DocTours was created to provide you with the best, affordable doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons and medical anti-aging protocols available in Mexico.

Medical- Dental tourism concierge service.

DH Lawrence & A Ballerina Lead Medical Tourists to Mexico. One visits where they lived, worked, ate, drank, and played--except for the ruined old gold mine.

Nano Bits Carry Cures Note Medical Tourists To Mexico. Coming soon, nano ferries deliver drugs right where needed to defeat plaque and other deadly diseases.

Stem Cells Ride Robots, Medical Tourists To Mexico Take Note. Researchers guide pock-marked micro-spheres using magnets to bad knees and damaged cartilages.

Dental Tourists to Mexico, First Be Safely Thorough. Vet the best Mexican dentists. Or use the ones others vetted. Then save big, plus take a long vacation.

Can Medical Tourists to Mexico Live 500% Longer? Garden worms do, thanks to scientists' breakthrough. Meanwhile, visitors can affordably stay younger longer.

Forbes Covers Why Medical Tourists Choose Mexico. Relatively, prices are so low and amenities high. Medical care is affordable and not better anywhere else.

Jaguars In Mexico Increase Eco-Health Note Medical Tourists. People who care for wildlife create a healthy world for humans, too. In jungles, medicines grow.

Holidays In Medical Tourists Celebrate And Get Well. In villages like ones on Lake Chapala, they join processions, sing along, eat traditional meals.

Mexican Students Rate High, Impress Medical Tourists. Some won a global contast. Uni Arizona invited an 8-yr old to attend. Their doctors are worldclass to.

Popular Procedures For Medical Tourists To Mexico range from dental to cosmetic. The dentists and surgeons are accredited, talented, and affordable. Yippee!

DocTours | Medical/dental tourism concierge service in Mexico

Mexican NanoSatellite Impresses Medical Tourists. It's to improve transmission of data back to Earth. The second one is in the pipeline. Students build them. Taking you to where world-class dentists, doctor and surgeons are affordable, and the staff are friendly in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

6 Questions Dental Tourists Ask Before Visiting Mexico about their next dentists, their credentials, equipment, preparation, availability for followup, etc.

Save $X000. Medical Tourism to Mexico: No Brainer. The best doctors and dentists, with a fun vacation thrown in. Who could ask for a better way to get well?

Vets, Uninsured, Can Visit Mexico As Medical Tourists, Saving Money. Don't need insurance. 90% of gringos report great satisfaction with doctors or dentists.

Fix Smile and Bite do Medical Tourists to Mexico. They get world-class treatment while saving huge. Offices are spiffy and the equipment is state-of-the-art.

Employers Offer Plan Medical Tourists Use In Mexico. Their employees save big and enjoy accredited high-quality doctors and dentists as do medical tourists.

Mexico Wins Best Small City, Other Major Firsts. Best sporting event. Best pastry chef. Several world-class restaurants. Also world-class doctors, dentists.

One of Best Countries For Medical Tourists: Mexico, not the US. US healthcare is way too costly, and no better than the best doctors and dentists in Mexico.

Ajijic Uniqueness Attracts Medical Tourists to Mexico, and notable expats, too, now days to enjoy the arts, craft brews, and mountain top ancient ceremonies.

Medical Tourism To Mexico For Dental Care is a way to save much money while using the best dentists. Toursists can find every treatment and enjoy a vacation.

Research Medical Tourism In Mexico's Ajijic where many go. You can save thousands, receive the best medical care, and enjoy an wonderful paradise on a lake.

Healthy Living In Mexico For Medical Tourists & All is easy in Ajijic with the biggest organic market, ghttps://www.medicaldentaltourism.netreat restaurants, fun activities and fine companions.

Migration From US To Mexico Greater Than Vice Versa and keeps rising. Many of the gringos become undocumented. Yet the government does not treat them badly.

Mexican Wins IUCN Prize--Medical Tourists Can See Why. This winner documents environmental progress that makes Mexico a good place to heal fast, affordably.

Healthcare Abroad Is Expats' Top Requirement: Forbes says. Medicare doesn't cover them. But the best treatment is quite affordable. And public clinics exist.

Medical Tourists In Mexico Treated Well Despite US Policy, even expats who don't know Spanish experience courtesy and friendliness in Ajijic and elsewhere.

Mexico's Docs and Parks Attract ~Million Medical Tourists from America alone. One attraction a city park, Chapultepec in Mexico City, named the world's best.

Plastic Surgery In Mexico Assures Medical Tourists because the surgeons are as qualified and competent as surgeons anywhere else in the world and affordable.

Mexican Kid's Invention Relaxes Insomniacs whether medical tourists or others missing the benefits of sound sleep--just another clever advance by a Mexican.

Gringos & Medical Tourists Find Mexico Comfy for many fun, pleasing reasons, especially along the Lake Chapala riviera, where is the popular village Ajijic.

Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal in a park near Guadalajara not far from Ajijic on Lake Chapala with pools of all temperatures from hot to cool. Geysers In Mexico Help Medical Tourists Heal in a park near Guadalajara not far from Ajijic on Lake Chapala with pools of all temperatures from hot to cool.

Ajijic Mexico Attracts Expats and Medical Tourists, like the Hendersons to that fun gringo artist colony, former fishing village, holiday spot for tapatios.

New Big Business Copies Our Name & Logo, hones in on our partner nation--Mexico--in this lucrative global business of medical/dental tourism worth billions.

For Medical Tourists, Bio-Oven Shows Mexico's Cutting Edge in innovation and caring for people and planet. It runs on water, does not pollute, spares trees.

Mexican Medical Care For Gringos: New York Times again covers the issue favorably in general and knee replacement surgery in particular, available in Guadalajara.

Most American Medical Tourists Visit Mexico not just because they're neighbors but also because there one receives great treatment yet saves thousands of $.


We’ve had so many wonderful, interesting clients who have truly enjoyed our services. We’d like to encourage them to post here on this page, about their experiences to share with other potential clients. We even encourage you to post photos taken while here as a tourist or of the results you achieved.

Don’t be afraid to step out and share information with others that could be very helpful. We’d greatly appreciate it and so will they!

From all of us here at DocTours, Be Well, Happy and Healthy.

Major Media Cover Mexico For Retirees, Tourists in general and in Ajijic in particular. Expats improve their lifestyle. Visitors save huge on medical care.

New Media Cover Dental Tourism to Mexico. The refugess from the US medical system vastly outnumber real refugees from Central American poverty and injustice.

Historic Lakeside, Where Medical Tourists to Mexico Go to save on the best health and dental care in Ajijic in general and the Lake Society in particular.

The Dental Tourist To Us In Mexico Was Fun Company with stories about himself and his remarks about Chapala lakeside where thousands of expats live happily.

Medical Tourists, Expats Welcome You to Mexico's prices, people, and lifestyle around Lake Chapala, in the expat community of Ajijica and many others nearby.

To Medical Tourists: Mexico Healing Environment, now with sargassum. It covers beaches, keeping tourists away. It's used to make houses and recyclable shoes.

More Big Press On Dental Tourism To Mexico because millions of gringos go to save big, have the best experience ever, and return to America quite satisfied.

More Good Press: Dental Tourism Saves Money and is easily safe when travelers do their homework and seek a reputable professional in Mexico, as by Chapala.

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