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Hammelman Law, PLLC

Hammelman Law, PLLC is ready to help individuals and small businesses. Melanie dedicates herself to providing high quality legal services, such as business advice, document drafting, and estate planning. Contact Us today!

Hammelman Law, PLLC is ready to help individuals and small businesses who are looking for personal service with an attorney you can trust at rates you can afford. Hammelman Law understands that the legal needs of small businesses and individuals who are considering starting a small business are unique. Hammelman Law can help with the formation of your small business and/or filing of your trademark at a rate that is affordable. You also work directly with Mrs. Hammelman and receive personalized services tailored around your specific needs. Small Business Hammelman Law works with entrepreneurs in Maryland and Virginia to provide comprehensive guidance during the process of creating and launching their small businesses. Hammelman Law helps to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, as well as proper documentation to help your business thrive. Trademarks Hammelman Law services individuals and businesses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia with their trademark needs. A trademark or servicemark can be any type of distinct word (such as a business or product name), symbol (such as a logo), or combination of the two that represents an individual’s or business’ identity, which is valuable intellectual property that Hammelman Law can help you legally establish and protect.

Don't put it off until after the holidays. Get your estate plan in order now!
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Why To Avoid Probate

Frequently I hear "I know I want to avoid probate, but I'm not really sure why." #hammelmanlaw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #wills #trusts #estateplanning #estateplanningattorney #virginialawyer #northernvirginia

We get a lot of questions about avoiding probate, but frequently clients don’t know exactly why they should be avoiding probate. There are many reasons includin

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As Moms, we want to always be there for our children. However, we also know the unexpected might happen. Safeguard your children and family's future with an estate plan designed with your specific and special needs in mind. Click and connect today for a free consultation with skilled, local attorney Melanie Hammelman of Hammelman Law, PLLC: bit.ly/HLFamilyEstatePlanning

Let's take care of your estate plan together, so your loved ones don't have to do it alone! #hammelmanlaw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #estateplanning #wills #trusts #assetprotection #virginialawyer #northernvirginia #reston #ashburnva

Let's take care of your estate plan together, so your loved ones don't have to do it alone! #hammelmanlaw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #estateplanning #wills #trusts #assetprotection #virginialawyer #northernvirginia #reston #ashburn

Speaking to realtors, contractors, city officials, and homeowners today. #hammelmanlw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #northernvirginia #virginialawyer #sololawyer #estateplanning

HELP ME! HELP YOU! Everyone can benefit from an estate plan. Let's get started.
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Check out our feature!

No one knows what tomorrow brings. Secure your children’s future today and book a free estate planning consultation with Melanie Hammelman of Hammelman Law, PLLC. You'll not only consult with an expert attorney in estate planning, but a mom who understands the importance of family, too. Connect with Hammelman law today: bit.ly/HLFamilyEstatePlanning

Let’s make a plan together! It’s easier than you think!
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Call for a FREE 30 minute estate planning consultation!
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Do you need help starting your business? Do you need help getting things back on track with employment agreements, business contracts, or even just an operating agreement? Let me help!
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The estate planning process is much simpler than it seems. Just ask my clients!


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Everyone needs an estate plan. Let's get started on yours TODAY!
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Protecting your children in case of an unexpected loss, illness, or life-changing event can seem complicated and overwhelming. Where do you start? Start by scheduling a free estate planning consultation with an attorney and mom who understand families like yours. Click and connect with Melanie Hammelman of Hammelman Law, PLLC: bit.ly/HLFamilyEstatePlanning

If you don't have an estate plan, let's make one together!
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Thank you, DullesMoms.com, for helping me help others in our community to get their estate plans in order!

If the unexpected happens, Moms & Dads can protect their children for years to come with an Estate Plan. With your growing family in mind, an Estate Plan ensures your child’s emotional, financial, and medical needs are met. Contact Melanie Hammelman, a local mom and attorney specializing in estate planning, for a free consultation today: bit.ly/HLFamilyEstatePlanning


Living Will vs Medical Power of Attorney

What is the difference between a Living Will and a Medical POA? Who knows? WE DO! Let's talk!
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hammelmanlaw.com What is the difference between a Living Will ( Advance Medical Directive) and a Medical Power of Attorney? Which one do I need? There is some confusion between

Unfortunately the only flavor without proper planning is Rocky Road!
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Did you know that if you don't have an estate plan, your kids can spend their inheritance on whatever they want? Scary, huh? Let's talk!

Check out Hammelman Law on Dullesmoms.com’s page! #hammelmanlaw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #dullesmoms #northernvirginia #virginialawyer

Not only is Melanie Hammelman a local mom, but she is also an attorney specializing in estate planning. Connect with Hammelman Law, PLLC to learn more about how you can protect and provide for your children and loved ones with a customized will, trust, and estate plan if the unexpected happens. Click and connect: bit.ly/HLFamilyEstatePlanning

Do you know what type of will you need? Check out the new blog post and call us to talk about what would be best for you!
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Hammelman Law is pleased to be featured on @dullesmoms twitter page today! Check it out! https://dullesmoms.com

dullesmoms.com Events & opportunities for Northern Virginia families!

Let’s make a plan together! #hammelmanlaw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #estateplanning #estateplanningattorney #northernvirginia #virginialawyer

Let's make a plan together! #hammelmanlaw #yourlegacyisourbusiness #estateplanning #estateplanningattorney #virginialawyer #northernvirginia

Make sure the money you’ve worked so hard to leave for your kids is there when they need it! www.hammelmanlaw.com #estateplan #estateplanning #yourlegacyisourbusiness

Make sure the money you’ve worked so hard to leave for your kids is there when they need it! www.hammelmanlaw.com #estateplan #estateplanning #yourlegacyisourbusiness


Leaving Assets to Your Kids? What’s the Best Way?

What is the best way to leave assets to your kids? Check out the new blog post!

Contact us to discuss your estate planning needs today!

hammelmanlaw.com If you have children, you have probably thought about a will. Or maybe you even have one to choose the guardian for them. However, have you thought about what h

If you don't have an estate plan, don't worry. Most people don't. We can help you fix that!

Contact us today to schedule the pre-plan meeting for your Estate Plan. Melanie enjoys working with people - including, young families, military and veterans, and blended families - to come up with tailored Estate Plans.

It's really just about peace of mind!




Check out my latest blog post on why everyone needs an estate plan.


Hammelman Law, PLLC

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[03/18/16]   The first day of spring is March 20! What better time to get your new business or trademark process started or to your trust in order than the start of the new season?

Call Hammelman Law at 571-403-1869 for your free initial consultation!


Interested in starting a business? | Hammelman Law, PLLC

hammelmanlaw.com   The SBA (Small Business Association) has many valuable resources for individuals interested in starting a new business. Below is a link for a checklist of the...


Virginia new business information | Hammelman Law, PLLC

hammelmanlaw.com The Virginia State Corporation Commission has tons of information and resources for new business owners. While the information they provide can be very helpful,...

ATF: Answers to basic NFA questions | Hammelman Law, PLLC

Check out the new blog post with a link to the ATF website for basic questions and answers regarding your NFA trust.

Call Hammelman Law for your free consultation about your NFA trust now!


hammelmanlaw.com There are many questions fun owners have when considering whether or not to consider an NFA gun trust. Included is a link for some answers to basic questions ...


"Entrepreneurship is in our DNA" | Hammelman Law, PLLC

Check out the new blog post.

hammelmanlaw.com Do you have an idea that you think would make a great product or service in the marketplace? Have you always thought of starting a business? Now is a great time...

Gun Show Trader

Gun Shows in the Virginias February 4th 2016!


Important Update on Implementation of ATF-41F

ATF Updates.

blog.princelaw.com Rather than use the rulemaking process set forth in the Administrative Procedure Act, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives ("ATF") seemingly continues to release information in ...


BREAKING: ATF Issues Final Ruling on NFA Trusts, Eliminates CLEO Sign-Off for ALL NFA Paperwork...

New rulings on NFA Trusts.

thetruthaboutguns.com The ATF has issued its long awaited final ruling expanding the requirement for fingerprints, photo IDs, and background checks for “responsible persons” listed on a trust used to purchase items restricted under the National Firearms Act (such as silencers). The singleRead More

[02/11/16]   Do you have NFA firearms that you want to register with the ATF, but you don't want to submit fingerprints and photos just for registration? Contact Hammelman Law for a consultation about an NFA Trust. An NFA Trust can help ensure privacy for you and will allow you to determine what should be done with the firearms and who should have control and possession of them in the future.


Hammelman Law, PLLC

Check out the updates to the website, www.hammelmanlaw.com! Hammelman Law now offers NFA Trusts.

hammelmanlaw.com Small Business Law, Trademarks, Copyrights, and NFA Trusts


New Year. New Business? | Hammelman Law, PLLC

hammelmanlaw.com Are you considering starting a new business in the new year? Or have you started your new business but don't know what to do next? Hammelman Law can help. Call ...

[09/12/15]   Hammelman Law, PLLC is now open for business and has already been retained by its first client. What can Hammelman Law do for you? Check out the website at www.hammelmanlaw.com!

Hammelman Law, PLLC

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