Callahan & Fusco LLC

Callahan & Fusco LLC

Very Proud of my team that attended the Go the Distance for Autism event . Callahan & Fusco were platinum sponsors and seeing all the kids, parents teachers wearing Callahan & Fusco super hero capes was awesome. Families fighting Autism and the teachers in the trenches every day are our superheroes!!!

Callahan & Fusco, LLC Special Education Law, Beth A. Callahan, Esq.

[03/31/17]   Very Proud to have been named one of NJ best lawyers by NJFamily. Check it out on

[02/20/17]   We are awaiting the implementation of the decision AF o/b/o NF vs. Warren Hills Regional School District. They are ordered to purchase a Vgo robot for a young man so he can attend school form home or the hospital. The delaying of this is unthinkable .
justice delayed is justice denied. Kid just wants to go to school.

[10/19/16]   Today I got to demonstrate a VGo robot in the court room to fight for a 9th grade student with serious illness but an incredible brain. The VGo will allow him to attend his high school via "telepresence" technology when he is in the hospital, recovering from surgery to any number of illnesses he may endure. ! It will save the district money it will keep him connected to his friends , his teachers his schools. "We have the technology".....maybe we should use it!!!! Thank you to all the doctors from Columbia Presbyterian ,especially Zvi Marans for your remarkable care of this boy and thousands of others and helping me do my job on this case. Thank you to the VGo company for you incredible technology and you dedication to kids like this remarkable boy and to this remarkable family. for your faith in me and my firm ...stay tuned for the decision...

[10/15/16]   So much going on in our Special Education practice, technological advances that can change everything for homebound students , the never ending fight for quality ABA services for kids with Autism, a dyslexia law being we fight. We fight for every child who deserves a Free Appropriate Public Education, We try to educate the educators and in some cases try to save them money,,,,yet over and over we find ourselves side by side in court rooms with these remarkable families . Your bravery and dedication to quality education for your children is humbling and so we fight for justice for children to have what our laws and our wealth as a nation entitles them to . No child should ever not get what they need because of the color of their skin, the poverty of their school district or a disability . Everyone needs to Vote in local and national elections so change can be made at every level for every child. #ALLKIDSMATTER

[09/05/16]   Many students and teachers begin the 2016-2017 School Year tomorrow. I ask you amazing teachers in special education and inclusion classes to look at the children with special needs not as an additional task or burden but a gift for you to challenge yourself , to defy the odds , to change a child's life. IF you don't have what the child needs, fight for that child. IF you don't have what you need , fight for whatever that is so that you can help that child. Teachers hold the power to change a child's life for the better everyday. You might just be the teacher that 20 years from now that child will still talk about, who will say that you changed everything for them. You are my heroes and I will continue to fight to give every child and every teacher exactly what they need to see true and meaningful educational progress. Happy Back to School !

Callahan & Fusco CE @ Citi

[08/11/16]   So we are a few weeks away from the start of yet another school year and again I am faced with many beautiful clients with Autism and not enough quality programs in the great state of NJ. So many parents don't understand thaat you don't have to accept bad quality programs claiming to be Applied Behavior Analytic. There are Center based programs and agencies and amazing private approved schools. Don't accept a mediocre program for your child, research shows early quality intervention can change everything for you and your child. If you want to know how to get your district to fund these programs call me at 973-618-9770 Beth A. Callahan or email at

[07/28/16]   So yesterday I got to visit a beautiful little boy at the AMAZING EPIC SCHOOL. Autism sucks, and I am grateful everyday for amazing professionals like Dr. Gearhardt and all the amazing staff at EPIC who love these children enough to respect them as learners, to address these most difficult issues to give them the best chance at productive independent lives. IT is all about the quality of services for our kids and families dealing with Autism everyday. Epic Rocks!!!!



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