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NVHC - Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation

1441 Wiehle Avenue Reston Virginia 20190 703/437-7733

Mission: NVHC is our Spiritual Home where we Connect Through Community to Judaism That Matters.

Operating as usual

"Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh, All of Israel are responsible for each other" (Shevuot 39a). Through simchas and sorrows, as members of a sacred community it is incumbent upon each of us to provide one another support and spiritual nourishment.

We can provide nourishment in another way as well. Whether a member of our community is facing illness, bereavement, addition of a new family member, or is simply feeling overwhelmed, providing that person/family with a meal not only provides physical nourishment and respite from a daily responsibility, but also deepens our relationships with each other and our community.

NVHC Cares has a team of volunteers ready to cook up a meal when a community member is in need. This week's Mitzvah Monday is to challenge you to join the team and commit to cooking a meal for a member of our community.

Send an email to [email protected] to be added to the distribution list.

When meals are needed, you will receive the link to an online sign-up with details about the person’s preferences and when they would appreciate having the meal delivered.

…and keep in mind that NVHC Cares is here for you too. Please reach out to the clergy or send us an email if you are in need at [email protected] or [email protected].

NVHC - Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation

Come on in!

Join us for a night of beautiful popular and fold music performed by our very own Cantor Susan Caro!

Folk Music Night with Cantor Susan Caro

Join us for a night of beautiful popular and fold music performed by our very own Cantor Susan Caro!

We have quite the program line up this Shabbat!

Join us tonight at 7pm on Zoom, YouTube, or our Facebook Community Corner for Erev Shabbat services, then tomorrow morning at 9am on Zoom for Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America. This month, we're studying "Eisenhower's Speech on the Role of Religion in American Democracy."

For our young families, at 9 tomorrow morning we also have a very special Tot Shabbat with Morah Nell! Come sing, dance, and celebrate Shabbat with us.

And finally, tomorrow evening at 7:30pm, with guitar in hand Cantor Caro will treat us to a night of folk and popular music to bring Shabbat to a close. Bring a glass of wine, something to nosh on, and enjoy the music!

Shabbat shalom everyone!

This week's Mitzvah Monday challenge is to do your taxes! Paying taxes is a social and communal responsibility that helps fund education, build roads, and take care of members of our community who are struggling or need extra support. The deadline is THIS Wednesday, July 15!

This Mitzvah Monday, we’re challenging you to
#WearAMask! Wearing a face mask over your nose and
mouth while out in public is one of the best ways to keep
each other safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Where did your mask come from? Do you have a favorite?
Have you made a mask for yourself, or for others? Tell us
about it, or post a selfie of you wearing it!

The masks featured in the image above were made by our
very own Social Action Committee.

"Most of us are generally very good at doing - we have lists we can check off, and can see measurable accomplishments - while just 'being' - being present and mindful, in the moment... - is admittedly much more challenging...."

These words come from a piece by own Cantor Caro, originally published on http://ow.ly/usHx50AospH, about the importance of self-care - and some Jewish reminders to help you take care of yourself. Click here to read it: http://ow.ly/PGnL50AospJ.

This Shabbat, take a moment to just "be" - some time to take care of yourself and truly embrace and restfulness and peacefulness of Shabbat.

Shabbat shalom

In this week's Torah portion, Chukat-Balak, God instructs Moses to order a rock to produce water for the Israelites. When Moses instead strikes the rock, he is told by God that he cannot enter the Promised Land "Because you did not trust Me enough to affirm My holiness...."

In our current moment, we are faced with serious global and national crises, not to mention anything that might be happening in our personal lives. By confronting situations with calm and courage, we are able to elevate holiness.

Our challenge for you this Monday is to do just that - affirm and elevate holiness in your own life by confronting whatever challenges you're facing this week not with frustration or rashness, but with calm, courage, and determination.


Juneteenth all-nighter in NoVa explores racism - Washington Jewish Week

"'What I want people to take away from this event is that Judaism has the power to shape the narrative of the United States, just as other religions do as well,' Holzman said. 'When we stay true to our Judaism, we have immense ability to discover new and relevant ways to bring justice to the world. It is right at the core of how we practice our spirituality.'”

Thank you Washington Jewish Week for this wonderful piece on our Juneteenth Tikkun.

Shabbat shalom!

washingtonjewishweek.com Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation’s Juneteenth Tikkun was an all-night exploration of systemic racism in the United States.

This week's Mitzvah Monday challenge is to help us fill our storage pod for the final time!

Like last time, NVHC Change (our Social Action Committee), has worked with RestonStrong place a storage pod in the NVHC parking lot, open on certain days, to collect donations to support our neighbors in the Cedar Ridge and Crescent communities. Through your generous donations, we were able to completely fill the first pod, and our goal is to do the same thing again!

Click here to learn more about what, how, and when to donate: http://ow.ly/q5II50AdSr7. Thank you in advance for your support!

(Be sure to click through the pictures on this post to view this week's schedule.)

In 1865, fully two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, word of liberation from slavery finally reached Galveston, Texas on June 19th. This day has become known as Liberation Day, Jubilee Day, or Juneteenth, and is America’s only holiday dedicated to acknowledging the truth of our national history of slavery. In the African American community, this is a day of celebration, community, and gathering.

Last night, we commemorated Juneteenth with our Juneteenth Tikkun, an evening of reflection, questioning, study, and remembrance. As we enter Shabbat, we take a minute to reflect and rest our minds and bodies to prepare for and recommit to the ongoing work ahead.

We hope you can join us tonight for Shabbat services at 7pm on Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube, and then tomorrow for Shabbat Sustenance at 9am and Havdalah at 8:30pm on Zoom.

Shabbat shalom everyone!

With everything going on in our country right now, it can be easy to forget that June is Pride month!

It may seem hard this year to find space for the feelings of pride, joy, and acceptance that Pride brings so many members of the LGBTQ+ community. But we are reminded that the beginning of the fight for LGBTQ+ rights - what many consider the first Pride - was itself a riot against police brutality at the Stonewall Inn in 1969. We are reminded that two of the leaders of the LGBTQ+ movement at the time, Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, were themselves women of color.

In the spirit of Pride and in support of all LGBTQ+ BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), this Mitzvah Monday we are sharing an expanded list of resources that includes guides on the importance of language, a Black LGBTQ blog and podcast directory, organizations you can support that work in LGBTQ+ BIPOC communities, and other ways to learn about and support these communities. Click here to learn more: http://ow.ly/cdgl50A7raB

To continue our journey of education and anti-racism, we also want to invite you to join us this Thursday evening into Friday morning, June 18-19, for our Juneteenth Tikkun. This evening/morning of study, reflection, and questioning explores the harshness of the current moment, how our religious traditions can provide wisdom during this time, and how we can find a path forward. Click here to learn more and to register: https://www.nvhcreston.org/nvhcs-anti-racism-work/juneteenth-tikkun/

Last Mitzvah Monday, we asked you to share what you were learning with us. This week, we're challenging you to go out and learn some more: this time about race, racial justice, and how you can work to become anti-racist.

Click here (http://ow.ly/oxi950A1jos) for a list of resources we've collected so far, and please feel free share any articles, podcasts, movies, or books that you know in the comments below! We are looking to add to this list.

Feeling overwhelmed? Start here: http://ow.ly/LxyU50A1jou. This document breaks down a myriad of resources and actions by how much time you have to learn each day and provides a study calendar along with numerous resources to get you started.

Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston

In the aftermath of the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, maybe a door has opened, finally, to serious work on anti-racism. The door is open, even if it is just a crack, and we will jam our toe in that door and begin the long and hard work of anti-racism.

One of the first steps through that door can be onto Wiehle Ave this evening. We apologize for the late notice, but NVHC members are invited as individuals to join members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reston for a public witness for Black Lives Matter tonight at 5pm. Note that we will gather in the NVHC parking lot and stand physically spaced on the grassy area behind the synagogue and church. Please see below for more information.

Erev Shabbat services will be held online this evening at 7pm, via Zoom (link in your daily email), Facebook Live, or on our YouTube page (https://www.youtube.com/c/northernvirginiahebrewcongregation).

Then join us tomorrow morning for Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America on Zoom at 9am as we apply the same skills and methods we use to study Torah to Malcolm X's "The Ballot or the Bullet."

We greet Shabbat to refresh the soul, reconnect with community, and fortify ourselves for the work ahead. Shabbat Shalom

Wear a mask, bring a sign, park in church parking lot or on Fairway and stand six feet apart on both sides of Wiehle Avenue spreading out from the church. We will stand or sit on the sidewalk in silence to witness our support and stay safe. Please note this is an opportunity for personal witness. It is not civil disobedience. We will gather separately, as individuals or families, at least six feet apart with masks. If you can't sit or stand, you can drive by during that time and honk or put a candle or sign in your window at home to participate virtually. If possible, we will also broadcast on Facebook Live during the public witness.

Last week we celebrated Shavuot, delighting in the gift of Torah and the value of communal learning and study. To keep our love of learning rolling, this Mitzvah Monday, we want to know: What are you learning? What are you studying?
Sharing and discussing your knowledge or thoughts is one of the most powerful ways you can make a change in the world. Whether you're reading a book, an article, listening to a podcast, just finished a documentary - we want to hear about how you are broadening your horizons and learning something new!

If you need a place to start, this Tuesday's Lifelong Learning discussion at 7:30pm will be a reboot of NVHC's conversation about race in Virginia and America. We will follow that on Thursday at 8:00pm with a discussion on three articles about how we can support Jews of Color, during current times and beyond (click here to read the articles: https://www.nvhcreston.org/calendars/lifelong-learning-standing-with-jews-of-color/). These discussions are sure to be eye-opening and powerful, so we hope you can join us.

We can't wait to learn with you and from you!

Don't forget to scroll through the pictures on this post for this week's schedule.

Shavuot begins this coming Thursday, and in honor of the custom to eat dairy foods this holiday, this week's Mitzvah Monday "challenge" is to share your favorite dairy-based recipe with us!

Cheesecake is a particular favorite on Shavuot, but any dairy food will do! Why do we eat dairy on Shavuot? There are many explanations, but the most common is that dairy foods are a reminder of the sweetness of Torah, and that Torah calls the land of Israel a land "flowing with milk and honey" (Exodus 3:8).

Click here to read all about our congregational Shavuot offerings, including our Confirmation service! https://www.nvhcreston.org/shavuot-5780/ We can't wait to try all of your delicious recipes.

The words above are an excerpt from a poem by our very own Rabbi Holzman. The full poem can be found in tonight's Shabbat service handout in your daily email. Join us tonight for Erev Shabbat services at 7pm in one of three ways: on Zoom (link in your daily email), on YouTube (http://ow.ly/Skyv50zHJI9), or over on our private Facebook Group (http://ow.ly/y9vD50zHJI7).

Then tomorrow, join us to greet a beautiful Shabbat morning with Shabbat Sustenance at 9:00am and then bring Shabbat to a close at 8:30pm with Havdalah (please note this new time will continue throughout the summer). Both of these will take place on Zoom and the links can be found in your daily email.

Shabbat shalom everyone! May you find space this Shabbat for reflection, change, and growth.

This week’s Mitzvah Monday Challenge is to Move Your Body – whatever that means to you! You could go for a walk, ride your bike, or even do some stretches while you’re sitting on the couch.

Do you have a favorite yoga video or workout routine you’ve been following? How do you keep your body moving?
Share it in the comments! You never know, you might just inspire someone to try something new.

Join us in one of three ways for Shabbat at 7pm this evening - on Zoom (link in your daily email), on YouTube (http://ow.ly/Skyv50zHJI9), or over on our private Facebook Group (http://ow.ly/y9vD50zHJI7).

Then tomorrow morning, join us for Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America at 9:00am. This month, we will apply the skills and methods we use to study Torah to Herbert Hoover's 1928 speech on "Rugged Individualism," the foundation for much of modern Conservatism.

Tomorrow night at 7:30pm, we come together to mark the closing of Shabbat with Havdalah. The link can be found in your daily email.

We wish you a peaceful, joyous, and sweet Shabbat! Shabbat Shalom

This Mitzvah Monday, we challenge you to call someone who helped you get where you are today, who helped you grow into who you are. If you'd like, tell us about them in the comments!

Be sure to scroll through the pictures on this post for this week's program schedule.

A little behind the scenes look as we move into Shabbat - how many of you have seen the "Torah Cam" in action? It's amazing what technology and our clergy can do!

Join us in one of three ways for Shabbat at 7pm this evening - on Zoom (link in your daily email), on YouTube (http://ow.ly/n9PW50zuD7t), or over on our private Facebook Group (http://ow.ly/ywtW50zuD7s).

Then tomorrow morning, join us for Shabbat Sustenance at 9am, then to celebrate at 11am as one of our students becomes Bar Mitzvah! (links in your daily email)

And finally, tomorrow night at 7:30pm, we come together for a special Mother's Day Havdalah, to celebrate and remember all of the people in our lives who have helped us or are helping us become the who we are today.

We wish you a peaceful, joyous, and sweet Shabbat! Shabbat Shalom

This Mitzvah Monday, we’re challenging you to do something kind for your local delivery driver – UPS drivers, postal workers, pizza delivery people. Many of us now more than ever are relying on delivery services to bring us the things we need, and drivers are working tirelessly to make sure we get them.

You could leave set out a basket or box, if you’re able, with bottles of water, hand sanitizer, and grab-and-go snacks. Or leave a kind note on your door or in your mailbox letting them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

We also have another way you can fulfill a mitzvah: by helping the NVHC Social Action Committee make masks for our local community. The team is currently making masks for Cornerstones and is working to anticipate other needs in our community, including members of NVHC.

How can you help?
If you can sew, please contact the SAC ([email protected]) and we will put you in contact with the team leader and provide instructions and materials if needed.
If you cannot sew, please contact the SAC as well! We may need people to pick up masks from sewers (contactless) and collect them for donation and/or delivery to shelters and other places. We may also need help researching other needs in the community.

Be sure to scroll through the images on this post to see this week's schedule.

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Folk Music Night with Cantor Susan Caro



1441 Wiehle Ave
Reston, VA

General information

We are welcoming, curious, funny, intellectually demanding, musical, inclusive, open minded and committed to living a Jewish life. We have decided to focus on how we engage youth and young adults and ensure the Jewish future (atid), how we build Community (kehilah), and how we act to make the world a more just, peaceful and compassionate place (tzedek). Find your entryway, your niche, and join us in creating a flourishing Jewish life. NVHC is a dynamic, inclusive, Reform Jewish synagogue. We welcome everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual identity, whether single or in a relationship, Jewish or non-Jewish. We celebrate our diversity and are open to all who wish to join us in us in our community of Jewish spiritual, educational, and cultural life. NVHC is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism.
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