Reset180 Video June 26, 2018, 6:32pm

Videos by Reset180. Our mission is to prevent human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, disrupt related networks, and restore those impacted.

Maria Buczek, Volunteer Director, shares about our volunteer process. We love our volunteers and couldn’t do this work without you.

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Van Tour
This past week a few team members went on a Van Tour around Northern Virginia. For some, it was their first time being on a tour receiving information of what Illicit Massage Businesses (IMBs) were, aka Brothels, and specific locations on where trafficking occurred. Right in our backyard. IMBs, or Brothels, are businesses that front as commercial sex businesses. The women who provide illicit services are also known as a victims of sex trafficking. They are being held by numerous means whether it is by force, fraud or manipulation. As the IMBs were being pointed out, one right after the other, a few were actually almost 1000 feet from each other. The team became equipped with the knowledge of what is happening in our community and it became apparent that God has a plan for each of us to help #endhumantrafficking. We can truly affect our community for the better. Step one is bringing awareness that this even exists. NOVA-HTI offers resources and/or a way out to those impacted, if they choose to leave or get help, both for victims and buyers. Want to get involved? #donate #volunteer #educateyourself

Last Chance for Giveaway
Last chance to be entered to win this survivor made necklace! ✨ Get entered by donating $5 in honor of your mom or an amazing woman who has had a tremndous impact on your life by texting "give $5 Mothers" to 833-976-0590 or

How We are Honoring Moms
For all the times our moms have remembered the little things, surprise her with honoring her for all that she does. We will be showing appreciation all month long for these phenomenal women in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day! 💐 If you would like to honor your Mom in donating $5, text "give $5 Mothers" to 833-976-0590 or go to Comment below the name of your Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt or Friend who has made an impact in your life & want to honor ✨ You are appreciated!✨

Thank You From Our Survivors
A huge thank to our partners for their generosity. You are truly making a difference in the lives of our amazing survivors. Today we just want to say thank you! #makingadifference

Delivered our last Easter basket🚗💕

Update from our Survivor Services Director
NOVA-HTI's Survivor Services team is busy working in the field to ensure the survivors/clients we serve have what they need during this challenging time. View this brief video by Bella, Survivor Services Director, to hear about the increase in financial needs and what they are experiencing with COVID-19. Feel free to share this. If you would like to give you can do so by texting "give $ covid" to 833-976-0590 or

Thank you!
Thank you for your generous donations, and to everyone who read and shared our posts on GivingTuesday to learn about what a sex trafficking victim faces every day.

Do you want to help fight local human trafficking, but aren't sure where to start? You are not alone. That is how Jamie felt until she learned about our NOVA-HTI Ambassadors who are given the tools needed to #carrythecause.

A powerful video with one of our Ambassadors, Beverly. Thank you to all of our partners who believe that doing nothing is Not an option when it comes to the issue of local human trafficking.

Back to School series: How to keep our children safe. Video #1

Two juvenile sex trafficking survivors recovered....

Exciting Anncouncements from our Executive Director
This year holds big changes for NOVA-HTI. We are excited for you to be a part of it!

You don't want to miss the Justice Summit this year!
Join us for the Justice Summit in April to find out how YOU can be part of fixing the problem of human trafficking in Northern Virginia! #endhumantrafficking #faithjusticefreedom Sign up:

Ambassador Launch 2019! #CarryTheCause
"I saw NOVA-HTI at a church I was visiting and was shocked to learn that human trafficking was happening right here in NoVa. God laid it on my heart to join the Ambassadors, so that I could do my part in raising awareness in my community." - Kevin, NOVA-HTI Ambassador Learn more about joining us in the fight! >

You still have time to help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 by midnight tonight!

Giving Tuesday has begun! Help us raise $20,000 in 24 hours to continue serving survivors of human trafficking in Northern Virginia. Here is the link to donate and change lives!

Tomorrow starts our Giving Campaign in which we hope to raise $20,000 in 24 hours so we can continue providing services & support to sex and labor trafficking survivors. You can make a difference in the lives of these survivors!

Connie and Kay are at Christian Fellowship Church this morning! Join us!

Tonight is our Open House from 5 pm to 8 pm. Join us!!

The NOVAHOP and NOVA-HTI prayer night for human trafficking starts tonight at 7 pm.

NOVA-HTI Promo Video 2018 - FULL
We thank all of those who have served to protect our country today on #LaborDay. There are many who are still in bondage right here in Northern Virginia, and we are standing up for those who have no voice in this fight! Here is our new video sharing why we do what we do. #endhumantrafficking #faithjusticefreedom

Traveling this summer? You could potentially encounter a victim of human trafficking. Jane, our intern, is here to share some tips. National Human Trafficking Hotline #‭1 (888) 373-7888‬

NOVA-HTI general awareness video 1
We are excited to premiere the first of three NOVA-HTI awareness videos for you today, as we celebrate freedom and independence. Feel free to share.

Exciting news to share!

Maria Buczek, Volunteer Director, shares about our volunteer process. We love our volunteers and couldn’t do this work without you.

We are excited for you to meet our interns!!

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