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Patina's intention is to sustain the souls and lives of its artists, patrons, founders, and colleagues through authentic, caring, loving and compassionate attention, given in an environment that stimulates all the senses.

Additional Gallery Hours: Enjoy the gallery’s splendor all to yourself with private appointments in the gallery and virtually, guided by Patina’s co-founder, Allison Barnett. Private appointments with Allison are available Monday - Wednesday, between 11am - 5pm MDT Please call or email us to schedule an appointment. (505) 986-3432 Enjoy Extended Hours the week before Christmas! Open Sunday, December 20th 11am - 4pm MDT Monday, December 21st - Thursday, December 24th 11am - 5pm MDT

Operating as usual

Dolly Cake.

This proud cake captivates, infused with aspirations that are reverent and regal.
Elements fly in flamboyant shapes and sizes, robed in a sea of beaded confetti and glass crystals.
The eye dances, blinded among its colorful and animated features.

An antique, porcelain doll emerges from the artistic fray, dominating the composition.
Its innocent face sports a grander crown with a toothy grin and a tongue full of raspberry fruit.
A comical baby on its tower is a sparkling facade, delighted and consumed.

Its grand veneer tumbles into the surrealist melting pot.
The artist discerningly molds this bright bountiful visage.
The mirage is exposed, as its true form comes to life.
Past the garlands of decoration, she has taken a slice, only to reveal a warped chasm inside.
A vain field of vision arises with an eager swarm of eyes.

As one portion falls, the others will follow.
Within a dismantled frame, this figure stands, as if ready to be woven together again.
In its transformative journey, the Dolly Cake melts, becoming a new and inviting friend.

Do you have your copy of the January 2021 issue InStyle yet? Patina is proud to share we are featured on page 20 ✨⁠

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The Eyes Have It Today - Tap to discover Betsy Youngquist's Dolly Cake

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We spy with our little eye Patina Gallery featuring the works of Lluís Comín on UMBIGO's website!

Tap the link to discover this amazing Lisbon editorial and comment below if you found Patina

Thank you for your International Partnership Umbigo Magazine and Josseline Black

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Geometric patterns of red, orange, yellow and green coalesce into a mindful expression, intended to resemble the beloved chile of New Mexico 🌶✨

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We look forward to keeping you informed of all the latest exciting Patina Gallery events and news, including special private sales and offers only available to our email list JOIN THE PATINA GALLERY MAILING LIST Thank you for your interest in Patina Gallery. We look forward to keeping you informed of all the new artist's added to the website, new works added, artist events and exhibitions both online and at the gallery. All the latest exciting Patina Gallery events and n...

Allison & Ivan Barnett of Patina Gallery proudly open 2021 with the soul-stirring jewelry of Claire Kahn.

Introducing our newest curation, In Her World: The Colours of Claire Kahn.

Read More-

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Proud to share our happy client's new Boris Bally platter and table with our Facebook family🚦

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A wondrous medley of shape, color and opulent ingenuity tumbles into an extraordinary work of art by Jeff & Susan Wise. Through a mixture of high karat gold and sterling silver, sapphire, druzy, jade, pyrite, agate, quartz and diopside create a piece to capture the senses in color and texture. Around the wrist, the work is a jubilation of intricate artistry and intrigue as the Wises compose a work that touches upon the outer realms of the unknown. A lone beauty, outlined in the beacons of space. The artists touch the heart with sheer mastery of material and expert design to compose a place in time. An illustration to set the soul afire as they set their sights on an exploration through the stars.

A shower of silver jingles with every tilt and sway of the head, as if tiny and precious coins, joined together in sumptuous elegance and delight. ⁠

Feel radiant in Enric Majoral's Silver Party Earrings as seen in @instyle 's January 2021 issue (page 20)⁠


Love is above any notion we can fully define in words. As it matures, it continues to endure through time. Together, we discover what stirs our heart or awakens the soul. Through our trips and falls, it is in this most genuine, sincere form of affection that we finally align with our purest selves, and forge an eternal bond.⁠

Wherever you are in life's greatest journey, we are here to meet you.⁠

We are so excited to be a part of @rockymountainbride 's National 2021 issue featuring the works of #patinartists, and #philpoirier⁠

Full editorial coming soon...

Hues of ruby, garnet and carnelian dance in merry welcome along the historic Santa Fe plaza patios. As you make your way towards West Palace Avenue to Patina, inviting waterfalls of vivacious red peppers glimmer in delight of your visit.⁠

The Ristra's scintillating spinel sparkle reminds Santa Feans, and Santa Feans at heart, of that one of a kind flavor you must simply savor when visiting The City Different

Live from the Cullen Recitals

Houston Grand Opera is going live with Sasha Cooke tonight!

We know what we will be streaming tonight ✨✨✨

Tune in here 👉 Don’t miss HGO’s exciting new Live from The Cullen recital series, featuring renowned opera stars performing songs of their own selection over a series of intimate evenings filmed on the Cullen stage. This is your opportunity to hear opera stars in repertoire you might not get to experience at H...

Thank you InStyle for the beautiful feature!


Dear Friends,
We send our deepest thanks to you for joining us on a fruitful adventure through A Season of Gratitude

Looking back to the heart of what we celebrate, our oeuvre of Patina messages urged us all; our community, our team & our artists to meditate on what truly fuels our souls each & every day

In the coming weeks, our founders, Allison & Ivan Barnett will launch the year anew, sharing our drive, mission and vision for the future

Until then, enjoy Patina in the gallery and online!

Elevated discs swing and sparkle as Enric Majoral's Silver party Earrings dance in the light. A shower of silver jingles with every tilt and sway of the head, as if tiny and precious coins, joined together in sumptuous elegance and delight.⁠

#itspartytime #2021

The luster of Santa Fe during the winter season inspires our search for peace by allowing us moments of quiet reflection. The white, silent nature of the season moves us toward a meditation on the majesty of nature and color, and on the representation of light and touch and the subtlety of each.⁠

Linger and explore our Season of Gratitude and draw in the inspiration from great art this new year #linkinbio⁠

Utilizing her masterful shaping of 18K & 22K yellow gold, Petra Class sculpts a delicate statement to gracefully fall from the neck. Golden bars are crafted to seamlessly link with one another, forming a brilliant necklace strand. At the base of her piece, the artist crafts an assemblage of diamond charms, affixed to extensions of gold. This milieu of lustrous gems twinkles and glows as they settle into an ornate design. The eye pines for such sweet effervescence as soft sparkles pillar from the tender and stunning festoon of scintillating delight. In varied shape and color, faceted triangles intermingle with luminous circles and squares. Champagne, brown and beige color palette provides a refined, yet sumptuous feast for the soul. The artist cleverly melds enthusiasm with sophistication, as she transforms the exquisite work into a festive revelry.

Ring in the New Year with Patina 🥂🍾

#curateyourlook #patinagallery #soulstirringworks #beautyovertime

In appreciation for all that we can be thankful for, we remain energized for a fresh new year steeped in eternal gratitude.⁠

In 2021, beauty remains our companion, directing Patina as we march into the invigorating thresholds of change and hope⁠

We are honored to have you as part of our Patina lives, and look forward to sharing more soul-stirring stories in the many months to come.⁠

Warmly wishing you a safe and happy new year,⁠

Allison & Ivan Barnett, and the Patina Team

As part of A Season of Gratitude, Doug Menuez shares, Steve Jobs Explaining Ten Year Technology Development Cycles

Menuez witnessed the aspirational genius & dedication of Jobs and his team while working in the race of 1980s Silicon Valley. He captured pioneers in the tech revolution, who challenged & built upon what was possible. What soon followed helped redefine how we communicate & connect with one another in our every day.

Tap to learn more about the experience from the artist -

Who's ready for New Year's Eve?

#curateyourlook into 2021 with Patina ✨

Dear Friends,

We gladly gather wrapped in peace and gratitude as we participate in the passage of time and approach a new year.

With our close partners at New Mexico Nature Conservancy we take a moment now to honor the work of late friend and companion, Tomie dePaola.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, infused with the joy and love of family and friends.

From our hearts to yours,

Allison & Ivan and our dedicated Patina team

Sweet Dreams & Happy Holidays from Patina -

Joyfully, we continue to honor the holidays in A Season of Gratitude. With deep appreciation for her talent and the beauty she creates, Patina Gallery proudly features the work of long-time Patina jewelry artist, Petra Class

For Patina, the artist shares her Ten Diamond Celebration Necklace. -

Have you checked your list twice?⁠

In preparation for a timely holiday delivery don't forget, today, December 22 is the last day for two-day shipping and tomorrow, December 23 is the last day for overnight shipping ✨

Today! At 9am MST enjoy the online release of Claire Kahn’s Gratitude

Discover how to acquire Claire Kahn’s Gratitude for the holiday season here-

Patina embraces the delightful days of the holiday season as we present a curated collection seated at the table of gratitude. 12 masterful jewelry artists from across North America and Western Europe prepare their extraordinary, signature works of art.

Learn More -

Mindful Meditations S2 Ep8 Finale: Gratitude by Claire Kahn Reveal

Allison gives us a first, intimate and exclusive look of Kahn’s paper cut collage, set to release worldwide on the Winter Solstice, December 21st at 9am MDT at

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Gratitude will go to support The New Mexico Wildlife Center, “Connecting people and wildlife for an abundant tomorrow.”
(Mission Statement, New Mexico Wildlife Center)

Delving into intention, she will take viewers on a journey into Kahn’s artful process, from the drawing board, to design, to piecing the composition together, giving us a deeper understanding of how Gratitude came to be.

From the other side of her studio, Kahn composes a multifaceted, two-dimensional collage, opposite from where she creates her extraordinary jewelry, exclusive to Patina.
In layer by layer, her paper assemblage unfolds, infused with the intimate spirit, connection and vibrancy that drives the soul of the season, as we all look behind and ahead to a new year.

Allison reveals Kahn’s preliminary sketches, in what the artist calls, Story Scrolls, placed parallel to her finished work. Armored in variegated shapes with a multitude of lines and curves, a geometrical lattice appears across the scrolls, into Gratitude, showing how Kahn brilliantly maps emotion into its linear designs. Making Gratitude, every incision cuts and shapes another sheet. When combined, they reveal a network of complexities as stilled meditation slowly turns to solace and peace.

Don't miss our Gratitude Season finale of Mindful Meditations S2, Episode 8!

Allison will share an exclusive first look at a one-of-a-kind work of art, Gratitude, from New Mexico renaissance artist and friend, Claire Kahn

Tap to learn more -

GRATITUDE - CLAIRE KAHN - ©Patina Gallery 2020

We Invite you to discover a behind the scenes look into the making of Gratitude by Claire Kahn.

#sneakpeek #newnew #patinagallery #contemporarycollector

#sneakpeek of Claire Kahn's Gratitude, a one-of-a-kind assemblage gracefully embodying the heart of the season of giving. To be released worldwide on the Winter Solstice, December 21 at 9 am

Tap here to learn more- Allison Curates the Jewelry of Erich Zimmermann and Gitta Pielcke

Thank you Klimt02! What a privilege to share the works of Erich and Gitta this Gratitude Season ❤ Patina Gallery's Allison Barnett in her newest curation for a Season of Gratitude, features the jewelry of Erich Zimmermann and Gitta Pielcke. Married jewelry artists, Zimmermann and Pielcke have worked together in the same at...

In preparation for a timely holiday delivery, below are important shipping and delivery dates recommended by FedEx in order to receive your gifts on or before Christmas, Friday, December 25th.

•Last day for ground shipping, home delivery: Tuesday, December 15th
•Last day for two-day shipping: Tuesday, December 22nd
•Last day to overnight a package: Wednesday, December 23rd

Also keep in mind the eight-day window to enjoy works for Hanukkah! Dates for Hanukkah 2020: Thursday, December 10th through Friday, December 18th


Are you in Santa Fe, love an extraordinary work, but are hesitant to come into the gallery?

We are pleased to introduce our newest offering, Street-Side Pickup.

Pieces in the gallery are available for pickup at your convenience.

After placing your purchase online, please give the gallery a call to schedule a pickup time.
+1 (505) 986-3432

Your purchase will be available at our 131 West Palace Avenue location.

Upon arrival, please call us again with the name of your order. An associate will meet you with your Patina wrapped package.

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For over a century, artists have found their way to New Mexico, as we did, drawn by the poetic light, organic tones of the landscape and indigenous cultures. During the past decade or more, Santa Fe has become an important international arts destination and attracts visitors from around the globe. This allows Patina to present very sophisticated works against a unique historic and cultural backdrop. We have a formula that we feel describes the quality we seek in the works that we exhibit, "Patina = Beauty over Time." This might apply to Santa Fe as much as to the works we select and love.

Established in 1999, Patina exhibits soul-stirring clay, wood, sculpture, fiber and other mixed media objects. Our gallery holds a unique position in the field because we also show studio jewelry in the same gallery space with larger works. We stage them in a manner that allows 'aesthetic discussions' to take place, a kind of dialogue between the jewelry and different objects. We have always felt that great design should inhabit all the works that we show, regardless of scale. We look for quality of techniques, design and character.

With close to 100 featured artists online and in the gallery, and with many exhibitions featured in the gallery of all inspirational ranges, per year, Patina represents a forward thinking gallery located in a central and cultural hub of Santa Fe.

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Mindful Meditations S2 Ep8 Finale: Gratitude by Claire Kahn Reveal
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