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The Game Steward is an online game store offering Kickstarter and imported games at reasonable prices. It's time to play!

The Game Steward was founded to bring hard to find games to gamers with a friendly smile and a reasonable price. We sell games, expansions, and promos that are often half the price of what you'd find on eBay from other sellers. Kickstarter Games, Imported Games, and Out of Print Games - we do our best to offer the games you are looking for that you can't find anywhere else.

Mission: To provide a high quality experience to those purchasing Kickstarter board games, out of print, and imported and games at reasonable prices.

[10/16/19]   We have some really exciting new to share with everyone.

First, we have hired our first full-time employee - Mary Grindstaff! Mary is our new Director of Fulfillment and Warehouse Operations, and will be handling the intake of new games, filling orders, and handling customer service matters that require shipping items out. Mary officially came on board October 1, although she's been helping us out for the last couple of months in an informal capacity.

Mary has been a friend of ours since college, and we are so happy that she's joining our team!

Second, we are FINALLY opening a new warehouse in Roanoke, VA! This will more than triple our current storage space, so we will no longer have to trip over boxes and each other while working in the warehouse to pack and ship orders.

*** PLEASE NOTE: we will be packing and moving to the new warehouse over the weekend of November 1-3, so fulfillment of new orders may be delayed during that time while we get everything set up in the new space.

The Game Steward is growing, and all of you have made that possible. Thank you to everyone for your business. We love what we do, and we hope you will continue finding the games in our store that excite you and give you many years of joy.

Escape Plan Review - with Tom Vasel

"It is an experience. It is the kind of game that gives you that deep, thoughtful euro game type feeling, but also the game I can tell a story about when it is over." - Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at the new game from Vital Lacerda! Escape Plan! Join us for the Dice Tower Retreat:

FYI. We posted this in the "Fans of The Game Steward" FB Group. That is where will make all announcements first going forward. If you aren't a member yet, please join us and let us know your thoughts!

[05/13/19]   The Game Steward is considering free shipping with pickup at Origins. Would this interest you? Do you know anyone who might be interested in picking up a game at Origins?

We likely won't have a booth this year (but if that changes, we'll let everyone know!), but we could arrange with a partner publisher to work something out.

This would include brand new games like Escape Plan, Legends Untold, Neta Tanka, etc.

[05/11/19]   Wow. Just WOW!

We are totally thrilled (and humbled) by the amazing response to our sale. This is officially our most successful day ever!

We've enjoyed chatting, answering questions, and making suggestions to those of you who reached out. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!

And in case you were worried that you missed out, we're adding a few more games to the sale. So you still have a chance to pick up some amazing Kickstarter games!

Coma Ward Kickstarter Premium Edition
Escape Room In a Box: The Werewolf Experiment (KS Edition)
Fireball Island Bundle (KS Edition)
Gorus Maximus KS Premium Edition

And maybe a few more before the weekend (and the sale) ends...

All Games

THE SALE IS ON! All Kickstarter Games at The Game Steward.

Neta Tanka: Deluxe Pledge (Kickstarter Special)

Speaking of needing more warehouse space...Neta Tanka has just arrived!

This big, beautiful, and heavy game is now in stock! Supplies limited, so don't wait!

[05/09/19]   Okay, all you lovely people. The Game Steward will be holding its warehouse clearance sale on in-stock items tomorrow (Friday, May 10th). We don't have an exact time of launch, but it will be somewhere between 12:01 am and 9:00 am Eastern Time. Almost all in stock titles (no pre-orders) will be marked 5-80% off.

All the usual disclaimers - limited supplies, Ding & Dent games are "as-is", first come first served, etc. Some obscure stuff, some fairly new stuff, some very highly rated stuff.

If you have a question, leave it in the comments here. Please buy our stuff so we can make room for all the new games arriving in the next two months!

[05/07/19]   So...when a store's warehouse gets really full, and the store needs to clear some of that stuff out to make room for new stuff. That's a thing, right?

#needsmorespace. #salewhatsale. #itscoming.

Crusaders Deluxified (Kickstarter Special)

Crusaders Deluxified is back in stock!

As if we needed even more games to stuff in our warehouse. But we suspect these won't last long at all.

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

Eagle-Gryphon Games has just shipped us another another excellent game, The Scarlet Pimpernel. It flew a bit under the radar on Kickstarter, but we now have it in stock. This is a gorgeous game, with beautiful artwork by Ian O'Toole - one of our favorite artists. And it's really fun to play too!

We have the "Signature" Edition, but please note that, due to changes made by the publisher after the KS campaign, our copies do not include a signed sticker/limited edition number. However, all other upgraded content (upgraded meeples, special favor tiles, special favor boards, and scarlet bag) are included.

Legends Untold: Caves and Sewers (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

Legends Untold is here, so now you can tell your own Legends!

The Game Steward is proud to offer this RPG in a box, which is unlike any other dungeon crawl we've ever played - the game world is new and fresh. Small, fast, but full of wonder and meaningful decision-making.

Legends Untold includes two cores gams, three booster packs, and 4 custom dice are included. So go check it out now!

Quodd Heroes - Hero Pledge (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

2019 is turning out to be the year of old Kickstarter projects finally delivering. The latest project is Quodd Heroes!

Even since Tom Vasel awarded Quodd Heroes the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence, it's been selling like hotcakes. But we still have a few copies left!

[04/21/19]   We don't recall a time when so many games have all arrived so close to each's a cornucopia of games - and our warehouse is getting ridiculously full. We might have to do something about that...

Quodd Heroes Review - with Tom Vasel

Quodd Heroes has been under the radar for a while, but Tom Vasel just dropped an excellent review, and we thought you might be interested. If you like action programming games like RoboRally, then definitely check out Quodd Heroes!

We have the Kickstarter Edition available, and it will be shipping in the next 2-3 weeks. We're excited to carry this indie game from a new publisher!

Tom Vasel takes a look at a cube programing game with awesome cube minis! BGG: Check out the friendli...

Museum: Grand Gallery Pledge (Kickstarter Special)

Museum by Holy Grail Games is now in stock! Only a few copies left of this gorgeous game with artwork by Vincent Dutrait.

We have the Grand Galley Kickstarter Pledge with all five expansions (The People's Choice, World's Fair, Archaeologists, Black Market, and Cthulhu Relics) plus the KS Edition of Museum. Check it out!

Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

Gloom of Kilforth has finally arrived!

If you've been wondering about this incredibly fun and beautiful (seriously, check out the hundreds of beautiful images) game, now's your chance.

Gloom of Kilforth is officially our biggest seller ever at The Game Steward. We've sold hundreds of copies to satisfied customers. It's seriously a great game!

City of Gears: Founders Edition (Kickstarter Special)

City of Gears Founder's Edition is now back in stock for a limited time. Kickstarter Founders Edition of City of Gears Board Game. Includes Core Game and all unlocked stretch goals (wooden upgrades, miniatures, and Opening Day Board). City of Gears: Founders Edition is a game featuring Area Control / Area Influence, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Worker Placement. Designed...

Assault on Doomrock (Kickstarter Special)

Assault on Doomrock is now back in stock! This underground hit is an awesome take on the dungeon crawl experience. If you're looking for a new fantasy adventure with a sense of humor, be sure to check this one out! Kickstarter Edition (including Indiegogo Promo Cards) of Assault on Doomrock Board Game. This includes the Second Edition core game and the Indiegogo promo cards (they have been incorporated into the main game). Assault on Doomrock is a game featuring Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Modular Board,....

Crisis at Steamfall (Kickstarter Special)

Crisis at Steamfall! So excited for this one!

From the inspired minds of Assault on Doomrock, their next creation, Crisis at Steamfall, is a dynamic adventure game set in an original fantasy world with sci-fi flair (and aliens!).

Master your character's unique abilities as you explore the forbidden areas of a mysterious city and discover new ways to triumph. Delve into the city and interact with its civilians while managing your character’s mood and resources. Gear up by building awesome items; then modify them with crafted upgrades or looted alien technology in order to aid you in battles or civic challenges.

We have the Kickstarter Edition with the KS Exclusive Promo Pack of cards. Limited quantities of this import! Kickstarter Edition of Crisis at Steamfall by Beautiful Disaster Games. Includes core game, and all unlocked stretch goals. Crisis at Steamfall is a game featuring Action Point Allowance System, Area Movement, Modular Board, Role Playing, Variable Player Powers. Designed by Tom Stasiak. Published by...

Villages of Valeria: Landmarks in Tuck Box Pledge (Kickstarter Special)

'Tis the season of arrivals! Make sure to check out all our newest titles!

New from Daily Magic Games is Villages of Valeria: Landmarks. An expansion to the hit game Villages of Valeria. We have the Kickstarter Edition in a convenient tuck box edition. Now in stock! Kickstarter Edition of Villages of Valeria: Landmarks Expansion (tuck box) by Daily Magic Games. Includes: Landmarks expansion, custom wood tokens, The King's Herald and Rahdo the Guild Master Adventurer promo cards, and all stretch goals. Villages of Valeria: Landmarks in Tuck Box Pledge is a game....

The 7th Continent: Rookie plus Full Gameplay Bundle (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

Just FYI - A single The 7th Continent Rookie Pledge Plus Full Gameplay Bundle just became available. Kickstarter Rookie Plus Full Gameplay Bundle Pledge for The 7th Continent Board Game. Includes The 7th Continent Core Game, What Comes Up Must Go Down Expansion, Satchel & Journal Binder, Icy Maze Expansion, Forbidden Sanctuary Expansion, Swamp of Madness Expansion, Facing the Elements Expansion, Fe...

petersen games

Re-stock of Petersen Games products for pre-order!

Cthulhu Wars, The Gods War, and Planet Apocalypse are back in our store.

Cthulhu Wars and The Gods War are scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. Hurry now to get your copy! The Game Steward is an online game store offering Kickstarter board games, out of print, and imported and games at reasonable prices. It's time to play!

New In Stock (including back in stock) Games!

New Games In Stock. This is just a small portion - we'll have a bunch more to be listed next week. New Kickstarter and other games in stock at The Game Steward.

New Pre-Order Games!

We just listed a bunch of new games on our store. Check out the hot new Kickstarter games available for pre-order here!

Gloom of Kilforth Dark Gloom Pack
Project Elite (and all the Optional Buys!)
Deep Madness (and all the Add-ons!)
City of The Big Shoulders (Deluxe Edition with Expansion!)
Welcome To... (Big bundle with add-ons!)
Blood Rage Promos
Awkward Guests
The Ancient World
and more! New Kickstarter and other games for pre-order at The Game Steward.

Raccoon Tycoon (Kickstarter Special)

Raccoon Tycoon sold out fast, but now it's back in stock...with the metal coins!

(Total aside, but this may be the heaviest set of metal coins we've ever experienced for a board game! They are REALLY nice).

Vindication: Bundle with Upgraded Components (Retailer Ding & Dent Edition)

After our latest inventory check, we discovered that we have three ding & dent copies of the Vindication Swanky Bundle (non-KS). They include all expansions and stretch goals (but not the Boulder Hulk mini). The dings are pretty minor on some of the corners.

If you missed the first Kickstarter, and don't want want to wait for til later this year, here's your chance!

I love me some double entendres.

Raccoon Tycoon (Kickstarter Special)

Who loves trash pandas? We do!

Ever wanted to be king of the mountain? Or rather...the Raccoon Tycoon? Now you can!

Get the KS Premium Edition with the custom metal in stock!

Arcadia Quest: Riders (Kickstarter Pre-Order Special)

Do you love Arcadia Quest (or Arcadia Quest: Infernot? Because if you want MOAR Arcadia Quest, we have Arcadia Quest: Riders KS Edition! This expansion adds a whole new campaign to Arcadia Quest!

This edition comes with the KS Exclusive mounts Stonebeak and Phantom, as well as the Exclusive Frosted dice.

Arcadia Quest: Riders is in stock now! Kickstarter Edition of Arcadia Quest: Riders Expansion. Includes Expansion, Exclusive Mount Pack, and Exclusive Frost Dice Pack. Note: Arcadia Quest Core game required (not included). Arcadia Quest: Riders is a game featuring Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers. Design...

Coma Ward: Premium Pledge (Kickstarter Special)

What's new in stock? So. Many. Games.

Today, it's Coma Ward, Premium Edition. This is a horror themed game with mature content. If you like suspense, this one is definitely worth checking out!

The Premium Edition comes with all stretch goals, extra cases, miniatures, colored plastic pills (they really look like pills!), and custom dice.

Nemesis: Intruder All In Pledge Bundle (Kickstarter Special w/Wave 2 Pre-Order)

Jonesing for your own copy of Nemesis? We have a bunch of Wave 1 copies in stock (non-Sundrop) for sale, ready to ship right now!

Get it, play it, and then we'll ship Wave 2 when it ships this summer! Kickstarter Edition of the Sundrop Pledge for Nemesis: The Board Game. Includes Core Game, Voidseeders Stretch Goal Box, Carnomorphs Expansion, Terrain Expansion, Script Comic Book, Art Book, and all other met stretch goals. Nemesis: All In Sundrop Intruder Pledge is a game featuring Co-operative Pl...

Prehistory Board Game (Retail Import Special)

Prehistory has turned out to be the hardest game ever for us to get into stock. It's been a long surreal trip. But the good news for you is that Prehistory is now in stock!

It's an import that was a hit at Essen, and sold out almost everywhere, but now it's available! Kickstarter Edition of Prehistory Board Game. Includes Core Game, Solo Mode Expansion, and all unlocked stretch goals. Prehistory is a game featuring Area Control / Area Influence, Modular Board, Set Collection, Tile Placement, Worker Placement. Designed by Attila Sz?gyi. Published by A-games (Board...

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