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Using traditional metalsmithing methods, mixed with ancient symbolism to create modern minimalist designs. Clementine & Co. Jewelry is based in Austin, TX and creates beautiful, handmade jewelry to compliment your life and style.

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Emily Clementine Spykman grew up on the island of Martha's Vineyard, where her childhood was influenced by the woods and the water, and the life of an eclectic and creative community. She spent her time there making sense of the natural beauty that surrounded her, organizing leaves, tree bark, and precious thrift store trinkets into curated collections and fairy houses. In southern New Hampshire, where she spent her high school and early adult years, she came to appreciate the mountains and greenery as much as she loved the ocean and salty breeze. She has studied at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, where she uncovered her love of jewelry and metalwork, and furthered her education at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee. Always enchanted with life in miniature, metalwork immediately made sense to her as a micro version of the work her father has done as a fine woodworker and designer. With the tools shrunk down and the scale minute, she enters the fairy world every day in the studio—turning her collected treasures into fine wearable art. Emily currently resides in Austin, TX and is learning to replace the feeling of grand tinyness she gets from living near the ocean and mountains with awe at the vast and changing sky.

Operating as usual

I’m just.... SO EFFING HAPPY! I was a mess of happy tears and tears of relief all day yesterday feeling years of terror start to dissolve from my body. I know this is just the beginning and I know there’s a ton of hard work to be done but dang my nervous system is happy for a break! As a non-binary and adamantly non-reproductive femme I have lived in daily fear of having my body forcibly regulated, my choices taken away and my identity weaponized against me. As a person living at the poverty line for most of my life I have lived in daily fear of not having help when I’ve needed it. As a new college student I’ve been afraid of racking up more debt than I’ll be able to pay off. As a small business owner I’ve been very afraid of not being able to keep afloat during this pandemic. As an environmentalist I have grieved and raged against the deregulation of the industries destroying our precious planet. All these fears can have a chance of being lifted with this new administration... if we hold them to their promises and keep fiercely vocal! 💙💙💙💙 #harrisbiden2020

Another pair from the Autumn SUN & DUST. I made three versions of the Acorn Earrings and matched them with the personality of the receiver. This pair in silver and carnelian was received with excitement about its creativity-empowering vibes.
#creativity #carnelian #acornearrings #acornjewelry #autumnvibes🍁 #sunanddust #clementinecojewelry #jewelrysubscription #subscriptionbox

I done did the thing! Did you? Do you know when and where if you haven’t yet? It’s really frickin important! So many people in the past fought for us all to have this voice so let’s USE IT! And also continue fighting to get rid of the electoral college, allow people with felonies to vote, make it safe for immigrants to be in this country, ABOLISH ICE, DEFUND THE POLICE, institute ranked choice voting in our elections and get more minorities in prominent positions. Booyah! #votehimout

A happy SUN and DUST subscriber with her acorn earrings in bronze and grey pearl from the Autumn installment. I’m very excited for the Winter one that will be centered around a silver desert rat pendant! If you’re interested in signing up, feel free to shoot me a message with any questions! It’s a fantastic gift option for the holidays and helps to sustainably support my livelihood as an artist👩🏼‍🏭👍🏽

🌲PONDEROSA PINE🌲 Limited edition bark texture cuff bracelets, paired with this heavenly scent from the magicians at @drylandwilds that so beautifully captures the intoxicating vanilla cookie smell of burying your face in the bark of one of these beautiful old trees. This pairing of bark cuff in recycled yellow bronze and ponderosa perfume is just like hugging a tree... or being hugged by one (but not in a scary way). The natural perfume is made from the bark, needles and resin of the tree, harvested sustainably and made with patience and care. I just adore Dryland Wilds creations and the people who make them 💫. There are only three of these available for $195 per bundle. Comment or message me to claim one for yourself or the mountain-desert-tree lover in your life. ⛰🏜🌲🧡

I just finished a couple custom projects, which, with the double whammy of covid delays on shipping and manufacturing along with being in college full time now, took a long ass time to reach completion. But I’m happy and proud of what I’ve made, and my customers are happy and that’s what matters! This pink spinel heart was custom cut and supposed to arrive in 6 weeks but ended up taking 12 for unknown reasons. It’s a tiny beaut though! And making a 2mm heart bezel out of white gold is no joke, but it worked and turned out super tidy and slick! Happy customer, happy jeweler.
#nosestud #heartstud #pinkspinel #pinkheartjewelry #clementinecojewelry #pinkheart #whitegold

Hoop day! I know they don’t look hoop-y yet, but they’re getting there I promise. These are all for @momo_taos with a few for special orders.

Let me take you through a process for turning a leaf into pure silver. A story in pictures.

It’s acorn season folks! The squirrels are very happy and my SUN & DUST subscribers are about to be as well! Wanna get in on the action? Winter subscriptions are now available (hint: it will ship in time for Holiday gifting 🎁) link in bio- as always.

Meet my new friend and next release into your wilds! This is a Kangaroo Desert Rat (kinda like me) which is native to New Mexico and a few other desert climates. They have some amazing adaptations that allow them to live and thrive in extremely arid climates- I’ll be expounding on this more at a later date. I was inspired to make this little friend because this is the year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac! I was also born in the year of the Rat (1984) and so I feel a kindred connection to these creatures. This Desert Rat pendant will be one of the pieces in the next SUN & DUST subscription box at the $88/month level. Subscriptions are now open for the winter release until the end of this month! The link to learn more and sign up is in my bio👆🏼
Can’t wait to tell you more about what makes these creatures incredible and show you how cute they are when the hop on their long back legs! 🐀
#desertrat #kangaroorat #sunanddust #jewelrysubscription #yearoftherat2020 #metalrat #clementinecojewelry #clementineandco

Some real truth at the SF post office! I send all packages through USPS so when you order from me you’re also supporting that service! 👍🏽
In this time where so so many businesses are going online and shipping is booming, it’s also really important to keep an eye on environmental impact. That’s why I pack all orders in 100% post-consumer recycled padded mailers or cardboard boxes. The shipping labels are also printed on 100% recycled paper and the tape to hold them on is compostable cellophane packing tape! You can throw the entire package in the compost if you want! All this made possible by the good folks at @ecoenclose who research and develop real solutions to the packaging problems small businesses face, with a goal of sustainability and very low carbon footprint. I highly suggest using them if you’ve got a business also and thanks for all the online orders wonderful people!! I love sending out treasures in the Mail! #savetheusps #thismachinekillsfascists #sustainablepackaging #recycled #zerowaste #reducereuserecycle♻️

Sometimes I make beautiful jewelry. Sometimes I make (beautiful?) messes! #waxwork #waxcarving #lostwaxcasting #ponderosa #bark #bracelet #clementinecojewelry

Sometimes I make beautiful jewelry. Sometimes I make (beautiful?) messes! #waxwork #waxcarving #lostwaxcasting #ponderosa #bark #bracelet #clementinecojewelry

I got to play with alllll the turquoise yesterday in Cerrillos with @turquoisetrailgems and picked out these beauties to make pieces with. Mined and cut by Andy himself! Most are from Cerrillos,NM mines- some of the oldest mines in the country which produce a dizzying array of colors! The top and bottom at Royston from Nevada and have a very gemmy look. The top right is from Nevada also - from Grasshopper mine and it looks EXACTLY like a satellite image of the juniper trees in the New Mexico desert! It’s so wild!
All are available for me to make custom jewelry from so if one catches your eye, holler and let’s make it happen! That blue-green ombré crescent moon is definitely calling for a celestial design. 🌛🌕🌜

A lovely capture of my Agave earrings from @hechoamanoorg

The final form of that cuttlefish ring from yesterday. The transition from rough/organic to smooth/angled is an aesthetic that I personally love. A live edge on a slab of wood, a faceted gem that leaves some of the rough or a heavy inclusion, a tree growing through a clean architectural space. Contrasts give context when done correctly. When done sloppily, it feels discordant. I strive for subtle intrigue and harmony in my work.

Interesting times call for interesting projects! I was asked to do the silversmithing for this magical crystal wand designed and imagined by @rabbitsmoonteaarts a little while back and I was so pleased to take on the project! Steve shaped the selenite and chose the stones (double terminated quartz and amber), and will be adding two more elements once the piece is shipped back to him- a yemingzhu (glowing stone from China) pyramid at the base of the selenite that will transmit the glow like fiber optics, making it look like a light saber! The frames of silver surrounding the tip of the quartz will have thin selenite window panes fitted to them as well. A magic wand, an energy tool, a collaboration of creative souls. 🙌🏽🧙🏼‍♂️🔮

Hey just so y’all know, I now offer Afterpay on website purchases! Afterpay is a payment plan service that is interest free and breaks up the cost into four payments, while you get your goods right away! See that line at the bottom of the screen? It shows you automatically how much you’ll need to budget. Pretty neat and very timely as unemployment benefits are drying up for many many people this week.
Also, I have been donating 10% of the $ from all HOOPS sales to Latinx, Black and Indigenous causes because as a white person I benefit from style appropriation of big-hoop-wearing from these cultures. I welcome suggestions for where to donate to and discussion on this topic as well.
#bighoops #hoopearrings #reparations #ethicaljewelry #clementinecojewelry

Tiny things are life. Mine anyway. A 12 gauge 7mm septum ring for my dear @christinehernandez___ Etsy is the place to see and buy all the piercing jewelry goodies these days.

Some neat art from Telluride a couple months back (I think... what even is tome right now??). I was able to take a few days to hike and cook tasty food with a friend there and it was just what my heart needed at that moment. I have been so so very privileged to be able to travel and move about this country on a regular basis for all of my adult life~ road trips and camping and flying to see family and right now I’m feeling itchy with claustrophobia. Maybe it’s good for me to get a taste of sitting in it- Just being with all the discomfort and cacophony and boredom and allowing it to do the work within me. Maybe I did a lot of running around avoiding what it feels like to be myself in one space? Anyway, this bear is covered in copper pennies and I’ve worked with copper for so many years that I hate the way it smells.

I’ve spent a good chunk of time the last two days turning all the dropped apples From our backyard tree into fresh cider. My New Englander heart is feeling the joy, and an urge to work out a gluten-free cider doughnut recipe (please post if you’ve got one!)

This nugget of a ring with a fiery sunrise golden egg yolk sitting on top of the Mesa is waiting for you at @hechoamanoorg

This piece is absolutely my favorite from the collection I made this spring (being represented by @hechoamanoorg). Each stone I gathered carefully and drilled by hand, each silver piece in between is melted and dropped into water to form a splashy cup, which I then drilled and polished. The silver mesas that frame the center stone are reflections of the Mesa where I gathered the lava rock and the stones in front and back have a smoky swirling of red and black that perfectly mirrors the red and black of the lava rocks. But really, my favorite part is the way the box clasp closes so smoothly with a satisfying audible *click*! @ Hecho a Mano

A new friend joins the club. A fat moth pomander necklace for @laventura_perfumes

I made this cuff bracelet originally as a concept piece for the SUN & DUST subscription but decided it was too whimsical for that use... so I donated it to @hechoamanoorg to raffle off for a good cause! I benefitted from and launched my jewelry making path after an 8 week workshop at @penlandschool in 2010... and I don’t remember much BIPOC representation there at all. The craft and art world are overwhelmingly dominated by white voices and faces and that needs to change! Crafting The Future is an organization that partners with craft schools (including Penland) to offer scholarships for BIPOC students. This brings more voices and perspectives to our creative world and that is something we desperately need! An 8 week course at Penland like the one I took costs upwards of $7,000, and you can’t get traditional financial aid to go to a craft school. This makes it financially unreachable for most people and therefor the students coming through there are pre-sorted and privileged. I was so privileged to go there and I went on a work scholarship, but still paid $3,000 out of pocket. If you can spare $10 for a raffle ticket to help more aspiring craftspeople have the same opportunities I did it will go a long way towards changing someone’s life, and changing the vision of the future. The link is in the bio ➡️ @hechoamanoorg

I pulled names for the SUN & DUST Jewelry Subscription giveaway!
The winner is....... @girlundivided
Congrats to you! Thank you to everyone who nominated friends to receive this gift!
If you want it for yourself, there’s still time-
Sign-ups for the Autumn subscription box are open still~ info at the link in bio! #sunanddust #jewelrysubscription #subscriptionbox #clementinecojewelry

Who doesn’t love a happy cactus?! This one of a kind silver Nopal and Sunstone ring is waiting to give your finger a hug! ☺️
#nopal #cactuslove #oregonsunstone #gimmeahug #happycactus #joy #clementinecojewelry #silvercactus #desertjewelry #sunstonering

My favorite shot of this new piece captured by @stacieleigha
#tigereye #whiteagate #cactusjewelry #desertstyle #clementinecojewelry #desertlovers #nopalcactus

Still taking nominations for the SUN & DUST jewelry subscription box giveaway! Tag your BIPOC friend or yourself to be entered. You can comment on this or my last post (more info there).
I was going to end this tonight but I’m looking for more nominations so I’ll keep it open through the weekend. Have a celebratory Juneteenth friends!

I’M GIVING AWAY ONE SUN & DUST SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE AUTUMN BOX! This giveaway is for BIPOC only so tag yourself or tag your friend who could use a gift and a lift! I’ll be pulling a name at the end of today. Happy Juneteenth!
This layout is the lovely contents of the summer box that shipped earlier this week. A custom fragrance created by @laventura_perfumes paired with a diffuser necklace made of NM lava rock and sterling silver. It is packaged in a cotton bag that I dyed using purple sweet potatoes! Such a gorgeous color, right?!
#sunanddust #clementinecojewelry #subscriptionbox #jewelrysubscription #madeinnewmexico #handmadejewelry #reddirt #lavarock #diffusernecklace #pomander #southweststyle

Finding that beauty where I can. My cactus buddies always got my back! 🌵🌺
-speaking of cactus, I have a new collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that I am releasing for sale~inspired by the lovely desert land and her plants. Mesas and cacti forever! I’m posting images of all the pieces in my stories and they are available on my website in the one of a kind section. 10% of all sales will be going to organizations that support black trans people in celebration of Pride months and the Black Lives Matter movement. Get some beauty in your life and some funds to those who need support. Solidarity not charity forever! 🌵🌺

I’m mailing out my SUN & DUST jewelry subscription boxes this week so here’s a sneak peek of one of the pieces! This will be in the $88/month box and there’s a different design for the $33/month. These are diffuser necklaces, pomanders, which are paired with a custom-blended scent from @laventura_perfumes here in Santa Fe.
Pomanders have a long history of use during plague times to purify the air or to cover the smell of sickness, as a ritual cleansing of a space for worship, or worn as protection against sickness, evil intent and spirits. Seems fitting for this time.
The next round of SUN & DUST subscriptions are open now for delivery in September. I am offering one Free Subscription at the $33/month level to any black person who could use a real lift and a bit of magic in their life. Comment below to nominate yourself or your friend and I’ll draw the name on Friday.
I have been using any profits these past few months to pay what I can to: medical funds for people injured in protests, a fund to get housing and resources for black trans sisters, the Navajo Nation and Pueblos in NM. I will continue to be proactive in an effort to pay forward whatever I am able from the sales that I make. This is reparations work and something that is long overdue. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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