Just saw your collection in person at Bella Frida in Lafayette, Colorado. What an incredible touch you have-beautiful symbolism, outstanding workmanship and fantastic composition. You have a gift.

Adorn your Journey ○ Socially conscious and ethically made jewelry by Holly Takoda Rhoads. Made with love in Santa Fe, NM. The art of adornment is an ancient one.

For thousands upon thousands of years we have been placing objects of beauty and meaning on our bodies as an expression of our creative heritage. I created Catori Life to honor, nurture and empower the soul of a woman and the soul of the earth. Our pieces are made to inspire you to move through the world from an empowered place of your own personal authenticity and truth. We believe in living a harmonious, intuitive, inspired & passionate lifestyle... in doing everything possible to work toward global healing & restoration and in the strengthening and remembering of our awareness of the beauty and wonder of life. We are lovers of the earth and all of her magic. Global healing is a huge part of our mission and we are grateful to do our part to restore and protect this beautiful wild earth that is our home. We strive to operate our company with integrity and care so that it might make a positive difference in the world. We are - woman owned. ethically made. sustainably sourced. socially responsible. Every purchase supports Reforestation, Ocean Conservation & Social Justice.

Mission: For the Goddess in every woman... Adornments & decor to inspire and empower. We are lovers of the earth and all of her magic. Global healing is a huge part of our mission and we are very grateful to have the ability to do our part by planting 30 trees for every item sold through our partnership with The Eden Projects. Eden has reforestation projects in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Nepal. They hire local villagers to plant and tend the forests they plant creating jobs and helping the local economy. They are known for hiring women and mothers in these countries where gender equality is still an issue. To learn more click the link below. Catori Life Brand I am Takoda, the founder and dreamer behind Catori Life. To me living life itself is an art form to be mastered. My designs and creations come from a place of deep yearning and appreciation for the innate wildness within and around us. The word Catori comes from the Native American Hopi tribe and means "spirit". My hope & intention is that our products, collections and stories inspire you, move you and nurture you. I believe in living a harmonious Spirit led, intuitive, inspired & passionate lifestyle... and to awaken the realization and remembrance of the magic in life. The Bazaar The Bazaar section features items that we are proud to share and support. The featured guest artists are rotated every month so that you can continually discover new designers, artists & small brands. We strongly believe in paying it foward and 10% of the profit from this section is donated to a different non-profit each month as well as plant 30 trees for each piece sold.

I designed this bangle to serve as a supportive amulet during times of growth & transformation. 🌹

Snakes teachings are vast. Her tendency to stay ever so close to the earth reminds us to stay grounded and true to the soil that nurtures us, and to trust. Snake teaches us to regularly shed our skins of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our highest good. She teaches us the art of transformation, death and rebirth as well as strength, perseverance and loyalty.
Every piece sold plants 20 trees and supports ocean conservation and social justice initiatives ✨

❤️ “I adore my Ankh necklace. What is dearest to me are its visible handmade creases, the way the metal flows seamlessly and imperfectly—the rustic feel of it, the knowledge that it was made by another woman with love, intention, attention, and devotion. I always wear it underneath my blouses to keep it close to my skin, connected to my heart. I wear it everyday, though I hadn't worn necklaces in many years. It's become a part of me and of my expression, grounding me in my deep feminine essence. It's not just a necklace... it is, indeed, an amulet. I would describe this amulet as materialised Beauty, Grace, and Love. I would recommend this to anyone looking for sustainable jewellery made with love: anyone desiring to adorn not only the beautiful body-vessel you are in, but to honour your heart's purest expression too.” - Stefania • Thank you for this beautiful review 🌹🙏🏽
Model @kassidibatt by @annabelloue 🌹

The New Myth cuff has quickly become a favorite 🌹 Formed in a circle to represent the myth of the seed of creation, divine expression emanating from the depths. A call to ancestral wisdom remembrance bringing our collective life full circle and back to the heart.

Ok my loves, if you’ve been waiting for this I just restocked a small batch ❤️🌹

Snake is an ally to those in a process of transformation. She seems like she may be the running theme for the year...

Catori Life Jewelry

If you’ve been waiting for this I just restocked a small batch ❤️🌹 Snake is an ally to those in a process of transformation. She seems like she may be the running theme for the year... Socially Conscious Jewelry made in the USA from recycled metals. Catori Life socially conscious jewelry. We give back by planting 20 Trees for every piece sold. We are Proud members of 1% for the planet.


May we understand and respect the breath of life. May we understand the connectedness pulsing throughout the cosmos. |||

"I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, 'love lifts me.'" ~ Hafez
Beauty by one of my favorite painters... @amyjuddart

I started designing jewelry because I couldn’t find jewelry that felt aligned with what I wanted to express. I felt there was a missing piece in the world of adornments. Sacred, rustic, elegance... for the modern day priestess.

I find great joy in knowing my designs resonate with a lot of you as well. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve found through sharing my work. My prayer is that these pieces act as an amulet in your life, to remind you and guide you of your truest nature, power and authentic expression.

I love you.

Silver ••• made with love here in New Mexico from recycled metals 🌹
Every purchase supports reforestation, ocean conservation and social justice issues. ❤️

Our lovely little Lola hoops ✨✨

Look to the sky for guidance on the darkest nights and coming dawn...
Our newest Morningstar necklace ✨✨✨

Layers •• each piece of jewelry we make is hand cast with love in New Mexico. Every purchase supports reforestation & ocean conservation ❤️

Wishing you a magical full moon today ✨✨✨ I just sent out our monthly reading by my love @gemmacelento for this first moon of the month 🌙 Check your email of your on the list to read it 🥰
#happyfullmoon #fullmoon

New | Inspired by shell and stone. Carved inspiration from the earth.

This simple bronze bead is hung on a beautiful vermeil snake chain for an elegant effect.

Beauty in the desert, all adorned in Catori @sachikoleilani ❤️❤️❤️

Ancient knowing . || . Formed in a circle to represent the myth of the seed of creation, divine expression emanating from the depths. A call to ancestral wisdom remembrance bringing our collective life full circle and back to the heart.
Our newest addition. Every piece sold contributes to reforestation, ocean conservation and social justice initiatives. Our jewelry is made with care from recycled metals and shipped in eco friendly packaging. ❤️✨

This is our grace: To be a note
In the exact chord that animates creation, The dissolve of all the rivers
That are both place and moment,
An ocean of mind moving
Forward and back,
Outside of any motion
Contained within it.
This is particle and wave. How simple. The merest conversation between us Becoming the essential drone
Into which we gladly disappear.
A common music, a singular heavy tread, Ceaselessly carving a path,
For the waters tumbling invisibly Beneath.
I have always wanted to be with them, with you, so.
Lyrics from Hidden sky by Jami Sieber 🌹

line work ••• mirroring | layers

CatoriLife's cover photo

Well yes... yes, we do have silver. 🥰
I typically prefer the ancient feeling of golden tones but I finally just shot our silver collection too for those of you silver lovers out there 🥰❤️🌹
#sociallyresponsiblejewelry #ethicaljewelry #sustainablejewelry #fallfashion #slowfashion #madeintheusa #jewelry

Every step of your journey is a precious opportunity to know yourself on a deeper level. Stay present.

She’s live •• we have a very small batch of our newest Serpent Amulet now available ❤️ 🐍

I am vulnerable, and I am not.
I am not what you think me to be ::: I am everything you think me to be.

I am woman. I am union of Both.
Blade and chalice christen me, and my tears are ancient.
I am youthful. I am old as a thousand-year oak tree.
I am exposed. I am cloaked in the voices of the ten thousand beings that know my true name.
Never have I been alone. I am all by my lonesome, often.
Words, I disdain and revere ~ they make the world and they cover it over ~ they bring to life, and they construe a dream.

do you stand for?
What creatures lull your name? Wherein lies your paradox?
What ails you, what pulls at your eyes—is it the horizon?
Is it beauty, is it grace?
Is it freedom—your own, and all others’?
Is it the gentle sway of wild things?

You are vulnerable, and you are not.
You are not what I think you to be ::: you are everything I think you to be.

Nothing is excluded. All of our faces are held.

do you stand for?

When the being is ful•filled, affirmations are nothing:
“I am grateful” – “I am held” – “I am loved”
become simply

I am here ~ I am here ~ I am
@mystery.within beautiful wisdom & capture in her Ankh necklace

“I will hold the colour gold in my hands and show you how beautiful this life can be even when your eyes have forgotten how to see the light.” ... @wilderpoetry

Stacks • the Wabi rings for you ❤️❤️
#ethicalbrands #sustainablejewelry #indiedesigner

New moon | This moon is asking you to see not what is in current manifestation but what is as the idealized form. You must see this world, your world as the manifested perfection. You have an opportunity to see through your third-eye, to see beyond the material reality and to see it as the perfection unfolding perfectly. It is your ability to start living your ideal life, but to do this, you must see beyond current structure. One aspect of this alignment that kept coming through so strongly was the innate feminine energy of this New Moon. There is a lot raw Shakti power and Durga energy in this lunation. So before we get into the raw creative forces that are coming through the sheaths, conception and creation is on the forefront. If you are not trying to create life (i.e. a baby) please take precautions. Alright as I said there is a lot of feminine energy in this lunation and Venusian energy is very strong. We have a stellar alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Mercury but Venus is really seeping her juju into this New Moon. She is helping solidify your creative gifts, she's also asking you to invest into them. So when things get a bit turbulent later this month, dig deeper and honor this raw Shakti by investing into creative pursuits that serve your becoming and that serve others. Turn to the feminine energy of devotion, either devotion to your creative expression and/ or for devotion to others' wellbeing. Channel these shifting energies and the raw Shakti through free forms of creation such as dance, writing, crafting, caring for parents, others etc.
Reading by our @gemmacelento •• check the New moon email we sent out for the full reading 🌙✨

fall vibes • simplistic | Wabi sabi
Made with love and care from recycled metals. Each purchase supports social and environmental justice.

Catori Life Jewelry

shadow play Socially Conscious Jewelry made in the USA from recycled metals. Catori Life socially conscious jewelry. We give back by planting 20 Trees for every piece sold. We are Proud members of 1% for the planet.

...recognizing the breath of life within all things • the underlying divinity and consciousness that flows through the earth and entire universe...
for every piece of ethically made jewelry you purchase 20 trees are planted and mothers and women who were previously in poverty are provided with sustainable and safe work in reforestation. An extra portion also goes to ocean conservation and social justice. ❤️🙏🏽

mythic - adjective
relating to or resembling myth.
"we explain spiritual forces in mythic language"
language a means of expressing ideas or emotion
@brittanyhoffner captured by @annabelloue ✨💕

Snake medicine is a powerful ally. It brings the wisdom of death and rebirth. She assists us through our own personal transformation and healing, shedding old skins to freshen our experience and become ourselves more fully, peeling the layers back to reveal the truths and depths of who we really are...
#snakemedicine #ethicaljewelry #sociallyresponsible

I think if I could live in the water all the time I would...

I wear these everyday. #favorites

Our Story

Socially Conscious and ethical jewelry made with love in Santa fe NM. For each piece sold we plant 30 trees. "rise and flow... Illuminated in your infinite peace, a billion stars go spinning through the night, blazing high above your head. But in you is the presence that will be, when all the stars are dead. "

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