San Jose wraps for men

Both men and women you can Tighten, tone, and firm in as little as 45 mins with It Works! Body wraps. Ask me how

[05/21/16]   Happy Armed forces day to all those still active duty. Thank you for continuing to fight for our freedom

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💥Teeth whitening strips are used to WHITEN your teeth. Not to brush. Not to clean. They are used to enhance your teeth... 😃

This is exactly how our body wraps work. They are meant to maximize your healthy lifestyle. They enhance, tighten, and firm your body. They don’t replace working out 💪 or eating healthy 🍇🍅🍌🍆

Make sense❓People who say we are a product that is for laziness or to replace being healthy...that just isn’t true! Don't assume anything, I'm here to answer your really need to try it!💚

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Enough said here.

Joey your head looks 10 years younger!! 😂 Hair Skin Nails is certainly fixing that balding issue and giving you results like these in your first 10 days?! Um, AMAZING!! 👍👊

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Wow!!!! Big changes in only ONE month!!!12-31-15 to 1-29-16
3 wraps, Greens, Thermofit, Fat Fighters along with diet and exercise!

Heading to bed, but I got these results in and just couldn't wait until morning to share them with you! Austin put a wrap on the loose skin on her neck and literally took years off! It still blows my mind what a wrap can do! 😄

Oh my!! Bethany is already shaping up for shorts season! Woohoo! 😍

Hair Skin Nails for the win once again! Erin took the 90 day mermaid challenge to grow her hair longer, stronger and healthier! Got short hair? Wanna be able to rock that long wavy beach hair or messy bun by summer? You need this stuff right here 😉

✨ I love when people tell me, "no thanks, I'm in shape, I don't need any of that stuff."

😒 Let me hit you with some truth about what we are NOT....
1) we are NOT just wraps
2) these products are NOT just for people who want to lose weight
3) these products are NOT for people who are "too lazy to workout"

Meet Thomas, US Olympic Fighter ... Here's what he had to say about this picture,

"The only thing that changed from left to right is simply eating better and using a product called "New You". His workout stayed the same, our products are made to enhance a healthy and fit lifestyle not replace one! 💪🏼

[01/20/16]   💚If you could try out It Works as a trial distributor and I could show you how to do it risk free for 30 days, would you be interested?
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I'm ready to help whenever you are.

Who is ready to just dive in and start today. Msg me for details or log onto my website at
Let's see what these great products can do for you.

Are you looking lookin gn to lose weight or just enjoy the gym. Here is our triple threat. Come try it out and see what it can do for you.

Do you have love handles and you want to get eid of them? Try a body wrap and see what they can do for you.

👀 You've seen me post some amazing customer transformations with our 🌱Triple Threat🌱 and I'm sure you're wondering 💭 what exactly it is, how much 💵 it is and how you can get it, right? Here's a break down of what the next ⏳90 day challenge with our Triple Threat will look like! Take a good look 👓 because I want ➡YOUR transformation⬅ photos 📷 to be part of my New Year 🎉 portfolio! Who's ready to jump 👣 in get started on the challenge?!

🌟 New Product! 🌟 This was just announced yesterday and I HAD to make sure you aren't left out! This is incredible! Named after users reactions, our new product is called WOW! Wipe Out Wrinkles! In the first 45 seconds you feel it and in the next 45 seconds you SEE it! A 90 second wrinkle transformation! I'm taking preorders now because once this is released for all new customers, it WILL sell out! It happened with our Exfoliating Peel. It happened with Energy. It will happen with WOW! Let me worry about getting your order in that day so you can be the first of your friends and family to have it! Ships 9/29! Can your eye cream give you results like this is 90 seconds?! Now it can! WOW can!
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These wraps are for everyone. Look at Ray Rice using one. Come see what they can do for you


$30 & under challenge!

90-day challenges for Aug/Sept/Oct for $30 and under per month!! Don't miss this!

💥Fat Fighters $23
💥Energy 12-pack $29
💥Relief(for joint pain)$29
💥 Greens Chews(healthy snack!)$30
💥Vital Core Nutrition $29
💥lt's Vital Omegas $23
💥 Lip & Eye Cream $29
💥 RepairAge Night Cream $29
💥PreventAge Day Cream $25
💥 It's Essential Meal Bars $25
💥Regular(balances the colon)$27

All you have to do is choose which products suits your lifestyle and order one product each month for 3 months! You can mix and match if you want, it doesn't have to be the same product each month.

Message me asap if you're interested!

This is a first come, first served special and I only have

Want to enjoy a cheat meal and still have some of the fat and carbs absorbed? Try out our fat fighter and see what they can do for you.

This is just 1 wrap and this was done live at our it works conference. You can see the difference. Come give it a try

Check out the 90 day challenge results. What can the 90 day challenge do for you?

Look at this fantastic transformation. What can It Works do for you. Contact me to start your 90 day challenge today.

Check out these amazing results after the 90 day challenge. Who else wants to take their bodies back

Take a look at this transformation in only 5 months. Your only as good as you treat your body. Try it out for a 90 day challenge and see what you can do for yourself

Do you have tattoo's that need to be touched up? Try defining gel and see what it can do for you. Both my wife and I use it and love what it does to bring back the color

Have tattoo's that are faded and want to bring the color back to them? This is a fellow distributor who used defining gel for 1 week. I'm gonna be placing orders theough the night ao let me know if you want to try it out and I can order it for you at a great price

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