Codi's Healing Art

Codi's Healing Art

With over 7 years of experience, Codi has helped over several hundreds of people restore health. She is excited to share this healing art with the world. Services offered are Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditation, Energy Healing, Couple's Massage Training.

INSIDER Presents

Plant based burgers. It tastes pretty good.

These beef patties are made from plants. 🌱

In the NOW


Here's why you DON'T want fries with that...

Power of Positivity

If you want it, you've got to affirm it!

I wish that this was taught when I was in school.
These foods taste really good, but they are the root cause of most of the heath issues we see today. The body cannot process, digest, and get rid of junk food fast enough, and they stay in the body, preventing the body from functioning properly. The junk adds up everyday and therefore lowers the body's ability to fight diseases.

I Love Myself Do You?

Timeline Photos

Meir Kay

Beautiful message

Brighten the world for one individual and you brighten the world!

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Thanks Joris Reynaud for filming.

Boy - John James Cronin

BBC London

Mindfulness according to 6 and 7-year-olds...

Mindfulness according to 6 and 7-year-olds...

(Best enjoyed with the sound on 😇) (Via. BBC Family & Education News)

Let's do it!!!

Skip La Cour

The Art of Fulfillment
"I'm in a beautiful state and I'm going to find beauty in everything life brings me. Cause life is too short not to." - Tony Robbins

"The Art Of Fulfillment"

(The Next And Most Important Phase Of Your Bodybuilding And Training Journey)

After you build all of that muscle you want . . . after you lose all of that body fat . . . after you earn that amazing body and win all of those trophies (if that's what you want), you still must find out what REALLY FULFILLS YOU.

#MoreThanJustMuscles #MANformation #FitnessCenteredLifeCoaching

"Fulfillment is an art. What's going to fulfill you is different than the other person next to you. You're NOT going to learn that from anyone else. And, you have to find it because, success without fulfillment, is the ultimate failure."

-- Tony Robbins


"My wife just changed her residency to heaven."
Wow, this is just beautiful.
We often refer to the glass as half full or half empty. We never really see what it actually is.

"My wife has recently changed her residency to heaven." #WhatMakesUsHUMAN

(Thanks to John Halcyon Styn Public Page and his Grandpa Caleb)

Jeff Trills

"Failure is there to point you to the right direction."

What is the next right Move? #Oprahspeaks


Healthy food that provide high protein. Excellent!

You don't need meat to add protein to your diet. Try some of these alternatives instead!


"This supermarket has the freshest vegetables because they grow them right inside the store."

This supermarket has the freshest vegetables because they grow them right inside the store

FOX 5 /

A little act of kindness and care goes a long way. :)

You might have seen the photo of the teens praying with a grieving woman at a drive thru. Now we know who they are. Hear their story.


Thank you Power of Positivity


Touching story

Eric weighed over 300 pounds, had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and his doctor told him he would be dead in 5 years unless he changed. They suggested a dog. Eric went to the Humane Society Silicon Valley and said he wanted an obese, middle-aged dog, so they would have something in common. What happened next transformed their lives.

In addition, I have a roof over my head. And I am able to get out of bed without assistance.

Collective Evolution

Another experiment done by a chiropractor. Chicken McNuggets left out for 6 years and does not rot or mold. Imagine the amount of preservatives that was put in.

Eat more from Earth and less from a box!

Law of Attraction for Wealth

Keep BELIEVING that everything will work in your favor because the answer to every problem or situation lies within YOU, provided you TRUST the working of your POWERFUL MIND.

#mindpowers #thesecret #life #goodvibes #goals #believe #happiness #lawofattractionforwealth

Love, Sex, Intelligence


BREAKING NEWS: HAWAI'I ISLAND MAYOR KENOI SIGNS BILL 113, to BAN GMOs on the Big Island, INTO LAW. History has been made. We salute our brothers and sisters who have fought tirelessly for so long to make this happen. Thank you, Mayor Kenoi, for representing the will of the people. With much love & Aloha. YOU ROCK OUR WORLD!

CBC News: The National

Flu shots last year was not effective at all. In a normal year, it's 60% effective, and researchers find that
"repeat vaccinations can lower the year-to -year effectiveness over time".

This year's flu shot isn't very effective. And some researchers are also saying that repeat vaccinations can lower the year-to -year effectiveness over time.

BBC South

These little kids are so cute! They participate in meditation class in school to learn manage their own behaviors and anxieties, and improve their concentration.

Hundreds of primary school children in Berkshire have had meditation classes introduced into their timetables. As Nikki Mitchell reports, the 'mindfulness' teaching aims to help them manage their own behaviour and anxieties, and improve their concentration

Don’t Eat GMO Salmon! Here’s What The Canadian Government Exposed…

Americans will be the guinea pigs to test out GMO salmon if approved by the FDA! Profit is blinding common sense.

For the First Time Ever, the FDA Will Allow a GMO Animal to Be Sold in the U.S.

GMO salmon will be on the market???
Spell it backward: OMG! The AquAdvantage salmon can be produced for commercial sale and consumption.


[FREE VIDEO] Tony Robbins uses the “Systemic Method” to help a 13-year-old girl get free

Tony Robbins helping a suicidal 13-yr old girl.
His work is just amazing.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO 'LIVE' CASE STUDY: Watch Tony, in action, transforms a young girl’s life. Watch closely the specific technique used to...

If this is true, it's just too wonderful. One million children, 5000 schools, in Thailand meditating for world peace.
How do we know that it's going to work? Because each one of them will be the seed and representative of future world peace. Very awesome. :)

This is amazing!! 1 Million Meditating children for world peace in Thailand!!

5000 schools together. 1 million children at the Phra Dhammakaya Temple of Thailand

Join us for Yoga Teacher Training or Retreats >>>
"Focus on the light, you are the light."

Repost Neil Pascoe

#worldpeace #bethechange #meditate

Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water In case you missed it, recent lab tests conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab found that seasonal flu vaccines, which are pushed on virtually everyone these days, including young babies, pregnant women and the elderly, contain outrageously high levels of neurotoxic mercury. Vials of batch…

A Man Isolated Himself From Society For Over 25 Years In The Desert. What He Reveals Inside This...

The cave digger. Very awesome. In the high desert of Northern New Mexico, you can hear the sounds of a man entranced in his work underground in…

CBN News

Forgiveness therapy is now being looked at as a way to help treat cancer.

DEADLY CONSEQUENCES: Doctors are recognizing that patients who refuse to forgive often stay sick.

"Harboring these negative emotions, this anger and hatred, creates a state of chronic anxiety," Dr. Michael Barry said.

"Chronic anxiety very predictably produces excess adrenaline and cortisol, which deplete the production of natural killer cells, which is your body's foot soldier in the fight against cancer."

Forgiveness therapy is now being looked at as a way to help treat cancer.

Read more here:

James Fortune & FIYA

You never know...

Antony Robbins on depression 2 YouTube

Tony Robbins working with people with depression.

Dr. Estella Sneider


Never ever give up on your passion no matter what. What an Inspiration from this Keyboard Player!!!!!

The morning after I killed myself.

Suicide prevention month The morning after I killed myself, I woke up. I made myself breakfast in bed. I added salt and pepper to my eggs and used my toast for a cheese and bacon sandwich. I squeezed a grapefruit into a juice glass. I scraped the ashes from the frying pan and rinsed the butter off the counter. I washed the…

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

His teachings still lives on....

Live today. Remove all blame from your vocabulary. Catch yourself when you find yourself using your past history as a reason for your failure to act today, and instead say, "I am free now to detach myself from what used to be." - Dr Wayne Dyer

80% off all of Wayne Dyer Audio Downloads at Hay House. Let's Keep Wayne's Teaching alive.

Panic as two children die, seven in critical condition after

I don't like to share this kind of news. But there needs to be higher awareness.
News from yesterday: two babies died, and 7 children in critical condition after
measles vaccination in Kenya. Governor ordered a suspension to the vaccine program until the cause of death is established. Seven children in Kerio Valley hospitalised, hundreds others recalled to medical centres for observation.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - The Shift Movie - FREE - In His Memory

"The Shift"
It's a good film that helps you build awareness. Learn to go from Ambition to Meaning in your life through this amazing full length movie featuring Wayne Dyer and Portia de Rossi

Sad to hear his passing. I'm very grateful for his teachings.
Thank you, Dr. Wayne Dyer.


"If you try to pursue happiness, you will miss it because the search for happiness will cause discontent. Searching is bound to create turbulence within. A turbulent mind is an unhappy mind. Your search for happiness is always in the future, it is never in the present. The future is outside; the present is within. Bliss awaits you within." -Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

More Dangerous Than You Ever Suspected. New Warning Admits it Causes Liver Damage, Death by: Jonathan Benson There are constant warnings by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that claim that acetaminophen is linked to liver failure and is actually toxic to it, but is also related to other serious problems. A study published in the...

"The only thing different about that day was that shot:" Did a trip to the doctor kill a healthy...

This 12-yr old girl went to the doctor for a sore throat and was recommended to get a HPV (a STD virus) vaccine. A few hours later, she was found dead. WAUKESHA (WITI) -- A disturbing mystery -- and a tragic end to a very young life. A 12-year-old Waukesha girl is dead -- and there is seemingly no reason why -- except perhaps, one. Meredith Prohas...

Daily Stretch

Stretching: How to Stretch the Tricep Muscle #Flexibility #Fitness

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training: The Empowerment Partnership

Anybody who is interested in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), here's a great deal for a 5-day training. More than 18,000 Facebook likes!Described as a user manual for your conscious and unconscious mind, neuro-linguistic programming is used by many successful people to bring about immediate and effective changes in life. Now, Dr. Matt of the the Empowerment Partnership aims to equip the masses with these exceptional skills:• $95 ($194 value) for one ticket to Integrative NLP Practioner Certification Training• $179 ($388 value) for two tickets to Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification Training• Five-day training runs from August 26-30 at the Four Points by Sheraton in San Jose"NLP with The Empowerment Partnership is by far the best NLP training I have done! I was already certified but went to NLP training with some friends and I was glad I did! Not only was it a great refresher, but it was actually better than the training I did with another company to get certified! Dr. Matt and crew are phenomenal! Thank you!" - Facebook ReviewerKnow Before You GoAt the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification Training, you'll receive hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified practitioner following the sessions. Best of all, sessions are backed by a 100%-satisfaction guarantee against defects, and titles will be replaced for free for as long as there are replacements in stock.Certification & Attendance PolicyStudents must attend the entire 5-day iNLP session to qualify for certification. Further completion of a test and an action plan will also be required along with a certification fee of $150. Students who arrive late or depart early to any session will not be permitted to return to the remainder of the training, and will not qualify for certification afterward.The Empowerment Partnership Website | Facebook

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