BCorpMonth


We're pleased to announce the addition of our new Public Health Data Analyst, Christine Syvertson!
We're so happy that you've joined our team and we know you're going to do great things with Falling Colors!


It’s #InternationalWomensDay and we want to take time to celebrate and appreciate women making a difference in their industries and in their communities.
One way to honor women is to ensure a more inclusive and equitable economy. As a woman-founded and woman-owned company, Falling Colors is committed to doing its part to reverse historical pay inequities and foster an environment and culture that encourages more women to pursue STEM career paths.
#BetterBusiness #WeAreBCorps #BCorpMonth


B Corps care about the planet and future generations. We’re taking action to protect the planet. Although much of Falling Colors' business is conducted online, we are working to reduce our environmental impact through our work at our future headquarters at The White Building (@thewhitebuildingsf). We have installed multiple rainwater harvesting cisterns to help support our water-conscious gardening efforts, and we are hoping to install solar panels to provide power to the building, which would be a first for downtown Santa Fe! Check out more about our sustainability actions at our website: https://buff.ly/3nxq5p7

#BetterBusiness #WeAreBCorps #BCorpMonth


Happy B Corp month! 🎉
This March, we’ll be joining a global community of more than 3,700 businesses to celebrate what it means to be a Certified B Corporation. So, if you’ve ever seen us (or other brilliant businesses) wearing the B Corp badge and wondered what it’s all about, now’s the time to find out what makes a #BetterBusiness.

#WeAreBCorps #BCorpMonth


In recognition of Black History Month, we want to share a project from Earthseed Black Arts called Black Story / Black Song that is aimed at discussing history through the African American Lens, and shifting and expanding the conversation around studying Black American legacy. It is an incredible project put together right here in Santa Fe and has even been sent out to all superintendents, principals, and teachers across the entire state of New Mexico!

Black Story / Black Song is a curriculum designed for middle and high school students, which includes a 40-minute video (or choose from eight individual 5-minute vignettes) featuring eight Black educational presenters speaking on various topics (Literature, Art, Science, Hip Hop, N.M. History, Poetry, African Ancestry, Civil Rights) as well as links and resources to dive in more, plus a teacher packet PDF with eight lesson plans, available to ALL to use and interact with for FREE online at https://www.earthseedblackarts.org/black-story-black-song


Falling Colors is closed today, February 15, 2021 in observance of Presidents' Day. Did you know that it falls on the third Monday in February because in the 1960's, there was a push to give the nation's workers more three day weekends? Swipe through to learn more fun facts about Presidents' Day!


Our monthly newsletter, Innovation Monthly, will be sent out this week. This month features self-care ideas for Valentine's Day along with a handful of local updates, including some fun and charitable virtual events you won't want to miss out on! If you'd like to receive our February issue, sign up by this Friday, February 12 at our website: https://fallingcolors.com/newsletter


We're pleased to announce the addition of our newest Junior IT Technician, Tayler Kauper! ⠀
We're so excited to have you on our team and for all the wonderful things you'll bring to Falling Colors!


Don't miss out on the 16th Annual Sweetheart Auction from the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico (https://www.facebook.com/CFFNM). This year it will be held exclusively online over the course of a week, from February 6 to the 14th. Head over to their profile to see some of the auction items that will be available, and check out their website at https://www.cffnm.org/attend-an-event/sweetheart-auction/ to find more details about the event, register as a VIP, or buy your Dream Vacation raffle tickets.

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We're pleased to announce the addition of our newest Junior Support Specialist, Emily Goleski!
We're so happy to have you as part of our team and know you'll bring amazing things to Falling Colors!


Falling Colors understands the importance of data in making the best decisions for all stakeholders, and that's why we're excited to promote @santafedata! The Santa Fe Data Platform leverages the power of data to inform evidence-based decisions regarding policies, economic growth strategies, health programs and appropriations. Effective use of data leads to smarter public policy, more impactful use of taxpayer dollars, and innovative strategies to grow the economy. To learn more about them and their offerings, check out their website at https://www.santafedata.org/


Our first newsletter of 2021 will be going out very soon! Be sure to sign up and get added to our mailing list today by going to http://fallingcolors.com/newsletter


Vital Spaces has created a Community Art Closet with a range of art supplies for all skill levels and ages, made available for free for the Santa Fe community. "Those of us in the arts know that art and creative expression is healing. It's medicine. And medicine should be a right for all, not a privilege." The SW Annex of the Midtown Campus is home to the Art Closet, with the first opening on Saturday, January 23 from 11AM to 3PM, then subsequent openings on the third Saturday of every month, also from 11AM to 3PM. Check out their website for more details: https://buff.ly/3sgRlvz


Yesterday, we saw one of our democracy's central pillars in action: the peaceful transfer of power. We want to give our congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We support their call for a return to unity and respect in our national conversation, as we look ahead to the next four years.


Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?" - Martin Luther King Jr.

We are closed today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy as a civil rights activist. The MLK Day of Service is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service, meant to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their own communities, as a way to honor Dr. King's life and teachings and to meet community challenges. Helping people in your #community strengthens our bonds as a society, so consider how you may perform some act of service today, and how you may be able to continue doing so throughout the year.

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Falling Colors is hiring! If you think you'd be a good fit on our team, we'd love to hear from you! Details for applying can be found at fallingcolors.com/jobs


"An orderly and peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of a functioning democracy. Any attempts to incite violence or otherwise thwart a peaceful transition in the coming days cannot be tolerated." As a signatory of the Civic Alliance's "Joint Statement for an Orderly and Peaceful Transition of Power," Falling Colors has joined hundreds of other American businesses in speaking out and rejecting the violence and insurrection that occurred at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday. Read the full statement at the Civic Alliance website: https://buff.ly/3sfAUiS


Help Vital Spaces get every unpaid utility bill in Santa Fe paid!

So far more than 600 Santa Fe residents have reached out for help through the City’s Connect platform because they cannot pay their utility bills. If you need help getting your utility bill paid go to: santafenm.gov/connect

If you can help reach this goal and give this gift of peace of mind and a warm safe home this winter, go to vitalspaces.org or the link in our bio to donate.

Every dollar donated to this special fund will go to paying these outstanding utility bills.

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AMP Concerts

The final Postcard from Santa Fe is here! Check it out!

This week we're premiering our final offering in the Postcards from Santa Fe series - a video by Native reggae band Innastate performing in and around the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe. Innstate is indigenous reggae music, straight from the desert southwest! Innastate brings a positive, high-energy approach to contemporary reggae music.
They will performing their recently produced “Seeds” for the conclusion of our very rewarding and succesful Postcards from Santa Fe series. Thank you again to the Falling Colors foundation for makingthis possible.


A toast to new beginnings and making the world a better place in #2021. As we make our way into a new year, we’re reminded why our work as a B Corporation is more important than ever. We are looking forward to another year of progress and impact with our teams, leaders, partners, and other #BCorps to:⠀
🌱 Bring our global vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative future to life.⠀
🌎 Transform our economic system to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.⠀
Find out more about our values & what it means to be a B Corp by visiting our website at https://fallingcolors.com/about

#bcorp #bcorporation #certifiedbcorp #voteeveryday #bthechange #businessasaforceforgood


Happy New Year from all of us at Falling Colors!


Join us virtually tonight at 11:30 PM to celebrate a crowd-free New Year's Eve on the Plaza, hosted by the Santa Fe Kiwanis Club. The livestream/broadcast will be aired on KOB Channel 4, as well as the KOB website (www.kob.com), which we have included a link to in our bio. Falling Colors is proud to be a sponsor for this event, and we hope that you are able to tune in with us to celebrate the new year!


We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful winter holiday, however you choose to celebrate!


Education is intrinsically linked to our health and wellbeing, and early childhood education programs are of dire importance, especially with more parents unable to devote their own time to teaching their children, because of work. Access to education is a necessity for better health outcomes throughout life, and should be treated as a must-have for everyone.


Our monthly newsletter, Innovation Monthly, will be sent out this week! If you'd like to receive our December issue, sign up by November 20 at our website: https://fallingcolors.com/newsletter


Our social groups and relationships, as well as our connection to our communities have a measurable impact on our overall health. It is important not to overlook this aspect of our wellbeing, as social isolation, whether originating from discrimination, incarceration, or as an expectation for reducing harm in the midst of a global pandemic, can negatively impact health outcomes. If you're struggling with social isolation this holiday season, don't be afraid to reach out to your friends virtually for support; creating a group space online is easier than ever and there are a variety of choices so you can find what works best for you and your group.


Unemployment is on the rise, and with it, financial insecurity. While all of the social determinants of health are important, economic stability underlies almost all of them. Without financial security, people are unable to afford the necessities to live, such as food, health care, or housing. While many overall improvements must be made at a government level, we can still create a positive impact as individuals by donating time or resources to local nonprofits or volunteer organizations that are focused on helping those in the community in need.


Falling Colors has multiple open positions. If you think you'd be a good fit on our team, we'd love to hear from you! Details for applying can be found at fallingcolors.com/jobs

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