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I got into the Real Estate and Mortgage business ages ago, and I've helped many hundreds of clients buy, sell, manage, and finance their real estate.

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And here's the info for the 19 Plaza Modena listing.

19 Plaza Modena, Lake Elsinore CA

I see the "Recently Reduced" listings all the time. But *this one* is a terrific price for a turnkey, ready to move in home.
Here's a video:

Here is a video showing the community and amazing views for 19 Plaza Modena. I've personally sat on the Master Bedroom balcony eating homemade ice cream on J...

Know Who Walks Through Your House

I've had a couple friends in the business talking about this very thing, so instead of making a new comment, let me point to a video that really explains some security:

A Public Service Announcement of sorts. When your house is listed for sale, that *doesn't* mean you have to let every stranger who comes by with a business c...

[02/05/19]   To succeed, sooner or later one of two things must happen:
1. Reach outside of your circle for resources you need;
2. Enlarge your circle to include those resources.
Wisdom tells the difference, and includes both whenever prudent.

Moore Realty - World Class Service - Never Settle For Less

Remember you can visit www.MooreRealty.CO for resources and information. Just sayin'!!

19932 Cuyama Lane Riverside

Take a look at the video my nephew Alexander Morgan made for my listing! He's got skills!

[07/09/18]   Anyone who thinks you're an overnight success has no idea how long a night it was!

[05/29/18]   Leadership Tip of the Day:
Taking time to *plan* the work, and then working the plan, makes for much more effective use of my time, and productivity increases drastically.
It's like I always say -- It doesn't matter what you drive, or how fast you go, you are never going get from California to Arizona driving on Interstate 5! So get pointed the right direction before you really stomp on the gas!

[04/18/18]   Ever hear the one about the one who rows the boat has less time to rock it?
Grateful that business has been this busy! Growth this year and helping team members see new financial success at the same time.
What's next? Stay tuned!

Moore Realty is pleased to introduce Carol Johnson as our newest addition to the team! Based in Lompoc, she serves Santa Maria, SLO, 5-Cities know who you are! Carol's a Go-Getter who works like nobody you've ever met to get your home sold and help you buy another! She began her Real Estate career with Century 21, and has come aboard to continue moving forward! Here's her first listing that went *Pending* as fast as the signpost arrived! (Interpretation: she helped sellers price it right, worked like mad, found a well qualified buyer, Boom!)
If you're looking for a Realtor in her area, contact her!
[email protected], 805-464-8734

[03/21/18]   Every builder knows, the road to success is always under construction!

[03/19/18]   Laying a good, solid foundation takes the first 90% of your resources. Then building up from there takes the other 90%.
But it's worth it!

[03/13/18]   I don't remember who said it...maybe Ben Franklin or Mark Twain or somebody like that... But the harder I work, the luckier I am. I don't take the credit for the great season our businesses are seeing. I work really hard in one area, and it seems like God says, "Now look over in this other area! I've got something great for you!"
When I was a kid, Mom used to have me help her make chocolate chip staying out of her way for a while. Funny - the cookies always turned out great.
I think there's a lesson in here somewhere.
Plan your work. Work your plan. Make adjustments. Watch for blessings along the way! (Maybe that's not as catchy as a Franklin or Twain quote, but I hope it helps.)

Jeff Moore - Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, & Property Management's cover photo

[02/01/18]   Let me introduce myself. I'm Jeff Moore. A faithful husband, loving father, devout Christian, excellent Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, and an adequate internet user. Right now, I'm trying to customize my page and it is humbling me....sheesh!! Stay tuned!

Homebuyer Blunders

I put up a new graphic at
about Homebuyer's potential blunders. Take a look. When it comes to buying or selling a house, financing or refinancing, managing a rental…..OK let’s face it, anything having to do with Real Estate can go wrong if we’re not carefu…

[11/15/17]   If you haven't grasped your Purpose, I recommend that you fill a valuable Meanwhile!

[11/09/17]   Some years there is a president in the white house that I voted for. Some years it is someone I didn't vote for. Every year there is a president in the white house that I pray will make the best decisions for our country, and its citizens.
Part of the currently proposed budget could *remove* the tax benefit of writing off the interest on a mortgage. My take: for the vast majority, people who own their homes tend to - with some quality renters as exceptions - care more for their neighborhoods and their homes. And actually, property taxes support an enormous portion of local government that would look very different without those property taxes. So why in the world would a budget made up by people who made a big portion of their wealth in real estate remove the tax benefits to real estate ownership?!
Perhaps, once again, politicians so removed from the real world that they don't feel or even understand the weight carried by the lowly citizens....
I reckon a good shepherd smells a bit like the sheep he cares for, and if you're in a place of authority you must first take the responsibility of the pain those under your oversight feel. And then *not* take away some of the relief that benefit those shouldering their share of the burden.
I'm just sayin'.

[11/08/17]   Mortgage Rates really are still very good. Contact me to take a look at your current loan setup! I can see how an estimated value of your home compares with the balance of your mortgage. With some basic information and with minimal fuss you might be able to refinance into a better loan, to draw some cash-on-hand, get out of an fha loan with PMI/MIP, or pay off some debts that aren't dying on their own. That's why I'm a Real Estate Broker, AND I'm a Mortgage Broker. PM me, or [email protected], or 951-254-3303.

[11/02/17]   I'm thinking there may be a rush of fake facebook friend requests going on right now. Whoever you are, when we don't have any friends in common, and your profile picture is a mirror selfie of your backside, I'm not going to press *confirm*. Not in the market for fb friends wanting kudos for their yoga pants poses. Ever. *decline*

[10/24/17]   I've got a terrific listing going up tomorrow. A Riverside home that is absolutely beautiful!! Stay tuned -- everything will be online tomorrow!

[10/21/17]   I know that there are some things in life that must never be negotiable. Love of family. Faith. Honor. Wow, that list could go on, huh?
Then, there are some beliefs and behaviors with which I absolutely disagree. Hatred. Wanton violence. Innocence taken by predators. That list could go on too.
I'm a Peace-maker, and sometimes that means I bring a hammer to the table. If that's you too, that does NOT mean you ARE a hammer, and no: all the world is not a nail. It means you do the tough things to gain peace, unity, excellence...
That also means there will be people who hate that, and by extension hate you. There are people who feel the guilt of their own issue(s) and project it on others too, and by extension take shots at you.
Cheer up! You're in great company with some of history's best!
Do not allow others' actions or beliefs to define yours, (UNLESS deep inside you know you're living a lie, in which case please make a reversal right now!) So be you. There's obviously room for you, so make the most of your opportunities here and now!
Why post something here about my philosophy, rather than today's rates or how I can sell your house? resume does that. I'd rather you know Whom you're dealing with.

Jeff Moore - Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, & Property Management

Thanks for the Likes everybody! My promise: people for whom I do business will not wonder why you endorsed my business. Thank you very much!!

I got into the Real Estate and Mortgage business ages ago, and I've helped many hundreds of clients buy, sell, manage, and finance their real estate.

[10/06/17]   3 ways to sell your home:
1. Try to do it on your own, without missing any of the required disclosures so you don't end up going to Arbitration, Mediation, then Litigation; (you got the firpta and bed bug forms too, right?)
2. Try to use an agent you just hope knows what to do, and wonder throughout the transaction how things are moving;
3. Use me as your Real Estate Broker and know from the start exactly what to expect, and always be in the loop.
Moore Realty - World Class Service - Never Settle For Less!

How Much Is The Commission?

Hey everybody! Here's a new video I just posted. I hope you enjoy it. It's a really clear answer to an important question about how much you should have to pay when you list and sell your house.

How much should you pay in commission to sell your house? It depends on 2 things: Your community's recent sales commissions, and your plans. Take a look at t...

[08/16/17]   Facebook reminds me in an email when I've been less than regular about posting things here. It told me I had no "likes" in the last week, and I should post something. Truth is: my wife had a birthday last week, our son had a birthday this week, our daughter changed jobs, I'm working on my clients' real estate and mortgage packages, and things are going well even though they take a lot of attention, and and and...
The reason I work so hard is because I love my family time. That's really about the best reason I could imagine in the whole world anyway, huh?
So I'm about to unplug for the day and go spend some time with my lifelong girlfriend and love of my life, my Bride Karen. It's a good day.

[07/31/17]   I got a notification from Facebook that I didn't post anything and didn't get any new "likes" this week on my page, and it suggested I post something. First of all, I don't live and die by "likes." Honest! Second, I do like "likes" when people see, read, comment, et ceteras. Finally, the reason I didn't post was because I was that busy helping clients! The first priority of anyone doing something should be to do it with all their might. Posting about it is a distant second. Okay, back to being mighty...

[07/10/17]   Facebook just notified me that I didn't get any new LIKES in the last few days, and that I better post something so I don't fall through the dark and cracks of the parched earth of forgetfulness. Or something like that. Sigh....

[06/21/17]   Talked with the C.A.R. Legal Hotline this morning. Why? Just to make sure I'm doing everything legally and in compliance with CA Real Estate Law in each of my businesses. Those regulations are like fences in place *not* just to keep Brokers like me in line, but to protect us from wonky California freedom-abusers who like to sue people. Result from my call: I'm doing just fine. I love those checkups.

Seller Beware!

I posted on my blog over the weekend. Check out my Sellers Beware post at I love when my clients ask, “I have this much debt, and that much savings. What should I do?” Or, “We need this and that done to the house before we list it, but we can only affo…

[04/24/17]   It takes time to do something right the first time. Today I pulled a transaction's file from 7 years ago, and my client was completely covered and in the driver's seat. A few months ago an agent buying one of my listings told me she tries not to be so "legalistic" on every little thing. Yeah... I am. And it keeps my clients and me out of court!

[03/27/17]   Been offline for a bit while I was totally retooling the site. Took a while, but now Moore Realty, Moore Mortgage, and Moore Property Management are legal, up and running, and ready to roll! Thank you for all the interest (read: nagging emails if I'm ever going to get to publishing here... ) Yes! So here we go!

[03/07/17]   Working on new website. It's looking good. I'll announce when it's open!

[01/19/17]   Have you seen some people's pages where it looks like they spend their days skydiving, evenings dining with celebrities, and nights planning the extraordinary? My friend Bryan Duncan put it best: "God said stop posing, He is recording in VIDEO."
Social Media is a snapshot billboard. Never be intimidated that you had to re-wash the laundry because you forgot to put it in the dryer, or you paid the monthly bills and that took your whole evening, or you ate at home and watched 2 episodes of a boring TV show with your family. These are the things that make up REAL LIFE!

[12/22/16]   Merry Christmas Everybody!

[12/01/16]   Opened escrow this morning on the Riverside Avenue property! It's awesome when a Win-Win connection happens. That's how we do business!


Come and visit the Open House this weekend:

6026 Riverside Avenue in Riverside, just around the corner from the Plaza. ©CRMLS. Information is believed to be accurate, but shall not be relied upon without verification. Accuracy of square footage, lot size and other information is not guaranteed.

[10/01/16]   Sometimes you have to empty the canteen priming the pump before the water comes up. Don't give up!

[08/02/16]   FB is such a great tool. I've been so busy doing the business that I haven't been online updating in a long time.

[07/09/16]   It's Saturday! Today I'm taking a day off. Ahhh.

[06/17/16]   Question: Why do Underwriters require SO much information in order to process a Loan Application?
Answer #1: Risk Mitigation. If they approve the loan and there's a default on payments later, they face the Lender who has a right to know if that borrower was really qualified, so they have to show the Lender that they did due diligence in approving the applicant in the first place. In other words, to cover their bases.
Answer #2: Fault Mitigation. If they approve the loan and there's a default in payments later, if the applicant was not really qualified to start with, the applicant could sue the Lender for approving them in the first place, and the court could require the lender to *forgive* the debt! It's happened. In other words, to cover their bases.
So: Provide everything they ask for. If you're qualified for the loan, believe me: they want to give it to you. They make money by making loans. Actually, that's not true. They make money by borrowers paying the loans back with interest.

[05/26/16]   Other Guy: "Why don't you post stuff every day, like where you're checking in and where you're having lunch?"
Me: "I am busy working and it just slips my mind."
Other Guy: "Yeah, I should prob'ly get a job too.,,,"

Jeff Moore - Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, & Property Management's cover photo

Jeff Moore - Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, & Property Management

Moore Realty

Moore Realty, Moore Mortgage, & Moore Property Management. World Class Service - Never Settle For Less! Based in the heart of the Inland Empire, I bring over 26 years of experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage Business to the table. I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of very satisfied Buyers, Sellers, and Investors reach their goals and I can help you too! Please drop me a message or give me a call, and I’ll be happy to show you what World Class Service really looks like!

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