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杉本彩さんが分かりやすく発信して下さっているので、是非読んでみて、そして署名をお願いします🙏 是非、署名、パブリックコメントをお願いいたします。

Abby & her mom💕
Years from now looking at this picture, we'll say "Oh yeah, do you remember that crazy time we had to have a mask on and did a massage session outside??"

Sometimes dogs are too busy to lay down for me 🤣 ...I know humming birds and people walking down the street are far more exciting than a massage therapist 🤪

It was really hot today🌞🌡️but we were fine and dandy because Popeye's mom preppped the garage nicely with a fan and a water bowl with some ice👍今日のサンノゼは35℃💦🌞🌡️暑かったけど、ポパイのママさんがガラージに扇風機を置いて上手い具合に準備してくれていたので (ポパイには氷入りのお水のサービス付き😆👍)セッションもスムーズでした。

Zoey would keep putting her big paws on my hand like "Hey". According to her mom's translation, it means "More". 😆😁

So grateful of the beautiful flowers that comforted me tremendously while dealing with the loss of my kitty, #angelthecalico 💓Thank you @yachiyo_wellness , @hoystone , @buster_and_quinn , @houseoflulu 💓🙏🙇🥰
#三毛猫エンジェル を亡くして参っていた時に頂いたきれいな花達にどれだけ助けられたか。ありがとう💓💓💓

LOVED the tranquil moment with Taj 💕Dogs don't seem to care if you are wearing a facial mask or you're in the backyard or in a garage!

Massage & cold laser session for Popeye in an open garage was surprisingly calm & peaceful💕 So great to see my furry friends relax despite the unusual circumstances!

Kina's annual birthday massage 💛 This year, it was little delayed and was done in her backyard 🙄 It was great to see her with her mom & dad, though! Happy Birthday, Kina & many more🤗

Never in million years I imagined that I would be massaging dogs outside with a facial mask on but this is our new normal for now!

Yes, currently all sessions are at clients' houses, either at front porch or bakyard. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.



My baby girl, #angelthecalico is no longer with us. Since the day that I made the difficult decision, I was in a dark place - SIP certainly didn't help, either. We are healing very slowly but surely, celebrating her life.

Here is the same video on Exercise for Dogs with Patella Luxation, this time in English!
Tommy, my furry client has already tried it with his mom (1st pic) 👍

[膝蓋骨脱臼」軽度の犬のための運動療法 - Muscle Strengthening for Dogs with Patella Luxation (Grade 1 & 2)

New upload on target exercise for dogs with patella luxation!

My Favorite Items to Use When Massaging a Dog

I've just sent a newsletter out to my clients, which I haven't done for so long! I hope everyone is doing well. If you are trying to massage your dog at home more often now, I've put together 4 helpful items that might help your massage time go smoother!
「もっと頻繁に家でわんこのマッサージを頑張ろうかな」と思っている方のために、お勧めのアイテムをブログにまとめました。 New Post! My Favorite Items to Use When Massaging a Dog 2020/04/13 / Canine Therapeutics / Canine Massage My favorite items to use when massaging a dog are pretty simple. Let me share these 4 items with you. You can click on the image to get more detail if you are interested.     Bed I’ve tried ...

Who would've thought that we would be celebrating Easter online this year? Thankful for the beautiful spring that we can still enjoy, though🌸

8 Ways To Take Advantage Of SIP That Benefit Your Dog 外出自粛期間を利用して愛犬のために出来る8つのこと

Dewey misses his friends!! 🐕👭🧒👧
Just uploaded a video "8 ways to take advantage of SIP that benefit your dog" (See the link above👆 ) One of the 8 things is to create matching items for you and your dog! Haha! Do you like ours in the photo?🤪

Let's stay positive by doing some positive things for our fur babies❤落ち着かない日々でも、この時間を愛犬のために有効に使ってポジティブに過ごそう ~as mentioned in the video~ Dr. Marty's Propower ...

【必見】オス犬が足を上げておしっこしやすくなるストレッチ&筋膜リリース - Psoas & glutes stretch and myofascial release for your dog

Just uploaded a tutorial on psoas & gluteal stretch (... which is essential for a boy dog to lift a leg to pee😁)

A senior cat with possible dimentia can meow so loudly as if she is in heat. Angel has been obsessed with the bathroom lately and she stands on the edge of the tub and MEOW... I mean like MEOOOOOOW😭 I don't know how she does it with her fragile little body with failing kidneys. Dewey's expression says it all. Yup, we did not sleep well at all last night😅 認知症の疑いのあるうちの老猫さん、まるで発情期の猫のような大声で鳴く。最近はバスルームに固執していて、タブの縁に立ち、みゃーーーーーーおぉぉーーー!!!と。老いてやせ細った体のどこにそんな力があるのかとビックリするくらいな鳴き方をする。ドゥーイーの顔が物語っていると思うけど、はい、私たち昨夜はちっとも眠れませんでした🤣

I learned about @houseoflulu from @sassy.o_rescue the other day. So, I ordered a flower arrangement for someone who just lost their senior pup named Quinn. The order was originally with white Lisianthus and white rose but I was told that lisianthus wasn't available today. Instead, they added more roses and a peonie. I had no complain. It looked beautiful💓 I couldn't believe it when I saw the thank you note from Quinn's mom though,
because it said... "The flowers are exquisite. Quinn loved roses and used to come close and sniff them whenever I picked or pruned." I feel like he chose the arrangement just the way he would've wanted. Is it weird of me saying this? Maybe it is but I feel like he is enjoying the aroma of the roses right now in the house. Thank you again @houseoflulu for making the difficult trip in the rain🙏

The toughest part of being a canine massage therapist is saying good bye to precious furry friends. Always love you, Quinn💓

Massage Your Dog with Me - 今こそ愛犬にマッサージしよう


Be grounded and massage your dog with me while sheltered in place❤

Working With Dogs: How to Work From Home With a Furry Friend

For those who are working from home for the time being💓 Working from home with your dog can be both rewarding and difficult. It's important to have a set of ground rules so that you can enjoy all the benefits without any issues! This is our guide to working from home with dogs.

I hope everyone is adjusting OK to #socialdistancing. Dewey and I were walking earlier today and a boy on a bike came towards us. Right when he passed by, he shouted "Yuck!" Am I the only one who feels the fact that Trump calls #covid_19 a #chinesevirus sets the tone for this country, especially kids? I'm not even Chinese but I can imagine Asians may be feeling little uncomfortable or frustrated right now.
カリフォルニア州6つのカウンティで外出制限の措置がなされている中、皆さんはいかがお過ごしですか?さっきドゥーイーの散歩中(散歩は今の所OK!)、自転車に乗った小学生の男の子が反対方向からやってきて、すれ違い様に"Yuck (気持ち悪い)" と叫びました🙄トランプがcovid-19 のことを「チャイニーズ・ウイルス」と公言し続けていることで、この状況に対する国全体の風潮 (特に子供) に影響しているように感じるのは私だけかしらん??中国人じゃなくてもアジア人は一緒にされることが多いし。今現在、気分の悪い思いをしたり、なんとなく居心地悪く感じているアジア人は多いんじゃないかなぁ...。

Did you have any luck finding what you wanted at a grocery store today? My mom said Costco was zoo!🙄 - Lexi

Can you spare a minute to help Eri Suzaki?

Belgian Malinois are dear and near to my heart as I have them as my clients💙 This k-9 officer, Harry, the Belgian Malinois is now being kept in a cage! His human partner was promised that he could keep Harry upon retirement, but the officials have changed their mind. Harry deserves to enjoy the rest of his life as a dog with his partner. Can you please sign the petition?🙏
いつもマッサージさせてもらっているせいか、ベルジアン・マリノイには特別な思いがある私。ベルジアンの警察犬ハリーのハンドラーは、元々自分が引退する時には、ハリーを引き取って良い、と言われていたにも関わらず、市はそれを翻し、ハリーを取り上げてしまいました。今、ハリーはケージの中で過ごしています。ずっと人の都合ばかりで働かされていたハリー。余生くらいはパートナーと普通の家庭犬として過ごしてもいいよね!? 署名よろしくお願いします🙏 897 signatures are still needed! Bring Harry Home!

Angel was able to enjoy this blossom season again this year🌸 It's been over 3 years since she was diagnosed with kidney failure and over 6 months since we started subcuteneous fluid injection. She seemed to be losing the battle gradually but since I stopped giving her the so-called "prescription diet", somehow she started doing better. With whatever she felt like eating and kidney/liver supplement by Dr. Mercola, she even gained some weight! Actually, she is feeling OK even without having fluid shots weekly! Wow, what's going on?! She gets confused often and cries like a meniac at night, but she is living her life as a 18 yr-old grandma to the fullest 🤣💕

If you meet Jimbo in person, you will see how much of a cutie he is but look at this regal look when it comes to a photo shoot🤓
Btw, it is good to see a #germanshepherd with healthy hips! Breeding them with sloping backs needs to stop!

Tango bango💙
#belgianmalinois #bayareadogs

Zoe is fascinated with feathers. She would usually drop whatever she puts in her mouth during a walk but NOT FEATHERS😂 During the negotiation under the warm sun, she would almost doze off but never let her precious feather go😅Sorry, mom. We're bringing it home!
散歩中に何かを口に入れたとしても大抵すぐにドロップすることが出来るゾーイ。しかーし、羽は別! 羽はたまらなく魅力的らしい😆暖かくて気持ちの良いお天気の中、交渉中についウトウト...😪でも羽は絶対に離す気はないそうで...😅ママさん、ごめんね。これ、持って帰ります😆

A sister who wants to sit right besides her brother even when he gets a massage💕

DIY Dog Treat Dispenser in 1 minute 1分で出来る犬の手作りおもちゃ

Super easy treat dispenser to keep your pup entertained ;)

#snoopy at today's class "How to Help Your Senior Dog with Arthritis"💓 @ Pup Plaza

It was nice seeing you again, baby boy🧡
#oreo #seniordog #bayareadogs #dogmassage #caninemassagetherapy #coldlasertherapy

This is another class at @pupplazasv this Saturday.
Let's find out how to make your aging pups w/ arthritis more comfortable and how to prevent arthritis from developing♬
今月のPup Plazaでのクラスは「シニア犬の関節炎を楽にする方法」まだシニアでなくても関節炎の予防について知りたい方も是非!今週土曜日です。お申込みはPup Plaza のウェブサイトから♪

The video I've just uploaded is about #amazake, a Japanese fermented rice drink, which could be amazingly beneficial not just to yourself but to your pets.

My kitty, Angel, the #calico with #kidneydisease has been benefitting from it 😉


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From post surgery recovery to chronic discomfort in senior dogs, I help your dog move better and feel more comfortable.

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