Pam Coulter

I am a visual artist in Reston VA

I am an artist, painting primarily in oil and acrylics. I am currently showing at the Chasen Galleries in Richmond VA.

I have around 400 paintings in private collections and 4 in corporate or government collections. I am a three-time “Best of Show” winner at the Art League of Alexandria monthly juried show at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA. My paintings have been featured in the Elan Magazine (April 2009) and American Artist magazine (Feb. '95) and included in the North Light Book of Acrylic Painting Techniques (By Earl Grenville). I have participated in regional juried shows and had a number of one-person shows. I am represented by the Art League Gallery. And I’ve shown at Venable-Neslage Galleries in Washington, D.C. (now closed.) I have twice had a painting accepted for display in the National Art Club (Salmagundi Club) in New York City. I participate regularly in juried local shows at the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria and in Reston Virginia. I teach art locally at various venues. An illustrator and cartoonist as well as oil painter, I worked most recently as a technical writer and graphic designer for a local company. I will do commissions and portraits from photos and sittings. My work can be seen on the web at or I am currently showing at the Chasen Galleries in Richmond VA.

Early September and here I am
dressed as a pirate.

The wharf is one of my paintings, the still life with green monster is a demo I pulled together from stuff in the community art space, and the cat with the fancy spats rolling around on our front walk is Fred, who adopted us.

This painting was painted by me many years ago of lilacs (is this right?) in a neighbors yard.

[07/21/16]   Federal Poets Reading

Sun, 31 Jul, 2016 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Readers include Pam Coulter Blehert, Marjorie Sadin, and Mary Sesso.
The reading will be followed by a reception.

The Writer's Center
4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD 20815 Fees: Free admission. Contact:301-654-8664

Please Note: I am sending this notice to my basic facebook site: pam.blehert, to my facebook "page" and my blog: Please don't be upset if you get more than one notice. It's just a measure of my liking for you! I hope you can come.

Pam Coulter

[06/23/16]   Some good news!
1. I’ve been accepted for inclusion in the McLean Project for the Arts 2016 ArtFest on Sunday, October 2 from 10 to 5 in McLean Central Park.
2. My little shell (which I have offered at the nominal price of $12.00) is for sale on eBay with the title "Original oil painting of a tiny shell -- good gift" well, not really marketed to sell, but it’s more a “toe in the water”. (If you want to see it, I think you can just put the title in the eBay search.)

Pam Coulter's cover photo

Giverney in Autumn, 16 x 20, is one of two 2 paintings accepted for exhibit in the May ArtSpace Herndon show. The show will run from May 3 to May 22 at the Herndon ArtSpace Art Center, 750 Center Street, Herndon VA 20170. There will be a receptioin on May 7th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. The show will be judged by Lynn Goldstein, Virginia Pastel and Mixed Media Artist. Perhaps, if you are in the area, you'll join me for the party! I am delighted to have been chosen for this show.

Lilies and Oranges, 16 x 20 oil, Is one of 2 paintings accepted in the May 2016 ArtSpace Herndon Juried and judged exhibit. I am elated to have two paintings accepted in this prestigious gallery.

These are 3 small (12 x 12 inch) oils I did for a recent show at Chasen Galleries in Richmond Virginia

This is a small painting of the carousel at Glenecho Maryland.

[08/06/15]   The photo shown below and on my current cover photo, titled "Giverny in Autumn," was just accepted in the August 2015 'Scapes show at the Art League of Alexandria gallery in the Torpedo Factory.

Pam Coulter's cover photo

"Bradley Wharf, Rockport MA" was judged 3rd place in the annual USGS show by Pat Macintyre, who commented: "...
magnificent reflections. Darks have a wonderful dynamic shape.

[09/07/14]   Students have had difficulty finding a suitable container for large tube paints (such as oils and acrylics). I have been told that Dicks Sporting Goods has a tackle box that works just find for $25. To look for it on the web, go to and in the search box at the top of the page use the numbers 3997945. The box is called: Flambeau XL 3-Tray Classic Tackle Box with Zerust. Joy!

Great Falls, Early Spring, oil, 24 x 36, was judged "Third Place" in the August 2014 League of Reston Artists show at the U.S. Geological Service National Center. The judge was Sara Linda Poly, an instructor at the Art League in Alexandria, VA and The Easton Studio and School, in Easton, MD and a member of the Washington Society of Landscape Painters, the Oil Painters of America, The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters of America and the Salmagundi Club in NYC.

[07/29/14]   I'd like to share a poem I wrote recently which my poetry critique group liked:

Instructions for my husband
if I die first

Feed the cat twice daily.
She’ll remind you if you don’t.
Oh, the birds— I give them
half a cup of seed a day,
the kind with cayenne
that the squirrels don’t like.

Fortnightly, wash the sheets.
(although I didn’t always
get to it on time.)
(Think of all the little dust mites
with their ugly snouts who feed
off your discarded skin.)

Don’t fret about
light housekeeping. Gloria
comes once a month and will
continue if you pay her.
Even if you don’t like
her moving things around,
remember that she has
a child with special needs.

You probably will need
a firm to mow the lawn.
I warn you if you grow
a meadow, it will make the news
and not in a pleasant way.

What else. My paintings?
Maybe Southby’s will consider
putting them for sale.
If not, compose a list
of all my friends and relatives
and let them pick one
for each child they have
or will.

Pam Blehert
rough – to Federal Poets 7/19/2014

This ceramic cat is the result of a long process. It is handbuilt (also referred to as "slab-built" and then the "greenware" is "bisque fired" (low fire) and underglases (also referred to as slip) and glaze applied and it is then high-fired. If it survives all of these processes, this is the result. Pretty good, I think!

Rainy Day Blues has been accepted into the July Show of the Art League of Alexandria VA. I am very pleased. Prestigious show. This painting is 16 x 20, oil. It's a mood painting and a rare "night" or "twilight" painting for me.

Great Falls VA, 11 x 14, oil, was painted (plein air) in 2006 and sold in May 2014. It won best of show LRA at USGS Aug 2008 and was accepted in Art League show at Torpedo Factory in April 2010. It's a favorite of mine. I think it has a slightly "Japanese" woodcut feel to it.

"Sunday Morning Papers" was a painting done of my mother, from "life" many years ago (1976), as she was reading the Sunday papers. It has just sold in June 2014. It was featured on cover of Elan magazine 4/2009.

This third view of Hanover Avenue in Richmond VA just sold in the Chasen Galleries. I want to do some spring paintings, but we're in the middle of record-breaking cold. Patience!

This image, selected for the "Small Works" show, is only 5x7 inches and is acrylic on hardboard.

After 5 "dry" months, (entering monthly show at Art League of Alexandria and getting rejected) I entered both the "large works" and "Small Works" shows and got accepted in both. The large work accepted is "Aftermath - Tsunami" (30" x 40") and was one of 16 large paintings accepted from a total of 65 entries. Furthermore, I received an Honorable Mention — there was one Best of Show and four HMs. The small work accepted was "Lee Statue - Study" 5 x 7.

October 19-20, 2013 I will be participating in the "Arts @ the Park" festival, 600 Quiet Waters Road in Annapolis and perhaps those of you in the area can make an outing of it. Art, Music, Food. Pray for good weather. The image shown here "View of the Harbor, Annapolis", 16 x 20, is a recent oil. I will be in booth 9 inside with 20 or more paintings.

[10/02/13]   Well, this Fall has been a busy one for art shows . . .
August 27 – October 6, 2013: Group show by League of Reston Artists at Unitarian Universalist Church on Wiehle Avenue. I showed Great Falls, 2006, Beauty Spot 2, and Path, Riverbend (Limited Palette).

September, 2013: Reston’s Multicultural Exhibit (“Art Mirrors Culture”) at Lake Anne. I submitted Fisher Boats Unloading, Pine and Station Herndon, and Universal Liquor DC

October 1-28: at Reston Community Center Lake Anne, Show: “artReston”. I have three paintings entered: Orange Trees, Lake Fairfax Park, Waiting—Model in Black. (variable hours due to meetings in gallery room.)

October 1 – November 3, 2013: Portrait show at ArtSpace Herndon. Hours as posted on web. I’m showing “Cellist.”

October 4-6, 2013: 70th Annual Waterford Exhibit in the Red Barn. I am showing Carousel at Glen Echo, Great Falls in Early Spring, and 20 shrink-wrapped works in the Art Mart, ranging from $40 to $350.

October 5-20, 2013: “Art @ the Mill”, 3 Tannery Lane, Millwood VA (hours?) Hanging: June Morning, Riverbend and Lucketts’ Antiques, with Mute Swan with Reflaction and Bouquet and lemon in reserve.

October 12, 2013 – January 11, 2014: “Small Wonders at Parkridge 5, 10780 Parkridge Blvd, Reston VA, open during business hours in main floor corridor. Small works (under 12” by 12”) by local artists. I’m showing 4 paintings.

October 19-20, 2013 – 10-5: “Art @ The Park”, 600 Quiet Waters Park Rd, Annapolis MD 21403. I’m in booth 9 with 20 or more paintings.

Coming in December: I will be showcasing a selection of recent works at the Reston Association, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston VA 20191. Hours: 8:30-4:30 Exact dates not yet known.

Look at "upcoming events" to learn more.

[09/28/13]   I'm contending with 6 or so shows in October, each with different due dates, start dates and end dates. If I get a moment, I'll give you a heads up. The most important (to me) is Oct 19-20 at "art @ the park in Annapolis MD -- an opportunity to show a body of work.

My portrait “Cellist” will be included in the ArtSpace Portrait show. Happy news! The show runs During October 2013 at Art Space Herndon (

This little 8 x 10 plein-air painting "Glen Echo View" sold at the Labor Day Glen Echo student art show. Glen Echo, by the way, was an amusement park back when I was a youngster, then went through the uneasy years of the early '60s, was taken over by the National Park Service and is run as an arts and entertainment center now.

[08/27/13]   Be wary of buying products under Michael's Store's product brand name: "The Artist's Loft." I have found them of inferior quality and, in addition, it appears that Michael's is slowly eliminating competitors' products from their shelves. I cannot recommend Michael's to my students.

Art Lessons in oil or acrylic — Reston/Herndon area

Art Lessons in oil or acrylic — Reston/Herndon area ArtSpace Herndon Oil or Acrylic ClassArtSpace Herndon, 750 Center St, Herndon, VA | 703-956-6590Painting in Oil or Acrylic: Sept 15 to Nov 10 (except Oct 20)(8-weeks), 2:00 - 5:00 PM Sundays - $195 I must have a minimum of 5 students to teach the class. To register, contact Pam Coulter at 703-471-79...

[08/11/13]   Technical Info for Painters:

Winsor and Newton has a collection of videos on this link which explain various mediums for oil painters and acrylic painters.

One of the mediums discussed is Liquin (for Oils) which I've used for years instead of one of the "traditional" oil-plus-turpentine-plus-dryer mediums. Liquin dries in about 1/2 the time of traditional oil used alone. Since students have repeatedly asked about Liquin, I offer this as a helpful link.

[08/10/13]   Regarding both oils and acrylics, the degree of opacity or transparency may be very important to the effect you can create. For instance, most of the "new" synthetic colors, which can be identified by their unfamiliar names (such as quinacridone, napthol and hansa) are more or less transparent. They also tend to be quite a bit less expensive than the traditional organic colors, such as the cadmiums.

Not realizing this, for a number of years I bought the synthetics. They look as bright. But in the case of Red (for example) they don't cover as well as Cadmium and they interact with other colors differently when blending.

The jury is still out on this point. However, you (as artist) should be aware of the differences and perhaps allow yourself some of the more expensive colors (such as Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt, etc.) for use when the brilliance of the color is important.

Some of the traditional colors, on the other hand, like Alizarin Crimson, were manufactured from plant dyes and are notoriously "fugitive" (they fade.) Alizarin Crimson has been replaced by Alizarin Crimson Permanent (which I don't find as delicious a color as the original). I buy instead, Quinacridone Rose, or Magenta.

I did not intend this to be a lengthy post, but I've been holding off for a long time, so you get an extensive regurgitation. There's a terrific book, if you like to read about this kind of thing, called Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay. It's well written but is dense text. If you're more into experimenting then reading, I suggest you experiment with differences in Cadmium Red Medium and other warm reds in that band of the color wheel. Cheers.

Art Classes Reston Area

Interested in an art class during July-August in the Reston/Herndon area? I have posted info on my website. Words and Pictures East Coast site featuring art and poetry

[05/31/13]   Having finished 4 paintings and 4 art classes I was teaching I am now tackling a small piece of the great outdoors. (My "flower" bed) (read "weed" bed). Will I survive?

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