Since its inception in 1991, Equissage has become the longest running certification program, the most widely recognized program and the leader in Animal Massage Certification in the United States.

Equissage is the oldest and leading trainer of animal massage therapists in the world. Since 1991, Equissage has graduated more than 20,000 Equine & Canine Massage Therapists, from every state in the US and 20 countries around the world. Our on site programs (listed below) are held at our facility in Virginia. Equine Certification Program 5 day course (Monday-Friday) Dual Certification Program (Equine/Canine) 5 day course (Monday-Friday) We also offer Home Study Programs for Equine an/or Canine Massage Therapy Certification. Please visit our website for more information: www.equissage.com

Mission: To ensure that our students are receiving the most thorough, complete curriculum available. Firmly hold to the offering of our curriculum both at our facility and through the homestudy courses at a reasonable and fair cost. In doing so, we will make the therapy more accessible to those wanting to pursue a career as a Certified Equine or Canine Massage Therapist.

Massage can be beneficial to all animals: from show horses, to race horses, to companion animals. Pictured here is a racehorse feeling good after her massage by an Equissage graduate💪🐎

[02/11/20]   We still have space in our on site classes for the weeks of April 13th & 27th!
Sign up while spots last 🐾

Woof Woof

Good boy sitting still for his fresh trim 💈😍

This adorable golden boy is named Mo. He is enjoying his massage by recent Home Study graduate, Ian B. from Ontario. Great job, Ian!

Cheesy describes how we feel knowing that tomorrow is Friday

There is a client looking for an Equissage trained therapist in the San Diego, CA area. If you are available, please contact us by email. [email protected]!

[02/04/20]   🎉Congratulations to the following Home Study graduates... Emma D, CO
Patricia H, MD
Sarah M, TN
Raylene L., PA!

“On Super Bowl Sunday i was sacked by one of my own teammates. Probably the first time in the history of the game.”
–Sailor 🐾🏈🐾
#windancernewfoundlands #sundayswithsailor

[02/02/20]   Our March 2020 classes are filling up quickly ! Tag someone who you think should come learn at Equissage. ⬇️


Man buys Super Bowl ad to thank vets who saved his dog from cancer

cbsnews.com David MacNeil purchased a Super Bowl commercial to highlight Scout's cancer treatment journey and raise money for the University of Wisconsin's veterinary program.

"Thank you for a great week learning equine massage. I loved my classmates, loved the horses and loved what I learned. I also loved that I could go because the course was covered under Continuing Education credits. Thank you for providing a great atmosphere for learning. I loved getting a chance to know more about equine anatomy and feeling more confident in my skills. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please tell Mary that I feel good about what she is doing and am glad I could learn what she is passing on."



“I told Mama I really needed to wear my new scarf because it’s always windy here.”

Sailor 🐾❤️🐾

Don't tell him we told you this, but Brave Name is a little narcissistic. He can't stop admiring pictures of himself!

“Okay Mary, I guess I owe you a ride after all of the massages you’ve given me”


Thank you to all who submitted their success stories for our contest. After reading many inspiring stories, we are happy to announce that the story sent by AnnaLisa A. is our winner!

"A friend of mine rescued a 1 year old Great Dane from a neglect situation where she was tied out in the yard 24/7.

Not long after rescuing this dog, they realized she was pregnant.

She gave birth to ten puppies, and at first, all seemed well, but around 5 weeks of age, four of the puppies stopped walking. They were unable to even stand up. They could only pull themselves around by their front legs, and then, one lost even that. They were seen by every specialist in every department at the most prestigious veterinary school in our area and underwent extensive testing. No one had an answer. Some of the puppies were beginning to exhibit mild bone deformities, deformities that would later become extreme in the case of two of the puppies.

The other six puppies were completely normal, but the four affected pups were given 2 months to live, and the rescue was directed by vets to give them the best possible lives in that time.

Unwilling to give up without trying every option, we discussed implementing massage to stimulate muscle tone and circulation, and at the very least, make the puppies more comfortable for whatever time they had left.

For two months, the puppies received weekly or semi-weekly massages. After each massage, they improved dramatically. Sometimes one would stand. One would take a few steps, and always, they seemed more comfortable and content.

After a month and a half of regular massage, one of the puppies recovered her ability to walk--she was the least deformed, and the only female. She improved and never relapsed. She continued to receive massage as she used and gained muscle tone.

But two of the puppies left with the rescue still could not walk or stand. At this point, a difficult decision had to be made--there was no quality of life for them if they could not move on their own. One of them, Brown, was so bad that he could only lay on his side and could barely lift his head. He couldn't turn to look at you, but would follow you with his eyes. This was their last chance.

I agreed to take them in as therapeutic fosters so that they could have massages every other day to see if that helped them improve.

After his first massage, Gray was able to stand on his own and take stiff, uncertain steps on muscles that had too long been unable to support him. He improved with each massage and began to be able to stand up on his own regularly and walk with increasing strength and comfort.

Brown was the worst of the three left in rescue--he could only lay on his side and could barely lift his head more than an inch off the floor, but there was a furious determination in his eyes. You could see how badly he WANTED to walk, to get up, to move. We owed it to him to try.

The only therapy they received during this time was massage. Occasionally I would cold laser, but we were limited as to where we could do so since their growth plates were not closed. The only safe therapy was massage, followed by passive range of motion exercises, again, limited by the pups' abnormal conformations.

The first thing that happened for Brown was that he was able to lift his head higher, then he was able to pull his front end up into a sitting position, but would eventually fall over. Gradually, he could sit up for longer periods without falling over. Then, over the next few weeks, he was able to remain standing on his own if placed in a standing position, for longer and longer periods. He could walk with assistance if his hind end was supported and do this for increasing amounts of time. But... after two months of intensive massage and increased activity, we just had to accept that perhaps he was not going to ever be able to walk without assistance.

So, we ordered him a cart (doggy wheelchair). I put the cart together with Brown in the room, and he watched the entire process. When I was done, and the cart was ready for him, I lifted him to place him in it. He protested, so I placed him back on the floor, and he took his first steps on his own. He started walking that very night. This was nothing short of a miracle. In this case, a miracle brought about by the gift of massage therapy. Brown did not WANT a cart--he wanted to walk, and he refused to give up.

At six months of age, after already having outlived his estimate for longevity, this wonderful, brave, and determined puppy began walking. There is no question in my mind that this would not have been possible without the frequency and type of massage he received.

I am pleased to say that, two years later, so far beyond anyone's expectations, Brown and Gray continue to walk independently. They run, play and dig.

With the continued dedication of his adopter, Brown continued to grow stronger and stronger until he could get up on his own after laying down (a MAJOR accomplishment), and he received weekly massages after he left my house to facilitate this progress. Brown and Gray still receive massages to this day, and they still enjoy every single moment.

"If I sit in the stall can I have a massage too?"- Sailor

We had a great week at Equissage with Joe, Ashley, and Susan!

[01/17/20]   Our March 2020 classes are filling up! Visit our website for more information.

Learning the ropes of equine massage therapy! #focused 👍🏻

New year, new faces at Equissage! 💪


“I feel so out of place but these guys are very friendly. They keep running away from me.


Animal therapy goes both ways ❣️


“Sundays With Sailor”, is a semi autobiographical book about Sailor’s first two years here at Equissage. It has a touch of whimsical expressions (his own:), as well as some loss with a mixture of love and laughter.
The books are still available on Equissage.com and the cost, including shipping and handling is $19.95.
Thank you,
Mary Schreiber and Sailor❤️🐾❤️

This horse is the image of relaxation during their massage from Megan F., recent home study graduate! Keep up the work, Megan 😌

The Equissage horses are chowing down! #hayday


“Well. Ive been taking care of my new puppy over the holidays. He’s more than I bargained for. Mama said that like attracts like.”


Terri S. massaging Dancer (and giving Katie a big hug) 🤗


The dogs showing sick kids how to go through medical procedures

au.news.yahoo.com The therapy dogs are using their calming nature to demonstrate that medical procedures are nothing to be afraid of.

[01/01/20]   "I have met a lot of awesome people with Equine massaging and I am now able to meet more people and to do demonstrations the 4-H way. My goal is to be massaging horses, dog, livestock full time by June 2020. I will let you know. Thank you for everything. I have enjoyed the dog program just as much as the equine.
P.S This is all I think about. I have found my passion"

[12/31/19]   Congrats to our recent Equine Home Study Graduates, Paige W and Mary Margaret B.!🎊🎉

[12/29/19]   “I also just wanted to say how grateful I am that you have a Home Study program. As much as I would have loved to come to the farm and do this program in person, with two young children that would have been next to impossible for me. This gives me the opportunity to work through the program on my own and around my kiddos schedules!”

Nicole S. and Lord Dubai after class last Friday. ⭐️ Lord Dubai told us to make sure we got his good side.

The Epoch Times

Martha the miniature horse was excited to be out of her stable.

Credit: JukinVideo
Read the news that's founded on Truth & Tradition: www.theepochtimes.com
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Merry Christmas from Equissage! 🎄🎅🏻

Goat Shaming 101

Sailor told Santa Clause he would be a good boy for the rest of the year if only he could have a pony for Christmas. Santa said he thinks Sailor has enough of those.

[12/20/19]   Congratulations to Megan F., Erienne R., and Stacy L., our three most recent homestudy graduates! 🏆👩‍🎓

“Mama asked me to say something about our book. It’s a good book. That’s all.” “Oh. One more thing. Please visit our website Equissage.com.”


Melody was caught mid snack and didn’t have time to pose with Nicole! 📸🐴

The years between these two photos is such a blur. A picture is worth a thousand words but two pictures are worth even more. Here is our grandson, Jude Smith. Many years ago I asked him why he didn’t want his picture taken with Santa Claus. His answer just about took my breath away. He said, “ I like the Marines better.” And on Friday he graduated from Parris Island and now he is a Marine. One night this past February, he called me and asked if I was sitting down. I was, having just come in from the barn. He told me he had just enlisted in the Marines.
He sounded so happy, so proud as I listened to his words with tears in my eyes.
Maybe he knew. He probably did.
But here we are a third generation Marine family beginning with Jude’s Grandfather and his Uncle. What a legacy!
I am so proud of Jude Smith and I know “they” are also.

[12/14/19]   "One of the first horses I worked on was a recently retired therapeutic lesson horse. His owner said he was very stiff everywhere and wasn't moving as well as usual and was having trouble lowering his head to eat. She'd had the chiropractor out to see him and nothing had changed. I gave him a massage and his owner phoned later to tell me how pleased she was and that he was moving better and more free than she'd seen in months!"


How Narwhal the ‘Unicorn’ Puppy May Have Grown a Tail on His Head

nytimes.com The likeliest explanation is not all that cute, some scientists say. But Narwhal is still very cute.

[12/12/19]   We still have a few openings for our December 16th class! Visit our website to sign up www.equissage.com

Watch out for cookie thieves this holiday season...



“I was lying down in the back of our truck and Mama noticed that someone was tailgating us. We were coming home with The Books.
So I stood up and the car that was behind us slowed down, almost stopped. Mama was happy and took my picture.”


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