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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is nearly 30,000 engineers and scientists, and 95 corporate members, from 85 countries who are dedicated to advancing the global aerospace profession. The world’s largest aerospace technical society, the Institute convenes five yearly forums; publishes books, technical journals, and Aerospace America; hosts a collection of 160,000 technical papers; develops and maintains standards; honors and celebrates achievement; and advocates on policy issues. AIAA serves aerospace professionals around the world—who are shaping the future of aerospace—by providing the tools, insights, and collaborative exchanges to advance the state of the art in engineering and science for aviation, space, and defense. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @AIAA.

Mission: AIAA's mission is to inspire and advance the future of Aerospace for the benefit of humanity.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Boeing Company CEO Dennis Muilenburg announces that Boeing will commit $1 Million to the #AIAA Foundation

Five seater self-flying air taxi unveiled

It has 36 electric motors. #AiaaAviation✈️ Lilium says the craft, which had its first test flight this month, could travel 300km in an hour.

AIAA celebrates our members’ ingenuity and achievements to inspire and advance the future of aerospace. Tonight we will be recognizing some of these innovators and educators at the annual #AIAA Spotlight Awards Gala in Washington, D.C.

Hermeus announces plan to build the fastest aircraft in the world

Another entrant in the race to return to supersonic commercial air travel #AiaaAviation✈️ "We want to do engineering, not science."

High-speed experiments improve hypersonic flight predictions

Katya Casper will be recognized for this work by the #AIAA next week during the Spotlight Awards Gala. When traveling at five times the speed of sound or faster, the tiniest bit of turbulence is more than a bump in the road, said the Sandia National Laboratories aerospace engineer who for the first time characterized the vibrational effect of the pressure field beneath one of these tiny hypersonic tu...

Jeff Bezos unveils 'Blue Moon' lunar lander

The article has photos of the Blue Moon lunar lander 🌝 Jeff Bezos, chairman of Amazon and founder of Blue Origin, unveiled his space company's exploration plans in detail on Thursday.

If Drones Had 'Claws,' They Might Be Able To Fly For Longer

Roboticists are working on drones that imitate birds 🐦 to maximize their flying time. #AiaaAviation✈️ Small drones have a problem — their battery life runs out relatively quickly. A team of roboticists says it has created special landing gear that can help conserve precious battery life.

#AIAA is pleased to announce that Bell Helicopter has signed on as the HUB title sponsor for the 2019 AIAA AVIATION Forum in Dallas, TX. #AiaaAviation✈️

A safer spacesuit | Aerospace America

Enjoy #NationalSpaceDay by reading in Aerospace America about engineers working to improve the spacesuit 👩🏽‍🚀 U.S. astronauts on the moon or Mars will need a spacesuit that won’t injure or exhaust them. One hurdle is that no one knows exactly what goes on in a physical sense when an astronaut inside one of today’s spacesuits moves his or her limbs. Amanda Miller visited with student researchers in Color...

Congratulations Blue Origin and their team! 🚀 New Shepard capsule touchdown ⤵️ #NS11

All aboard | Aerospace America

🆕 The May 2019 issue of Aerospace America is live ✨
Feature story: All aboard - How urban air mobility might work #AiaaAviation✈️ It’s a dream shared by everyone who’s ever been stuck in a traffic jam, from the bored child in the back seat to the late-to-work-again commuter: If only I could fly. That day could be coming. Keith Button spoke to experts in the urban air mobility field about how this might work.

#AIAA members are eligible for a 15% discount off of registration for the Humans to Mars Summit in Washington, D.C. - use the code AIAAMars2019. 🚀 #HumansToMars

University of Maryland Medical Center transplants first drone-delivered organ

The organ was flown between two hospitals that are a few miles apart #AiaaAviation✈ The first-ever organ delivered by drone was transplanted into a patient with kidney failure at the University of Maryland Medical Center, capping more than three years of work to show unmanned aircraft can be safely transport life-saving organs and tissue.

DC-8 jet engine with drip bucket at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center #AiaaAviation✈️

🎉 Special Announcement: The #AIAA websites have a brand new look! 🎉 Questions or comments? Contact AIAA Customer Service: available 0830-1630 hours (EDT) at 800.639.2422 or at [email protected].

AIAA Design/Build/Fly 2019

Photos from #AIAA Design/Build/Fly 2019 in Tucson, AZ have been posted on Flickr. 📸 #AiaaDBF AIAA Design/Build/Fly 2019 in Tucson, AZ

Register for #AIAA AVIATION Forum 2019 in Dallas, TX:

MathWorks will be at #AIAA Aviation Forum 2019 in Dallas, Texas on June 18th to host a Minidrone Competition. Applications are due May 7th, and submissions are due May 15th. Click the following link to learn more and register today! #AiaaAviation✈️

PRESS RELEASE: Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana Wins 23rd Annual Student Design/Build/Fly Competition #AiaaDBF

World’s biggest airplane takes flight for the first time ever

Congratulations Stratolaunch!

If you're interested in small planes - Live coverage of AIAA Design Build Fly 2019 on our Twitter page: #AiaaDBF Stratolaunch’s rocket-launching plane took off early Saturday morning and safely landed two hours later

First ever black hole image released

Don't worry, M87 is more than 50 million light-years away. 😱 #EHTBlackHole Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole, which is located in a distant galaxy.

#AIAA Design/Build/Fly will be taking place on 11-14 April in Tucson, AZ.

For real-time updates on the contest, follow AIAA on -

Official contest hashtag - #AiaaDBF

The DBF Supaero team with 6 students of the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering has designed and built a radio controlled aircraft. They will participate to the AIAA - The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics DBF competition in April. We wish them good luck ! More information on our website:

3D-printed rocket fuel | Aerospace America

Finding materials that work but don't cause damage to the printers is a challenge. #AiaaPropEnergy🔥 Solid-fuel rockets contain cylinders of fuel that, depending on the manufacturing method, can take weeks to cure. Plus, it’s complicated to design the fuel so that the propulsive force varies in a predictable way as it burns. Keith Button spoke to researchers who think they have a better way to ma...

NASA and MIT's Transforming Wing Could Change How Planes Are Built

The wing can change shape to control the airplane's flight #AiaaAviation✈️ Composed of hundreds of small, identical pieces, the shape-shifting wing can automatically morph to the most efficient shape for a given stage of flight.

#AIAA recognizes our Region VII members on Global Day of the Engineer – 3 April 2019 #GlobalEngineer🌎

Waiting in the wings | Aerospace America

Here's where things stand with unmanned aircraft system traffic management. #AiaaAviation✈️ Thousands of commercial drones could someday whisk packages to our doorsteps, spot dangerous pipeline leaks, and inspect bridges and crops. A revolution of that scale would require accepting that drones must fly out of visual range of their operators. That can’t happen unless the FAA approves a sc...

Lockheed Martin bottles scent of space -

The signature Lockheed Martin fragrance...

April Fool's ✨ Lockheed Martin Corp. expanded its business line April 1 with the introduction of Vector, a fragrance designed to capture the aroma of space.

Congratulations! 🔥

Electron's nine Rutherford engines roaring off the pad today. Credit for this beautiful shot goes to our launch team members Simon Moffatt and Sam Toms. #GoElectron!

UPS Begins First Regular Commercial Drone Deliveries in U.S.

UPS plans to use a Matternet drone to make multiple flights each day for a hospital system in North Carolina. United Parcel Service Inc. and a startup drone partner began the first continuing commercial drone deliveries in the U.S., making a short flight carrying a medical sample between North Carolina hospitals on Tuesday.

The Trump Administration Wants Astronauts on Moon by 2024. But What’s the Plan?

#AIAA in The New York Times 🌝📰 The vice president called for greater urgency at NASA, but how the Trump administration intends to accomplish an ambitious moon landing was not clear.

Today! Watch live starting at 1300 EDT - #AIAA Executive Dan Dumbacher and members Col. Eileen Collins, Sandy Magnus, and Wanda Sigur will be speaking at today's National Space Council meeting at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL:

AIAA Announces Results of 2019 Election : The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

2019 #AIAA Member Election Results ✔️ March 22, 2019 – Reston, Va. –The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics announced today the results of its 2019 election for President-Elect and Council of Directors positions.

A drone map of lava tubes shows how we’ll go spelunking on Mars

The drone does not need to rely on GPS or preloaded maps. #AiaaAviation✈️ A lidar-equipped drone has mapped a lava tube in Iceland in a matter of minutes, using a technique that can be applied to space exploration.

#AIAA members at today's Congressional Visits Day event in Washington, D.C. 🇺🇸 #AiaaCVD

The #AIAA Diversity Scholars Program seeks to provide opportunities for underrepresented university students pursuing a degree in aerospace to attend AIAA AVIATION Forum 16-21 June 2019. Deadline to apply is 24 March. #AiaaAviation✈️

Super-fast engine set for key tests

Featuring "a compact pre-cooler heat-exchanger that can take an incoming airstream in the region of 1,000C and cool it to -150C in less than 1/100th of a second."🌡 Reaction Engines SABRE Important tests lie ahead for the engine concept that could take a plane from London to Sydney in about four hours.

Space nuclear power — seriously | Aerospace America

In the March 2019 issue of Aerospace America - Former astronaut Tom Jones writes about new attempts to bring nuclear fission power to space. NASA is testing technologies to bring nuclear fission power to human spaceflight. Former astronaut Tom Jones explains why the move is long overdue.

How Many Decimals of Pi Do We Really Need? - Edu News | NASA/JPL Edu

Happy #PiDay! 🥧 An explainer from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the use of pi in scientific applications. Earlier this week, we received this question from a fan on Facebook who wondered how many decimals of the mathematical constant pi (π) NASA-JPL scientists and engineers use when making calculations:Does JPL only use 3.14 for its pi calculations? Or do you use more decimals like say: 3.1415926535897...

Talking (space) trash | Aerospace America

Talking (space) trash 🗑 An easily overlooked, yet critical element of long-duration lunar or Martian missions will be dealing with all of the garbage we humans inevitably produce. ♻️ An easily overlooked, yet critical element of long-duration lunar or Martian missions will be dealing with all of the garbage we humans inevitably produce.

Of possible interest to #AIAA members: SGAC announces the Space For Youth competition in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) that is aimed at engaging youth in the global discussion by gathering examples of space supporting Sustainable Development Goals.
This initiative was proposed in the context of supporting the first priority of the UN Youth Strategy (launched in September 2018), namely “Engagement, Participation and Advocacy to Amplify youth voices for the promotion of a peaceful, just and sustainable world”.
The first round deadline is 22 March 2019. To learn more and to apply:

SpaceX completes historic Crew Dragon test flight for NASA with splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean

Splashdown! 💦

#AIAA statement on successful Demo-1 mission:

​PICTURE: Kratos XQ-58A makes flight debut

The unmanned air vehicle performed as expected #AiaaAviation✈️ Kratos Defense & Security Solutions’ XQ-58A Valkyrie demonstrator has conducted its first sortie, launching a planned five flight test campaign.

First-ever image like this! See below. ⬇️ #Repost @nasaarmstrong
Check this out! NASA captured the first air-to-air images showing the interaction of shockwaves from two T-38s, both flying faster than the speed of sound, in formation. ✈️✈️ The two supersonic aircraft are about 30 feet apart, producing shockwaves that are typically heard on the ground as a sonic boom.

This image, originally monochromatic and shown here as a colorized composite image, was captured during the AirBOS Phase 4 flight series, flown in part to better understand how shocks interact with aircraft plumes, as well as with each other. ⠀
The system will be used to capture data crucial to confirming the design of the agency’s X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology X-plane, or X-59 QueSST. ⠀
Learn more:

Space Station Celebrates 'A New Era' In Exploration With Arrival Of SpaceX Capsule

The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule arrived at the International Space Station carrying a test dummy Astronauts in the station opened Crew Dragon's hatch and entered the spacecraft on Sunday, in a significant moment for both Elon Musk's company and the future of commercial space exploration.

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