Ron Capurso-Get Athletic

Ron Capurso-Get Athletic

Sports Performance Training for Football Quarterbacks.... Fitness Boot Camps for Adults

We specialize in 3 things: Football Skill Training, Youth Athlete Athletic Development, and Adult Fitness. Our goals are to make sure our clients reach any and all goals they set for themselves. We are passionate about changing the lives of our clients for the better!

[12/15/17]   What is the #1 thing YOU must do to get your body looking and feeling right and the way you want it to?...You need an Effective Nutrition Plan!

What Is An Effective Nutrition Plan?

An Effective Nutrition Plan focuses on 5 things:

BALANCE: You're getting the right amount of the right things and limiting the things that can have a negative effect on your health.
CALORIE CONTROL: This isn't just reducing calories it's about making sure you have the right amount of calories throughout the day to keep your system working effectively.
MODERATION: You don't take in an excess amount of those things that can have a negative impact on your health but you also don’t cut them out entirely and forever.
VARIETY: Not only are you eliminating the monotony of a diet that can be difficult to maintain for the long term, but by including a variety of foods, flavors and textures in your diet you’re ensuring proper nutrition.
ADEQUACY: Make sure you're getting all of the essential nutrients you need to maintain health and replace what is lost on a daily or weekly basis. Many short-term diet strategies recommend cutting or drastically reducing entire food groups leaving room for nutritional deficiencies.

The best meal planning will focus on these five guidelines – and it’s a rock-solid foundation.

Turbulence Training

I always think highly of Turbulence Training's programs. Here is another great workout that has the right combination of basic and effective!

Too many people have this all or nothing approach with exercise.

"I've got a busy day so I'll just have to skip exercise today."

That's the wrong approach. I guarantee you every single one of my 285,000 followers on here can find 4 minutes to exercise.

That's all it takes to make progress, gain confidence, and improve your overall fat loss.

We all have those days where it seems like we can't catch a break. But I promise if you take 4 minutes and do this 4 minute ab workout you will feel absolutely amazing both mentally and physically.


[01/07/17]   Great Saturday run day in the wet windy weather put in by Tony En Huynh Amy Hawkins Lani Ruano Josefina Silva Steve Silva. Way to go!!...Awesome job to all of you!! Great start to our 2017!!

Get Athletic Youth Athlete Speed Training (Brianne)

Gotta brag a bit about Brianne...I had her as a client when she was in the 8th grade. Super talented softball player at the club level and at my old coaching stomping grounds... Santa Teresa HS! She had numerous injuries and frustrations while in HS that didn't allow her to quite reach her potential, even though she still did really well. She is now a freshman at Sacramento St and getting her mojo back to play there and give it a try at that level. She is currently in week 3 of training with me on her break between semesters. I am honored to get to work with her again and I really think because of her talent and motivation, she is going to be a factor in the Sac St program. Go get em Bri...I am fired up for you!!

Here is Get Athletic softball client Brianne P going through a speed workout on a Jan, 2017 morning in preparation for her freshman softball season at Sacram...

[01/04/17]   Major kudos to Amy Hawkins, Lani Ruano, Josefina Silva, and Steve Silva. All I can say is WOW, that was incredible! I admire your dedication to your fitness to come out to class on a night like this and I appreciate your loyalty to this program! I am beyond honored to have you!

Kim Munson Fitness

Great blog post written by Kim here!...we all know how tough it is to dial in nutrition. It is easily the toughest area of fitness to get correct and consistent. I always thought the best approach was to make a few changes at a time. Trying to get it all perfect at once isn't realistic. Kim offers four realistic and very doable changes to improve it! Great read! Nice job Kimmy!

New blog post: Eat better in just four weeks by making these four easy changes.

[11/12/16]   Inspiring workout today at Get Athletic Adult Fitness. Congrats to Nick Caravelli, Tony En Huynh, Amy Hawkins, Lani Ruano, Josefina Silva, and Steve Silva for a very impressive effort in what was a very tough workout plan. Also, congrats to Kim Munson for putting in another great run workout as she prepares for her 2017 track season! Way to go everyone!!

[10/08/16]   Very solid workout put in by our boot campers today... Tony En Huynh, Lani Ruano, Luz Marquez, Steve Silva, Josefina Silva, Patricia Monterrey, and Patti Monterrey. It was a tough one, but that is obviously how tough people go about their business! Way to go everyone!!

[09/05/16]   Great Labor Day Boot Camp Workout this morning...great to have Luz Marquez and Sylvia Garcia out there and it was terrific to have Jodi Ogas and Yvonne Ruano back out there after long layoffs. Great job this morning, ladies!!

Auburn Football Summer Training 2016

Love the programming and work ethic! Fired Up!! Auburn Football Summer Training 2016

Get Athletic Speed Training

Great speed work done by Kim today! Way to go!!

Kim doing speed work on an August Saturday morning, 2016 ** **

3 Effective Alternatives to Olympic Weightlifting Lifts

I love the Oly's, but if you can't do them..... Who should seek alternatives to Olympic lifts, and what exercises effectively build equivalent speed, power and strength?

76-year-old great-grandmother running against Father Time on the track

Very inspiring! I love this! At the ripe old age of 76, most senior citizens are slowing down. But one Prince George's County resident is only getting faster after she entered the world of competitive running.

[04/19/16]   28 DAY BEGINNERS BOOT CAMP CLASS....Starts Monday, May 2nd at 6:50pm at Willow Glen HS and will take place each Monday and Wednesday night over a 4 week span. Cost: $47 This class is for 2 types of people...the total beginner or the person who may have done fitness before, but hasn't in quite awhile. If you are in one of those groups and want to move and feel better, get stronger, burn tons of calories, and get much healthier while having great fun, contact me by email... [email protected]... to sign up!

Play Fast but Don’t Rush

How many times have my football athletes heard this from me..."Play Fast but Don't Rush"! It is one of my most used phrases when working with my football players! It is so important to me that I decided to write a blog post about it.... If you were to ask all of the thousands of football players I have coached over the years about what “coaching point” I use with them most when I am coaching them through the skill deve…

Get Athletic Football Quarterback Training

Here is high school football quarterback Justin J. going through a Saturday morning football skill/speed workout....

Here is high school football quarterback and Get Athletic client Justin J. going through a speed and football skill workout on an April, 2016 morning. ** htt...

6 Benefits of Fitness Done in Less Time

My latest blog post of the 6 benefits that take place when quality fitness workouts are done in less time... I remember the good ole days of going to the gym and thinking that 2 hours of time spent on training (1 hour of strength/1 hour of cardio) should be the standard. Anything less than that was though…

[03/05/16]   Very spirited and successful boot camp workout session this morning despite the rain.. we had a great turnout (12 in all...Nick Caravelli, Tony En Huynh, Sylvia Garcia, Amy Hawkins, Fred Hawkins, Luz Marquez, Luis Monterrey, Patricia Monterrey, Yvonne Ruano, Dane Rudd, Lisa Souza, Natasha West). Great job to overcame the elements and GOT IT DONE!!

Get Athletic Adult Fitness Small Group Training

Solid workout today by our Saturday morning bootcampers (Nick Caravelli, Jackie Corona, Tony En Huynh, Amy Hawkins, Luis Monterrey, Patricia Monterrey, Yvonne Ruano, Josefina Silva, and Lisa Souza). A lot of quality work done by a lot of quality people!!

Get Athletic ** ** adult fitness clients going through a February 2016 workout.

Get Athletic Youth Athletic Development Training - Matthew

Here is high school soccer & track and field athlete Matthew L. going through a speed/power workout this weekend. Job well done by a great kid!!

Here is Get Athletic ** ** youth athlete client Matthew L. going through a speed/power training workout on a February, 2016 morning

Active and Dynamic Warm Up

Here is another terrific blog article written by our fitness trainer Kim Munson as part of her "Components of an Effective Workout Series". Kim goes into great detail about the importance of an Active and Dynamic Warmup to the overall workout regimen. A great read!! Part two: Components of an effective workout - Active and Dynamic Warm Up by Kim Munson Components of an effective workout Active and Dynamic Warm up Strength training Metabolic and cardiovascular ...

5 Much Better Butt Exercises

Our clients know how much we love using the Ultimate Sandbags in our workouts. Here is a great article on glute training with the sandbag. Training the glutes (or butt exercises) has become all the rage. That is a good thing because it helps our low backs not get injured and makes us super strong. However, these 5 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training glute exercises aren't created equal!

Athletic Development Training (More Than Just Speed, Agility, & Strength)

Besides speed, agility, and strength, read about 3 other areas quality athletic development programs cover in my latest blog article; and ALSO.... press the link in that article to send you to a registration page to our FREE 1 Day Elite Athletic Development Clinic we will be having for youth athletes on Sunday, February 28! I think it is rather obvious that when one thinks about what the purpose of athletic development training is, the idea of improving the qualities of speed, agility, and strength enter their mind. T...

Football Player Development: 3 Things That Make It Elite

What makes a Football Development Program ELITE? Check out my most recent blog article discussing the 3 things that allow this to happen... What are the elements that make up a football development program and allow it to be considered ELITE? Here are 3 things that we here at Get Athletic include in our Elite Football Development Progr...

Get Athletic Adult Fitness: Obstacle Course

Awesome workout this morning by our Saturday morning fitness group!! (Nick Caravelli, Tony En Huynh, Amy Hawkins, Luz Marquez, Luis Monterrey, Patricia Monterrey, Josefina Silva, Steve Silva). You all dominated the obstacle course and I got you on video to prove it....

Here are our Saturday morning bootcampers putting in some quality work during our last workout of January, 2016. ** http// **

Components of an Effective Workout - Part one

Outstanding blog article written by one of our terrific fitness class trainers, Kim Munson! A great read for all of you looking to go about your fitness routine the correct way! I believe the framework for a well-designed program includes four key points, all of which need to be addressed in a strategic manner.

Get Athletic Adult Fitness Personal Training...Tony

More proof of super-client Tony En Huynh pushing hard to reach his fitness goals of 2016! Way to go Tony!

One of our terrific clients, Tony E. going through a personal training session in January 2016 ** **

[01/16/16]   We had a solid run workout session today (4x150m, 6x100m, 8x50m). Great job put in by Tony En Huynh, Amy Hawkins, Fina Silva, and Steve Silva. I was so fired up about it ahead of time that I even ran with them!! Also, great job by Nick Caravelli for putting in 5 rounds of our strength circuit. Great Saturday morning all the way around!!

Train with Ron, a Football coach on CoachUp

I still have spots for a few more high school football athletes who are looking to get an edge in preparation for the 2016 season. I want to work with the type of athlete who understands that there are only 2 sports in the and spring football! Contact me if you are wired that way! Ron is a Football coach on CoachUp. Sign up today to start training!

Get Athletic Adult Fitness Small Group Training

Great workout this morning put in by Nick Caravelli, Tony En Huynh, Sylvia Garcia, Amy Hawkins, Luz Marquez, Fina Silva, and Steve Silva! Way to go people!!

Here are our adult fitness small goroup training clients putting in a solid workout on a January 2016 Saturday morning. ** **

Get Athletic Adult Fitness Personal Training Kim

Trainer and fitness phenom Kim Munson is at it again! Dynamic warmup, ladder agility, and 4 Rounds of a 7 station challenging strength circuit which she completed in a solid 26 minutes! Her entire workout was done in less than 40 minutes! This is what we offer at Get Athletic Adult Fitness whether it be personal 1 on 1 training or our small group training classes...quality fitness in less time for busy professionals!

Trainer Kim Munson is shown here putting in her personal training session on a January early evening at Get Athletic Adult Fitness ** **

Organizing Your Fitness Motivation

As hard as it is to do, maintaining a consistent fitness routine over an entire year is possible, BUT... you must organize your fitness motivation to do so. What does "organizing your fitness motivation" mean? Read this... At this time of year as part of many people's resolutions, getting determined to be committed to fitness runs rampant throughout the entire country we live in. The motivation in many people is at a...

Get Athletic Adult Fitness Personal Training

Here is our fitness super client Tony En Huynh going through his first personal training session in the new year! Tony has already come a long way since he started with us in March, 2014, but he is determined for even more this year and as you can tell by the video, he is off to an awesome start!! Way to go Tony!!...big things for you in 2016!!

Here is Get Athletic ** ** adult fitness client Tony E. going through his personal training workout on a January, 2016 evening.

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