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This location is amazing!!! My husband came home with dinner and we saw this!!! Such a nice touch during this difficult time.
Our office is working from home and we are doing a Zoom lunch meeting. The entire service was SUPERB through out from ordering to delivery. I've been so impressed by Larry's communication and commitment to his team. Keep up the good work and be safe!!!
I sincerely want to thank everyone at this location from the bottom of my heart. My sweet Flurry passed away yesterday and now my Chick-fil-A runs will never be the same. Every time we pulled up everyone would give her attention and treats and I would joke that I really was coming for her - the last few trips truly were for her because I knew her time was limited. She would even spit out her doggie cookie because she knew I would share my fries. Then when she knew there were no more fries she would eat the doggie treat. Her last meal was a chocolate milkshake and fries from you all. Please keep doing what you do because no other location compares. 🐾
Just Ordered a sausage egg and cheese biscuit, got home and it turned into a chicken biscuit! Ugh. Tired of constantly getting the wrong items
Are you participating in Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year?
For cow appreciation day are you offering free kids meals? In the past it used to be free entrees and kids meals. What's the deal?
I’m a bit confused as to the new policy on cups of ice. My wife likes your ice, and has been going to your location for it. She’s been happy to pay a charge for the cup, and we are frequent customers as well, getting food there once or twice a week. She was told today that you wouldn’t do ice in a cup anymore unless she paid for a full drink, which is confusing since that’s never been a problem at your store up until now or at any other location. We’ve sort of overlooked some glitches, like service being a little slow or weirder things, like a set of cooking tongs in one of our trays, but asking her to pay full price for something that costs you very little isn’t making us feel great about continuing to visit this location over the other area stores. I’ve always liked Chic-fil-A, and even got to meet Truett Cathy at a talk he gave, and we’ve always had good experiences at the stores up until now, so this seems like it must be a misunderstanding. Hopefully this will be cleared up so we can continue to support your great addition to the North Point Shopping Center.
My nanny kids were so excited that Chick Fil a opened today. We had to come and get breakfast before school!!
You’re kitchen director and operator ready to serve 🐔💓
I was so busy getting pictures and being excited I forgot to mention that I saw this on Facebook so I did not get my special treat😢 But I did get these awesome pictures of your drive-through trainer. Maybe when I leave the railroad I will become a Chick-fil-A trainer. 🤔 Awesome Times thanks again see you tomorrow
Omg she had such a great personality I had to snap a picture with my first set of hopefully many nuggets from this location. Chick-fil-A trainers are some of the most awesome people in the world. The patients and personality that they provide for each individual restaurant shows that Chick-fil-A is more than just a building that serves food. Awesome Times thanks for the lunch
Third in line and it’s a great start to hopefully many years of outstanding service in Northpoint Village. Still a little nervous but don’t let them grind you down. I was nervous to when I Took my first train out as promoted conductor. But 14 years later I’m vice President of my local and still one of the baddest conductors on the east coast. 😑 Lots of luck and keep up the good work

Serving Reston and North Point Village since 2018. Loving our community.

[06/11/20]   Hello to all,

Just wanted to drop everyone an update. Chick-fil-A will be allowing us to open our dining room after the 28th. We know the state has entered Phase 2; however, we are working through many things to insure everyone's safety. Please keep in mind that our play area will NOT be opened until a much later date.

Here is what we are currently doing for your safety:
• We have started the top to bottom cleaning of the interior of the store.
• Restrooms have been cleaned and Fog Disinfected.
• Entire Store will be fogged this coming Sunday to ensure a good coating of disinfectant.
• We have started the process of eliminating seats to meet the 50% seating rule.
• We are installing floor stickers to show where guests are to stand in the cuing process.

As a reminder, when entering the building (not actively eating) everyone (unless exempt) should be wearing a face covering.

We know everyone wants to come inside but we are just being overly safety minded and we will be open soon. THANK YOU for your support during this time.

Larry and Andrea Everett

Stop by or place a Mobile order during Forestville Elementary School's reverse Spirit Day. When you mention FES or Spirit Day, you will receive a free cookie per meal ordered.

On Tuesday, June 9 from 5:00pm-7:00pm we will be partnering with CORE Foundation in their efforts to feed those in need. We are one of their many collection points during the summer. Your donation of canned goods and pantry items as well as gently used shoes will be delivered to Supporting Seniors in Place, Helping Hungry Kids and other food pantries.

Please stop by and drop off your items and receive a surprise “Be Our Guest” offer card from us. No purchase is required just stop by and help us serve others. If you can’t come during the times they will be here, you can drop your items off in bags (no trash please) on the designated tables outside our front door as well as our drive-thru window and we will collect them.

[06/05/20]   We are finally back up and our app is now working for a last minute order before 8.

[06/05/20]   Hello to all,

Unfortunately, the storm last night (6/4) knocked out a good part of our technology. We are so sorry that our app is not working. Our Drive Thru and Front Door Register is still available but we cannot deliver even through the third party services (grub-hub, Door Dash, Uber Eats). Technicians are working on this and we hope to have the app back up an running soon. Thank you for your understanding.


Even though we are in the midst of uncertain times, we want to take the time to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We will NEVER forget.

[05/21/20]   Hello all,

Many of you (over 700) have taken advantage of our new Operator Led Delivery Program. But that leaves thousands that have not. To encourage you to try this system, we are making a shameless plea and offer.

For everyone who places a delivery order (Every Order) this coming week (5/25-5/30), we will send you as a reward a Free Entree. This way you can experience the Full-Service Delivery of Chick-fil-A and have some free items for your next delivery.

Why Chick-fil-A Delivery when there are so many other delivery options:

1. Your food is prepared, packaged, handled, and delivered by a Chick-fil-A Employee who has been trained to handle your food correctly not just a driver.

2. Our delivery times are less than 1/2 of the other guys.

3. You have access to our full menu--Yes, Fries and Shakes.

4. Chick-fil-A is the most trusted brand in the country for food products.

5. No contact or limited contact delivery options are available.

6. Did I mention Fries and Shakes yet?

We have been perfecting the delivery system for over two months and it is a very impressive operation from the time you place your order via the App until we have dropped it off to your door. Our Average delivery time is less than 14 minutes.

Go ahead and give us a try.

PS. We now have Chicken Parmesan Kits that serves two people.

[05/19/20]   Did you know?

Chick-fil-A's Food and Safety Inspection Program involves a total of 8 unannounced Food and Safety Inspections (done by two different outside companies), 2 County Health Department Inspections, 4 Hood/Vent Inspections, and 2 Fire Inspections just to ensure your food the safest possible product you can get.

All of these inspections get filtered into a matrix and we get a final number. Today we had one of the 8 Food Safety Inspections which focused primarily on the procedures surrounding food safety and the Covid Threats. As you can imagine, dealing with just food safety can be a stressful task, now put the Covid requirements on top of this, and it becomes a monster. Our score today for all things being considered was 100%. Woot Woot. The team did fantastic and it is the highest score we have ever gotten-totally perfect.

While I know the Covid thing is tough and a huge burden on everyone, it was very satisfying to see the team do soooooo well. They always perform in the most appropriate manner and seek to protect both you our guest and the business. As I walked with the inspector, he was genuinely impressed with our operation and the team's involvement in the safety process.

I just wanted to blow the team's horn for them as they really rocked the inspection today. Let us all give them a hand. Great Job North Point Village Chick-fil-A Team--You Rock!!!!!

[05/16/20]   Update 5/16

WOW a couple of great things are happening. On Monday 5/18, we are:

Extending our Drive-thru hours until 10 PM from our current 9 PM. This brings us back to our original hours 6 AM until 10 PM for Drive-thru only. For now, our front counter service will stay 8 AM until 8 PM.

Starting to sell our Chicken Parmesan Meal Kit. These are amazing meals that you help prepare at home and it serves 2 for each kit. They can be purchased in increments of 2 depending on your family size.

Also, recently we expanded our Delivery Area by an additional 2-minute drive time. We did not announce it when we did it to ensure we could maintain an appropriate timing. This covers a huge area and we are still averaging under 14-minute time. Imagine placing a Chick-fil-A Order on your app and in less than 14 minutes your food shows up hot and handled only by a Chick-fil-A Employee. To see if you are in the delivery area, simply start placing a delivery order from North Point Village and it will let you know if you can or it is not available.

We are really excited to start returning to "Normal" and so looking forward to seeing everyone again. THANK YOU so much for your support during this time. We have been able to keep everyone employed and for the most part fully scheduled. We did have some cut hours but we took care of our staff in other ways to help them financially. This could NOT have been possible without you continuing to let us serve you.

As always-Share a smile not a sneeze or cough. Have a wonderful weekend.

Larry and Andrea Everett

[05/11/20]   Just wanted to remind everyone that our Family Encouragement Meals are still running every Friday. Complete this form

We will select up to five families and then deliver them an anonymous meal on your behalf. Must be submitted by 5 PM Thursday each week. Thanks for encouraging others.

[05/10/20]   Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all our moms. From our team members to our guests, we wish you the very best today and may you feel loved and encouraged this day.

Larry and Andrea Everett and the Team from Chick-fil-A.

Sneak peek behind the scenes of your delivery order.

[05/04/20]   UPDATE May 4:

Hello to all,

We are excited to hear that Gov. Northam is reviewing the possibility of opening businesses a little by little. The first wave of change may come May 15th--yeah 11 days away. We however will be taking a very strict approach to reopening so we can ensure the safety of all.

The first wave will most likely be to open the front counters for carry out only. We have never stopped this so this phase will NOT be an impact upon our operations. You will be greeted at the lobby door to place your orders—or use your app for more convenience.

The second phase will most likely be limited dining room operations WITHOUT the play area or Restrooms. We are so looking forward to having our store open fully but your safety and the safety of the team MUST come first. Once phase one begins, we will start the process of preparing the dining room for reopening. This will include:

Cleaning all areas with soap and water to remove all old disinfectant.
Disinfect all areas allowing it to dry on the surface.
Re-clean all areas with soap and water to remove all disinfectant.

We intend for this to take three to eight days by allowing all things to completely dry prior to starting the next step. Then and only then will we consider opening the dining room.

Once the dining room is open, we will be disinfecting it multiple times per day thus closing parts of it to allow the disinfectant to dry. This will have some impact upon you our guests as it will limit the seating at times--sorry.

Once provided the opportunity to open the Play Area and Rest Rooms, both areas will go through the process stated above and then once open, will be closed several times per day for disinfecting--again your protection.

Once they are closed, it will take approximately 30 minutes to complete it and will be open when finished. Our tentative schedule for cleaning will be (10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM, and 8 PM). The Play Area will remain closed after 8 PM for the night, as we will be using a heavier dose of disinfectant. These times should allow you to plan around them so your children do not have to sit there and wait until it is finished.

As mentioned Two months ago (Wow that long ago) we have added a special air cleaner into the play area to help filter the air. This system will be sanitized each closed period to ensure a healthier environment for our little guests. This may mean a more industrial smell (clean) smell in there so please do not be alarmed.

In any event, we are EXCITED about the future and we are SOOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOSOOSOOOOOO looking forward to seeing everyone again in the near future. Please share a smile--not a cough

Help us pick out two names:

In our first month of offering delivery, we delivered to over 1100 customers with an average delivery time of under 12:34. Additionally, as the country starts to open back up, we will need our Catering Delivery Van to go back to its primary task of supporting our major Catering Deliveries. This means that we will need something else to support the Meal Deliveries.

Announcing our two newest members of the Chick-fil-A North Point Village Family. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (not their real names) are going to be placed in service this week to help support the ever increasing Delivery Business.

These two cars will be named shortly but we need your help naming them. Post your thoughts for their names and if we select your name, we will give you a free meal on us.

They will be assigned a number as well for internal purposes and hopefully we can get them wrapped and detailed this week. They are so tiny that they both fit into one parking spot and are fantastic on fuel. Please be on the look out for them as they will be delivering perfection to you or your neighbors shortly.

The name game will end Friday, May 8 and the winner will be announced Saturday the 9th. Thanks for playing.

[04/28/20]   Update 4/28: Long Post Warning--but you have time to read it so enjoy.

Hello to all,

What a terrific week this has been. No really, we have the greatest guests EVER. You have been so encouraging and supportive to our team. Thank you.

The team is doing really well. We, like you, have all been nervous during this time. That is why it has been such an encouraging time. Every day people come in and say "Thank you, you are doing a great job, or thanks for being here."

We have had a number of people ask if we have been exposed, what are we doing to protect our team, our guests, or food.....

Weekly, we meet with the Health Dept (informally, as we feed the Health Department Command Center Weekly). We discuss our current situations, plans, actions, concerns and what we hear back from them is that we are being "the most proactive", or "we are doing a great job."

We have taken every action that is recommended or even suggested to ensure your safety or the safety of the team. Here is what we are currently doing:

• Twice Daily Temping of employees at home. This is part of the enhanced monitoring system.

• Smell testing and Temping every employee upon coming to work. If they cannot describe a smell (mint, orange, .....) they are excluded from work. If their temp is over 100.4 (have yet to have anyone not be able to smell or elevated temp), they are excluded for a few minutes to retest--again no high temps.

• Hand washing every 30 minutes (on the hour and half hour). This is so fun to watch when one of our managers starts yelling "wash your hands". The team just laughs. But it is still accomplished.

• Disinfect every surface every 2-4 hours. We do this more often to those areas that get touched more often. This will be a cleaning nightmare when it is time to reopen (mentioned below). The disinfectant leaves a cloudy film on everything. So, when we reopen, please be graceful if we miss a surface that looks cloudy--it is clean just really sanitized.

• Changing Gloves and Sanitizing masks. Our team changes their gloves really often (sometimes 4-6 times per hour) and our masks are either new daily or sanitized each day at home.

• Uniforms are to be washed daily or before their next shift.

• We are using a special floor cleaner (kills flies and breaks grease down at the molecular level; is also a great cleaner for super dirty areas) that has made a huge difference in keeping the entire store clean.

• Striving to maintain 6' between team members and guests (very hard to do when your store is built for "close contact type operations" but we are making it happen.

• Contactless meal delivery--the use of trays to transfer food to you.

• Handling cash less--wash hands during each exchange or shortly thereafter.

Whew if you think that sounds like a bunch of things--It is, but it is worth it.

As I mentioned above--REOPENING the dining room is a reality. We are in the planning phase to reopen in gradual steps. We will be working with the local Health Department to ensure a safe and timely opening.

All in All—We really miss you. I am tearing up just thinking about all this being over and being able to really serve you fully. We will all get through this so keep smiling and remember to cover a sneeze and share a smile.

This past Friday we were able to deliver a few more "Family Meals of Encouragement". When Larry and I took the meals we had one family waiting outside with their children. Once their son saw the food, he was so excited and started to run inside yelling "Thank you". We are looking forward to the next set of nominations and meals to encourage.

When you come thru our drive-thru, the Cow has a special note of encouragement through the window.

If you would like to nominate a family for an Encouragement Meal, please complete this form by Thursday at 5PM

[04/23/20]   I often say "If it is free, it is for me." I am always looking for a great deal on something. With that being said, from Chick-fil-A to you. No Delivery Fee--it is free. No silly, not your food just the delivery fee. We are trying to make this a great experience with our guests.

If you have used your reward for a "Free Delivery Fee", we just sent you another so feel free to use it again. It is easy, Open your app.
Select our store.
Place your order.
Sit back with your fuzzy bunny slippers and await your Hot Fresh Food to arrive. Normally in under 15 minutes.

Enjoy the No Delivery Fee today.

Larry and Andrea.

for KING & COUNTRY - burn the ships (Official Music Video)

Hello to all,

Just wanted to drop you a word of encouragement and to say we are all going to get through this. No matter if they open everything tomorrow or three months from now--we will overcome this.

I know that many of us have struggles beyond being stuck at home so I just encourage you to "Burn the Ships"

King and Country have a wonderful song out titled "Burn the Ships. Below are the lyrics to it and the video. Please take a moment to read the lyrics then watch the video. If it encourages you as it does me--feel free to share it.

NO MATTER WHAT you are going through--there is a way out.

ENJOY and be ENCOURAGED--we love you.

How did we get here?
All castaway on a lonely shore
I can see in your eyes, dear
It's hard to take for a moment more
We've got to

Burn the ships, cut the ties
Send a flare into the night
Say a prayer, turn the tide
Dry your tears and wave goodbye

Step into a new day
We can rise up from the dust and walk away
We can dance upon our heartache, yeah
So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships
And don't you look back

Don't let it arrest you
This fear is fear of fallin' again
And if you need a refuge
I will be right here until the end
Oh, it's time to

Burn the ships, cut the ties
Send a flare into the night
Say a prayer, turn the tide
Dry your tears and wave goodbye

Step into a new day
We can rise up from the dust and walk away
We can dance upon our heartache, yeah
So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships
And don't you look back

So long to shame, walk through the sorrow
Out of the fire into tomorrow
So flush the pills, face the fear
Feel the wave disappear
We're comin' clear, we're born again
Our hopeful lungs can breathe again
Oh, we can breathe again

Step into a new day
We can rise up from the dust and walk away
We can dance upon our heartache, yeah
So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships
And step into a new day

We can rise up from the dust and walk away
We can dance upon our heartache, yeah
So light a match, leave the past, burn the ships

And don't you look back
And don't you look back
And don't you look back

Larry and Andrea Everett

Are there ships you need to burn in your life? What from your past has kept you silent and held you back from freedom? This album, ‘Burn the Ships’ was conce...

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