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I'm Austin Fadely, author and student success coach. I focus on helping students like you get the most value from their education and careers.

My name is Austin Fadely, and I started College Conquerors to be an educational program designed to teach students life skills they don't learn in school. These skills are critical for success in college and work.

I'm a success coach and author of such books as Conquering College and Contender. I began working in education in 2006 as a textbook writer and editor. Since then, I've helped students of all levels as a math and writing tutor and as a college preparation coach and speaker.

Over the past several years, I've noticed a growing trend: students just aren't adjusting to college that well. I wanted to know if this was a nation-wide problem or if it was just something I noticed with the students I spoke to and worked with. I did some research and discovered some alarming statistics:

Although more students are attending college than ever, 80% of students at most public universities will not graduate on time. That's an average of $11,000 per semester according to a recent NYT article.

Even flagship state universities graduate only a third of their students on time. Every year, parents lose tens of thousands of dollars.

The root of the problem is that students just aren't prepared for the whirlwind changes that come in college. High schools have to focus on standards and state curricula, which do nothing to prepare students.

And the students who get tripped up their first semester or two aren't the ones you'd think. They're the achievers—the A and B students. These students have "figured out the system" and have succeeded. Now they face a different system, where their old habits won't work. The most common problems?

-Students don't know how to study (a lot of high achievers didn't have to study hard in high school)
-Students don't understand that they have to read and study outside of class (most work in high school is done in class, but in college it's flipped)
-Students aren't aware or equipped to understand the major social changes in college.

The College Conquerors program fills the gaps in student learning. We help achievers stay achievers by teaching fundamental life skills that students will need for the rest of their lives.

We cover study habits, time management, budgeting, conflict resolution, and much more. Our aim is to equip students with the tools they'll need to conquer college and life beyond it.


Angela Lee Duckworth, a teacher turned psychologist, reveals what factor determines whether a student will succeed or fail.


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This car is over $100,000. I've had the privilege of riding in one. Imagine buying one of these and then wrecking it. Now repairs are going to cost $10,000. Hopefully you learned your lesson, but maybe you didn't and another crash happens. That's another 10 grand.

This is exactly what you're doing when you aren't taking your college education seriously. You spend needless money on extra semesters. I guarantee if you had to pay for this car yourself, you'd take the best possible care of it. Why wouldn't you do the same for your education? It's proven that those with college degrees outearn those that don't. So why would you not take the same care of your college career as you would a Maserati? I mean, a car will never earn you money. It only ever loses value, but your education will always be valuable.

[07/22/17]   A college degree doesn't guarantee you anything. It may be a pre-requisite for some jobs, and you may feel like you need one to even be remotely competitive in the job market.

If you really want to conquer college, or life for that matter, learn what it takes to improve yourself. Time and time again, I see the people that hold themselves accountable to be better than yesterday rise to the top. It doesn't matter what Johor industry.

College is a great place to better yourself. You'll also make some of the best friends of your life.

The key to success isn't some life hack or tip you read on Facebook: it's a relentless drive deep within that tells you to keep trying and keep learning. It's also the patience to know that if you aren't yet where you want to be, then you need to keep working.

To give up on your dreams is to give up on yourself. Don't do that. You're stuck with you for the rest of your life, so keep trying to be better each day. Understand that pain and failure are inevitable but temporary. Cherish the small wins, and never, ever give up on you.

How I feel when I don't post in a long time.

[05/09/17]   Some exams require rote memorization, while others need a semantic understanding. You should know the difference because there are different ways to study for those types of tests. For example, flashcards are great for rote memorization, like memorizing history dates. Tellbacks are great for semantic meaning (try to teach your study buddy the concept you are learning).

We've all had moments like these...

[04/27/17]   Want to learn how to write better college essays faster? Check out my live-video at noon Eastern.

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