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In Canton MI is there an online Easter Mass? Mystery Babylon's 4 Locations Reveal Her Identity Antichrist is a Loser! We Will Defeat the Beast!
Oh'LORD thank you for protecting me with my family and all the people in the world AMEN!
Thank you for recognizing me as top fam on St.Thomas a Becket
Mais frer j'et sairs je vous sauérte la bi1 veni suir nouveau testament , dieu nour j'aime ,en effet, dieu a tant aimé le monde qu'il a donné son fils unique afin que quiconque croit en lui ne périsse pas mais ait la vie éternelle.merci main j'amie
Lord give me your spirits and strenght. Amen..
If you wouldn’t mind sharing this on your page as you may have members interested. Thank you so much
Anthony A Pray not too be missed if need any guidance hala: 19 April 2018 Its Saint Expedites Feast Remember to light 2 white candles with download his pictures and ask 1 petition at a time and put it at the back of your picture,make an altar of light. And remember to put a glass of water on it:- Novena prayer group Thank You Jesus Bless You Jesus.....Amen to Saint Expedite. Jesus I Love You!!!!! PRAY TO SAINT EXPEDITES – FOR FINANCIAL CRISIS I call forth the Power and the presence of St. Expeditus in my time of financial trouble. I offer my body, heart, mind and soul upon your altar of light. I have faith and trust and complete confidence that you will be my strength in this time of need. Quickly come to my assistance. Bring to me ____________ (Clearly express what you want, and ask him to find a way to get it to you.) My financial need is urgent. Be my Light and Guide in this situation so that I may live with peace, love, prosperity and abundance and in the Praise of God. Amen. (Now promise to give Saint Expeditus a specific offering if your desire is granted. You may also post your thanks below if your wish has been granted) NOVENA TO ST. EXPADITE DAY 1 Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the lively faith which was granted you by God, I ask you to awaken the same faith in my heart, that I may also believe wholeheartedly that there is God, but most particularly that I may be saved from sinning against Him. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 2 Prayers for the Second Day: O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the eviable hope given you by God, pray that those of little belief may be penetrated by some rays of hope so that they also receive eternal things; please pray that ardent hope in God be also given me and hold me steadfast in the midst of sufferings. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 3 Prayers for the Third Day: O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the endless love which Our Lord planted in your heart, please remove from mine all the shackles tied by worldliness, that without them I may love only God in all eternity. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 4 Prayers for the Fourth Day: O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, who knew fully well the teaching of the Divine Teacher to carry the cross and follow Him, ask Him for the graces I need that I may fight my own passions. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 5 Prayers for the Fifth Day: O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the bountiful graces you received from Heaven that you may conserve all your virtues, grant also that I may get rid of all the feelings that block my way to Heaven. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 6 Prayers for the Sixth Day: O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the sufferings and humiliations which you received for the love of God, grant me also this grace which is very pleasing to God, and free me from anger and hardness of heart which is the stumbling block of my soul. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 7 Prayers for the Seventh Day: O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, you know that prayer is the golden key that will open the Kingdom of Heaven, teach me to pray in a manner which is desirable to Our Lord and to His Heart, that I may live only for Him, that I may die only for Him, and that I may pray only to Him in all eternity. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows DAY 8 O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, through the clean desires that reigned in all your feelings, words, and actions, please let them guide me also in my endless search for the glory of God and the good of my fellow men. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows Ads Hope, Peace, and Love www.worldbibleschool­­.org Study the Bible with a study helper 7 Free Bible Courses DAY 9 O Glorious Martyr, Saint Expeditus, who was so much loved by the Queen of Heaven, that to you nothing was denied, ask her, please my advocate, that through the sufferings of her Divine Son and her own sorrows, I may receive this day the grace I ask of you; but above all the grace to die first before I commit any mortal sin. • Three Our Fathers in honor of the Most Holy Trinity • Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary • One Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows
Goodreads reviewer: “It was amazing. I laughed a lot. I cried more than I'd like to admit. Most of all, I was incredibly inspired. This is a book that makes you appreciate every single day, everything you have, and everyone in your life that loves you.”

St. Thomas à Becket is a Roman Catholic community. We believe in Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. “Faith is a flame that grows stronger the more it is shared and passed on, so that everyone may know, love and confess Jesus Christ…Sharing the experience of faith, bearing witness to the faith, proclaiming the Gospel: this is a command that the Lord entrusts to the whole Church…Where does Jesus send us?

There are no borders, no limits: he sends us to everyone. The Gospel is for everyone, not just for some…Do not be afraid to go and to bring Christ into every area of life, to the fringes of society, even to those who seem farthest away, most indifferent. The Lord seeks all, he wants everyone to feel the warmth of his mercy and his love.” – Pope Francis, World Youth Day homily (7/28/13).

Mission: Our parish is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As members of the Roman Catholic Church, we seek to share the love and joy of a relationship with Jesus. We hope to introduce the world to the beauty of our faith.

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Statue of Our Lady Remains Perfectly Intact After Devastating Explosion in Beirut | Hail Mary, full of grace! 🙏 This is amazing! 😱

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) :: CNA Saint of the Day On August 9 the Catholic Church remembers St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, also known as St. Edith Stein. St. Teresa converted from Judaism to Catholicism in the course of her work as a...

Pope Francis: Even in times of darkness, God is there When caught in difficult moments or trials, turn your heart to God, who is near even when you do not search for him, Pope Francis said in his Angelus address Sunday.

The two churches that survived the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Pray the Rosary. 🙏🏻📿 August 6 was the liturgical Feast of the Transfiguration of Christ. On that date in 1945, the transfigured face of God, reflected in His children, was disfigured with the devastating explosion of t…

Fr. Cedric Pisegna

A day at the beach turns into a miracle! The author of this post writes the following!

If I hadn't witnessed it for myself, I'm not sure I would believe what you're about to read . . . this is one of the most horrific situations I've experienced.

A friend and I planned a day at the beach yesterday. After driving to Asbury Park Beach NJ; we were turned away since a very limited number of day passes can be purchased; all sold out by 9:00 AM. So we decide to go to Belmar Beach about 15 minutes away. A perfect beach day - 95 degrees, blue skies, and cool ocean water. We were there for about 2 hours; catching up, swimming, relaxing, commenting on people's adherence to the social distancing, enjoying what felt like a normal summer day.

"HELP", we hear someone call out, maybe 15 feet behind us; followed immediately by another "Help"; then like wildfire - "Help"; "Call 911"; "Lifeguards" . . . a panic begins. We both jumped up to help, while at the same time trying to figure out what is happening? We head towards a mound of sand and as we get closer, there's two young men digging frantically while standing in a hole < 3 feet deep. Then two more men jump in digging as fast as they can around a child's hand and wrist barely sticking up above the sand. As I’m about to jump in, two other guys dive in and the small hand suddenly slips deeper into the ground.

What had happened is a 10 year old boy was playing; digging a hole in the sand . . . An arms reach from his mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousins. The family is at least 150 feet back from the water. As he’s digging < 3 feet, he hits a large pocket/sink hole/quick sand, and just like that, he vanishes, swallowed by the earth.

"SHOVELS, get shovels" yell the lifeguards, who are now all in the hole digging. It's now been more than 5 minutes; and no one can can figure out where or how deep into the earth this child is. The crowd gets larger by the second, as people dig frantically in all areas next to the hole trying to tunnel into the vicinity.

"Allah, please not my son, please not my son"! It's the voice of the boy's father, running into the ocean and dropping to his knees begging God for his son's life. His mother is looking down on the lifeguards digging, screaming hysterically by the second. The police arrive to the scene with shovels, clearing the area, pushing back a crowd of now more than 100 people, while getting all the lifeguards out of the hole dug deeper and deeper. No further sign of this child. It's been over 10 minutes.

I stand completely frozen - two girls nearby kneel to pray. Daniel wishes to go because he just can’t bare seeing the image of a child pulled from the ground. It's now been over 12 minutes.

So a policeman; holding on the ankles of another policeman makes contact with the boy. "Water, get water" is heard by the police and paramedics. They found him! They carefully secure and pull him out of the ground. "He's still breathing" someone yells.

Its now just under 15 minutes, most people are either gasping, crying, hysterical, frozen, praying or silent. Finally, as the boys being carried to the ambulance, he lifts his head looking on to the crowd. When the public see's that he's conscious and responsive, everyone begins to clap and cheer loud (and louder AND LOUDER) for the boy, his family, the lifeguards, the police, the paramedics.

This was the first miracle that I've experienced. I'll never know how this child survived being submerged in sand and water for more than 15 minutes. Above ALL else, this child's life was the only thing that mattered for more the 100+ people that stood by. It comforts me, in hindsight, of the humanity, the teamwork, the prayer. It was 15 minutes without division, race, politics, religion, pandemic . . . just this precious life of a child.

Jeff Danko

Spanning continents and centuries, Our Lady’s message is clear

A golden thread running through all these Marian apparitions is her request for her children to pray, especially to pray the Rosary. As at Fatima, she begs us to pray for the conversion of sinners. She also asks that we pray for clergy and for the family.

At Quito, Mary said: “Pray constantly, implore tirelessly, … beseeching the Eucharistic Heart of my most holy Son to take pity on His ministers and to end as soon as possible these unhappy times.” And at San Nicolás, “The weapon that has the greatest influence on evil is to say the Rosary.” To fight the evil in the world, she said that there should be special devotion to the Holy Rosary and perpetual novenas, “never interrupted.”

Other common themes are the need to reform our lives, fast, and perform acts of penance. Finally, she encourages us to have faith and to trust in God no matter what and focus on what really matters, the salvation of souls.

Reasons for Hope

Our Lady’s dire predictions are conditional, and she gives reasons to hope.

As Our Lady of America, she has said: “What happens to the world depends upon those who live in it. There must be much more good than evil prevailing in order to prevent the holocaust that is so near approaching.”

At Kibeho: “Do not forget that God is more powerful than all the evil in the world.”

At San Nicolás: “Those who stay in the Lord have nothing to fear,” and, “Just as in the Calvary after the crucifixion and death came the resurrection, also the Church will resurge again by the force of love.”

...The messages and results of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s apparitions are also great reasons for hope. She appeared in a land where human sacrifice had long been and was still surreptitiously being practiced, and she left behind an image not only miraculously produced but rich in both theological truths and cultural significance. The image recalls Revelation’s “woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Rev 12: 1; according to the position of the star map on her mantle, the constellation known as the “Boreal Crown” would be above her head), and at the same time has a special meaning for Aztec viewers. She blocks the sun, which played a critical role in their civilization, but does not extinguish it, for its rays still shine all around her. She stands on the moon, showing that she is greater than their moon god. Her eyes are looking down, indicating that she is not a god—as their gods were always depicted looking straight ahead. She wears a black sash indicating she is pregnant, and the cuffs on her sleeves show she is royal.

Though there had been peace for 10 years, the Aztecs were planning a rebellion shortly before the apparition, and many of them viewed Christianity as a foreign religion irrelevant to themselves. (The cruelty of such Spaniards as the governor, who had been excommunicated by the bishop for it, was counter-evangelical as well.)

But when the Aztecs heard of the miracles and saw the image—the Mother of God appearing as an Aztec to an Aztec—their hearts were changed. Her loving words also made an impact:

I am the ever-virgin, holy Mary, Mother of the true God: the life-giving Creator of all people; the Lord of what is near and far, of heaven and earth. I deeply desire that a chapel be built to me here where I can show, praise and testify to him forever. Here I will give people all my love, compassion, help, comfort and salvation. For I am truly your compassionate Mother: your Mother and Mother to all who dwell in this land … Here I will hear their cries and listen to their complaints. Here I will console them in their suffering and relieve their pain. Here I will heal them in their anguish, their affliction and distress.

Nearly nine million converted in only a decade.

These words of Our Lady of Guadalupe are for us too today, in all places and all times, for she also called herself the Mother “to all other nations and peoples who love me and call and entreat me. I am the Mother of all who seek me and place their trust in me.” Spanning continents and centuries, Our Lady’s message is clearAt various times and places, the Blessed Mother has communicated to her children on Earth the need for repentance and trust in God’s mercy. December 12, 2018 Jeanette Flood Essay 2 Print Photo via Pixabay In the last several days, the...

Lebanon needs US Catholic help now, bishops say The Maronite eparchs of the United States are pleading for prayers and aid for the people of Lebanon in the wake of the large explosion in Beirut on Tuesday.

After Deadly Blast in Beirut, Lebanon Turns to St. Charbel Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that Wednesday, August 5, will be a day of mourning across the country, to pray for thos...

‘We Never Leave the Lord Alone’: 135 Years of Eucharistic Adoration at Sacré-Coeur

❤️🙏🏻 Since Aug. 1, 1885, the chain of perpetual adoration of the Holy Sacrament at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre in Paris has...

Photo of doctor praying the Rosary in COVID-19 hospital goes viral

“This image of my great friend and brother, the doctor anesthesiologist Nestor Ramírez, breaks my heart. He, like many doctors, endures endless shifts, and very intense emotional pressure that many of us would not be able to sustain. Even so, in short moments of rest, he takes out his rosary and dedicates himself to prayer. Although we differ in the way we worship and pray, can anyone doubt that GOD hears this prayer?” Anesthesiologist Néstor Ramírez Arrieta of Colombia takes advantage of every opportunity to pray the Rosary when he has a chance in his workday. A friend of his who is an Evangelical Protestant pas…

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