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Update 51: Advanced Copies!!! · RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game

I have received word from Print Ninja that the shipping container with RED AEGIS has cleared customs at the Port of Los Angeles and will arrive by the end of the week!

Confirm Mailing Address
If you ordered a hardcover game manual, it is very important that you confirm your mailing address is current and accurate at Backerkit. To do so, navigate to https://redaegis.backerkit.com/, enter your Kickstarter email address into the field and press the “Get My Survey” button. You will then receive a survey link through email where you can examine your mailing address. I plan on mailing out the first wave of books the weekend after next, so please double check your address as soon as possible.


kickstarter.com Advanced copies of the hardcovers arrived in the mail from Print Ninja this afternoon. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to hold the physical books in my hands and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the finished product.Thanks again to each of you for making RED AEGIS a reality!-Brian R. James


Update 50: Update 50! · RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game

Game Update 50: RED AEGIS is at the printer!

kickstarter.com Hardcover The good news is that the RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game is at the printer! The bad news is that they only just received the print-ready files from us last Thursday. That puts us in the digital proofing stage, where they apply our documents to their print templates and we sign off on the maste...

[07/10/15]   Gen Con hasn't made it live yet, but here is the RED AEGIS event info should you wish to attend:
Vorpal Games Presents: RED AEGIS (SEM1581915)
Description: Come learn about a millennia-spanning, strategic tabletop roleplaying game from industry award-winning designers Brian R. James & Matt James.
Start Date & Time: Friday at 5:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn B : HQ

Red Aegis at Winter Fantasy — Kickstarter

Red Aegis at Winter Fantasy 2015


kickstarter.com Our lead game developer, Matt James, will be running a convention special event that will allow groups of players to experience Red Aegis, and develop an entire campaign setting by the time the convention ends.


Update 32: RED AEGIS September Update · RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game

The RED AEGIS Core Rulebook is now in layout! Check out the September Update for more info, include preview art from illustrator Jim Nelson.

kickstarter.com Layout: I’m pleased to announce that the RED AEGIS Core Rulebook is now in layout. That means that our graphic design guru, Erik Nowak, is taking the content from the manuscript and laying out the final pages in Adobe InDesign. This will take a few weeks to complete, but we have a few pages we can p…

Update 31: RED AEGIS August Update · RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game

In all the excitement leading up to Gen Con, we forgot to cross post our August RED AEGIS update to Facebook. Within you'll get the latest scoop on our release schedule and preview new art by illustrator Ricardo Guimaraes.

Hello again gamers! Updated Schedule: The initial round of edits on the RED AEGIS Core Rulebook are now complete. Alas, this effort shined a light on areas of the manuscript that could benefit from further clarification, as well as some game mechanics that need additional tuning and refinement. This…


BJGN 08-22-14 - Gen Con Spectacular!

Our lead game developer Matt James was interviewed at Gen Con by 99.9 KISW. If you're interested in learning more about Red Aegis and other Vorpal Games content, check it out!

media.kisw.com ALan Patrick from Game Links in Michigan was BJGN's correspondent for Gen Con, and he spoke with: Wizard's of the Coast, Paizo, Syrinscape and Vorpal Games!


Justice/Vengeance: Libations for the Dead (Vol 1)

One of our freelance designers Erik Scott de Bie has his own Kickstarter up for an amazing comic book series!

kickstarter.com Ninjas. Robots. Mutants. Demons. Monsters. Demi-Gods. Liquor. JUSTICE/VENGEANCE: where the heroes kick ass and the booze flows freely.


Gen Con LLC | Gen Con Indy 2014

Are you coming to Gen Con this year? Have you signed up to learn more about Red Aegis and meet the design team? Click the link to see our seminar event.

gencon.com Best Four Days of Gaming


The world map of Namarune, created for the Red Aegis #RPG and published by…

Illustrator and cartographer extraordinaire, Mike Schley, is now selling prints of the Namarune campaign map created for the RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game!

plus.google.com The world map of Namarune, created for the Red Aegis #RPG and published by Vorpal Games, is now available as an archival print. Order yours today! … - Mike Schley - Google+


Update 30: RED AEGIS July Update · RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game

The RED AEGIS July Update provides a gameplay example and showcases new art by Kerem Beyit.

kickstarter.com Gameplay: Several playtesters have noted that RED AEGIS plays like a curious fusion between a traditional tabletop roleplaying game (e.g. Dungeons & Dragons) and a 4X turn-based strategy game (e.g. Sid Meier's Civilization). This is indeed our intended goal, but for many of you it has been diffi…


Update 29: RED AEGIS June Update · RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game

The RED AEGIS June Update includes new art by illustrator Eric Belisle. Check it out!

kickstarter.com Design: Writing is still ongoing, which means we are now a couple weeks behind schedule, but our editing team has already begun the work of fine tuning the completed chapters of the manuscript. We are still on target to release the completed PDF of the RED AEGIS Core Rulebook in August, though it ma…

[06/12/14]   Brian didn't want me posting this, but I'm going to give away a limited edition signed Red Aegis book to one random preorder that picks up the digital boxed set. -Matt


Pre-order RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game on BackerKit

PREORDERS are now available! Get in on the RED AEGIS roleplaying game. If you missed our Kickstarter, this is a great way to still make it into the action. If you're already a backer, you can manage your pledge, select add-ons, and pick up even more!

redaegis.backerkit.com Pre-order RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game on BackerKit - A millennia-spanning, strategic tabletop roleplaying game from industry award-winning designers Brian R. James and Matt James.

[06/08/14]   We have industry editing expert Miranda Horner working on the Red Aegis RPG product as we speak. The TSR alumni brings a massive amount of experience to the table. Very few can count D&D 2e - 4e on their resume!


Gen Con LLC | Gen Con Indy 2014

Event registration for Gencon 2014 is now live. Be sure to sign up for SEM1454739 and meet the team behind the RED AEGIS Roleplaying Game. See you there!

gencon.com Best Four Days of Gaming

[05/15/14]   [Matt] ...hmmm... I'll show the cover art for the book earlier if we can get 1000 likes on this page. Otherwise, we'll show it at Gen Con (SEM1454739).

[05/14/14]   [Matt] Come to our seminar at Gen Con to see the official Red Aegis RPG sourcebook cover art (and more!!!). Exclusive giveaways as well. More to follow.

[05/08/14]   One of our artists turned over some 'sketches.' Yeah right! These pieces are amazing. If we can get 10 shares and 25 likes, we will share one of them with you all.

[04/16/14]   Our latest beta packet went out late last night!

[03/22/14]   We just notified our $1,000+ backers to send us an image they would like our artists to use when creating important characters in our game world. Things are truly ramping up!

[03/09/14]   Final book outline, freelancer contracts, playtesting updates, and more. It's been a productive week at Vorpal Games. We want to thank everyone that has provided feedback thus far! Keep an eye out next week for the next playtest document.

[03/06/14]   The wonderful and talented Erik Nowak is our design layout guru and also a kick-butt graphics guy in the industry. We asked him to create a clan record sheet for you to use. It has some outdated information on it, so I wanted have it updated first and we'll include it in the next beta release.

[03/06/14]   Some big updates in the next beta playtest packets. You'll see more of the roleplaying precepts that were not included in the first.

[03/03/14]   RELEASE THE KRAKEN! Vorpal Games is pleased to announce that the beta playtest for Kickstarter backers has been sent out.

[03/02/14]   A lot of alpha feedback has been positive in regards to the analog to Sid Meier’s Civilization. What an honor. We can't wait to see what our Kickstarter backers think once beta is released tomorrow morning.

[03/01/14]   We're a week behind on Beta release. Fear not. It will be in your lovely hands by Monday morning. I needed to rework some areas, add clarifications, and get some other things out of the way. Thanks for your patience! (-Matt)

[02/18/14]   You just know things are getting juicy when a discussion on time-space continuum breaks out!

[02/16/14]   We have officially wrapped up the RED AEGIS Alpha playtest! What does this mean? Soon, our awesome Kickstarter backers will get their hands on the Beta playtest document, where they'll have the opportunity to see the game before anyone else--and help shape nuances of the game.

[02/04/14]   Who want's to play RED AEGIS? Soon, all of our backers will be able to delve into the craziness of this new kind of RPG!

[01/28/14]   We expect neuro-overload for our Vorpal team from the latest alpha packet. Lots to chew on!

[01/26/14]   It's a busy day here at Vorpal Games. We submitted our RED AEGIS seminar event for Gen Con Indy, and we're working on the latest alpha packet. Did you get to do any gaming this weekend?

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