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United Christian Parish Preschool


Hi! I was playing with my son in the library today and I think I may have left my phone in there. Did anyone find it? I've emailed and had someone call the preschool office for me. Thanks.
Our preschool will be marching in the Annual Reston Holiday Parade on Friday November 29 (day after thanksgiving). This is a super fun way for us to get the word out about our amazing school and meet and connect with members of our school family. Please see the below for more info: Parade planners ask that ALL children under 5 be secured in strollers or wagons to insure that the parade can keep its pace. The parade lineup will be staged in Hyatt Park (the grassy area with trees in front of the Hyatt Hotel). Our group is number 16 in the lineup and we are asked to arrive NO LATER than 10:30AM. Our group will be holding two banners so you can find us easily. Family and friends visiting from out of town are more than welcome to accompany our preschool families in marching in the parade! Please contact Kate Tylenda at [email protected] with any parade questions
Does anyone know If this evening's Easter egg hunt is still on?
Tonight!!! Chipotle fundraiser! 🌮🌯🥑 New location this year at the Sunset Hills location, behind Chik Fil A. Stop in anytime between 4-8 PM and mention UCPP’s fundraiser at check out. Dine-in or carry out. Online orders are not valid. This is a big one for the scholarship fund. 50% of our sales go to our fundraiser. See you there!
Does anyone know who is collecting for the yard sale? I know Jane put it in a newsletter but I can't find it now.

Part day, play based, NAEYC accredited, Christian preschool program for ages 2-5 years of age. We believe that each child deserves an enriching environment to learn and grow. All are welcome in our Preschool family!

The UCP Preschool provides a safe and loving Christian atmosphere where all children share a variety of age appropriate experiences and learn to play and work with others. Our children experience a safe environment that focuses on wholesome development. We are a part day preschool program that serves children ages 2-5 years in 2-, 3- and 4-day/week classes. United Christian Parish Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.We operate as a ministry of United Christian Parish Church.

Mission: We believe that each child deserves an enriching environment to learn and grow.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our fantastic Four's teachers! All of our Pre-K teachers assure that our kiddos are ready for Kindergarten by building onto the strong, play-based foundation and incorporating the academic structure necessary to be ready for elementary school. The love they have for our oldest preschool students is immeasurable and the connection they have is lifelong. We thank you!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our amazing Three's teachers! We all know why the phrase "Threenager" exists and these teachers calm those three year olds like nobody else. You encourage their natural curiosity, foster their growing independence and give them the boundaries they need to grow. We thank you!

We love our School Family and our School Family loves our teachers!

[05/06/20]   Thanks to our fantastic Family Group Coordinator we had an amazing Teacher Appreciation Parade on FB Live this afternoon. We lined up at our usual carline time and drove the circle....just like old times. The children cheered, held out handmade signs and honked the horn as our teachers watched from their homes! Many happy tears were shed and, once again, we built our connections even stronger! We love our School Family!
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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our super talented Toddler Team! You build the foundation of trust for our smallest preschoolers and instill in them a love for learning that lasts a lifetime! We thank you!

[05/05/20]   There are many organizations and people looking for help in this difficult moment in our history. #givingtuesdaynow is one way to help make differences in the lives of those in your community. Our parents at UCP preschool have been so generous to us in this difficult time. We could not have weathered the financial burden of this quarantine without them. Our gratitude is beyond measure. Please consider finding a small business that needs your help today. ❤️


United Christian Parish Preschool's cover photo

We love Earth Day at preschool and if we were in school today we would have had many plans to celebrate this amazing planet we call home. Hope you can find some fun today outside observing all the blessings around us!
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Miss Ginger is sharing a new printable book from the Conscious Discipline Website, "Shubert and Sophie Stay Home". We are grateful for our School Family and the entire UCP community. Remember all the premium resources at consciousdiscipline.com are available FOR FREE!

We recognize that everyday seems like “Family Friday” right now but since we also recognize that everyday has a reason to celebrate we can’t wait to see what fun you make today! We wish our school family well! #schoolfamilyfriday

The 2020 Week of the Young Child™ wraps up today with Family Friday, a day to honor and families—children’s first and most important teachers. Share your dedications and celebrations today using #WOYC20!

Hooray for Art! Please share your art projects in honor of Artsy Thursday!

It's Artsy Thursday! Are you ready to get creative?
Take out the supplies and let children craft a work of art from their imaginations! Share photos of their creations with us using #WOYC20

It’s Work Together WEDNESDAY! Today is the day to build and create together. Legos, blocks, boxes, sticks, rocks, etc. are just basic ideas of where to get started! We’d love to see your creations!!

It's Work Together Wednesday! Did you know that teamwork develops young children's social and early literacy skills? Share how you are working together virtually or at home with #WOYC20!


Week of the Young Child | NAEYC

It is the NAEYC Week of the Young Child! During our school year, this is one of our favorite weeks and we are disappointed we can’t be with our school family this year. BUT! We hope our families will do some fun activities this week at home along with some “distance learning” guidance from our amazing staff! Please share your photos and fun!


naeyc.org Celebrating early learning, young children, educators, and families!

God blessings on the entire United Christian Parish Preschool School Family. We love you and look forward when we will be together again! Have a wonderful day!

Today’s Photo Of The Day is #message. Although we aren’t physically at preschool we ARE available for you through our messaging systems on social media and email. If you need anything at all, you can reach out. Our media is monitored daily and we want to hear from you! Registration for 2020-2021 is ongoing and can all be done digitally. And remember! When we are healthy, we can all go back to school!
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We are honoring our Spring Break for our staff and families by taking a break from our distance learning to recharge. God bless our UCPP School Family and we wish you well in this uncertain time. We will return to our online tools, virtual classrooms and emails on Tuesday, April 14.
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The Photo of the Day is #promise. We want to make a promise to stay connected to our School Family through this challenging time. We promise to listen to your fears and concerns, offer comfort and care, and provide distance support to all our families as best we can. Please follow our FB page and, if you have a registered student, join our private UCP Preschool Family Group page. Our staff, as well as families, are posting daily activities and videos. We are in this together!
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We printed this out yesterday and it's a really helpful resource. We love that it encourages our Conscious Discipline strategies along with ordinary fun! Don't forget that ALL the Conscious Discipline premium resources are FREE right now. Don't miss out! And take a walk around Shubert's classroom while you are on the website. Wishing you well!

As you and your family cope with the life changes and anxiety caused by COVID-19, use activities from this Caring Connections Calendar to enjoy restorative moments of bonding, beauty and joy. 📆 Created by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Kim Hughes, the Caring Connections Calendar features activities that strengthen relationships by practicing kindness, being grateful and spending quality time with those we love. Download your copy here: https://bit.ly/2R3gicW #iHeartCD #COVID_19

It’s not to late to share the love you have for United Christian Parish Preschool by voting for us in the “Best Daycares and Preschools 2020” poll! You have until April 3 at 11:45am to enter. Thank you for your support! https://www.northernvirginiamag.com/best-day-care-and-preschool-poll/
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The Photo of the Day is #trust We want to shout out to all the first responders that are caring for us during this unprecedented time. Our students learn a lot about all community helpers. When we are healthy, and we can return to school, we will be sure to discuss the bravery and honor that was displayed in these trying times. For children it is so important to learn to trust adults. It is also important to emulate heroes. Wishing you all well!
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TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Please share with family and friends! We are so excited to be noticed, again, for this recognition! TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE!

https://www.northernvirginiamag.com/best-day-care-and-preschool-poll/ — at United Christian Parish - UCP.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Please share with family and friends! We are so excited to be noticed, again, for this recognition! TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE!


Today’s Photo of The Day is #kind. We are so blessed that on “typical” days and the days we are living now, our School Family, our church and our community are fluent in KINDNESS. We can’t wait to be together again.
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Safe Place

Miss Ginger shows you how to create a Safe Place of your very own!


Miss Ginger shows you her Safe Place and talks about how you can create your own at home!

The Sleepytime Consultant

Our Sleepytime Consultant, Kendra, is here for you too!

I would love to help parents during this unsettling time, so since my expertise is around young children and sleep, over the next several days, I am going to share some sleep hacks you can initiate tonight to help your days and nights go more smoothly.

First, since we’re all focusing on staying healthy right now, it’s a good time to remember that one of the very best ways to maintain a strong immune system is to get a good night’s sleep.

(There’s a lot of complicated-sounding science behind why this is, but it has to do with “T-cells” being better able to fight infected cells when stress hormones are low. And stress hormones are at their lowest when we are asleep!)

Now, if you’ve got a baby or toddler in the house who isn’t sleeping well, getting that good night’s sleep can obviously be a little trickier -- for you AND your little one.

Sleep Hack #1: Watch The Waking Hours

One of the BIGGEST enemies of sleep – especially for babies and toddlers – is overtiredness… and many parents are surprised to learn just how soon their children get overtired!

Here’s a quick guide to how long your child should be awake between naps during the day:

Newborns (0-12 Weeks): 45 minutes
3-5 Months: 1.5–2 hours
6–8 months: 2–3 hours
9–12 months: 3-4 hours
13 months to 2.5 years: 5–6 hours

If you make sure that your child is put down for naps BEFORE they get overtired, you’ll find that they fall asleep more easily at naptime… AND that they are more relaxed at bedtime, too!!

Fairfax County Public Schools

Please be sure to check your email for UCPPs next steps from Ms. Clark in the coming days. Our thoughts and prayers are with our School Family especially today. As we always say when we have big feelings, “You are safe. Keep breathing. You can handle it.”

Please see Superintendent Brabrand's message to FCPS families and staff regarding Governor Northam's announcement that all Virginia K-12 schools will be closed for the remainder of the academic year.

Read along with Miss Ginger!

[03/20/20]   Wow! We reached 300 likes! Please share our amazing school with others! We are still actively registering for School Year 2020-2021. We can easily do this through email and our website. Check out all our social media and posts to see what we are all about! [email protected]

The Sleepytime Consultant

Our friend, The Sleepytime Consultant, is having a FB Live tonight!

Join me tonight, 7:30-8:30 pm, Facebook Ask Me Anything related to baby/child sleep!

Laurie Berkner Band

It’s time to take a LIVE Laurie Berkner Break! I’m so excited to sing and dance with you today. I’ll be here at 10am most weekdays for singing, stories, moving our bodies, and more. A lot of people need help right now, so I’ll be picking some charities that you can donate to if you are able. Today, we are highlighting No Kid Hungry. nokidhungry.org

Conscious Discipline®

Always helpful, Dr. Bailey!

Be a S.T.A.R. and wish well with us today and all the days ahead. Let's your kids see you do this, let them practice with you as well. One day at a time, we can get through this. ⭐️ As always, we wish you well. #iHeartCD

Fairfax County Public Schools

Due to school and office closures related to COVID-19, the deadline for online registration for the Kindergarten immersion lottery has been extended until further notice. However, the deadline for the first grade immersion lottery status notification online response will remain Thursday, March 19.

Any other adjustments to the lottery process will be posted to the Immersion Registration website once they are known. http://bit.ly/2EvUgIg

Today’s Photo of the day is #name. Writing is a skill that takes lots of strength, hand muscles, coordination and determination. Learning to spell also takes practice and perseverance. Our friend B. makes it look so easy! Just by playing, a child strengthens their hands for these fine motor skills. Keep encouraging digging, throwing, squeezing and having fun because those things will help your child be a skilled writer.
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[03/16/20]   For our new families that may be feeling a bit disconnected to our preschool due to the COVID-19 closing... we are with you. Please join our private, School Family page by searching UCP Preschool Family Group page. Our teachers are providing ideas for "distance learning" and offering comfort and support from their homes. We will get through this together!


Remote Learning Resources and Strategies for Coronavirus | Grades PreK-K

Scholastic has always been a champion for children! They are offering a FREE online learning program. WTG Scholastic! That was helpful!


classroommagazines.scholastic.com Free online teaching resources and strategies to talk to preK and kindergarten students

About the preschool

The United Christian Parish Preschool provides a loving Christian atmosphere, also known as our School Family, where all children share a variety of age-appropriate experiences and learn to play and work with others. The Preschool operates as a ministry of UCP.

Children obtain a high-quality early childhood experience at UCP. The Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and participates in Virginia Quality, the state rating and improvement system.

The preschool serves children ages 2-5 in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-day/week, half-day classes. Tuition rates are competitive, we have a low staff turnover rate, and professional development for the staff is a high priority. The school follows the research-based Creative Curriculum and uses Conscious Discipline to help children develop socially and emotionally. Chapel experiences, led by staff and members of UCP, help children develop spiritually. Scholarships are available for those families who cannot afford the full cost of preschool tuition.

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