Africana Studies Student Association

A student-led, on-campus organization that caters to the academic needs of students affiliated with Africana Studies (major, minor, grad student, alumni).

White Student Union | VICE | United States

There are some seriously misguided students out there. Use your knowledge and intellect to combat this foolishness accordingly. We went to Towson University to speak with Matthew Heimbach, the founder of a group that advocates for "persons of European heritage." We also met the students who want him off campus... or at least muzzled. White Student Union is a documentary about race, class, and self-righteous collegeā€¦

[05/20/15]   Hey summer scholars! Looking to supplement an educationally nutritious summer? The ASSA is starting a summer book club! Give us your suggestions. Being Skyped into meetings is also an option.

Black Students at San Francisco State University

This group of students is doing their senior thesis on the effects of mentorship on Black academic achievement. If you're a student at SFSU, please take the survey they have posted on the Black Students page and that we have shared on this page as well.

This is what the ASSA is all about!!

39 likes!! Let's see if we can get to 50 soon. Also, don't forget to take the survey posted on the wall! It's important to be able to identify trends in Black academic achievement so we can nurture them as a community! #umoja

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Hey all! A group of researchers from Africana Studies Research Methods class is distributing a survey to measure the impact of mentorship on Black undergraduate achievement. Students of all races are welcome to complete the survey. Thank you in advance! Qualtrics sophisticated online survey software solutions make creating online surveys easy. Learn more about Research Suite and get a free account today.

[04/30/15]   Frequently asked questions about the ASSA:

Q: How are you different from the Black Student Union?
A: The Black Student Union is a coalition of Black students from various majors and departments. They host a variety of events, including socials and demonstrations. They also serve to unify the Black population on campus and keep them informed about current events in the Black community.
The ASSA is specifically to supplement the academic and career ventures of the people involved in any capacity with the Africana Studies department, and for those who are interested in taking classes or becoming a major or minor. One main purpose of our organization is to promote network and camaraderie within the department. Through this network, we can provide job opportunities and help organize study groups for specific Africana Studies classes. We hope to utilize alumni of the department in our organization as well. Our association also serves the purpose of energizing students at SFSU to enroll in Africana Studies courses.

Q: Do I have to be Black to join?
A: No, you do not have to be Black to join. In fact, we would like to see a diverse range of members! It's important for EVERYONE to fill in the gaps of the historical narratives their taught in school; to understand the culture, contributions, and strife of a significant portion of the population who has been here since before colonial times. There are definitely non-Black members already involved intimately with the organization.

Q: I'm not enrolled in any Africana Studies courses, but I was in the past. Can I join?
A: Absolutely! But we're probably going to make you want to enroll in more ;)

Q: I'm not enrolled in any Africana Studies courses, nor have I ever been, but I'm interested in learning more about what you guys are being taught in your classes. Can you provide me with this information at your meetings?
A: Yes! We would love to tell you all about the classes we take and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to stop in at a meeting, or shoot us a message via Facebook or Orgsync.

Q: I'm a graduate student. Can I still join?
A: Absolutely!

Q: If I joined now, what would my role be?
A: Right now, we need passionate scholars from the department who are willing to go to Intro courses to get freshmen and lower-classmen energized about Africana studies. Most of us came in as different majors, but later changed to Africana studies. We also simply need to spread the word in these classes so that students know they can come to us for help organizing a study group and that we are here to help.
We also need people who can provide connections for opportunities (e.g., internships, jobs, summer programs, volunteering, events, etc.).
Also, the two main officers/founders are second semester seniors! Although they will try to be active in the association as alumni, the school requires current students to take leadership positions. If you're interested in becoming an officer, let us know and we'll hook you up (looks good on the resume, but we do need passionate scholars for these positions).

Q: Who is the advisor?
A: Serie McDougal

Q: What kind of events do you host or attend?
A: Since our organization is so new, we have yet to host any events. However, we currently promote events that are relevant to the purpose of the ASSA (e.g., speakers, book signings, cultural events, protests, etc.). We also plan on raising funds for trips to national and/or regional Africana Studies conferences.

Q: Are you affiliated with any other on-campus organizations?
A: Yes. We are currently working on collaborating with Rebound Scholars, a program through Project Rebound. They're a fantastic group that assists ex-convicts through the process of earning their degrees from San Francisco State. Our goal is to be able to provide academic energy and support to their members enrolled in Africana Studies Courses.

[04/30/15]   Today at 12 come to Malcolm X Plaza! Everyone will be celebrating the life and work of Malcolm X. Dr. Amar Casey of the Africana Studies Dept. will be a guest speaker, so please come out!

[04/29/15]   Like this status if you can attend a last-minute introduction meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday, April 29 at 7pm in the library at SFSU). If it gets enough likes, we can get together. If not, stay tuned for a scheduled time next week!

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