Kure Cannabis

Kure Cannabis

Santa Fe's first downtown cannabis dispensary with everything from seed to sensation! A genuine, caring group of people committed to helping others heal.

Kure Wellness is dedicated to ethical, eco-friendly and heartfelt practices with the aim of setting a new standard within the cannabis industry. Blending compassion and sustainability with an emphasis on conscious product quality, compliance and transparency, Kure Wellness is not only a dispensary, it is a lifestyle!

Operating as usual

KURE Rewards!!!
We're excited to announce our new rewards program!! Earn a point for every dollar spent! Enroll today at
and click "KURE Rewards"

New Mexico's 1st Dedicated DRIVE-THRU is now open Sundays 12pm-6pm!!!
3354 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Last day of New Mexico's 1st Dedicated Drive-Thru Celebration!!!
Both locations open today 10-6!
Online specials & more!

We're still celebrating the 1st Dedicated DRIVE-THRU Grand Opening!
3354 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
Online specials & more!

Day 2 of the 1st Dedicated Drive-Thru Dispensary in New Mexico
Grand Opening Celebration
3354 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, Nm 87507
Online specials @ www.kureforlife.com

NM 1st Dedicated Drive-Thru Dispensary
Sept. 4th - Sept 7th 10am-6pm
3354 Cerrillos Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Specials and more at both locations!

Have you seen New Mexico's 1st dedicated medical cannabis drive-thru? We've been open over a month taking care of patients! We do reciprocity too!

Grand opening celebration happening over Labor Day weekend! More details soon!

Pull up at the Drive-Thru, 3354 Cerrillos Rd. 505.471.4507 or walk in at our flagship store Downtown, 220 N. Guadalupe St. 505.930.5339.
Visit our website to order online at www.kureforlife.com

Today is Juneteenth. Not many people know or fully understand how important this day is in American history. The Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves was issued on January 1, 1863. Two and a half years later on June 19, 1865 in Galveston, Texas, the last enslaved people were informed that there were free.

For more than two and half years, already freed slaves who's families have already endured over two hundred and a half years of slavery, where intentionally left clueless of their rights.

The symbolism of the Juneteenth flag, designed by L.J. Graf, is important. The colors red, white, and blue echo the American flag to symbolize that the enslaved people and their descendants were American. The star in the middle pays homage to Texas, the first state to declare Juneteenth a statewide recognized holiday, while the bursting over the red and blue fields represents a new freedom and a new people.

Juneteenth is still not a national holiday, the time has been too long. Over four hundred years and counting of being oppressed by systematic racism is a long time to suffer. Over two hundred and half years in bondage is a long to suffer. Over two and a half years to wait to find out you were already free is a long time to suffer. And so is...8:46.

KURE stands in solidarity with activists and organizers across the country and around the world who are fighting against systematic racism.

Thank you to all of our service members, past, present and future. Thank you to the ones that sacrificed so much for our freedoms. We wish a day of peace, reflection and respect to all of you.

#ArmyStrong #SemperFi #ForgedByTheSea #AimHighFlyFightWin #SemperParatus #MemorialDay

Our Veterans get 25% off today and 20% off the rest of the year at any of our locations. A token of our appreciation for everything you have done for us. #ThankYou

💘Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend💘 with us! Order online - KureForLife.com

Kure Cannabis

Kure Cannabis's cover photo

🎊Happy Cinco De Mayo!🎊

Come celebrate with us at Kure!
Available at both locations, whiles supplies last!


Wishing to be glued to relaxation with a heavy-handed euphoric feel? Might be your perfect match for this quarantine!😷🤗

🌳💐Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel💐🌳

✨Remember we take special care of our patients and we are having curb side service in both of our dispensaries✨

📞💻You can pre order by phone or at our online stores you can find by searching for us at iheartjane .com🙏🏼💕

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Available at both of Kure locations!

✨Get your hands on this hybrid cross of Blueberry and Haze, which provides a sweet flavor and pleasant, euphoric high✨

💐Come say hello and smell the new flowers in store!💐

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✨THC Salves back in stock!✨

These popular pain relief medicated salves are in stock and waiting for you💕

✨Come in to either of our locations and get yours✨ (Not for online sale)
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Do you know about our second Kure location?✨

That’s right! If you are heading to the south side down Cerrillos or Agua Fría don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello!

📍Our Cooks Rd location is off of Siler and all prepped up for your visit, so come on in and enjoy your end of the week pain and stress free🤗💫

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🌶🍿💥Local Red Chile Popcorn💥🍿🌶

Over the sweet treats but still feel like having a medicated snack?

☄️Come in and try out savory edibles like these and ask our tenders about other flavors and the rest of our savory selection☄️

📍Available un both locations
🚫 Not for online sale

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🥳🤔Feeling festive but not wanting to drink alcohol?🤔🥳🍹🍸❣️TRY A MOCKTAIL❣️🍸🍹

@madhattercoffeeandtea and @kure_cannabis got your back!

✨🤤Each of these has 25 mg of THC and they come in Cosmopolitan and Margarita flavors🤤✨

Don’t lose style while getting uplifted and enjoy your time!

📍Available at both Kure locations
🚫 Not for online sale

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🤤🇫🇷🍞TOASTY!! French Toast is in the house🍞🇫🇷🤤

✨This strain is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Paris OG X Face Off OG BX2 strains.✨

✨The high itself is extremely uplifting, giving an initial rush to the head of euphoria and tingles. As the high progresses your body will start to feel more and more relaxed.✨

📍available at both locations!
❌not for online sale

💕🤗Come in to your nearest Kure and get yourself some of this toasty medicine🤗💕

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🍓🍇🍬Super Sour Raspberry Candies🍬🍇🍓

❣️❣️Sour, yet sweet, come get your treat❣️❣️

#medicated #sourandsweet #watermeloncandy #edibles #santafenm #medicatedaily #cannabiscandies #medicatedtreats

🍭🍇✨Sour Raspberry Lollipops✨🍇🍭

❣️This high dose, sweet and sour tasty candy may help to release stress while giving us a motivated push towards a better day and state of mind❣️

📍Available at both locations
🚫Not for online sale

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🌳🌎At our dispensaries we aim for living in the planet in the most positive and caring way possible.🌎🌳

♻️By recycling these plastic containers you don’t only help in this mission but also earn some money back while doing so♻️

🤗☯️Bring back your empty containers to get the total of your in store purchase lowered and also gain some good karma while at it☯️🤗

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🍓🍫🥨❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day❤️🥨🍫🍓

❣️Delicious dark chocolate bark in❣️

🧑‍🍳Remember we make everything in our kitchen with loads of love, from scratch and with amazing ingredients for you to enjoy🧑‍🍳

💞It’s Valentine’s Day and we’d love to see you! So if you mention this post you can get our Cupid’s secret discount and load up on special edition edibles💞

Hope to greet you ☺️🤗✨

Available at both locations and not for online sale.

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💞🍫🍓Kure’s Chocolate Strawberries straight from Cupid and waiting for you🍓🍫💞

🗓This is a good time of the year to procure self love and healthy connections no matter what they are to you.

✨Don’t hesitate to honor them with one of our Valentine’s special edition sweet treats✨

These are all made with the best quality ingredients, a bunch of love and best wishes for you and your loved ones,

❣️So come on and don’t hesitate to get your gourmet edibles for tomorrow or any day❣️

📍Available at both locations
🚫Not for online sale

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💖🤍❤️Happy Valentine’s Day at KURE❤️🤍💖

💗🤎Get your romance level upgraded with our special edition gourmet edibles🤎💗

Like these chocolate heart shaped boxes you can find at both of our locations, along with many other seasonal Kure edibles✨

☺️❤️As always, we’ll be delighted to see you❤️☺️

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New Mexico court allows medical marijuana tax deduction - The Boston Globe

✅Did you know New Mexico is now tax free in all medical marijuana products?✅

Learn more about this in the article below✨


bostonglobe.com Medical marijuana producers in New Mexico can claim a tax deduction for prescription medication, a move that could affect prices for thousands of enrolled patients, according to a state Court of Appeals ruling.

💝💝Valentine’s Red Velvet Cake Pops💝💝

❣️Hop on the holiday train and get the perfect Valentine’s Day edibles❣️

Don’t got a date? Treat yourself, don’t even worry.
💗Self love is the purest form💗

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✨Back in stock and ready for grabs. Come in and get your favorite blend✨

• 3rd Eye Chai 👁
• Army Intelligence Coffee ☕️
• Family Reunion Decaf Coffee 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
• Intensitea 💫
• Tranquilitea 🧘

❣️AND Mocktails❣️

👫Ask our tenders for their specifications and get your best match💞

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✨🍫Kure’s signature Bean-To-Bar 🍫 ✨

🌰The chocolate we use in our chocolate bars is made from scratch with select cacao beans, coconut palm sugar, whole vanilla beans, and cacao butter🌰

• Cacao beans are roasted to perfection then malanged with other ingredients, and finally conched until the perfect flavor profiles are exemplified.

• Our white chocolate and milk chocolate are also made from scratch using minimal sugar to lessen the glycemic load.

• All ingredients are of the highest quality and crafted with organic practices.

❣️Available in Indica and Sativa at both of our locations❣️

✨Come in and enjoy its benefits✨

(Not for online sale)
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🦄Unicorn Poop🦄

Finally got to hunt this one and it did not disappoint. Terps are unique to say the least.

✨Come in at either of our dispensaries and try it✨
(Not for online sale)

#santafegrown #organiccannabis #santafenm #nmcannabis

🥨🎋Rosemary Crackers anyone?🎋🥨

❣️Savory treats are in the house!❣️

🤤Try these incredibly crispy and delicious rosemary crackers you can accompany with some hummus, your favorite dip or even make some medicated tostadas with them!🤤 Your pick!

• 50 mg / hybrid

✨Come in and grab your pack while they last!✨

#medicatedfood #medibles #nmedibles #rosemarycrackers #savoryfood #savorytreats #santafenm #505edibles #santafedispensary

🌟🍵Vegan Chai Tea🍵🌟

• 25mg / Sativa
• Nut, Dairy and Gluten Free

☕️This delicious drink contains caffine from black tea☕️

✨🤗Aside from care and love it is also made with ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom and mixed with oat milk🤗✨

Got a different taste crave? Ask our tenders for the rest of our #medicateddrinks menu!💁🏻‍♀️

📍Available in both of our locations and never for online sale🔖

#santafecannabis #chaitea #medibles #medicated #drinks #edibles #santafenewmexico #cannabisedibles #veganedibles #veganuary #veganrecipes #santafelocal #nmdispensaries

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220 North Guadalupe Street
Santa Fe, NM

General information

New Mexico Liscensed Non Profit

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
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