Canyon Road Arts District

Canyon Road Arts District


Is the walk going on this year and if so, when? Thanks.
What were the beginnings of Canyon Road? How did it become what it eventually became??
Is there anyone here who could help my wife and I with finding a place to sell some of the art she inherited when her father passed. It is mostly western and Indian art. The biggest amount of paintings is by Charles Damrow. Please and thank you.
Our most popular exhibit of the year opens next Friday at ViVO Contemporary
Thank you Trend Magazine.
Aleta Pippin, Pippin Contemporary starting on page 116. New paintings by Phyllis Kapp on pages 26-27. Congratulations Cynthia on an elegant 2018 Trend Summer Lookbook.
Pat Matthews painting in front of Pippin Contemporary during 10th Annual Paint/Sculpt Out. Join us today and speak with artists on Canyon Road and Delgado. A fun way to interact.
Frank Balaam painting in front of Ventana Fine Art for Paint/Sculpt Out, October 21, 2017. Come on out and join us for a fun day!!

This page describes the arts District of Canyon Road in Santa Fe New Mexico, including galleries restaurants and boutiques.

Operating as usual

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

We show a lot of our miniatures but many people have large spaces that need the perfect, show stopping piece that brings the whole room together! James Roybal loves to work big, whether your tastes call for sunsets, forest scenes with gurgling streams, or powerful horses commanding attention. This oil masterpiece, "Andalusian", stands 60" tall by 40" wide and is one of many pieces by Roybal available at!

Visit our online Gallery and enjoy Sara Shawger paintings

Painter Sara Shawger found her passion for the skies and storms of the Southwest while living in Santa Fe. Focusing on low horizons and monumental stacks of clouds she brings out the vibrancy and power of the skies with unique brushstrokes. We're happy to include her in our online gallery! Visit to see more and call or message us to have your favorite piece shipped for Christmas!
(Big Heart, 16" x 40", oil on canvas and Silver Storm, 40" x 30", oil on canvas)

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Ever wonder how artists come up with titles?

"I had the sculpture up on a hydraulic table so I could work on her without bending over. I was struggling to fit her purse in her hands and was a bit frustrated. I looked up at her and said, “You are a complicated woman!” The name fit her to a tee and the description fits all women." ~Jeannine Young

See Jeannine Young's collection at and call or email us for more info. We'll ship for Christmas!

Ali Ali Rouse Launer created the beaded skull. At Canyon Road Cobtemporary art.

Coming soon! Our December/January issue features the theme "Exploring Northern New Mexico's Winter Gifts."

Special offer for new subscribers: use the promo code ADVENTURES20 and receive 20% off an Annual Print & Digital Subscription! Become a subscriber here:

This cover image was photographed by Douglas Merriam, featuring Mercedes Ruiz, Oved Arvizo and their son, Leonardo. Outerwear from Detours at La Fonda and other accessories from Chocolate + Cashmere, beaded skull by Ali Launer, courtesy of Canyon Road Contemporary Art.

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Alexandra Stevens Gallery

George E. Griffith continues to be inspired by the world around him and proves that you don't have to travel far from home to find beauty!
"'Where Is He' is painted from photos taken in Cypress, Texas where I live. New developments in Houston and surrounding areas are now required to have retention ponds, because of bad flooding from constant hurricanes. The retention ponds in Cypress are created as small lakes with green spaces planted around them. These small lakes attract all kinds of water fowl, so you pairs of birds around the lakes and flying over your house all the time." ~George E. Griffith
Visit to find more work by Griffith, call or message us for availability!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

I can't help but be excited about aspens and how beautiful they are in the fall when contrasted with the blue sky and orange and yellow leaves, accented by the starch white trunks. Many artists try to capture the colors and the depth of a forest deep with trees, but none so well as James Roybal. In "Fall's Evening Glow" (24" x 24", oil on canvas) Roybal pulls out all the colors drawn out of the last light of day making the landscape shimmer to life.
Visit to see more of Roybal's expressionistic oils and call or message us for availability and shipping!

[10/29/20]   To avoid unintentional gathering and for the safety of our community’s young witches and ghouls, Canyon Road will not be hosting Halloween Trick-or-treating this year.

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

As we continue packing and cleaning the gallery we'll be switching to Alexandra's personal cell for appointments and placing orders. Call 505-501-2420 for availability on works like "Music to My Ears" by E. Melinda Morrison! Find more of her expressionistic delights at!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

It's time to take "The Next Step"! We are open by chance and by appointment through the 30th as we pack up the last 40 years of Alexandra Stevens Fine Art. Call for information on any of the art still available at and we'll keep your posted on what's next!
(The Next Step by Jeannine Young, bronze, 30" x 12" x 7")

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Can you believe there are only two days left before we close our gallery doors?! If you've been thinking about visiting to take advantage of our Retirement sale then this is your last chance! We have works by all artists including these color-rich painterly expressions by Jody Rigsby. What's your favorite?!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Down to the wire! Only a few days left of our Retirement/Letting Go sale at our gallery space on Canyon Road. If you've always wanted a Peggy McGivern (I mean, who doesn't want a Peggy McGivern?!) get to before we pack up next Tuesday!

Ali Launer Beaded Skulls

Peruvian Flying Ram. Now available at Canyon Road Contemporary.

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

George E Griffith expands on his unique perspective of trees with a below the branches view of the moon and it's powerful reflection in the night. Call now for more information on "Luna de Paradiso", a 16" x 20" piece made with archival ink and see more of his work at!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

We're excited that Jeannine Young will be joining us in our virtual gallery. She has been experimenting and exploring her mediums with exciting results!

"The last several years I have longed to incorporate bright colors into my sculpture. I have also wanted to transition into one of a kind sculptures as well as broaden my subject matter. I have learned new techniques and am experimenting with different materials and having a lot of fun with the results.

'Blue Cat on a New Moon' is stained glass over a bronze casting of a playfully stylized cat. The base is black granite disc which symbolizes a new moon. The blue cat is always changing as the pieces of glass reflect the light differently throughout the day." ~ Jeannine Young

(11" tall on 4 inch granite disc, stained glass over bronze casting, unique)
See more of her work at!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

The sale rages on as we count down to our last day at our physical space on Canyon Road! Don't forget to visit our website by September 15th to see available works by such talented artists such as Victoria Taylor-Gore!
Visit today!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

We know many people are missing Juan Dell Wade's Shepherd Girl outside the gallery, she has been an upper Canyon Road landmark for a long time. Here she is looking happy in her new home and we know she's being well taken care of!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Look out for red dots! Our "Letting Go" sale of artwork has begun and continues until our physical location closes on September 15th! Visit to see more work available from Katrina Howarth and our wonderful gallery artists.

Canyon Road Contemporary Art

Authentic beauty has the power to transform even the darkest of days. “Spirit of Renewal” by Lorri Acott, in natural sunset light without embellishment. Be renewed 💕

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Our gallery walls are still full of wonderful paintings and sculpture ready to be shared and enjoyed by our collectors! Tomorrow begins our special pricing on in-shop pieces as Alexandra Stevens Fine Art starts to move online. The sale runs through September 15th but be sure to visit to claim your favorite piece before it's gone!
We have Arlene LaDell Hayes works from several of her collections featured on our website. Call or email us to check availability!

Many pieces sold to benefit the Navajo Water Project. Thank you, Phyllis Kapp!

Can you say, "SOLD!"?? Come by TODAY to visit with legendary artist Phyllis Kapp as she and her wonderful clients support the Navajo Water Project!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

"Letting Go" by Jeannine Young is the perfect companion for our big announcement...

Those of you who know me have heard me say for decades that I might retire soon. Perhaps this is the time to “Let Go” of a physical location and transition fully into an electronic presence. I have enjoyed the art business since 1979. I have met and become friends with some amazing people, including you. Thank you for being a part of my world.

My artists and collectors are my family. The works my artists create come from their soul, and pass through me, to be appreciated by the part of my “greater family” of collectors.

In the “Modern World” many if not most sales are done remotely. After many years of establishing a reputation, a fair percentage of my gallery sales have been loyal collectors via internet and phone. I will continue to have an online presence and represent many of my wonderful artists.

The artists have agreed to “LET GO” of the beautiful works in my gallery at substantial savings to you. We will offer paintings and sculpture currently in the gallery at special pricing through September 15, 2020.

If you have been considering work by one of my artists, act quickly. Credit card fees and shipping would be at actual additional cost. Visit our website to see all available works:

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

With a little more time on our hands we have a chance to focus on nature and the world around us. Jody Rigsby spends a lot of time exploring outdoors and was rewarded with the beautiful colors and wildlife of the desert which inspired her latest piece, "Springtime Foxtrot" (10" x 22", oil).
"Springtime in the Southwest is so magical. This year I was able to see the short blooming season where thousands of tiny yellow flowers cover large sections of the desert."
See more works by Jody Rigsby at!

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Museums might not be open right now, but galleries are! Be sure to spend some time on Canyon Road this season to see all the latest work by our wonderful artists! If you're not planning a trip anytime soon you can peruse our website at and we'll ship your favorite piece right to your doorstep!
(feaured work "Museum Visit" by Arlene LaDell Hayes, 10" x 8", oil on panel)

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

George E. Griffith has been especially busy while being safe at home, here is a description of his latest work in progress:
"'Casa Loma Summer' is painted from Casa Loma Castle's gardens in Toronto, Canada. It was one of the first buildings to have an elevator and the stables are lined with tile and copper. The castle is a popular film location and was used in Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows."
Find this great 10" x 8" dye infused metal on aluminum available along with more at!

Springtime on Canyon Road

A short and very sweet video tribute to the beauty of Canyon Road, by film-maker Kyle Maier. The "Art and Soul of Santa Fe." Produced in collaboration with Canyon Road Contemporary and The Historic Santa Fe Foundation. Original composition and sounds...

The Compound Restaurant, Santa Fe

The next outdoor space is coming, The Compound now has 3 outdoor spaces to choose from, come rain or come shine!! Lunch 6 days. Both dinner and bar menus available every night, every table. we want the best for Santa Fe, we will all prevail. New menus choices, new daily specials,and our high standards never change. #markkiffin #chefmarkkiffin #cheflife #makeotnice #nmtrue @markkiffin @burqueinthecitydifferent @eastsideeclectic @chefestrada @finediningdaddy @ediblenewmexico @localflavormagazine @sfwc_fiesta

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Are you wearing your "Sunday Best" today like Peggy McGivern's figures in one of her latest pieces?! I remember Sunday dresses and those special days with friends and family! McGivern's work is a taste of nostalgia for many of us. Visit for more trips to memory lane through her eyes and your imagination!
(Sunday Best, 24" x 24", mixed media on canvas)

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

A great activity for the weekend that everyone can do safely is go for a drive! Take those roads you usually pass up or head for a mountain town that you've always wanted to visit. Pack a lunch and picnic by a trickling stream under the trees! And stop by Canyon Road of course, for a different kind of feast for the eyes. Art and nature are good for the soul!
Visit for more work like Katrina Howarths winding roads in "Camelot Cottages"! (36" x48", oil on canvas).

Kelly Ormsby | ArtCloud

Artful summer fun with designs by Kelly Ormsby, at Canyon Road Contemporary Art in Santa Fe. View Kelly Ormsby's Profile on ArtCloud. Find art for sale buy leading artists like Kelly Ormsby on ArtCloud.

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Congratulations to George E. Griffith, his painting "Tree of Life", was selected as part of the FAV15% (jury's favorite 15% of the entries) in the May 2020 BoldBrush Painting competition on Fine Art Studios Online!
We love seeing our artists recognized for their amazing talents. See more of George's work at!

Ventana Fine Art and it’s talented artist, Margaret Nes, use the power of art to find a critical rescue effort. Bravo!

Remember earlier this year we had a special sale of Margaret Nes pastels and a portion of the proceeds went to the Navajo nation Covid relief fund? Well, recently, Ventana was able to donate $10,465 to this fund. Thanks for supporting us in making a difference.

Doug Gillis, Kiln Formed Glass @ Canyon Road Contemporary Art

Something safe to do on July 4th!! Come see Doug Gillis at Canyon Road Contemporary Art. Live music! 11a-3p.

Introductory video by the artist stating what he creates and his Southwestern influence.

Adam Schultz, bronze sculptor @ Canyon Road Contemporary Art Adam Schultz creates a clay maquette of "Sisters" and introduces us to his gallery at Dream Big Studios.

Alexandra Stevens Gallery

Exciting news from George E Griffith! This year is the bicentennial of the birth of Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing and the first nursing college. Today, the legacy of Florence Nightingale continues. "When Will You Be Home" has been donated for auction in New York to Nurse's Heroes Contest in the Nurse Heroes gallery! All money goes to nurses, and nurse training, which starts this July.
George is such a giving and passionate artist, thank you for donating to a great cause!
Find more of his Griffith's work available at!

Visit Sara's web site.. Many of you will remember her as she did live here.

Coming out from behind the keyboard...I help Alexandra with her social media and was asked to post some of my own work! I've always been inspired by the sky and clouds and horizon lines. Something about the zen and calm I feel watching from a distance along with a constant desire to see what's over that next horizon.
You can contact me directly at [email protected] and see more at! Thank you Alexandra!

Canyon Road...A History

Explore the history of Santa Fe’s art scene as you stroll historic Canyon Road, a perfect vacation destination just minutes away from the top Santa Fe hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts.

While gracious adobe architecture gives Canyon Road its old world charm, diversity is its claim to fame. More than a hundred galleries, jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, home furnishings shops, artist studios, and gourmet restaurants line this magical half-mile.

As a collector, whether you prefer art that is contemporary, abstract, modern, expressionistic, figurative, photorealistic, traditional, western or Native American, it’s all here. Galleries showcase paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and encaustic, fine-art photography, graphics such as lithographs, serigraphs, giclées, woodcuts, engravings, and monotypes, as well as sculpture in stone, bronze, wood, and glass.

Add something special to your life by visiting Canyon Road’s boutiques, which abound with unique fashions and wearable art. Jewelry stores dazzle with contemporary handmade adornments in gold and silver, and traditional and Native silverwork and inlays. Find that perfect enhancement for your home in shops featuring antiques and fine furniture, Native American pottery, rugs, gifts, folk art, and handmade crafts, as well as cutting-edge contemporary furnishings.

Want your business to be the top-listed Clothing Store in Santa Fe?

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Aleta Pippin Now Showing at Mark White Fine Art
J. D. WELSH: Low Relief Bronze - Wiford Gallery Santa Fe
LYMAN WHITAKER: Wind Sculptures - Wiford Gallery Santa Fe



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Better Together is a clothing store for men and women opening May 5, 2018!

Southwest Vision   Dr. Bruce Rael, O.D. Southwest Vision Dr. Bruce Rael, O.D.
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500 Market St, Ste 100
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Michelle's Closet Michelle's Closet
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Art Boutique

La Unica Dry Cleaners La Unica Dry Cleaners
647 Cerrillos Rd
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A family owened business since 1969. La Unica provides drying cleaning services with the highest-quality customer service.

Goler Fine Imported Shoes, Inc. Goler Fine Imported Shoes, Inc.
125 East Palace Avenue
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High Fashion Footwear and Apparel brought to you by the Goler Family!

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109 E Palace Ave
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chocolate + cashmere is a celebration of the senses; a luxurious boutique for those of discerning taste and signature style. Shop a thoughtfully curated selection of nature’s finest gifts: house made chocolates, Golightly Cashmere, jewelry and clothing.

Alex Chavez Artist Alex Chavez Artist
Box 176
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Alex Chavez Artist (TAOS, NM USA)

Bucko Bucko
5 Penny Lane
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Bucko designs and manufactures men's and women's clothing in a variety of materials and styles for many companies and for his own exclusive line of clothing.

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460 St Michaels Dr Suite 1204
Santa Fe, 87505

Reversal of Vision Age Related Macular Degeneration using medical Acupuncture

My weaving wires My weaving wires
W-berger St. 119 Apt 4
Santa Fe, 57505

Hello, I am Sandra Prassinos I created this page for people that follow my work, it is jewelry woven in metal threads such us sterling silver and gold 14k, some times in copper or by request. The shipments are from New Mexico.

Handwoven Originals Handwoven Originals
211 Old Santa Fe Trl
Santa Fe, 87501

Handwoven Originals since 1976 In Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico Original woven and knit garments of the finest quality, unique jewelry, clothing

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