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We love animation, film, and contemporary art, and we specialize in proprietary projects with contemporary artists, and original and limited edition OFFICIAL art from all the major film studios--we have exclusive art from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and all the Disney features. We also interview artists and filmmakers about their art and craft and their careers, to both inspire and promote those who are dedicated to a life in art--whatever form it may take. As Cinema Siren, we especially focus on women and diversity in film, but we also love superheroes and blockbusters (when they're good or fun or both!) Check out our interviews and ask us about art commissions. Many of the pieces we create for our collectors go on to be sell-out limited edition images!

See all the Scooby-Doo original production cels and backgrounds in our new collection by going to

Scooby-Doo origins and Scooby-Doo original production art collection

Did you know the new release SCOOB! is coming to streaming this Friday? ZOINKS!

Well, you know how we love to be timely, so we've written a blog about Scooby-Doo, that includes his origins, including his name (hint: it's NOT Sinatra), 'The Mystery Five', and stories about the first Scooby features that included REAL monsters and creatures. 🧟‍♂️👻😾🧙‍♀️🧟‍♀️

Check it out!

We'll be sending out our weekly "Wednesday Wonders" email tomorrow to those who have signed up on our website. Are you signed up? You get to see everything before anyone else does, and every weekly email includes a "COVID Comfort Cartoon". Sign up on our site! ( 🥳 We talk Scooby-Doo origins and cartoons, and present the Scooby-Doo original production art collection from ArtInsights, with Bob Singer remarques! Read on:

Disney Introduces Cloth Face Masks and Donations for Families and Communities in Need

Something cool for my friends who love Disney and Marvel and Pixar! and the proceeds go to charity! (after June, you'll see me in these if you come by the gallery) Disney is committed to serving the communities where we live and work. During these challenging times, we’re using the power of our timeless stories and beloved characters to address our guests’ needs.

Star Wars - Original and Limited Edition Art (1977-2015 and beyond!) - Artinsights Film Art Gallery

May the 4th be with you! We have some great exclusives and sold out Star Wars art for you rebel scum and imperial warriors out there, especially art by John Alvin. Check it out, and remember those handy hacks today, like staying warm by slicing open your dying Tauntaun...Stay safe out there! #MayTheFourthBeWithYou #StarWars #JohnAlvin George Lucas' beloved epic saga featuring Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and more, and have spawned a million t-shirt designs.

Here are just a few of the production cels and drawings we just got that are available now and are being shown here first to our Facebook fans, before we post them on our website! Contact us for these or other images! (we have villains, too) All of these are part of the Heroes Initiative, and 10% of all sales go to COVID Relief.

This is one of a whole collection of original production cels we have just gotten as part of our Heroes Initiative, which donates 10% to COVID relief charities. We are posting a few great images here for our Facebook fans, which include Batman, Justice League, & Superman and of course some great villains. Contact us with particular interests or to see more!

We just got some really great images from the Frank Miller segment of Legends of the Dark Knight episode of The New Batman Adventures! 😱😍😍 I know these are not only in demand but also very hard to come by, so if you're interested, let us know! Images will come with litho backgrounds from the episode..

#Batman #TheNewBatmanAdventures #FrankMiller #AnimationArt

Do we have cels from the Frank Miller-inspired segment of Legends of the Dark Knight? YES WE DO! All these pieces will come with appropriate litho backgrounds, but my connection at WB/DC was too excited not to send them when she found them!

ArtInsights Heroes Initiative - Artinsights Film Art Gallery

Keep checking back on our Heroes Initiative page. With the help of DC Comics and our wholesale partners, we're extending it to May 1st!

We're adding some rare sold-out images we're getting from DC Comics as well as original production cels they're pulling just for this. I love my partnership with them. Thanks to Ruth Clampett, Warner Brothers, and DC Comics!

Reston Gallery Takes Heroic Step To Honor Coronavirus Heroes

We got written up on Patch for our new ArtInsights Heroes Initiative! Hope some of you looking for the art of superheroes, which includes Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Adam Hughes and other cool artistic cats, will pick something up, knowing a percentage will help real-life heroes!

ArtInsights Heroes Initiative! Flash sale through Saturday, and 10% of all heroic art sales will be donated to Nurses House and Direct Relief through the end of April. You can celebrate superheroes, support small business, help real life heroes all at the same time! Check out the available images here:

You can also read about it on our new blog post:

Announcing the ArtInsights Heroes Initiative!
first, a flash sale of 10% off heroic images, now through Friday night at 11:59pm. Go here to see all the images:

10% of all sales of heroic images sold from now to the end of April will be donated to @directrelief and @nurseshouseinc.

You can read all about it on our latest blog:

Featuring @thealexrossart and @jimlee and both great #Marvel and #dccomics art. Celebrate your love of #superheroes & support small business & Support REAL LIFE #HEROES at the same time. #batman #superman #wonderwoman #Avengers #comicart #AlexRoss #JimLee #Spiderman #guardiansofthegalaxy #BlackPanther #wednesdaywonders #supportsmallbusiness

We have started something new called Wednesday Wonders, which was released for the first time yesterday, through our newsletter. Each week we'll have something cool and special we'll be releasing or offering. In the newsletter, we also include what we're calling "Covid Cartoon Comfort", one cartoon you may or may not know, that might raise your spirits or bring you joy.

This first week, we are presenting original art by Bob Singer, a concept artist important to the history of animation who worked in layouts, backgrounds, and character design, at Hanna Barbera and Warner Brothers.

We have one original Scooby-Doo background layout from 1969, and lots of great images of The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Foghorn Leghorn, Chilly Willy, to name a few. At 92, Bob has been present during a lot of historic firsts and premieres, and we are honored to be working with him to bring you his originals!

We'll post links to the pages in the comments, which will include our latest blog, which is all about Bob, a link to signing up for our newsletter, a link to our "CARTOON COMFORT", and the link for all these great pieces on the Bob Singer page on our website.

We have our first "Wednesday Wonders" at ArtInsights: Bob Singer originals! Check them out at

This is a peek at what i'm adding in the next few days.

I think many of us can relate to the "Honey Do" list while we're all home. At least it gives us something constructive to do! Artist Bob Singer loved creating this image, because it's an ode to his longtime love and wife.

We are partnering with Bob Singer to bring you original art from his own collection, and we'll also have some beautiful production cels he will be making remarques on: (a remarque is when an artist draws a little something original when they sign the art)

Stay tuned. It's hard to get them all up online as quickly as we'd like, with all that's going on. They are definitely worth the wait!

How to Draw Scooby-Doo

Hi from ArtInsights-
What a March we’ve all had, an I right?
Hope everyone is staying safe, sane,
and sanitized for your protection 💖.

We are currently working from home, though coming in to the gallery for one-on-one consultations for framing and art sales and pick ups (contact us via FB message) . Since we have a robust website, we are hard at work coming up with and posting new cyber-shows
that we’ll unveil in the next day or two.

The plan has been to find exclusive, exciting art for clients and fans, that also helps other companies and folks down the line. We are partnering with wholesale companies and artists directly, to help in everyone’s success and financial survival during this totally bizarre, unprecedented time.

Stay tuned for some great art rolling out and coming your way for this weekend! In the meantime, #StayAtHome, and find some joy where you can. We can get through this together!

And here’s Bob Singer showing you how to draw #ScoobyDoo:

Bob Singer, head of Hanna Barbera Character Design for over twenty five years shows us how to draw Scooby-Doo.

"Oh hey! It's March! Time to fall in love with a Disney redhead!" --see our great new collection of production cels from The Little Mermaid for sale in the pinned post!

Happy March to our FB pals!! We thought a delightful way to start the month would be by showing the new collection of Little Mermaid production cels we've gotten for sale!

Prices range from $3500 to "pricey-yet-worth-it", but we wanted to give our Facebook fans a chance to contact us before we post them all for sale on our website!
(buy them you can make them "a part of your world"!) 🤪😍

Who loves Valentine's Day? Who loves the 1975 Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special? We have one original cel that comes with drawings available. Let us know if you're craving the sweetness of #Snoopy and #Woodstock for a #Valentine!

I got one of a very few original cels, drawings, and this great piece created by Larry Leichliter, from the original 1975 Charlie Brown Valentine's special! Let us know if you're interested!

Are you still looking for the perfect, unique, awesome holiday gift for that special someone?
Here are a few suggestions of originals and sold out pieces in a bunch of different price points for you that you can pop in and pick up this weekend! PROBLEM SOLVED =

You can contact us for prices or to find out more info at the gallery. a HAPPY HOLIDAY to all!

We started our #smallbusiness dream in 1992 by creating ArtInsights. On December 15th, 1994, we opened the doors to our gallery in #RestonTownCenter! We love our friends and collectors around the world, but we’d love some folks to come by and say hello on our special anniversary!

See you soon? #HappyAnniversaryToUs #TheJoyofArt #SupportSmallBusiness

We love our clients, who are doing much visiting this weekend for Small Business Saturday and to support small business during the holidays! We've got lots of options for under $300, a great new Alex Ross exclusive image, art from Frozen and Star Wars, and a great new show of art from Peanuts Christmas specials! Check out some of the cool pieces perfect for your movie-loving loved ones on our website:

Frozen 2 is coming! It looks great, and I know lots of fans are excited. We have some lovely art based on concepts from the original film as well as interpretive art for you lovers of magical sisters Anna and Elsa! Find them all here:

Who loves a good Nightmare before Christmas? We are ready for you, with this extremely rare and working Lumicel: it is $795 plus shipping (or carry away, but don’t drop it! There’s so little official NBC art!) #44 in the edition.


#British #artist #MarkDavies makes evocative and beautiful works of art, like this #MaryPoppins piece #PieCrustPromises. For you serious Mary Poppins fans, Mark hides tons of hidden secrets in his #art. See if you can find all the nods to the classic #film! #artinsights #disney Pie Crust Promises is the new release by UK artist Mark Davies, and celebrates all things, both light and dark, of Mary Poppins.

Embrace your #goddess strength and take on the world! #artinsights #artmeme #meme #wonderwoman #dccomics #comicart #jimlee

In this #spooky season of #Halloween, we wanted to show off one of our darker and scarier pieces. Oooo! In the memorable and horrifying scene from #ReturnoftheJedi, the poor Twilek #oola is fed to #jabbathehutt’s #rancor. Painted to life by #WilliamSilvers, a #StarWars background painter, this forboding piece is perfect for any fan of Star Wars and #horror. Come see it and more #filmart at our #RestonTownCenter gallery #ArtInsights #jabba #starwarsart

Lilo and Stitch or Treat WDCC Disney Classics Sculpture

Are you a #Halloween and #Disney fan? We have an adorable treat for you! We have this super #cute #Lilo from #LiloandStitch of the #WaltDisneyClassicsCollection! She’s dressed up as a #witch, carrying around a #pumpkin. If you know a Disney fan who’s excited for Halloween, we’ve got a gift that they’ll adore #ArtInisghts #RestonTownCenter #Stitch #wdcc Lilo and Stitch or Treat WDCC Disney Classics Sculpture at ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art.

With #Halloween fast approaching, we figured it time to bust out some of our #classic #scary #monsters, like this #Wolfman by legendary #comic #artist #AlexRoss. If you like this one, you’ll want to see the rest of Ross’ #UniversalMonsters collection, available at our #RestonTownCenter gallery or online #ArtInsights #horror #film

#Elsa struggled with being #different, but she found #strength in herself #artinsights #artmeme #meme #frozen #frozen2 #disney #animaitonart #queenelsa #victoriaying

Joker Original production cel from Batgirl Returns Batman Animated Series

With #Joker out in theaters, it’s a good time to rewatch the amazing #BruceTimm #animated series #BatmanTheAnimatedSeries. We have a collection of super rare #productioncels used in the making of these episodes. If you’re a #dccomics fan, you’ll definitely want to see the collection at our #RestonTownCenter gallery or online #ArtInsights #batman #robin #cartoon This Joker Original production cel from the Batgirl Returns episode of Batman The Animated Series

Looking for a cute #gift for that #Disney fan in your life? We’ve recently got new #TreasuresOnCanvas pieces from #DisneyFineArt, each for only $150! These make for wonderful gifts that will floor your loved ones and friends. If you know a classic #MickeyMouse fan, this #TimRogerson piece evokes a sense of nostalgia and happiness that only a Disney #artist like Tim can bring to life. Come see more Disney art at our #RestonTownCenter gallery or online #ArtInsights #train

Just in time for Halloween season! In searching for other art they were looking for at my request, the studio that animated It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown found an original cel from the 1966 cartoon!

This one-of-a-kind production cel of Lucy trick-or-treating is available, and is $1850. Let the gallery know if you’re interested In acquiring this little piece of Halloween history! (And it comes with a certificate from the studio that made the special! 😱🤩👺)

Writer/Director Jill Culton on her Animated Feature Abominable | The Credits

Leslie of ArtInsights interviewed the writer/director of this sweet movie, opening today! The Credits spoke to writer/director Jill Culton, who shared her insights about bringing Abominable to the big screen.

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