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LOOKING FOR COLLECTORS OF ARAGONITE (Pearl from the Clam) - excellent material for pearl Jewelry - For Jade Stuff like buddha and any other figurine characters - Aragonite has been successfully tested for the removal of pollutants like zinc, cobalt and lead from contaminated wastewaters. - PEARL is often considered a gemstone, although it is not a mineral. Rather, pearl is a composite of the mineral Aragonite (Calcium Carbonate) and the organic compound conchiolin (a protein). The combination is called nacre, or mother-of-pearl. In some cases, there is an admixture of the mineral calcite (another mineral composed of Calcium Carbonate). In pearl oysters and freshwater pearl mussels, nacre forms the inner lining of the shell. In most other molluscs the shell has an appearance more like porcelain, and lacks the luster and iridescence of mother-of-pearl.
I found this rock can any one tell me if the gold was formed in the rock or did it get washed in to it. It looks like it was formed that way to me because they gold nugget is in there so sold
أخبروني. عنهاذاالحجرجزاكم.الله.خيرا

Connecting Rare Earth Minerals and Specimens with the People that Love Them! Gem and Mineral Purveyor and Provocatuer.

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Yowzas, can't go wrong with a full floater phantom stepped formation La Viesca Mine Fluorite am I right?

This Edition of Minerals in High Places comes from over the the resplendent waters of Mt. Shasta reservoir and features an expemplar Imperial Jasper from Mexico and remember SAVE and Share this post to support your small business mineral purveyors here at the Mineral Collective.

Linwood Mine Calcite

Wow! Not that's what we call a Calcite with Marcasite from the Linwood Mine, Iowa.

I know you must all be as sad about Tucson as I am right now, but there's amazing project underway right now you should all be aware of. will be an online experience that encompasses all aspects of the gem, mineral, and fossil community to create a nicely organized, easily searchable marketplace that allows customers to explore this "virtual Tucson" from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Guests can hop from show to show, tent to tent, booth to booth, to chat with vendors, peruse inventory, and watch live sales and lectures. I'll be taking part in this and hope you will too. We need the mineral community to be strong now more than ever. Sparks fly upward, please go check it out and register now.

How many eyes do you see? Ghostly Fluorite from Inner Mongolia

Here's a fun one, a 18.5 cm bi colored chatoyant Malachite stalactite from Guangdong, China.

Insane giant Hedenbergite included Quartz with druzy and Calcite from the Huanggang Mine Inner Mongolia. Can you say verdant? Available, comment or dm for details.

Wow! How odd is this Fluorite covered in Quartz with a Quartz flower? From Fujian, China.

This edition of Minerals in High Places features a stellar Hematite coated Amethyst from the Panorama Mine, Thunder Bay Canada and takes place from the top of Ft. Marcy Park overlooking beautiful Santa Fe

Here's a unique spooky piece, a Red Fox Agate from Patagonia photographed by @mineralmasterpiece ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Happy Halloween !

Spooky alright, this Inner Mongolia Fluorite has phantoms for days. My very last one from the Weinasituo Silver Mine one time find.

Check out giant Brazilian Smoky Quartz facet. It's available, comment or dm for details.

You will be assimilated. #galena #borg
Galena from Pitcher Co. OK.

Santa Fe is all about secret spaces, adobe walls, portals and ancient places. The city is the oldest capital in the US going back to the 1600s. This is actually an unused ancient door in the wall on the side of my office compound. We had about 6" of snow last night, the city becomes a whole different world blanketed in white. Photographed is a Fluorite with Quartz and Druzy from Shangbao, China.

Here's an amazing Quartz coated in Chalcedony with Dendrites from the Los Parajitos Mine Spain

Too good not to share #fluorite #showmetheminerals all the feels. #allthefeels

Double Terminated Himalayan Quartz for days. With that optical clarity and luster.

Optical Himalayan Smoky Quartz love wins everyone everytime. #smokylove

Cinnabar in Calcite from the Inglaterra Mine, Mexico.

Gwindel Quartz Magic.

Green Halite caterpillar from the Lubin Copper Mines, Poland. Am I the only one that sees a Caterpillar?

The Cactus", a special Faden Quartz dug by the wonderful @christopheperay in the French Alps featured over Horseshoe Bend in Moab, Utah. Christophe brought it to Tucson for his first time ever in the desert 🏜 A homage to the stately Cactus unique to the region. Its amazing the journeys crystals go on from conception to discovery and through the many hands they pass through. Now available from my personal collection.

Smoky chevron Amethyst phantom Quartz Lincoln County, New Mexico.

This Edition of Minerals in High Places features a Triple Namibian Smoky Tessin Cluster looking all atmospheric over the Galisteo River in New Mexico showing its monsoon colors.

Wow! Look at the color on this very large over 100 gram Mandarin hued Loliondo Garnet from Tanzania! Tanzania is under export ban on minerals for the foreseeable future so may not be seeing much more of this material available, comment or dm for details. Other options available as well!

Is this not one of the dang cutest Aquamarine crosses on Feldspar you ever did lay your eyes on? From Erongo, Namibia.

The prettiest Smoky French Gwindel I ever did see.

☆Special Live Auction TOMMOROW TUESDAY August 4th at 9 PM EST☆ We are all still dealing with quarantines and missing our mineral shows so join me for a special Live auction mineral event! If you'd like to join ask for a tag and looking forward to having a good time, and spin THE WHEEL OF PRIZES! Did he just say Wheel of Prizes?! Yes, why yes I did........

Wow! Check this beauty out. A spectacular Iridescent Ferberite with Siderite from the Panasquiera Mine, Portugal. Available, comment or dm for details.

INSANE double terminated huge black Calcites from the Sweetwater Mine, Viburnum trend Missouri. This Dt piece with Chalcopyrite is pristine. Available, comment or dm for details.

You ever get the feeling something might be just a little TOO beautiful? Like this 170+ carat Faceted Red Fluorite with Byssolite inclusions from Inner Mongolia.

Wow! The phantoms in this Smoky Quartz from Hallelujah Junction are insane! Truly one of the best Ive seen from one of the very best US Quartz locales.

Well....picked up a few minerals from Spain.

My display case.

Here is a very cool item. A hand crafted Silver UFO flying high over a Deschutes Picture Jasper landscape from Oregon. Made by New Mexico artist Brad Sleep. New Mexico has strong connections to extraterrestrial life (Roswell, etc), and I find this a perfect representation of such.

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Gem and Mineral Purveyor and Provocatuer. The Mineral Collective is the effort of an obsessive collector and curator of Earth Art to help aesthetically select, source and provide the best examples of gems and minerals for collections that will hold or grow in value with time. With a background in Art History and over 20 years of collecting experience you can trust Louis of the Mineral Collective to help you with your needs and provide the highest level of customer service and care in assisting you in sourcing items of true beauty and of the highest regard in terms of ethical mining practices and direct source acquisitions.

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Linwood Mine Calcite



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