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Santa Fe Dry Goods aims to provide a rich and varied aesthetic to clients who are bold in their life’s works, highly independent, and who find refuge and enjoyment in beauty.

Santa Fe Dry Goods has focused for 25 years on providing clothing and jewelry that are current with the times. We continue to evolve with the sincere desire to bring our customers gorgeous, well-made items that provide them with a sense of individuality and inspiration.

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The Tower Menagerie collection by @sabinasavage #textileart #sabinasavage #fashioninspo


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Floral Dries Van Notten available in store now #santafedrygoods #fashion #textileart #driesvannoten


Experimenting with new modes of expression in our environment #santafedrygoods #fashioninspo


Brunello Cucinelli on the recently renovated Santa Fe Dry Goods floor #textileart #santafedrygoods #brunellocucinelli #fashion


Patterns of incoming Oscar de la Renta
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Pamela Adger has been designing jewelry for 44 years. She sources unique materials from nature and cultures around the world, both modern and ancient, to create her sculptural pieces. Pamela’s elemental and raw work is about hunting and gathering, touching and listening and remembering the interconnectedness of all that is created.

For Pamela, her work is a labor of love to make us stop to think and pause to honor the Earth we live on. She uses everyday elements, as well as the extraordinary and rare, in new combinations to reinvent their purpose and give them new value in the world. Pamela lives and creates in Santa Fe, NM.

Shop Pamela Adger on 01/28/2020

Etro Resort: Moroccan Inspired Bohemia | Santa Fe Dry Goods

"This resort season, Etro takes us on a journey through the luminous colors and textures of Morocco. Etro’s iconic paisley motif is incorporated into designs emulating intricate Moroccan mosaics and tilework. Colors with a dusty vibrance bring the detailed patterns to life on tees and shirting. Brilliant blue paisley mirrors elegant painted tiles, sand and shell pink intertwine in delicate balance and chartreuse pops through several pieces in the collection."



Bold in form, innovative in materials and sensational in scale, @monies_official creates jewelry with an emphasis on their globally sourced materials. #santafedrygoods #fashion #handmade #jewelry #monies


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Santa Fe Dry Goods's cover photo 01/02/2019

Neeru Kumar |


Over the past two decades, Neeru Kumar has revolutionized Indian textiles by implementing traditional techniques using indigenous materials. Her adept sensibility in color and texture allows a continuous succession of new possibilities to populate her collections as she succeeds at what so many attempt to do: blend traditional craft and modern design. Through research and experimentation with weaving and stitching techniques, Neeru has created a unique visual vocabulary. Her innovation has gotten her international acclaim as her creations have been deemed “collectible antiques of the future.” 12/18/2018

Golden Goose |


Golden Goose were some of the first deliberately scuffed sneakers to appear on the market in 2000 and soon developed a cult following. The brand was created by Venetian designers, Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo. Today they have created a whole lifestyle concept based around sportswear that has a “worn” quality and conveys the fun and excitement of the modern day adventure.

While these sneakers may look distressed, their design is intentional down to every stitch. The shoes are all hand-finished by Italian artisans. No detail has been lost in the shape of the toe, the knotting of the laces, the vintage sparkles, and the plush sheepskin linings. Golden Goose sneakers are known for their subtle smudges, punchy details, and their downtown look. 12/12/2018

Our Best Metallic Pieces for Celebrating the New Year and More


Silver and gold have always lived in the realm of regal opulence. For years they have been used as a hallmark in the creation of grand outfits, revered for their visual impact, and implemented everywhere in history from Ancient Egypt, to China and even Europe. As such, metallic items have become a recurring trend, and this year is no exception. Silver and gold can liven up even the simplest of outfits, or serve as a neutral when paired with complex prints and patterns. Although wearing such reflective fabrics can be intimidating, using a singular item as a pop of color makes it more wearable, and is something anyone can do.

Click the link below to see 18 of our favorite metallic items, and some ideas for styling the them this New Year. Silver and gold have always lived in the realm of regal opulence, used as a hallmark in the creation of grand outfits, and revered for their visual impact. Although wearing such reflective fabrics can be intimidating, using a singular item as a pop of color makes it more wearable, and is something a...



Carsten and Lenka Rundholz have a unique ability to create pieces that are innovative and experimental. Within Mainline, Black Label, and Rundholz Dip, they execute silhouettes that range from futuristic to architectural, with a number that also elicit softer sensibilities. Their brilliance allows women to mix and match all of these concepts, creating a style that ultimately breaks the mold.

View the full mosaic here: 12/04/2018

Gilda Midani Resort: Polka Dots


Gilda Midani has a freeing aesthetic – comfort becomes disguised as elegance that flows through airy lines and organic silhouettes. Brush strokes and textural elements lend a hand in making this line truly artistic as dyed edges blend into one another. Richly colored teals reminiscent of seaside waters can be seen alongside dusty pinks similar to those painting the clouds at sunset. Above all, Gilda Midani’s Resort 2019 collection brings to the forefront a pattern which has been around for ages and turns it on its head.

Read more at: 11/30/2018

Injiri |


The word “Injiri” has a history that describes the brand itself. Meaning “real India,” it is deeply rooted in the culture and was once the highest quality of cloth one could own. It was worn and treasured by Kalabari chiefs for ceremonial occasions (like the birth of a child). Traditionally, it is a design made up of vertical and horizontal lines making a plaid or check pattern and treasured for the skill that goes into producing such a beautiful piece.

Today, each Injiri product takes months to produce—from the original design process to making and touching the hands of countless artisans. The company's textiles are incorporated into modern life around the world as bedspreads, throws, and pillows that integrate with the creams, taupes, blacks, indigo, and pops of red that are found in many of our living spaces today. They are both ornate and understated—casual and interesting. 10/01/2018

Santa Fe Dry Goods

New Arrivals at Workshop: Black Crane, Annette Gortz & Oska. 10/01/2018

Aesther Ekme |

Aesther Ekme is an accessories brand founded in Copenhagen in 2016. The word ‘Ekme,’ hailing from Crimean Tatar, describes a traditional shoulder bag, while ‘Aesther’ derives from classicism. Together, and subliminally, the name reads as ‘classic bags.’

The notion of the subliminal lives through Aesther Ekme designs. Classic shapes are elevated and refined by removing commonly used devices such as hardware, trimmings, and patterns to create signature bags. In essence, Aesther Ekme creates quality leather goods that do not overwhelm the wearer, but instead enable her possibilities.

Explore Uma Wang’s Fall Collection: Clothing With A Patina from t 10/01/2018

Explore Uma Wang’s Fall Collection: Clothing With A Patina from t 09/20/2018

Henrik Vibskov |

Henrik Vibskov is one of “The New Nordic Designers,” praised for his playful fashion sense that steers clear of Scandinavian minimalism, emphasizing instead the eclectic sensibility of multicultural Copenhagen. As a passionate musician, innovative stage designer, and multifaced artist Henrik is at the vanguard of a new generation of creative multi-taskers. His abstract pieces are unconventional - simple designs punctuated with unusual prints and textures. 09/14/2018


Mapuche weaving knowledge is engrained in its own culture, its own way of being and living. Researchers have found evidence of fabrics made with complex techniques and designs, dated between AD 1300-1350 at several ruins in northern Chile and Argentina where the Mapuche live. Historical accounts say that at the time of European arrival in the region of the Araucanía, local natives wore textiles made with camelid's hair (alpaca and llamas), which they had made from the fur of these animals. Later, after the Spanish introduced sheep, the Indigenous people began breeding these animals and using their wool for their weaving. Today, the Mapuche are collaborating with VOZ to keep their cultural history alive through textiles and share it with the rest of the world. 09/12/2018

Avant Toi |

Avant Toi's philosophy is to bridge between the classic concept of refinement and the charm of what is old and worn. The collections are alive with contradictions. Avant Toi captures the true beauty of cashmere and fine Italian knitwear, by masterfully transforming each piece into a work of art. This season's highlights include ...


Last shipment of Rundholz Black Label has arrived! 08/28/2018

Bertozzi |


Stamperia Bertozzi is a three-generation Italian family business that got its start in "stampe a mano" block-printed linen goods for tabletop. For generations they have hand-chiseled pear wood blocks to replicate their sophisticated and playful country motifs. The colors are made using vegetable dyes and secret family recipes. Over time they have expanded into complementary hand-built porcelain pieces. The best Limoges materials are the basis for their sturdy but modern designs. Enjoy an introduction to their work.... 08/28/2018

Etro |


Cultural exploration, world travel, and family tradition define Etro. This Italian fashion house embodies the Silk Road and takes the wearer on a journey with each garment and season. For over 50 years, the Etro family has collected colors, patterns, and experiences from all over the world and has elegantly translated them into a playful and modern interpretation for the independent woman. While finding influence internationally, the brand takes pride in the “Made in Italy” tradition, highly emphasizing craftsmanship. Etro is known internationally for their highly expressive and colorful prints made from superbly crafted fabrics. 08/28/2018

Toogood |



WHEN our minds are beset by autumn’s bluster and winter’s chills, our thoughts inexorably turn to layers. The layers of clothing with which we envelop our frames, to warm and to protect and to sculpt. And the layers of the land, the sediments laid down in the earth like a historical record by the accreted actions of ordinary men and women.

Our revolution is an evolution, incremental and rugged like the very land itself! The steadfast patterns of industry and labour are our bedrock, lying beneath everything we do. The spirit of the soil imbues our palette with tones of peat and clay and slate, and permeates the very materials of our trade, the sandblasted silks, the Japanese cottons, the highland wools that protect against the harsh elements. 08/23/2018

Margery Hirschey |

New Margery Hirschey at Santa Fe Dry Goods 08/23/2018

Rundholz Black Label |

Our second shipment of Rundholz Black Label has arrived. 08/23/2018

Trippen |

New Trippen Styles at Workshop

Issey Miyake FW 2018 08/23/2018

Issey Miyake's New Collection Inspired by the Quiet Strength of Plants and Animals

Issey Miyake's New Collection Inspired by the Quiet Strength of Plants and Animals 08/13/2018

Aboubakar Fofana

Born in Mali and raised in France, Aboubakar Fofana is a multidisciplinary artist and designer whose working mediums include calligraphy, textiles and natural dyes. He is known for his work in reinvigorating and redefining West African indigo dyeing techniques, and much of his focus is devoted to the preservation and reinterpretation of traditional West African textile and natural dyeing techniques and materials. 08/13/2018

Santa Fe Dry Goods

New Arrivals at Santa Fe Dry Goods & Workshop!





TAP by Todd Pownell

Denise Betesh

Jasmine Étoile Aarons of VOZ

Our Story

Santa Fe Dry Goods showcases designers who take inspiration from historical fabrication and design techniques to craft their collections. They take pride in developing specialty fabrics, in french seaming and by hand overlock sewing techniques, in mastering fine tailoring and in capturing luxury in the details. Our clothes are modern but reflect the historic techniques at the root of global fashion. Santa Fe Dry Goods has been providing thoughtful and artful craft based clothing with classic style since 1989.

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RUNDHOLZ: FUTURISTIC & ARCHITECTURAL EXPRESSIONCarsten and Lenka Rundholz have a unique ability to create pieces that ar...
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