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Patina's intention is to sustain the souls and lives of its artists, patrons, founders, and colleagues through authentic, caring, loving and compassionate attention, given in an environment that stimulates all the senses.

Operating as usual

Patina features the Flared Sketch Earrings by Daphne Krinos -
Inspired by London's urban landscape, she evolves visions of skyscrapers, fences and scaffoldings into wearable works of art.
Two quartz stones float in space, against an intricate web of tourmaline across a crystalline domain. Long, silvery spires at the head of each earring form a tangled labyrinth where tiny white diamonds perch on the surface.
In the ecstasy of fine design, art jewelry is born of sheer, playful dynamism.

Introducing Triptych Series II, The Seasons of Jacona:

Admiring the pastoral landscape outside her rural home, Claire observes the seasons change. Distinct light, color and textures arise with the continual turns of the year. In her wearable works of art, Claire captures these natural nuances as she leads the eye on a journey of space and time. Through this triptych, she communicates the frozen winter glister, the sodden energies of spring & summer, and the ember glows of fall.

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Meet Triptych Series III, Spectrum:

Dynamic, complementary value becomes a playful exercise of pattern and hue across this triptych series. Purple and yellow, red and green, blue and orange. Contrasts in three transfix themselves into our fascination. Behold her newest collection as Claire unveils a blissful medley of quiet and bright, invigorating and soothing to the soul.

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Introducing The Triptych Series by Claire Kahn -

Patina Gallery introduces the latest collection of handmade works from Claire Kahn’s Small Series Collection, The Triptych Series.

The Triptych Series consists of nine pieces, divided into three collections of three works- Peacock, Spectrum and Seasons of Jacona. The jewelry may be worn together or apart, and all communicate a larger, comprehensive whole, made in the image of a traditional triptych.

The feeling we get when #ClaireKahn shares new work 🥰

Join our mailing list and be the first to discover the newest Small Collections Series, Triptychs

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Delicate and powerful fine art is made from the hand to the heart.
Patina Gallery is pleased to share the fine clay sculpture of Harris Deller -

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Allison’s Newest Curation: The Suzy Wahl Collection -

The work across Allison’s curation divulges in the inner passions of its maker. The artist’s fascination arises in the rich complexities of her painterly printed surfaces, and in the fluid spontaneity from its organic process when texture and color combine. Through Patina, Wahl reveals her abstract treasures of enticing and uninhibited caprice.

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Mindful Meditations S2 Ep 1: Ivan Barnett

Patina Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of our second season of Mindful Meditations with gallery co-founder, Allison Barnett!

In season two, Allison profiles a different Patina maker every other week, and will explore their handmade jewelry works & objects of fine art, delving into intention, understanding how and why pieces are made.

To begin our newest season, Allison will be joined by her partner, co-founder and director of Patina Gallery, Ivan Barnett. The couple have lived and worked in Santa Fe, NM for nearly 30 years, including the time of owning Patina Gallery.

Allison’s Mindful Meditations Returns! Announcing Season Two -

To begin our newest season, live on Facebook Friday, September 11 at 10am MST Allison will be joined by her partner, co-founder and director of Patina Gallery, Ivan Barnett. Together, they will discuss Ivan’s long-standing career as an artist. This follows the recent release of his archival, collage work, Soul-Stirring Lives, now available on

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Hanging in the balance: Ivan Barnett’s mobile sculptures

#TBT To Ivan Barnett's opening of Abstraction in 2003.

Thank you Pasatiempo for your ongoing support all these soul-stirring years ❤️ Think of mobiles as sculptures in the round. The weighted components, hung from rods in perfect equilibrium, are often flat, but mobiles are kinetic, offering different views as they slowly

Patina releases a collage from the private collection of our co-founder and director, Ivan Barnett -

Tap on the link to read more as Ivan shares the story behind his extraordinary work, Soul-Stirring Lives

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Artist Ivan Barnett's Mobiles

We are falling in love with our Mindful Meditations Season Two line up 🍁

We will be kicking things off this Friday on Facebook Live with Allison at 10 am MST. Her first guest artist?? Patina artist and co-founder Ivan Barnett! That's not all... we will be live from Ivan's studio!

As we prep for Friday we came across this video of Ivan's mobiles, which we could not wait to share with our Facebook family

A short video demonstrating the movement of Artist Ivan Barnett's Mobiles.

A World at Home - Women's International Study Center

What a beautiful and rich story~ So exciting to think the walls of Patina housed the Native Market Booths on Palace Ave circa 1920's. Check out the image towards the end of the story featuring the gallery!

Next Week - Patina Takes a Slight Pause

In the meantime, enjoy Patina in the gallery and online!

Our open hours for the time being are:
Fridays 1pm - 5pm
Saturdays 11am - 5pm
Monday - Thursday by appointment only

#soulstirringworks #beautyovertime #patinagallery Then, Now & Always. 20 Years of Patina and Atelier Zobel

Thank you for sharing our new exhibition and virtual program Klimt02

If you missed our virtual programming live, it is now available on our website ❤️ The gallery introduces a multi-day, virtual festival celebrating the monumental work of Peter Zobel: Between 14th and 23rd of August, Patina gallery offers 6 virtual events dedicated to Atelier Zobel. Follow the events on their Website and ...

Explore Day 6, the Final Curated Look from Then, Now & Always by Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel -

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Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel

Allison conducts her exclusive interview with Peter Schmid

Introducing Day 5 of Then, Now & Always - An Exclusive Interview with the Artist -

Join us as gallery co-founder and proprietor of sales, Allison Barnett goes live on Patina’s Instagram this Friday at 11 am MST with Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel.

For those not on Instagram, we are making all days of our virtual festival available on our website. Explore the virtual program as it grows on

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Patina & Atelier Zobel Present Day 4 of Then, Now & Always - In Honor of the Santa Fe Opera -

We are ever grateful and remain in awe of this remarkable institution, the Santa Fe Opera that gives so much beauty and talent to the world. This year, we tip off a toast to you on Day 4 of our first-ever, virtual festival.

15% of all proceeds from Then, Now & Always will be donated to the Santa Fe Opera. With care and appreciation for our colleagues during this crucial time

We ❤️ Santa Fe Opera

Thank you for sharing our virtual festival!!

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On Monday, August 17th at 11 AM MT, Atelier Zobel - Peter Schmid and Allison Barnett will be live on Instagram at @patinagllery to answer questions about "Then, Now & Always," their two-decade story of groundbreaking ingenuity and ever-evolving friendship, partnership and collaboration.

This summer, Patina Gallery is donating 15% of their summer program sales to the Santa Fe Opera and we are deeply grateful to Ivan and Allison Barnett for their generous and consistent support.

Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel

Q&A with Allison Barnett and Peter Schmid

Explore Our First Curated Look of Then, Now & Always by Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel -

In honor of Patina’s collaboration with master German jewelry artist Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel, Allison presents her first curated look of earrings, brooches, bracelets and rings from Schmid’s new and expansive collection.

As part of Patina Gallery’s ongoing virtual festival

Then, Now & Always
20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel
August 14 - August 23, 2020

Luna Park Necklace

"My father grew up in Queens, NY and spent time as a child at Luna Park, the original name for the amusement park at Coney Island. My necklace and bracelet, called Luna Park, are inspired by the idea of Coney Island, seen at a distance, at night. The moon is represented by bands of pavé diamonds set in white gold." - Claire Kahn

Amongst a peaceful, dark night, Claire Kahn observes and marvels at a spectrum of flickering and glowing color in the distance, as seen from the twinkling lights of Luna Park. A kaleidoscope of color in warm shades of red, orange and yellow gently subside into the cooler shades of blue as they dance with the deep, black backdrop in Claire's progression. In her discerning use of pattern, the eye enjoys the subtle energy of the work, as it reminisces on the joyous, yet mysterious mood of the moment. Against this visual confection, the maker imbues her work with two rings in white gold, embellished with a span of pavé diamonds. As if the moon is overlooking this fanciful scene, delighting in the gaiety of the carnival below. Quite an intoxicating work to entertain and tempt the soul.

Our 2020 Virtual Festival is Here! Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel

Join us as Patina’s co-founder, Allison Barnett introduces the Zobel 2020 Jewelry Collection

Our 2020 Virtual Festival, Begins Tomorrow August 14th! Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel -

This week, Patina highlights Ulla & Martin Kaufmann’s Golden Bangle Bracelets. Precious and agile works of art become a natural extension of the human form. -
"Bangles that are reduced to their utmost become so opulent, and exhale their own magnificence. When worn, they lead lives of their own. They lose their stiff look and begin to play against the wearer’s body." - Ulla & Martin Kaufmann

Claire Kahn's Moon River series includes beaded necklaces and bracelets that parallel the brilliance of the moon while its reflection sails the tides of water.

Pattern and progression follow a muse of ripples and reflected undulation, as moon glow bounces amongst the mysterious scene of night.

Luminescence reverberates in rings of white gold, illuminated by the effervescent sparkle of pavé diamonds as they lay upon tones of black, white and gold. Shades of white, gray, and blue cover beaded cords that are embellished with moonstone and topaz to communicate a Super Moon, Blue Moon, or the simple waves and vivid echo of a full, vibrant celestial body over a pastoral landscape.

On the surface, in movement and in architectural grace, the Kaufmanns enrapture the spirit with infinite possibility, yielding masterful works of art. Always evolving, on the move, they touch the heart with a collection to stir the soul.

For more information on the work, please email: [email protected]

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[08/11/20]   On the surface, in movement and in architectural grace, the Kaufmanns enrapture the spirit with infinite possibility, yielding masterful works of art. Always evolving, on the move, they touch the heart with a collection to stir the soul.

For more information on the work, please email: [email protected]

Sign up for Patina Gallery emails to be the first to hear when exhibitions are live and be the first to see new pieces.

Explore a curated collection of over 80 pieces, including art jewelry, tableware and hollow forms from leading legacies of high craft, Ulla and Martin Kaufmann.⁠

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Introducing Our August Birthstone Collection -

In celebration of the month of August, Allison curates a soul-stirring collection in honor of peridot and spinel.

#soulstirringworks #beautyovertime #patinagallery #birthstonejewelry

Coming Soon! Our 2020 Virtual Festival: Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel

Allison & Ivan, founders of Patina Gallery, in collaboration with Peter & Sue Schmid of Atelier Zobel excitedly present our first-ever, multi-day virtual event.

Then, Now & Always explores the story of Atelier Zobel as an innovative revelation in art jewelry, the beginnings of Patina’s relationship with Peter Schmid, to where we are now, two decades later.

Today, on August 6th, Patina Celebrates a New Year of Soul-Stirring Works! In honor of this day, we share a note from our director and co-founder, Ivan Barnett:

On the morning of August 6th of '99, after 5 months of planning and planning, Allison and I finally removed the craft paper from Patina's front windows that face West Palace Ave.

We had spent the past 8 weeks, day in and day out “building out” every inch of our space. We were still awaiting some of our cabinetry, but we knew "it was time". From that point on there was no looking back and Patina took its place in the history of Santa Fe as one of the most prestigious art galleries of its kind.

We still believe that beauty heals, and that soul-stirring works make our lives richer.

Thank you to the Patina staff and all of the many patrons and friends who believe and have believed in us for more than 21 years.

Ivan Barnett/Creative Director

This week, Patina highlights sculpture, HooDoo Yellow Tower by Michael Bauermeister. -
A vast work of extraordinary size becomes an exceptional statement to behold. Bauermeister unearths a striking composition that delightfully balances grand presence with humble, soft artistry. Infused with an indelible grace that continually satiates the soul.


For over a century, artists have found their way to New Mexico, as we did, drawn by the poetic light, organic tones of the landscape and indigenous cultures. During the past decade or more, Santa Fe has become an important international arts destination and attracts visitors from around the globe. This allows Patina to present very sophisticated works against a unique historic and cultural backdrop. We have a formula that we feel describes the quality we seek in the works that we exhibit, "Patina = Beauty over Time." This might apply to Santa Fe as much as to the works we select and love.

Established in 1999, Patina exhibits soul-stirring clay, wood, sculpture, fiber and other mixed media objects. Our gallery holds a unique position in the field because we also show studio jewelry in the same gallery space with larger works. We stage them in a manner that allows 'aesthetic discussions' to take place, a kind of dialogue between the jewelry and different objects. We have always felt that great design should inhabit all the works that we show, regardless of scale. We look for quality of techniques, design and character.

With close to 100 featured artists online and in the gallery, and with many exhibitions featured in the gallery of all inspirational ranges, per year, Patina represents a forward thinking gallery located in a central and cultural hub of Santa Fe.

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Videos (show all)

Mindful Meditations S2 Ep 1: Ivan Barnett
Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel
Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel
Our 2020 Virtual Festival is Here! Then, Now & Always, 20 Years of Patina & Atelier Zobel
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 15 Finale: Claire Kahn
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 14: Infinite Beauty on the Move
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 13: Sale 3,2, One
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 12: Sarah Cossham
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 11: Enric Majoral
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 10: Batho Gundra
Mindful Meditations with Allison Barnett Ep 9: Jane Adam



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