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A full month later, and the same manager, a slim, tall young guy with curly dark hair, gave us the same story as last time: "Our legal team says that we don't have to enforce the mask mandate." These people don't get it: We're talking about people's lives and safety, not about some legal issue. I am reporting them to the appropriate City and state officials. We thought they have changed their behavior. But last night we saw 3 people, 2 of whom had their masks down below their noses while shopping, and someone working in the store without any mask at all. This store is now officially OFF the list of places we intend to shop. Others should consider boycotting them, as well. Some businesses only understand lost income and feel no responsibility to protect the health of the public. Linda and Franz
Hi. I hope, given the NM Governor's New orders, your stores will be enforcing the mandate that people wear masks in public. Other stores have monitors at their entrances, explaining the policy. I hope you will follow suit.
Hi Natural Grocers,
Please consider following the coops mask policy.

COVID-19 Update from La Montañita Co-op View this email in your browser

Dear La Montañita Co-op Community,

Since our last COVID-19 update, a few things have changed: the city of Santa Fe introduced their own face mask requirement with more enforceability than the state’s, cases started spiking again around the country, and our Governor delayed the next reopening phase because the virus is still spreading rapidly.

We have been following city & state public health orders regarding face masks, but like other grocery stores, we've been challenged by the lack of clarity in those orders on enforcement and their reliance on social pressure. The accountability in the original mask requirement was on each individual, but community members are understandably looking to businesses to police & enforce the requirements where local governments are not. We are grateful to the significant majority of our community members who are wearing masks to protect one another, but too many people are still not taking this simple step for the safety of those around them.

Cooperative businesses have the right to refuse service, and while this may be difficult to manage, we have an obligation to do so if the health and well-being of others is at risk. Not wearing a mask inside our stores exposes our team members and community to unnecessary risk.

All customers & guests must wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose in all Co-op locations. If you forget to bring your mask, we will provide one; if you still decline to wear one, we will not be inviting you inside our store. If you have a medical condition limiting your use of face masks, please reach out so we can discuss a reasonable accommodation such as curbside pickup to keep healthy food on your table.

We wish that enforcing this requirement did not fall to us, but some community members continue to put others’ health at risk by not wearing a face mask in public, and we are bound by a duty of care to protect our employees and our customers from that unnecessary risk. We are seeking more support from the state in enforcement of their mask requirement as the pandemic continues, and we were glad to hear the announcement earlier today that the state will be increasing their enforcement efforts. The importance of health and safety over a personal preference that puts others in harm’s way is upheld in many laws that we follow every day, and wearing face masks in a global pandemic should be no different.

We ask that you please help us in ensuring a safe grocery shopping experience for yourself and those around you by wearing a face mask in our stores. We care about the people of our communities, many of whom are vulnerable, and we are committed to doing our part by inviting only community members who wear a face mask into our stores. Thank you so much for your continued support in this very challenging time for local businesses, and thank you for your cooperation.


The La Montañita Co-op Team

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La Montañita Co-op ·
901 Menaul Boulevard Northeast
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Hi, saw your recent response about mask-wearing.
If someone is too sick to wear a mask, they should have someone shop for them, and keep themselves safe.

If you aren't interested in keeping all shoppers safe, by following C-19 precautions, this shopper will not be returning.
I encourage you to reconsider.
A customer recently posted that you do not enforce mask wearing in Santa Fe NM because some people have “health “ issues that make it hard. That would be a tiny percentage of people, and those people could wear a face shield. You’re being lazy. I won’t be shopping at your store for that reason.
Natural Grocers told us today they are not enforcing the mask requirement. The store was full of customers without masks. They also are not monitoring the number of customers in the store. We will not shop there again. This noncompliance with legal requirements in our state manifests total disregard for the safety of its customers and community.
Hello. I have heard from several people that your Santa Fe store is NOT enforcing the mask requirement, and that employees have told shoppers that the corporate office has told them they don't have to enforce the requirement. Can you respond to this? If it is true, you are in violation of the Governor's mandate. I won't shop in your store until I hear from you. Most Santa Fe stores have monitors at the entrances checking on masks, and counting the number of people allowed. Please reply. Thank you.
So your staff has been told to not enforce the mask requirement?
So much for your commitment to community health.
At Vitamin Cottage on St. Francis Drive in Santa Fe, the manager told us tonight that wearing a mask in the store is "optional." To us, it is not optional, and we won't be going there anytime soon. We also plan to report them to the state health department and to the parent company in CO.

A woman in the store who was not wearing a mask said she lives alone and doesn't need one. This may be her view, but she obviously doesn't care about whether she might make others sick. There has to be enforcement, or we're going to go the way of AZ, TX, UT, and most southern states. All of them are having huge outbreaks of COVID-19, and it's no wonder if what we are seeing everywhere in Santa Fe is allowed to continue. Shame on this business and so many others. They care more about money than they do about human life.
I just came back from the Santa Fe Natural Grocers and I'm sad to say it will be the last time for a long time. There were two obnoxious customers without face masks and the staff don't feel it's their responsibility to enforce the governor's health directive that they do. All the other grocery stores I've been to in Santa Fe enforce the regulation which, according to to the State website, carries the weight of law. I am very saddened that this store is willing to play fast and loose with my life and health.
Great store for organic and whole foods. Wish they would deliver in this time of need.
I just returned from shopping at your store. The man who was checking me out was coughing and sneezing into his hand while handling my groceries!! Perhaps paid sick leave would enable this man to STAY HOME!!!

A natural & organic grocery store featuring free nutrition education and your favorite food, body care & dietary supplements at always affordable prices.

Operating as usual


Hi, friends! All stores will be closed this Sunday so that our crew may enjoy the holiday. We will reopen with regular hours on Monday 4.5.


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Save this post to help reduce exposure to toxic pesticides! 🚨 Every year, the Environmental Working Group releases the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen based on FDA tests of more than 46,000 samples of produce, listing out produce with the most and least amount of pesticide residues. The best way to avoid harmful pesticides is to shop organic and at Natural Grocers, you can shop with ease with our 100% Organic Produce section! 🍏


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Think Wisely - Women's History Month | Natural Grocers

Happy International Women’s Day to all our family, friends, and neighbors! 💜 We want to acknowledge women's tireless strength throughout history and the everyday influence of the women we cherish in our own lives—inspiring and empowering us to be our better selves. Our March edition of Think Wisely features women-owned brands and the incredible innovators behind them. Click the link to read the article & tag a woman who inspires you in the comments! Happy Women's History Month! We want to acknowledge women's tireless strength throughout history and the everyday influence of the women we cherish 03/06/2021

March Health Hotline® Magazine Issue 43 | Natural Grocers

Our March Health Hotline is here! Explore nutrition-focused articles like Want To Be Happier? Eat More Veggies, snag our recipes for chimichurri and parsley pesto, and find deals on your favorite products. Click the link to start reading! 39.709921, -104.987224 Denver - Design District - Alameda and Broadway Sun: 09:00 am-07:35 pm Mon - Tue: 08:30 am-08:05 pm Wed: 08:00 am-08:05 pm Thu - Sat: 08:30 am-08:05 pm 368 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209 United States (303) 733-3033 See Store Details SET AS PREFERRED STORE


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How do you take your morning cup of joe? Try these easy coffee hacks and set up your day for success by sneaking in some extra nutritional support. Try the I...


Aromatic herbs are essential to our favorite dishes’ distinctive flavors. While we may use these ingredients to give our dishes a flavor boost, these culinary herbs have some nutritional qualities of their own. But, don’t forget – next time you choose a bunch, stick to organic to keep away from synthetic pesticide residue that's not good for you or the planet.


The recent winter storms faced by our Texas community have led to a dramatic increase in food insecurity across Texas. We are working with Feeding Texas, a statewide network of local food banks leading a unified effort to end hunger in the state. So far, our incredible community has raised nearly $60,000 to help those impacted by the winter storms in Texas. We will be accepting donations at all 160 Natural Grocers locations to support Feeding Texas through March 14. Thank you for the abundance of support for our Texas community! 💚


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In celebration of Black History Month, we are donating 1% of all sales on February 28 to the Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated Graduation Assistance Program (GAP), a fund for current students of historically black colleges or universities who can’t graduate because of small unpaid tuition bills. Help us reach our goal of raising $60,000! Learn more about their mission:


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1️⃣ Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease an 8 or 9-inch square pan.
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3️⃣ Stir in your choice of hack ingredients until fully combined:
• Add chopped nuts and red tart cherries for a tart cherry surprise brownie
• Mix in crystalized ginger for a dark chocolate ginger treat
• Or load your brownies up with your choice of ingredients
4️⃣ Bake according to the package directions. Let cool and enjoy!


Natural Grocers


Friends, all of our stores will be closing at 6:06pm today, 12.31. We will be closed tomorrow, New Year's Day, so that our good4u Crew can enjoy the holiday with friends and family. Happy New Year!


Alive & Kicking Kombucha on Tap.mp4

Obsessed with kombucha? Us too, which is why we have kombucha on tap at select Natural Grocers locations! Why on tap? Kombucha from the keg continues to ferment and strengthen its probiotic effect...making it good4u. 🙌 Plus, kegs have more carbonation control than bottles, enhancing flavor and effervescence. 💥 Find out more about our kombucha on tap:


Friends, we will be closed tomorrow so that our good4u Crew can enjoy Memorial Day. Wishing you all a fun and safe weekend, and we look forward to seeing you here on Tuesday!


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Your new store is here Santa Fe! Join us today at 8 am for your Grand Opening! We'll see you here. In the meantime here's a sneak peek.


Do you want to work for your favorite grocery store? Come and see us!

Our Story

IT WAS 1955.

Our parents, Margaret and Philip Isely – poor, idealistic – started Natural Grocers with $200 and a dream that everyone should be able to afford a healthy lifestyle and be empowered to take control of their own health.

The inspiration for this dream came from their own struggles to afford healthy food and be healthy. Shortly after the birth of their second child, Margaret became chronically ill. When conventional medicine was unable to help her, she turned to the health mavericks of that time: Adelle Davis and Roger J. Williams. She used the principles in Davis’ book, Let’s Get Well, to heal her body with nutrition, which included eating nutrient-dense, natural foods and taking dietary supplements.

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