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We fight CPS with a passion because I personally experienced their abusive, illegal and unconstitutional tactics. Join us in the crusade for our children!

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75% of Children Taken by Texas CPS are Based on Unfounded Accusations

This doesn't surprise me at all. Worse yet is when the accusations are falsified by CPS!

If you need help with a case in Texas, please contact me at We handle cases throughout Texas, including on behalf of grandparents and other family members intervening to ensure children stay in families. Meagan Corser of the Texas Home School Coalition recently published an article about the status of Child Protective Services (CPS) in Texas regarding the evidence required to terminate parental rights. What she reports confirms what Health Impact News has exposed in many other states, that the vast…

THSC Passes Historic CPS Reform During 85th Texas Legislative Session - Texas Home School Coalition - THSC

Today I received a Thank You Letter from the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) for testifying in Texas House of Representatives committee hearings on HB 3297 and HB 3316. A thank you was not necessary as I proudly devote my time to seeking reform of Child Protective Services. I am grateful THSC invited my testimony, and I am grateful to God for allowing many of the reforms to become law. This is only the beginning of necessary reforms, but the future looks bright!

If you know anyone in need of legal assistance involving CPS in Texas, by all means please share my information. I handle cases throughout the entire State on a regular basis.

You can contact me at, or text me at 512-986-9150 if you have a matter requiring urgent attention. If you support our efforts in this movement, we always appreciate it when you like and share our posts or page:

THSC worked with numerous legislators to pass historic CPS reform during the 85th Texas Legislative Session. These bills passed to protect Texas families.

Angel Eyes over Texas


HB-5 was a great bill until Senate floor amendment 8 was added. I was appalled when I went back and heard the floor debate and the term "Sovereign Immunity" being thrown around by Senator Huffman.

If Texas CPS had sovereign immunity then why are the law makers worried about the 2015 Federal lawsuit?

Amendment 8 provides immunity to a non-profit that the state does not even possess. This is a BAD amendment

We need Texans to contact their state Representatives and urge them to vote NO on "Concurring with Senate Amendments" for HB-5

[05/03/17]   I am "patiently" waiting to testify in the Texas House of Representatives concerning CPS reform bills. It may be a long night....

We're proud to announce that Kory S. Booth & Associates is now Booth Law, PLLC. We still fight CPS with a passion, so please contact me if you need assistance.

My email address and telephone number remain the same. If you need assistance with a CPS case, divorce or other family law matter in Texas, please contact me at If you have an urgent matter, please text me at 512-986-9150.

CPS Workers on Trial for Cover-Up of Torture/Murder of Gabriel Fernandez »

CPS workers who falsify information (they did so in my case and then tried to force their hired counselor to falsify evidence against me) should be roped at the feet, tied to a race horse and dragged down a gravel road. Then, before they're dead, raised on a flagpole in front of a CPS office until their rotting corpse falls to the ground. Such treatment sounds pretty cruel and certainly wouldn't be allowed by any court, but consider the impact they've had on the family (and probably many more where they were not proven to have falsified evidence). Wouldn't that be a good lesson for the remaining CPS workers?

Many of you know I cannot stand the atrocities committed by CPS. Sometimes CPS falsifies information to remove kids from good families, and sometimes they do nothing to help children in great need. I understand that workers can make mistakes, but I'm referring to the situations where they knowingly falsify information. Here they may have done so to cover up their mistakes, but they also receive A LOT of money for placing and keeping kids in foster care. In fact, the federal government gave the States over $4 BILLION last year to fund these types of programs.

If you need help with a CPS or other family law case, please know that I went through my own personal battle while my children were in foster care for over 8 months due to perjury and many constitutional violations. I handle cases throughout the State of Texas, and consult with clients in California. Please write me at if you need help, and text me at 512-986-9150 if you have an urgent matter such as a hearing in the next week or CPS is about to visit your home.

Keep fighting for justice for the future of our country - our children!

Please help continue the fight against CPS:
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Have a blessed day!

Kory S. Booth “It was their responsibility to protect Gabriel,” Lopez said, “to remove this child and put him in a safe place. That’s where they failed.”

Rethinking foster care: Molly McGrath Tierney at TEDxBaltimore 2014

Foster care is a bad idea, and this lady knows firsthand from inside. My own kids were also subjected to foster care for over eight months until I strong-armed CPS into returning them.

If your children or grandchildren are in foster care in Texas and you need help, please write me at If you have a hearing requiring immediate attention, please text me at 512-986-9150. Let's put an end to the atrocities created by CPS.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Molly McGrath Tierney is the Director for the Baltimore City Depart...

Local CPS investigator charged with endangering child

Waco (whacko is appropriate here) CPS investigator is a posterchild for the agency alleged to be protecting children.

Write me at if you need help. A local Child Protective Services investigator was arrested Wednesday and charged with endangering a child just two weeks after her husband was arrested on child sex abuse charges.

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