Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative


Just saw this in the Washington Post? Curious, if you were inviated and if you are going.
Your, and other, organizations are doing a great job getting the word out and educating us about how to identify human trafficking and where to reach out for help. QUESTION: what is being done to remove the "market" for the these children who are slaves to the sex trade? This is taking place in our communities, as you point out in the programs you present. To me, that means there are people we see about town (perhaps men we know) who keep this "business" going by patronizing it. I have not heard about the law pursuing those who pay for the use of someone for sex. Is it against the law to procure sex? (at all) or with a minor? Thanks for any info you can give on this.
Hey everybody! I wanted to personally invite you to take a look at what my wife has been working so hard on lately to help women who have been rescued from sex trafficking! It would really mean a lot to me if you just took a few minutes to watch a video and consider backing her kickstarter. If you can’t at this time it’s totally cool. You could always share it with your friends! I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing what happens!
Inside information about “Gangstalking” and “Gangstalkers” (Avoid Winnipeg Canada by any means. Do not let anyone you never met convince you to go) Most, if not all Gangstalkers are hired by Scientologists. They are directly affiliated with the Church of Scientology. Gangstalkers are funded by Scientologists below low wages to stalk one person illegally and torture said person until they are either outstripped completely, isolated, and homeless. They drive around with Neurophones and their own mobile network, intoxicated off of synthetic drugs and cocaine abuses to keep themselves awake and focused on abusing their target. They drive around a 5 mile radius around the target with their neurophones aimed at their targets and they harass and abuse the person Into submission. What these guys are doing is “fair gaming” (google the definition) and an illegal pyramid scheme where they trick you into becoming their debt slave, for little to no money. They are workers sent from Scientology to electronically abuse/torture, and traffick new members that has submitted to be their “warloot” into their organization to sell their overly priced and almost impossible to sell products. The commission that they pay Gangstalkers is not worth the time or risk. It’s the easiest way to destroy your life, healthy relationships and careers. It’s more of a punishment than an opportunity, do not be fooled into becoming apart of this, it’s not worth it or rewarding!! If you can track these people with emf readers or other devices, then more likely then not, you can find them in their cars near you. If we can find the ones on foot around us, then we can press charges against them and finally put an end to this ridiculous and terrible program. There is a lawsuit coming together, but we need to hit them with everything we got by disclosing anything and everything we know about them. The ending to this covert chaos is nearing! Don’t let up!
As a remote employee, one of my daily distractions is having soaps in the background for an hour break. I find it interesting that The Young and the Restless is currently addressing human sex trafficking as one of its story lines. Great awareness participation by the network.
My Name is Jabali Smith. I'm a trafficking survivor and Author. Please see my Website. [email protected] My new book SLAVE: A Human Trafficking Survivor Finds Life, Is Available Now at Barnes & Nobles and Links below: I'm available for appearances, book signings and Motivational Speaking engagements, PM me if interested or email: [email protected] I look forward to working with all of you ! Jabali
Free issue on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery (Ed, Siddharth Kara):
Celebrating the 6th anniversary of what became NoVA HTI. Shown below is the team commissioned by the Loudoun Pastors Consortium (LPC) who issued recommendations on 'gaps' that churches were uniquely positioned to fill.
Great talk at Reston Bible Church about the prevalence of human trafficking in the Northern Virginia area, and things we all can do to combat this terrible problem victimizing so many people.

Our mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services.

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (NOVA HTI) is a faith-based 501(c)(3) organization based out of Northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiatives (NOVA HTI)] mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, advocacy, prayer, and victim services. We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in Northern Virginia. Find out more about us, and see how you can get involved, at:

Mission: Our mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services.

SHARE what you know about massage parlor trafficking and shut down “happy endings” jokes.

We are all responsible for shifting our culture to one that doesn't treat human trafficking as a laughing matter.

THERE ARE 25 distinct types of human trafficking in the US. Massage parlor trafficking is ranked at #2, second only to trafficking in escort services.

We will be releasing a report on illicit massage business trafficking in Fairfax county in a few days.

Super Bowl crackdown on human trafficking yields 47 arrests and rescues of 22 victims Twenty-two women trapped in human-trafficking operations were rescued during a Super Bowl crackdown on the crime, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle announced Thursday.

FIGHT human trafficking with law changes.

Just like health inspectors can shut down restaurants for violating safety rules, local government agencies need the power to fine or close massage businesses that violate civil laws.

Thank you, Chapel Springs Church, for your partnership.
Our Executive Director, Kay Duffield, shared about our work during the Saturday evening and both Sunday morning services this weekend.
Pictured left to right: Brenda Tabacchi, speakers bureau; Kay Duffield, ED; Connie Stevens, Ambassador; Andrea Sanchez, Awareness Coordinator, answering questions for everyone who visited our table.
The Church is rising up in this season to take its place in the fight against local human trafficking.
#untilallarefree #novahti

Gov. Wolf Signs Bill to Protect Victims of Human Trafficking Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 60 into law today, elevating a human trafficking offense to a first-degree felony, increasing fines and prison times, and changing the definition of child in the current statute to include anyone under age 18 instead of age 16.

Illicit Massage Businesses are one form of human trafficking.

To be considered human trafficking in any venue, a situation must include one of the following:

• FORCE: Violence or the threat of violence

• FRAUD: Deceitful recruitment practices, fraudulent
debt accumulation

• COERCION: Emotional manipulation; document confiscation; threats of law enforcement, deportation, exposure and shaming; consequences to family members

(Polarisproject, 2018)

Stay tuned for our report on illicit massage businesses in Fairfax County at the end of this month.

Do you wonder how to recognize an illicit massage parlor from a legitimate business? According to the Polaris Project, here are some indicators:

*Prices are significantly below market-level (e.g. $40 for a one-hour massage in a city where $80 is the average)

*Serves primarily or only male clientele

*Locked front door, customers can only enter if buzzed in, or enter through back or side doors that are more discreet

*Windows are covered so passersby cannot see into the establishment

*Women appear to live in the establishment

Stay tuned for our report on illicit massage businesses in Fairfax County at the end of this month.

Super Bowl Sunday’s sad and seedy sex trafficking side Not to be a killjoy — but as San Francisco and Kansas City battle in Miami for Super Bowl LIV’s coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy, untold numbers of American girls will be sold at the price of $300 an hour or so to sleazy sex trafficker customers. Welcome to the seedy not-so-underground side of cele...

Does this picture look like a place you pass every day? Maybe you shop in a similar-looking area.

According to the Polaris Project, as of 2017, there are more than 9,000 illicit massage businesses currently open in America, hiding in plain sight. These establishments are found in strip malls, dotting the sides of highways, and on busy commercial strips in every state.

Stay tuned for more information as well as our upcoming report on illicit massage businesses in Fairfax County.

Trump to sign executive order combating human trafficking President Trump will sign an executive order on Friday meant to combat human trafficking and online child exploitation, including by adding a new position at the White House to focus on the issue.

Thank you, Freddie Mac, for inviting Chelsey Trevino, Board Member and Director of Finance, to speak on “Porn, Prostitution and Sex Trafficking”. It was inspiring to have over 100 attendance.

Want to know more about Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative (NOVA-HTI)? Visit #novahti #freddiemac #humantrafficking

Earlier today, the Prince William Human Trafficking Task
Force presented a symposium in Woodbridge (VA) on human trafficking. Special thanks to Angella Alvernaz and Mary Ellen Smith for their presentations.

NOVA HTI (@Communi29872854) | Twitter

We've updated our Twitter account! Follow us at: The latest Tweets from NOVA HTI (@Communi29872854). We are a community, faith-based organization focused on giving YOU the ways to learn about and be involved in ending human trafficking locally and beyond. Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland

Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Orchestrating Snapchat Sextortion Ring that Targeted Children Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of Florida FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, January 24, 2020 Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Orchestrating Snapchat Sextortion Ring that Targeted Children U.S. Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan for the Southern District of Florida, S...

Our Executive Director, Kay Duffield, visited one of our church partners today, Greater Little Zion Baptist Church. She was able to share testimonies of the important work we do and opportunities to get involved. Mary Grate-Pyos serves as church liaison. We love our church partners!

Blind Eyes Opened in Movie Theaters | Fathom Events

IN THEATERS JAN 23 Blind Eyes Opened is a first-of-a-kind Christian documentary that dives deep into the sex trafficking industry in the U.S. The film exposes the darkness that fuels demand, highlights survivors' transformations through Christ, engages lawmakers, law enforcement, organizations, ministries and experts....

Reaching Human Trafficking Victims in Multicultural Communities

Reaching Human Trafficking Victims in Multicultural Communities, hosted by the Northern Virginia
Human Trafficking Task Force, January 23, 2020
Vienna Presbyterian Church 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.
Please RSVP! Reaching Human Trafficking Victims in a Multi-Cultural Society

It was a privilege to attend the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life, legacy, and spirit today at First Baptist Church of Vienna. A huge congratulations to our incredible board member, Dr. Megan Gerbracht, who was a recipient of the Spirit of King Award! We are very proud of you, Megan!

Today we remember a great man with a great cause. What are you passionate about? At NOVA-HTI we are passionate about eradicating human trafficking. Everyone deserves to be free.

Executive Director, Kay Duffield, will be the guest presenter at Vienna Presbyterian Church tomorrow, Sunday, January 19, at 10:10am. She will share both the enormity of the issue of human trafficking in and around Vienna and ways for you to engage to join the fight to eradicate modern day slavery. Once you learn the issue, you simply can't stay on the sidelines.

Our Executive Director, Kay Duffield, was honored to speak on a panel for Innovations in Victim’s Services at yesterdays Department of Justice Summit on Combating Human Trafficking.

What Is Human Trafficking?

Did you know today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security shared #wearblueday to help promote awareness. Wear blue today and share what you know about human trafficking to those unaware. #endhumantrafficking #carrythecause #spreadtheword Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, meant to raise awareness among Americans that human trafficking does not just happen in other countries, but in states and communities across the United States.

We are so thankful for your continued support. Today is the last day to donate in 2019. Donate $50 or more and receive a complimentary book, Shadow Child, written by Louise Babirak.

As 2019 comes to a close, will you commit today to make a difference in the lives of survivors of human trafficking?
Give a gift of $50 or more and receive the book, Shadow Children.

On behalf of the entire team at Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative, we thank you for your continued commitment to our mission; to prevent human trafficking and commercial sexual exportation, disrupt the related networks, and restore those impacted.THANK YOU!

Human Trafficking Laws Proposed for 2020

Human Trafficking exists in our very own backyard. Fortunately law makers are noticing. NOVA - HTI works directly with law enforcement to assess and coordinate all aspects of care for human trafficking survivors and provide the healthy support structure needed for them to thrive. The new year will bring a new crackdown on human trafficking in the D.C. area. News4 has learned of a series of new legislation in the works from Rockville to Richmond. As Scott MacFarlane reports, there’s growing concern about a recent series of sex trafficking cases.

FBI | Safe Online Surfing

This is a great resource for teachers provided by the FBI.

It’s almost a wrap! Remember, when you finish your holiday shopping at, AmazonSmile donates to Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative at no cost to you!

Check out my list on Amazon

When you #StartWithaSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to NOVA-HTI. We are currently in need of some items for our Resource Center:

and some items for our clients.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support.

During this season of giving, we appreciate that generosity has no age. Students from The Learning Village School in Sterling, donated more than 50 gift cards to our Resource Center so that we can assist our clients. Thank you for your generosity, and selfless act of kindness.

Putting the spotlight on human trafficking University of Miami Miller School of Medicine students hung 3,000 posters in Wynwood last weekend to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Human Trafficking is too big for any one organization to fight on its own. It will take all of us in the community working together to prevent human trafficking; disrupt the related networks; and restore those who have been impacted. We are grateful for Redux Realty’s decision to partner with us to build a community free from human trafficking.

The NOVA-HTI leadership team enjoyed a tour of the White House this morning to show appreciation for their hard work. (Sadly, not everyone was able to attend.)The White House was quite beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations. The theme this year is The Spirit of America

Thank you!

Thank you for your generous donations, and to everyone who read and shared our posts on GivingTuesday to learn about what a sex trafficking victim faces every day.

Will you contribute any amount so we can make our goal of raising $10,000 so we can start our phone text outreach to girls and women advertised on line for sexual services with the offer of help. The cost of this is $500 per month.

Will you contribute any amount so we can make our goal of raising $10,000 for survivor services such providing transportation to clients who need to get to medical appointments; interviews; or jobs.

Will you contribute any amount so we can make our goal of raising $10,000 for survivor services such as spiritual development and educational tools to help our clients on their journey of recovery. of recovery.

Our Story

Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiatives (NOVA-HTI) mission is to eradicate human trafficking locally through awareness, prayer, partnerships, intervention, and victim services. We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in Northern Virginia. Find out more about us, and see how you can get involved, at:

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Thank you!
Exciting Anncouncements from our Executive Director
You don't want to miss the Justice Summit this year!
Ambassador Launch 2019! #CarryTheCause



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