ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art, Reston, VA Video September 24, 2016, 12:51pm

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Calling all fans of Alex Ross and all things Marvel and DC! We have some wonderful exclusives for Awesome Con, happening this weekend. We have Invincible: Larger than Life (only 35 in the edition!) for $2100--it will look SUPER in your living room! Batman: Tribute (only $50 and 250 in the edition) --we're the only ones in the US that has these! and in addition to a lot of sold out and exclusive limited editions, we have ORIGINAL GRAPHITES by him as well! Contact the gallery for more information, or hopefully we'll see you at booth #1813 at Awesome Con!

Hey! If you're still looking for art and want to pop in, we have lots of great pieces in stock you can pick up in time for Christmas! We're open today till 6, tomorrow 12-5, and Monday to 3pm. Come on by!

If you and/or your loved one loves both #MickeyMouse and contemporary art, you might want to come to ArtInsights this weekend and get the new #10x10x10 book signed by #TennesseeLoveless! (the book is $50) You can see and maybe even snap up one of the last originals featured in the book! We also have new limited editions from the #ArtOutsiders series including #Prince and #GraceJones and you can see him work on his new image of #ElizabethTaylor !! #DragFriday #SmallBusinessSaturday #ArtInsights

Getting ready for the holidays at ArtInsights Gallery
Our friend Roger wanted to record me getting ready for the holidays at ArtInsights. Here's a peek at the gallery and some great art! #TennesseeLoveless #JohnAlvin #DisneyArt #HarryPotterArt #StarWarsArt #SmallBusinessSaturday #DragFriday #ArtfortheHolidays COME VISIT! (or visit our website at

Here's what we're doing tonight...(and tomorrow..) #PennSocial #DistrictTrivia #HarryPotter #Halloween We'll have some of the art till the 2nd, if anyone is dying to see it!

Tennessee Loveless is putting the finishing touches on the second #VoxPopuli piece today--all the presidents, except one. It's called "44 Not 45, Hopeful 46" He talks about it: #tennesseeloveless #art #resist

Tennessee Loveless is in the house! Finishing up the spectacular Ms.Jones! Working to the rhythm...#GraceJones #ArtOutsiders #PullUpToMyBumperBaby #SlavetotheRhythm

Somehow when I see this new original by Tennessee Loveless, the song by Joni Mitchell always plays in my head. Check out some of his other pieces: #tennesseeloveless #10SC #AmeliaEarhart #sketchwave #ArtOutsiders

Just got a new piece from Tennessee Loveless of Nikola Tesla and I am so in love! Check it out:

Tennessee Loveless talks about his icon "Diamondhead Jones" and the creative process:

Tim Rogerson explains his plans for "Under the Dreaming Tree"...

Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square in NYC
Here is a preview of the new incarnation of Harry Potter: The Exhibition, and there is much new from the last movie, so it's worth checking out! also MTV is doing a big premiere tonight at 7 pm if you want to see some of the stars!

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