Silver Bullion Now

Silver Bullion Now

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GSR Squeezing 71/1
Silver starting to outperform Gold as usual.

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$21 5yr resistance breakout point broken!

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Should You Invest in Silver Bullion? | INN What are the pros and cons of investing in silver bullion? With tensions high worldwide now may be the time for investors to enter the market.

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Silver Cannabis ratio 24.36/1

Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9)

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The greatest percentage of the human race chooses to be unaware of the economic bubble growth that faces the world today...Time is now to get Bullish... Before it all Pops.

[09/24/17]   DJIA Hit bubble territory? 22,3k

Time to get bullish now!

"Without us... there wouldn't be a them" Miners vs. Market.

[01/25/17]   DJIA Holds 20,068.51

[01/16/17]   There are many negative road blocks deeply embedded in our subconscious minds.

I think as you grow and stretch yourself as a person, transforming your mind and thinking is a natural course that continues to evolve each and every year.

There’s a lot of poisonous conventional wisdom we’ve heard all of our life, things that hold many great people back in life.

Here are 3 common financial myths in the heads of hundreds of millions of people who have an unbelievable potential if they can only overcome these thoughts.

1. Good grades and degrees lead to true prosperity. Good grades and degrees can certainly help you, but this very thought has held back millions and screwed over even more great students.

Study after study of millionaires have proven that GPAs and college have a very limited role.

This belief actually has the biggest negative effect on people who were straight-A students, but later went on to face rejection in business and in life.

Taking tests does not inspire creativity, well at least not if you’re taking the test right.

And many people I know who did great in school, are now in depression as the life that was promised them isn’t unfolding as their parents and school counselor promised.

This belief has also held back millions who think they aren’t smart enough or don’t have the tenacity to achieve greatness due to poor or average grades in school.

Belief in one’s self, discipline, and perception of risk have a lot more to do with becoming a multi-millionaire and living your own dream life.

2. Work hard to become successful.

I would encourage anyone who has any influence on a child to replace this with “work smart.”

Success does come with sacrifice, but working 12-to-16-hour days is not mandatory. However, maximizing your time and researching your investments is required.

I know many people who want to get rich, but then spend their entire Saturday mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, and doing other $10/hour jobs. Is that really the best use of their time?

Others try to be as busy as possible, as if this somehow leads to success.

Over the years in real estate, publishing, and other business activities I am involved in, I’ve been forced to spend hundreds of hours in meetings… and my honest conclusion is that meetings are where productivity goes to die. If you want something done, use email, make written offers and proposals, and then get it done.

3. Jobs are safe; business is risky.
Jobs are just as risky, not only because you can be fired or laid off, but because you cap your income.

If you’re a school teacher and you over-deliver, it probably won’t change your income. Own a tutoring company and over-deliver, and you’ll receive tips, bonuses, gifts, and can raise your rates.

The income equation is simple: deliver value.

Becoming an independent contractor for your current employer not only frees you up, but in today’s overly-regulated environment, you can probably even save your employer money.

Jobs aren’t safe… they are risky, because you have 1 source of income, depend on management to not run the place into the ground, and you totally limit your true income potential.

Summary: Don’t let other people’s opinions or perceptions become your reality!

"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants- but debt is the money of slaves."

The best gift you can give in a consumerism society is the preservation of your purchasing power. BULLION! Call now...


Time is now to get bullish...

[10/31/16]   Dear Reader,

I always hear from people that being an entrepreneur is risky… but is it risky?

I mean, everyone used to be an entrepreneur, from the farmer to the blacksmith. The idea of having a safe, secure job isn’t really that old, as corporate America isn’t even 100 years old.

It’s especially not old as people currently perceive it, where your job is responsible for your healthcare, vacation savings, retirement, etc. That’s less than 50 years old, and is imploding as we speak.

It’s cheaper, easier, and less risky than ever to become a business owner or self-employed.

You can partner, go part-time, or start an online business with virtually zero costs to set up.

In my opinion, becoming a self-employed entrepreneur, even very part-time, is a crucial step towards preparing for the new economy – the one we will all live in for the next 50 years.

Mark my words: the biggest trend is the fact that the world is becoming a freelance economy.

In the end, of course, whether we are at a job, own a business, or are an investor, we must all force ourselves to over-deliver.

James Altucher talks about over-promising, too. I like that, because if you over-promise, it forces you to be creative, to search for new ideas, and expand.

If you want to have an amazing business or receive the big raise, over-promise and over-deliver.

Our economy is going to go through some massive changes. We are already seeing them unfold here. And unfortunately, they aren’t positive, as technology and apps continue to replace people. One of the best preparations for the future is to have the mindset of bringing your ‘A’ game and being exceptional!

The middle class is being destroyed, and this trend is very unlikely to change. Your portfolio and investments are important, but always remember that the biggest cash generator in your life is you.

Best Regards,

The Secret to Gold Investing

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PROVERBS 3:13 Happy is the man/women that findeth Wisdom, and the man/women that getteth Understanding.
PROVERBS 3:14 For her proceeds of it is better than the profits of Silver, and her gain thereof than fine Gold.

Seek and You Shall Find

Dear Reader,
This week has been a volatile one, to say the least.

The British pound was pounded down 6% overnight. Oddly enough, it happened at the most illiquid time of the day.

Most of these losses have been recouped, but it was a stunning sight to see, as this is highly unusual for a major reserve currency.

Gold and silver were also slammed this week, with billions of dollars hitting the bid during the Chinese week-long holiday.

Just this morning, as gold began to recover after the payroll data, it was once again smashed down when someone dumped over $2.25 billion in under 60 seconds!

In our opinion, the markets are being manipulated constantly. All markets are, but when we see things like this, you have to wonder what the near-term agenda is.

Remember, it was only days ago that the entire world was watching Deutsche Bank implode, and now, instead of the world focusing on the euro and the banks, they are reading headlines about the pound and gold crashing.

In the past 24 to 72 hours, I have used this week as a strategic buying opportunity. I’ve been purchasing physical precious metals and mining shares. I own physical metals for insurance and the mining companies for profit.

Being patient in all matters of wealth building is important. The very fact that you are reading this letter means that whatever your financial goals are, they are likely going to happen (seek and you shall find).

It’s not because of anything we say, but due to your mindset and focus. Study wealth and you’ll become wealthy. Plan to be rich and you’ll grow and learn to be rich. This will all happen for you in due time, because you are listening to and reading from all the right people.

Most of us here have positions in the mining sector and physical precious metals, and this week may seem like a setback, but in reality, nothing goes straight up. And this week was a real opportunity for us to add to our wealth building plan.

If you liked gold at $1,350 and silver at $20, then right now, for a limited time, you can buy these assets on sale: gold for $1,230 and silver for $17.20.

Rick Rule told me a story once about the husband who sits down with him at his office who buys a stock at $1, then more shares at $3. A few weeks later, the stock trades for $1 again and he is asking Rick what he should do… Meanwhile, the guy’s wife goes grocery shopping next door, sees a can of tuna for $1 and buys it. A week later, she sees it for $3 and chooses to not buy it that week, but instead waits. Then a few weeks later, when tuna is on sale for $1, she loads up.

Rick’s analogy is a perfect example of what we are facing today: a “buy the dip” moment, as mining shares (goods) are on sale!

There’s no need to go all-in, but we should certainly be adding to our favorites and be dollar-cost averaging down.

Have a great weekend.

Best Regards,

Dear Reader,

When it comes to saving a portion of your earnings, an error most people make is to save their wealth in man-made currencies. These currencies are controlled by central planners, are regularly manipulated, and are created out of thin air without regard for the value of the currency you have in your wallet.

In the digital age, accounts holding these currencies can be frozen, easily confiscated, and tracked.

I personally advocate saving in gold or other precious metals, like silver, palladium, or platinum. A combination of truths lead me to this simple savings strategy:

1. They’re lawsuit-proof. Not technically, but the fact is no one knows how much gold you have – it is a private matter.

Gold is "off the books" when it comes to financial accounting.

2. It has a history of being money, an independent unit of account that is the same no matter where it was mined or how old it is. It is a constant measurement of value; you can take a gold piece anywhere in the world and it will still have value. This is much different than a fiat currency. Once outside of your nation's borders, a currency may not be generally accepted. You also have thousands of fiat currencies that no longer have any value, like the U.S. Continental or the Confederate States of America dollar.

3. It can't go to zero. Zero value for gold isn't an option. It hasn't ever happened, and never will. The process to get a one-ounce gold coin to you has hundreds of man hours behind it, and maybe even thousands, if you consider the full operation of gold exploration, production, refinement, and delivery.

This is the entire point of saving your wealth: you save to not lose. I understand that you can measure gold vs. the dollar or gold vs. oil, and that its price will fluctuate, but the value in gold itself does not change.

4. The currency printers are hoarding it. When the most powerful group of people in the world, the central bankers, desire to have one asset, then that alone should get your attention. Central banks print the currencies that the masses treat as a store of value, and those central banks buy and store physical gold – not silver, not houses, not oil, they own gold! If it is good enough for the masters of this world, then it's good enough for me.

5. It’s financial insurance. When it all hits the fan... Be it from a government or economic collapse, at the end of the day, gold survives. It still has value in the new world. It also makes for a great "start over fund" for the reasons listed above. It won't go to zero, and it's private money.

6. It’s portable. I think it's important that if you need to, you could easily carry or move your wealth to a different region. Just to give you an idea, $250,000 in gold is about the size of a VHS tape.

Your fiat currencies are typically tied up over the weekend and on bank holidays; in fact, even if you wanted to physically get your cash, you couldn't unless you gave your bank a 72-hour notice for withdrawals of over $5,000.

7. It’s legacy wealth. Gold is something you can safely store away, knowing that it is something of great value that you can pass on to your children and your children's children.

It is a safe stash of value that you can tap into when you are in your "golden" years, or at any time throughout your life.

Ultimately, when you are saving a portion of your earnings, you want to protect and preserve it. Gold, in my opinion, along with the other precious metals, are the best way to achieve the objective of saving money by preserving both the value of your savings and protecting it from unwanted dangers, like government and civil litigation.

[07/28/16]   Having a grateful attitude and thankful heart are important for wealthy living, no matter what your financial condition is.

For all the first-world problems we face here in the U.S., they are nothing compared to the uncertainty and fear some parents face daily when it comes to just making sure they can feed their children.

No matter what you are experiencing in life, always remember to have a grateful and appreciative spirit.

The next time you’re having a bad day or are angry, just start listing all the things you are thankful for. You’ll be surprised how quickly your perception on life can change. Because you can’t be upset if you’re being thankful.

Stress, depression, and anger all take a toll on your body and mind, which is why being thankful is ultimately a source for living truly wealthy.

Get bullish now! Get Bullion or get going home to mama...

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