Orangetheory Fitness San Jose - Downtown

Orangetheory Fitness San Jose - Downtown


Last day of cycling in central Myanmar. 270 miles. Many Hills. Hot and humid. Hell Week definitely helped accomplishing this. Thank you all you guys at OTF downtown San Jose!
Making noise In Corvallis, Oregon.. Home of the ORANGE and BLACK Push forward!!
Where can I find the March calendar?
Always a killer session with Romo 💪🏼
Thanks, Sarah! I had a great workout today. It felt good to get back after being out for 6 weeks after my surgery!
Just met Allie and Emma at Orangetheory Fitness downtown I'm so excited to have it opening soon!
Thank you Jessica for a super smooth enrollment! I cannot wait to start!
Can't wait for this location to open, so close to us!
Hooray! Victoria, the new spot is closer to home. Can I move or transfer my membership? Also, think my neighbors would be interested too. They make the hike to WG, but we'd all love to be closer! PS-- 😘 miss you! Can't wait for baby champ to arrive!

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading fitness gym near you. It offers group personal training workouts based on high intensity interval training that blend cardiovascular and strength training. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at. Call our San Jose, CA fitness studio today!

Member Spotlight: Sarah Freesemann

OTFDTSJ: What inspired you to join our OTF family?
SF: I’m a numbers gal, so that fact that I can track all my workouts in real time is very fulfilling for me. Also all the staff and coaches are so welcoming and energizing.

OTFDTSJ: What's one thing you love about your job?
SF: Destructive Testing – I get to get go into the lab and set stuff on fire or use all my force to try to break our prototypes. It’s very efficient for stress relief.

OTFDTSJ: Do you have a quote to live by?
SF: “Don’t stumble on things that are already behind you.” OTFDTSJ: If you could have dinner with any 3 people, who would it be and why? No limits or rules!
SF: Michelle Obama – I’d ask her about career advice and balancing work and values
Lin Manual Miranda – So I can get the scoop on his next musical
Tyrion Lannister – Because he drinks wine and knows things

OTFDTSJ: How are you feeling after completing the Transformation Challenge? What did you gain from the experience?
SF: In a word: STRONG. I found muscle in places I didn’t even know I had muscles. Thanks OTFDTSJ!​

Got some spare room in your home, a few items lying around that can be used as weights, and an OTbeat™ heart rate monitor? That’s all you’ll need to crush another week of #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts. Pencil us in your calendar each day, and get ready for some heart-pumping, sweat-drenching, total-body fun.

How about some good news?

Base. Push. ALL OUT as Coach @iamtrifit and Lily welcomed their son, Tristan to the world early this morning. Mama and baby are doing well and we couldn’t be happier for their new family of three.

“Ready, here we (eventually) come! Welcome back OTF Nation, follow along as we walk you through our new health & safety guidelines.” Our staff is starting the process of readying the studios for when Santa Clara County gives us the go-ahead, but thought you’d like to see what your “new normal” orange experience will be. What questions can we answer for you (other than: “when are you reopening?”)

“Missing you comes in waves and today I’m drowning.” Do you know your favorite station misses you too? They left notes for some of you.

Member Spotlight: Kayla Nakamoto

OTFDTSJ: How long have you been a member with us and what inspired you to join?
KN: Just over a year! My friend and coworker, Tara Auday, inspired me to join! She would come to work and rave about OTF and how intense the workouts are so I gave it a whirl and loved it. We're now 5am buddies and try to go to class at least twice a week together. It's always more fun with friends!

OTFDTSJ: What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
KN: I like hiking different local trails and volunteering with Special Olympics. I was a competitive swimmer for 16 years so I help coach their swimming program on the weekends.
OTFDTSJ: Pick your poison: Tread, rower or floor? Strength, endurance or power? Why?
KN: Tread because I have always strongly disliked running and this is the one place that has pushed and motivated me to run! Strength because there are usually inclines :) OTFDTSJ: What is your go-to self-care hobby?
KN: Getting my nails done and watching TV shows like Grey's Anatomy or Suits!

Timeline Photos

@sangriafit @miss_newadventure and @marcbeasley11 teamed up for a #passthebandchallenge for #OTFRGbingo #OTFDTSJbingo and we are here 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 all 👏🏼 of 👏🏼 it.

There’s still time to make your own, post it, and check off your bingo square. Boards need to be emailed to the studio by June 7th to claim your swag!

Mark your calendar!
You’ve got some #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts to do. You asked, and we were listening - making it even easier to jump on your Zoom Workouts by streamlining our Meeting IDs.
6:00am Workouts: 8827 7383 6715
Noon Workouts: 8718 823 9763
5:30pm Workouts: 8404 800 8002

Save this post using the FLAG (follow the arrow) and you'll be ready to tackle the week ahead.

One more chance to hit a 6am with Coach @marathonmeghan this week, tomorrow morning for Day 4 of #AtHomeMayhem (meeting ID: 882 738 36715)

Throwback, Halloween style.
When @pangelina absolutely NAILED her @coachsweat13 costume. #whoworeitbetter #likelookininamirror

Our members are tackling the #AtHomeMayhem challenge, plugging into other daily Zoom workouts and pushing themselves to new limits.

Member Spotlight: Shelby Green

OTFDTSJ: What made you join Orangetheory in the first place?
SG: I joined Orangetheory about three years ago when I decided I needed to make a change in my health and fitness habits. I wanted to join a gym with a tight knit community and Orangetheory seemed like the perfect fit!
OTFDTSJ: How have you stayed motivated during the Shelter In Place?
SG: Zoom workouts are what truly have kept me motivated. I have been doing the OTF workouts with coach Justin and zoom workouts with coach Jack. I plan out my week with live workouts to hold myself accountable. There are so many trainers and gyms offering these types of workouts I have been able to find sessions pretty much every day of the week. I stay more consistent when I have a plan!
OTFDTSJ: What do you burn for?
SG: I burn for myself, for a healthier future and a stronger me.
OTFDTSJ: What is the first thing (besides going to OTF) that you look forward to when the Shelter In Place orders are lifted?
SG: I honestly can’t wait to be able to just spend time with friends and visit family. Something that sometimes is taken for granted. I’m also looking forward to getting outside to explore the National parks nearby! However first I’ll be at OTF the day the studio opens, the withdrawal is real.
OTFDTSJ: What's been your quarantine Guilty Pleasure?
SG: 100% Chick-fil-a (honestly my everyday guilty pleasure) along with an ice cold Crook & Marker (way better than white claw, sorry Justin).

Two days left. #OrangetheoryAtHome All Out Mayhem Edition starts May 26. We didn’t hear that it gets crazy. We KNOW it gets crazy. Find it on our YouTube channel and in our app, plus lots of opportunities to work out with the OTFRG/DTSJ community via Zoom (schedule posted later today)

Mark your calendar! You’ve got some #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts to do. Scheduling your workouts in advance is a tried-and-true way of sticking to them. Tuesday kicks off #AtHomeMayhem and we're giving you opportunities ALL👏🏼WEEK👏🏼LONG👏🏼 to complete the most challenging home workouts yet.
What is your #AtHomeMayhem goal? 1, 2 or 3 workouts? All 6?!

(imagine 🎶 ) “Sweat” by David Guetta

We don’t own the rights to the music, but it’s the most fitting soundtrack for an epic Cardio block with @coachsweat13

Show us your AtHome Workout space. Tag us in your post to make sure we see it! #orangetheoryAtHome

Throwing it back to when we had a packed studios and partners to tackle a Core Blast with. It might look different in the studio when we can (finally) return but we know the energy will be just as electric

E A R L Y ☀️ R I S E R S
If you’re a morning worker-outer, go to @marathonmeghan story to vote for when you’d like to see her do 6am sessions. We held our first EARLY zoom this morning and the crew LOVED it. #riseandsplat

In the studio, you do our Capture the Flag Challenge on a rower. For this #OTAtHomeChallenge, we’ve adapted the idea with jumping jacks, bicycle crunches and more. Finish 30 reps of 5 different exercises. Earn your flag and move on to another round. You’ve got 10 minutes.

Member Spotlight: Avi Shetty

OTFDTSJ: How did you hear about Orangetheory and what motivated you to join us at DTSJ?
AS: Always saw this new workout spot when hanging out in San Pedro and then when the weighing scale spoke, an intervention was needed. Just with anything these days, googled and researched OTF and read only positive things about it. Came in for a work out just to try it out, came out of the workout with a unlimited membership and have not looked back.

OTFDTSJ: Since joining OTF, what has been your biggest accomplishment in terms of health?
AS: Not being caught during the Nov’19 instance of Catch Me If You Can workout. I love such workouts which plays with ones competitive nature and mindset while pushing you. And Yes losing -54lbs and 6inches off my waist (in 11 months since joining OTF-DTSJ wooo Hooo) 😊 or as my wife calls the accomplishment “Avi has lost all his pregnancy weight and more!” OTFDTSJ: Guilty pleasure: if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
AS: I have been digging in on HOM Korean BBQ in downtown SJ almost every week for a few months now, My wife is sick of it .. but not least for now

OTFDTSJ: You come to class 5-6 times per week. What is one thing that helps you stay consistent with your fitness routine?
AS: To be honest, I joined OTF to get away from my newborn twins and wifey for at least an hour 😊 .. yes I said that.. But now it’s more like a routine which has turned to an addiction and is now systemic. I can always be seen at the 7:50PM class (M-T) and the 4:10 (F) if I am local and not traveling. Multiple things help me stay consistent like good sleep, work-life balance, etc.. but the one thing which gets me to class irrespective of what kind a day I have had (good, great, bad, worse,).. I can always count on an awesome OTF-DT support staff and coaches (shout out to Coach Justin, Gage, Romo, May, Kelsi, Hailey, & Meghan) who always bring in loads of positive energy and making every workout amazing.

It might be a medicine ball in the studio or your little one in the backyard. No matter what equipment you are using, the important thing is to keep going. If you catch yourself procrastinating, think about what you want and who you want to be, and remember why you started. You can do this!

AtHome Workout is now an option on your OTBeat Out Of Studio workouts. Wear your monitor and select AtHome Workout during on this week’s Zoom workouts to make it even more like our science backed, technology tracked and Coach inspired in-studio experience. #heartratetraining

Don’t have an OTBeat monitor? Feel free to reach out for pricing information and availability; we offer local, contactless delivery for our members during Shelter In Place.

Mark your calendar! You’ve got some #OrangetheoryAtHome workouts to do. Scheduling your workouts in advance is a tried-and-true way of sticking to them. Did we mention how good it’ll feel to cross them off your to-do list when you’re done?

Which Zoom workouts are you planning to attend this week?

Loved this workout and loved that @coachsweat13 chose to spend his Would Be Wedding Day coaching our community through a burpee-tastic Zoom Workout.

Classes will look a little but different when we reopen, but Coach @runromorun and the rest of our staff have been on calls this past week with management to discuss how we can best serve you and provide you a safe, effective workout for our entire orange family. #throwbackthursday #otfrg #otfdtsj #postcovid19 #quarantinelean

A T H O M E 🏡 C H A L L E N G E
The name of this game is SPLAT. Better grab a partner. It's a blitz of a challenge with 8 family-friendly exercises. Complete as many reps as you can in a minute, then turn things over to your partner. Like the schoolyard game of HORSE, you want to spell "SPLAT" before your partner does. To see the full video, download the app where available or head out to our YouTube Channel. #OTAtHomeChallenge

Celebrating Nurses Week 2020 recognizing Nurses within our OTFRG/DTSJ Community. Tag a nurse and thank them for their selfless service.

🍊 How long have you been a nurse?
🏥 15 years 🍊 What made you decide to become a nurse?
🏥 After spending my rebellious teenage years convinced that I would not follow the same career path as my mother (a life long NICU nurse), I soon realized ALL my favorite academic electives were the same courses required for nursing school: Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Chemistry, Physiology Sociology, etc.
I was luckily enough to attend the same nursing school as my mom and I am grateful everyday to have a career that I absolutely love. 🍊 How have things changed for you professionally since COVID-19?
🏥 Our current situation has really emphasized the need to practice kindness and compassion everyday. We've all experienced new stressors, triggering emotions and fears during this time. My hope is that we can get through this together with love and empathy for one another.

Here's the story of a man name Louie
Who opened up two Orangetheory locations.
Both of them had lights of orange, like the franchise,
Both the same with a just some slight variations.

Here's the story of a crazy virus,
Sheltered in place we couldn’t go there to work out.
But our members and staff they stayed connected,
So we’d be ready when the governor gave the shout.

Till the one day in the not so distant future
When science proves that it is safe to Splat again,
We’ll reunite as these studios are reopened.
But we’ll be on Zoom workouts until then.

We’ll be on zoom,
We’ll be on zoom,
We’ll be on zoom until we get to splat again.

Celebrating Nurses Week 2020 recognizing Nurses within our OTFRG/DTSJ Community. Tag a nurse and thank them for their selfless service.

🍊 How long have you been a nurse?
🏥 I’ve been a nurse for 3 years 🍊 What made you decide to become a nurse?
🏥 I wanted to become a nurse because my mom was in ICU when I was 15 and I was very uneducated about the profession at the time. I remember thinking her nurse was lazy because she wouldn’t be there whenever we called for her (we have been calling a lot) so I swore to my dad that I would be a nurse and that I would be the best nurse I could be to all my patients. Little did I know that actually it is very busy and sometimes patients require multiple things and the same time so that is why she wasn’t able to come by every single time we called. I now know how hectic things can get and I try to understand the needs of my patients and try to develop a plan of care that is realistic so we can both plan for our day but also knowing we might not always be on schedule due to unplanned events or needs that we have to prioritize. 🍊 How have things changed for you professionally since COVID-19?
🏥 Since COVID 19, I’ve realized how essential certain specialties are to keep hospitals running. I’ve realized how exposed we are To different illnesses and how that affects time with our families and friends. I’ve also realized that even though we might be afraid, the patients are afraid too. So it’s important to keep in mind how the patient is feeling and why they might behave a certain way. This helps us to help them cope. This all reminded me how lucky we are to be in this profession the good & the bad.

Remember to use your OTBeat to track your workout so that you can take advantage of our heart rate based interval training outside the studio as well.

Check out these summaries from yesterday’s Zoom Workout with Coach @marathonmeghan

It’s a bittersweet Monday as Vic and her boys relocate to Bend, Oregon today. The tears are real but they are a mix of sad and happy tears. Sad that we won’t see her at the studios but happy that she is finally settling into her new home. From all the staff and all the members, thank you Vic for all you have done for our studios. You are forever in our hearts 💕

Member Spotlight: Freitas Family

​OTFDTSJ: What motivated you to join our OTF family and what has been your favorite part so far?
SF: I was motivated to join Orangetheory because I wanted to get fit and loose weight but it has been even more rewarding being able to do it alongside 2 of my daughters.
OTFDTSJ: What's your favorite song to ALL OUT to?
SF: My favorite song for all outs is “level up” by Ciara.

​OTFDTSJ: What's one thing most people find surprising about you?
MF: One thing most people find surprising about me is that I come off very quiet and reserved but once I get comfortable I am full of jokes and sarcasm

OTFDTSJ: ​If you had to do one weight floor exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
MF: If I had to do one weight floor exercise for the rest of my life it would be ground to presses because they are a good combination of upper and lower body work.

Sarah: ​​OTFDTSJ: What has been your proudest moment of 2019 thus far?
SF: My proudest moment has been finding a fitness routine that I am happy to stick to and becoming more dedicated to my overall health. ​​OTFDTSJ: Pick your poison: treadmill, rower or weight floor? Endurance, strength or power? Why?
SF: I like to start on the treadmill so that I can get my cardio done first and then bring my heart rate down on the floor. My favorite days are power days because I enjoy the explosive weight floor movements.

Question for everyone: ​​OTFDTSJ: Who is the most competitive amongst you three?
The most competitive between the three of us is definitely our Mom (Stacy) she is the biggest splat chaser! ​OTFDTSJ: Do you all help each other stay accountable?​
Yes we absolutely keep each other accountable especially on those days when we are feeling lazy and unmotivated. We value the time spent together in class and know that the adrenaline rush after class will be worthwhile.

Orangetheory Fitness San Jose

Orangetheory Fitness offers 60-minute workout sessions split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn. Increase energy, get visible results and burn more calories, even after leaving the studio. That's the Orange Effect!

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