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ADD/ADHD advocate, coach for creative entrepreneurs, certified personal trainer, pro photographer, furniture painter, momma to 1, animal lover, dreamer

Yes 💕

Yes! 💕💕💕

@r.m. drake


So good! 💞

Everyone is looking forward to going back to normal. However, the world 🌎 is never going to be the same after this. Certain things will hopefully go back to a more normal, like the kids going back to school. But we are forever changed by what has happened.

Maybe god wants us to go back to a new normal?!?

Think about it. Find piece in the today. Trust me, this was hard on me too. I was stir crazy those first couple weeks being cooped up. I am the type of person that is always on the go. But there are lessons to be learned here.

Love y’all!


Rantings of a Beautiful Mind

[04/07/20]   When it’s 1:30am and you can’t fall asleep despite how sore and exhausted you feel:

Thinks about all the stuff I am going to get done tomorrow,

Gets up and drinks chocolate almond milk and eats dried apricots,

Goes back to bed,

Gets up and eats more dried apricots and decides to randomly try on clothes ordered from amazon,

Lays back down to think about all the things I am getting done tomorrow,

.... but not if this brain doesn’t shut off so I can go to sleep smh



Waiting for things to return to normal isn’t a plan. Things aren’t going back there.

Moving forward requires a plan, and an appreciation of where we’re headed being different from where we’ve been.

It may be hard, but you can do hard things. Let’s go. We got this.



This storm is here for you! You may not realize it, things might be hard but you will grow from this. Trust me, I am right there with you.

Take this time to take a step back, spend quality time with family and grow as a person. The most important thing is to never stop growing as a person 💕💕💕

It's all about how you look at it.

#perspective #next90challenge

This is incredibly accurate. I know I am shifting where my focuses are and preparing to make massive changes.

Hear this: In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.

If things go back exactly as they were we will have missed the opportunity to take the good from this bad.

The gift nobody’s asked for is sitting here for us all to open — an opportunity to do some housekeeping in where we focus, who we spend time with, what we consume, how we work, what matters and most importantly what doesn’t.

Take notes. We’re getting a lesson we cannot forget when things return to normal.


Fun art to do with your kids while they are home!

Kids Friendly Hands 👐 & Footprint 🦶 Art Ideas 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
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Did you get outside and move today?!?

Keeping the good vibes during the hard times!

Yes!! 💕💕💕

It may take time to get to where you want to be, but I promise, it will be worth it in the end✨

Beekman 1802 | Goat Milk Beauty and Artisan Goods

Facebook is listening in on my convos 🤣🤣🤣.....

After some very serious reflection over the past 12hrs or so... changes will be made. I know that goals are more achievable when you put more focus on them individually but I also happen to be a go getter. This results in me being all over the place running in multiple directions and nothing getting my full attention. My fitness and nutrition have slacked because of this. Time to slow down and realign myself. #goals #slowingdown We make life more meaningful by creating beautiful products for body, spirit and community. Shop Beekman 1802's goat milk beauty and artisan goods.

I pride myself on being a strong person. Doing all the things and making people wonder how I do it all. Hustling to achieve my goals. Being the glue that’s holds everyone together around me. But don’t let me or anyone else fool you... we all go through sh*t. Today was hard for me. Not sure why I was so triggered. But you can always tell when I am going through a thing by my sudden excessive meme/quote posting. I don’t know why this anxiety was so intense today (well I know where some of it comes from) but it can definitely take a hike lol. If you have text, messaged or called me today... I will reach out to you tomorrow.... and thank you all for reaching out to me. I have some awesome friends!

Don’t forget... you are never alone. Someone has been in your shoes and felt the pain you have felt. Everyone goes through things and no one is perfect. Face your fears head on. I might have definitely been scarier then my fears today ⬇️🤣

Student Problems

Live every day like it’s your last. You aren’t promised tomorrow. 💗

Relationship goals! 💞

True love has no end ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
That's what I wish you!

TruLight127 Ministries


Share the original post with the hashtag above and help raise money for the agency I foster for!!! $2 will be donated to them for every post shared from their page with this hashtag.

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Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself.🦋

Woman Who Fostered 600 Kids in 50 Years Took in Anyone—Regardless of Age or Medical Condition

This women is amazing!! 💕 Over the course of the last 50 years, Linda Herring has fostered more than 600 children of every age, gender, race, and medical category.


Love this! New Week Inspo! ❤

To add on to my message from this morning...


Keep shining

This right here ⬇️ I know in the mist of things it’s hard to stop and breath and realize this.. trust me I know very well. But in all reality people’s opinions of you are a dime a dozen. As long as you know you are doing right, keep doing you.

Now let me be super honest. I know how hard the above is ⤴️ as I am in the middle of this right now. You can have a whole team of people on your side and still be hurt by other people’s opinions of you and their actions. Just remember, those people there on your side are there for a reason 💞

Push through the hurt, exhaustion, sadness and any other emotion you may be feeling and keep moving forward. You have goals and dreams to crush! Remember that 😉

😘😘😘 Good friends are awesome, but toxic friends can make your life miserable. In fact, an unhealthy friendship can be just as harmful as a bad romantic relationship. Toxic friends can drag you down, undermine your self-esteem, and drain the joy from your life. So, how do you know when it’s time to thi...

The Peaceful Parent

2019, You weren’t easy. You where down right hard had times. But it has certainly been a year of growth right down to the very last day.

I am not going to sit here and tell you all my 2020 goals. I will tell you that I am going into 2020 following my heart and not letting the head win so much. Fear originates in the head. It’s what stops us from the great things. Sometimes we have to stop being so logical and follow our hearts to achieve the truly great things. Those people speaking the logic to you, sometimes need to be ignored too. If you fail, you fail. Failure is apart of achieving greatness my friend.

Let’s go into 2020 with our hearts on our sleeves, toss some of that logic out the window and do some crazy scary things that could pay off BIG! Embrace the failures and keep on going!

It’s a whole new decade!! What are you going to do with it?!? 😘😘😘

So so true my friends! Just start!

Yes. Take time to reflect this next week and to dream the new dreams. 💕💕💕


What I am doing now.

Enjoy where you are at now.

Be That Girl Who Roots For The Other Girl

Be that girl ​6 Signs You Have A Strong Personality


Finish off this decade in a positive way...... and start the new one in the same manner too! Let's go!

Gratitude 💕 It will change your life!

What a brilliant idea 💟


This week, I watched my kids live out their childhood as the sun set on a day of chaos and noise and mistakes and big love as I held the baby of another mama in my arms.

I wondered what my kids would say about home when they’ve gone. And they’ll be gone soon, I’m aware.

Are you wondering how your kids will turn out and what they’ll say about growing up in a home that chose to foster love and make room for the unwanted and sacrifice so greatly that the pain of loss and surrender almost suffocated the beauty of obedience some days?

Me too. I’m wondering too.

And I’m also trusting thru tears that God is not surprised by the reality that these humans are mine and I am unqualified in my flesh for the job. I’m also fixed on the fact that He is equipping us all with everything we need to do the things he’s called us to do. ♥️

This. Fostering has been one of the hardest things I have done for the simple fact that their behaviors and needs are sooo different from a regular child. Learning to parent in such a way that you are helping build them up and not having a negative affect on their trauma is not the easiest when you have been raising your 7 year old for 7 years without the trauma issues. I am still learning every day and working to better respond to the outbursts and lying. 💕

We already had a rough day, her brain & body have become dysregulated. It happens a lot. I thought some fresh air & a change of scenery would help—but, obviously it didn’t.

When you saw a glimpse of her raging, screaming, flipping chairs & then how I responded—you judged us.

& I don’t know if you thought I couldn’t hear you or if you said it to the other moms just loud enough so that I could. But I did.

“Her mom needs to get a grip. She deserves a spanking & a nap if you ask me.”

Although it hurts, I won’t blame you for saying it. I probably would have said it too before I truly understood. But I guarantee that you have no clue what’s best for this child.

What you don’t see is that her brain & body have been affected by trauma. You don’t know what it took for us to leave the house today or that I was already on the verge of tears, trying to stay calm while struggling to help regulate my screaming, kicking child. Because if I do lose it, things only get worse.

& when she finally calmed down & joined back in the fun, you rolled your eyes at the lack of punishment she received. But that’s because you don’t understand that this wasn’t just a meltdown. You don’t know that her fight-flight-freeze instinct had kicked in or that spanking her for something she couldn’t control would actually escalate the situation.

You may not understand, but don’t be the person that whispers to their friends or loudly ridicules others. You don’t know the insides of what is happening. Be the person that takes the time to walk over & ask if I need help or reassure me it’s okay. & if I ever see you in the same situation, I promise to offer a listening ear & ask how I can help—because I’ve been there. #ThisIsFosterCare #GetTraumaInformed


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