TruVision with Becky

An all natural weight loss solution that can also help Type 2 Diabetes, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, along with many other things!

Here is a list and description of our items: *Plexus Slim: the all natural way to lose weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle. It also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels. Plexus Slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your will power over food. *Accelerator- a companion for Plexus slim. It helps accelerate weight loss or overcome weight plateaus. *Plexus 96- protein meal on-the-go *Fast Relief Cream- use for fast, temporary relief of pain. *Fast Relief Capsules- eliminate pain on a permanent or long term basis *Plexus Bio Cleanse- Oxygenates the entire body while detoxifying he gastrointestinal tract and arteries- energizing the body both mentally AND physically *ProBio5- contains 5 probiotics and powerful enzymes to break down hostile organism including candida that can have a major negative impact on your wellbeing * Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream- Luxuriously pampers your breasts with it all natural ingredients. Keeps them smooth and healthy * Breast Check Kit- acts like a magnifying glass for your sense of touch. Early Detection saves lives.

Hello everyone! I haven't checked in for a while! We have a new product called ReActivate! I am SOOO excited! I started mine 2 days ago and I am down4 lbs! 😧 woohoo! If you would like more info message me! πŸ€—

[05/09/17]   Hello everyone! message me for some spring specials! Let me help you gear up your summer weightloss! πŸ€—

Who wants to win a free 7 day supply? Like and share this post for a chance to win! Comment below if you shared! I will random draw winner on Christmas! 😊 MERRY CHRISTMAS! β€οΈοΈπŸ’š

[12/16/16]   Got some sales going on! Message me for info! 😊

[08/25/16]   Wanna try Truvision for free? Attend the opportunity meeting Sept 17th at 4pm! It's at the Park Inn by Radisson...45 Holiday Inn Rd...Clarion PA 16214. Hope to see you there. Each non-associate guest will receive a FREE 7.5 day combo just for attending the meeting!

Mark your calendar! September 17th 4pm-6pm at the Park Inn, Clarion PA! Attend the meeting and any Non-associate will receive a FREE 7.5 day supply of Tru fix and Truweight & Energy. A $25 VALUE!

[07/26/16]   Having some sales on in-stock items! Let me know if you are interested in hearing some prices! 😊

[06/09/16]   I will be at the Strattanville vendor show Saturday with deals you won't want to miss!!! Hope to see you there!

Look what is coming!

new oil......PURE.....

What is it for......
Cleans the air....
Help with Pollution...
Helps with Pollen....
Has Anti bacterial properties
And many more great things...

[05/21/16]   Don't forget to take advantage of the $2 sign-up! 😊 message me for details!

It's my company's 2 year anniversary and in celebration... they are doing 2 amazing things!!! 1) Allowing people to join for just 2 bucks in the month of May!!! and 2) Achieve an easy to get to rank in 2 months and they will double your paycheck for doing so!!! The time is now... change your life with no risk...your own business for just $2 buckaroos. It's unheard of!!! Help people with their health and weight with amazing supplements in over 160 countries, it's an opportunity of a lifetime! Message me on how to get started!!

After you join...I will put you in our team page and you will have a whole team of leaders helping you! It's a win win! We will show you how to do it, no need to bug your friends and family, they will watch you and approach you if interested,if you can do facebook, you can do this.

What do you get?
πŸ’ša 20-25% discount on any of our products
πŸ’™ that discount will cover an entire year
πŸ’šno auto renewal, prompted by email to rejoin
πŸ’™no penalty ever to stop or restart autoships
πŸ’ša TRY NOW link in case someone wants Trials
πŸ’™a replicated site for larger or personal orders
πŸ’šno monthly site fee for that replicated site
πŸ’™ free training if you choose to grow or build
πŸ’š personal mentorship from your sponsor and others
πŸ’™ fantastic customer support
πŸ’š corporate text service
πŸ’™ online chat feature coming soon
πŸ’š lowest price for weight loss combo!
Your weight loss combo will now cost $80 compared to $101 as a retail shopper.
If you thought you couldn't afford product or you ever considered a legit work from home career, or you just want the best and biggest savings.

I'm a believer! 😊

Got some new release products! Message me for details! 😊

[02/15/16]   I really love the new gen 2. I haven't taken my ADHD medication since I started! My mind is clear. I am very excited to be taking something that's more natural

Message me for info! πŸ’šπŸ’™

[01/25/16]   Looking to add a preferred customer or associate tonight! I will give a free 7 day to the lucky person! Message me 😊

[12/30/15]   Half the fun of making New Year’s resolutions is sharing them with your friends and family, and we want to hear all about yours. One resolution that TruVision Health would like to challenge to anyone new joining TruVision Health during this New Years season is clearing out your pantry of anything that will stand in the way of fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions. We want to reward all of our brand new associates who put the TruVision way of life into action….by participating in the Pantry Raid.

Its easy.

1) Take a before picture of your pantry.

2) Next get rid of anything in your pantry that is empty calories. Things that wont help you achieve your TruVision goals because they are loaded with saturdated fat, or simply calories that have no nutritional value…you know what they are…

3) Show us your new pantry before and after, either just reorganized or what you have exchanged in place of unhealthy options with new TruVision Health products or other health products that will help you along your lifestyle transformation. Sumbit this pic by posting on Facebook then emailing [email protected] with your new associate number after signing up. Be sure to put β€œGreat 2016 Pantry Raid” in the subject line. Anyone can join in the fun, but the rebate is only for brand new Associates.

And finally, now all you have to do is enjoy a $25 rebate on your associate enrollment fee (be patient with us, there will be a bunch coming in) Its that easy. Now you and your love ones don’t have any reasons not to make healthy pantry choices. Happy 2016 EVERYONE! Can’t wait to see you very soon.
#Pantryshaming #guiltypleasure #goodbyecaloriehoarder

*Only for brand new associate between Dec 29th 2015 and Jan 15th 2016.

Look what's back in stock! THE DIFFUSER For essential oils! 😍

[12/22/15]   7 day supplies are in stock! Ask Santa for something to increase your energy and give you willpower for the new year! 😝

Gen2 will be here in stock on the 14th! Woohoo! I'm so excited! Ryan took Gen 2 for 60 days and look at his transformation!

[10/23/15]   Some exciting news! There will be an even newer formula! I can not WAIT... HINT.....this is a formula some of us has tried before and LOVED! ;) More info to come later!


They extended it!!!! Just two days left on this deal to become a Truvision Health Associate for 10.00. Just go to Friend request or message me and I will help you get started!

What If you could start your own business, with just $10, (today only) which includes all of these things, would you?
*Proven products that 99% fall i love with
-weight loss and health (our core product)
-essential oil line (already mixed and ready to use)
-whole food trail mix
-3 times the electrolytes sport drink mix
-natural deodorant (pulls the aluminum out of your skin)
-non-toxic amazing all purpose cleaner
* Both a US website and an International Website
* Free training and support 24|7
* Loving and supportive team
*Fasting growing team in the industry
*First millionaire in the company, achieved at 12 months with company
*A unique program that reaches out to only people that need you, no bugging your friends and family, unless you want to
*Ground level company
*Record-breaking growth
*15 month stability
* Product first company, always highest of quality
* Over 3 million a month in sales already
*4 owners that have over 80 years of experience under their belt all together. This is their last business.
*A top earner direct leader, #6 in the company, that you can work with at your disposal TruVision Health

One more reason to become an associate today! I'm so excited about this!

[09/20/15]   I am expecting 50 of the 7 day packs within the next few days! Message me for specials!

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TruVision with Becky

TruVision with Becky's cover photo

TruVision with Becky's cover photo

Why yes.... yes I AM working my business in my PJ's AND cuddling my baby! #dreamjob

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OK so..... I haven't lost any weight on the new accelerator. However, I have lost inches. Dress fitting- when ordered... they were going to have to move over the panel in the back bc it was gapped way too far. Not now :) woohoo! There is a tiny gap but she actually just ended up pulling it a little tighter. Fits perfect! Now let's hope next fitting it has to be taken in!

[04/28/14]   Found a new way to "diet"... lol. I got a pair of pants in the mail on Saturday. They were a tad too tight. I was like "my fat butt is gonna soon fit into these!" Well I wore them EVEN tho they were tight and let me tell you what.... i was like "ok, woman, skip that second plate". "OBVIOUSLY these pants don't fit for a reason!" I seriously think I lost some weight this weekend. Haha!!!

[04/09/14]   Woke up this morning to a GREAT text from a fellow ambassador sending me her before/after! Best feeling EVER to know that not only am I losing weight and feeling great, but that I am also helping others to lose weight and feel great! Love it!!!!

[04/01/14]   I went for a walk this evening and i have to say i forgot how good that felt! I have been a bum this winter. It was too cold and I gotta say it was A LOT colder since losing nearly 60 lbs of insulation. LOL!!!!

[03/30/14]   Things have been busy here but I weighed in this morning and I just checked my stats. Holy smokes I have ALMOST lost 60 lbs! I almost hit a milestone and didn't even realize!

[03/20/14]   I'm starting to get excited about soon to be warm weather. I just noticed some daffodils the other day! Yay! Will anyone be taking advantage of the nice weather by walking?

Hey Pittsburgh friends. Stop in. I will be donating a $50 basket and I will also be having a giveaway at my table! Hope to see you there!

Anyone else ready for this?!

[02/28/14]   This is making me so crazy.... i have a great before/after and I can't post it bc I am in a wedding dress and I think it's "the one"!!!!! If you would like to see it, just private message me, and I will send it! :)

[02/05/14]   For the month of February, I am personally offering to refund the $34.95 membership fee if you purchase any welcome pack through my website. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity of a lifetime!

[02/05/14]   Thank God Plexus is not a shake... I couldn't do it. I like food... Real food... Something about drinking my meal just makes me want to gag. I give props to the ppl that can, that's true dedication right there. As for me? I have no self control... None. Zip. Zero. No joke... But I CAN however remember to take my Plexus, then eat. Which I love, by the way ;)

[02/04/14]   Any new likes from other fan pages please PM me your fan page. I would like to return the favor by liking your page but I can't remember who posted where. It's hard to keep this all straight! Haha!

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