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Mission: NVHC is our Spiritual Home where we Connect Through Community to Judaism That Matters.

Shabbat shalom everyone! We hope you get the chance to spend some time outside this weekend exploring the great outdoors.

Want some great summer reading? Try this week’s Torah portion! Read it and learn more about it here: http://ht.ly/b5mZ30p4vsW.

How are you celebrating today?? We are watching some fireworks, eating some good food, and thinking of ways we can continue to work on Rebuilding our Democracy together - to make positive change in our beloved country.

Shabbat shalom and happy first day of summer! We're sure wishing we were celebrating Shabbat at the beach right now! But even if we can't be at the beach, we think NVHC tonight at 7 and tomorrow morning at 9 is a pretty great place to celebrate.

What are your summer Shabbat plans??

Shabbat shalom everyone! Don't forget to join us tonight at 7pm for Erev Shabbat services and tomorrow morning at 9 am for Shabbat Sustenance: Great Texts of America, where we will study Frederick Douglass' great oratory "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?"

And catch up on this week's Torah portion, Naso, so you can follow along with our Bar and Bat Mitzvah tomorrow at 10:30 am! Find out everything you need to know about this parsha here: http://ow.ly/SMpq50uEsv5.

Tonight begins the last day of the Omer. We have had a long journey together from Pesach to Shavuot, learning how Character Matters in our lives and finding ways to grow over these 49 days. We are so glad you could join us. We hope these words, images, and prayers have been thought-provoking and inspiring.

We end the counting of the Omer on Shavuot, the day we celebrate the gift of Torah at Mt Sinai by holding our 10th grade Confirmation service and an evening of study, nosh, and Torah.

Join us tomorrow, Saturday June 8:
9 am: Shabbat Sustenance, Service of Healing and Wholeness
4 pm: Confirmation
7 pm: Yizkor
7:45 pm: Shavuot Night of Study. We'll be chanting 50 verses of Torah, eating homemade cheesecake and blintzes, and studying until midnight!

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach to all!
Omer 49: Quoting One’s Sources (Davar b’shem om’ro)

When you acknowledge that your ideas have roots, you let others know who and what have influenced your thinking.

Prayer: Credit the wisdom of the world.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 48: Be Precise In Transmitting What One Hears (Ham’chavein et sh’mu’ato)

True learning comes when we go beyond memorization of facts, but rather when we deepen our understanding and gain insights that will lead us to living lives imbued with Jewish values and ethics.

Prayer: Direct our ears to hear truth.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 47: Sharpening The Wisdom Of Your Teacher (Hamachkim et rabo)

The ideal teacher-student relationship is one in which both are in the pursuit of knowledge and truth and neither is interested in merely proving himself/herself right.

Prayer: Blessed is wisdom shared without ego.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 46: Learning In Order To Act (Lomeid al m’nat la’asot)

Study that leads to action - being learned is insufficient if we don’t use that learning to act to improve the world around us.

Prayer: Save one life; save the world.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Eid Mubarak! Today our synagogue is overflowing with our friends from All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), here to celebrate this joyous holiday. We are so blessed to have this relationship with them, and we wish everyone a day of peace, joy, and delicious food!

What is Eid? Eid is a celebratory holiday marking the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month during which many Muslims fast from sun up to sun down. Learn more here: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/06/eid-al-fitr-2019-190603070303923.html!

Omer 45: Learning In Order To Teach (Lomeid al m’nat l’lameid)

Our own learning is meant to serve needs beyond ourselves, to use what we know to teach and inspire others to act and grow.

Prayer: Learning serves teaching, serving more learning.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 44: Absorbing Knowledge and Adding To It (Shome’a u’mosif)

Our personal growth is an ongoing journey through knowledge and wisdom, a give and take between ourselves and the world.

Prayer: Listen more, add to the world.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Shavua tov!

Omer 43: Asking and Answering (Sho-ayl u’meishiv)

Questioning involves great concentration, opening up our minds and hearts to inquiry. Answering spurs the exchange of ideas. Both are critical to acquiring a life of wisdom.

Prayer: Ask a good question each day.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

NVHC here to support and welcome our LGBTQIA friends! 🏳️‍🌈

Join us to celebrate Shabbat with our graduating seniors tonight at 6 pm! As they move on from high school, we hope that they never stop learning, explore their Judaism as much as they can, and come back and visit us soon!

Shabbat shalom everyone!
Omer 42: Concentration on One’s Studies (Mityasheiv libo b’talmudo)

Thinking deliberately. Each of us as a learner is unique and we each should find our own way to concentrate and learn.

Prayer: Think deeply, see clearly, always learning.

Character Matters: ow.ly/bjVc50utiON
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 41: Setting Others on the Path of Peace (Ma’amido al haShalom)

Without inner peace, a person is anxious, confused, and hurting. Without communal peace, each person is isolated, separate, and detached. Without global peace, our world will remain in pieces, fractious and fractured.

Prayer: Choosing peace means cherishing the living.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/gHQo50utiME
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 40: Setting Others on the Path of Truth (Ma’amido al haEmet)

We have to be a willing model of being set by others on a path of truth. As we become a living model, we help others open toward their own truth.

Prayer: Live truthfully, to hold life dearly.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/HFiE50uso0s
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 39: Judging Others Favorably (Machrio l’chaf z’chut)

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. You never really understand another person until you consider things from that person’s point of view.

Prayer: Give the benefit of the doubt.

Character Matters: ow.ly/Yl3e50uo3AX
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 38: Sharing The Burden With A Friend (Nosei b’ol im chaveiro)

When we are able to help shoulder someone else’s burden, we gain a perspective and openness toward kindness. When we allow in help, we see acknowledge the truth of our humanity. Both help us to engage in learning and growth.

Prayer: Sustain one and you feed humanity.

Character Matters: ow.ly/Yl3e50uo3AX
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 37: Not Delighting in Rendering Decisions (Eino sameyach b’hora’ah)

Pay careful attention to those times when you are asked to participate in making a decision that will affect others. You might be standing in their shoes one day.

Prayer: Do not delight in another’s burden.

Character Matters: ow.ly/Yl3e50uo3AX
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 36: Lack of Arrogance in Learning (Lo mei’gis libo b’talmudo)

We live in a world that is competitive, rewards excellence and stresses individual self-esteem. Rabbi Simcha Bunam of Prysucha taught that we should keep two pieces of paper in our pockets, one saying, "For my sake the world was created," and the other, "I am nothing but dirt and ashes." Whenever we are overcome by feelings of pride, he said, we should read the paper with the words, "I am nothing but dirt and ashes." And when we feel as if our ego and sense of self have been crushed, reach into the other pocket and read, "For my sake, the world was created."

Prayer: I am nothing; I am everything.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/Y3Av50upj9T
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Shabbat shalom! Don't forget to join us tonight at 6pm at Lake Fairfax Park to celebrate Shabbat and Lag B'omer. We'll be at site G1; we hope to see you there!

Omer 35: Distancing Yourself From Honor (Mitracheik min hakavod)

Judaism teaches that honor cannot be acquired by one who pursues it. In fact, it is taught that if you pursue honor, it will actually flee from you. Spend your energy honoring others and it will come back to you.

Prayer: Honor others to keep ego bounded.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/Yl3e50uo3AX
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 34: Loving Reproof (Ohev et Hatochachot)

It is easy to give criticism, hard to accept it. We are called to put spiritual growth above ego, so long as it is corrective and constructive.

Prayer: My mistakes are my greatest teachers.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/Yl3e50uo3AX
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Tonight begins Lag B'omer, the 33rd day of the Omer. In addition to many historical events commemorated on this day, this holiday is a spiritual break from the past 32 days of soulful wandering and self-reflection. It is a day to celebrate survival and resilience, and to ready ourselves to finish counting the Omer!

We're going to celebrate Lag B'omer this Friday at 6 pm at Lake Fairfax Park with Shabbat services and a cookout! Click here to learn more about Lag B'omer (http://ow.ly/Gg2m50un3yl
), and click here to register for the cookout (http://ow.ly/5q1350un3yo).

Omer 33: Love of Being Straightforward (Ohev et Hameisharim)

We are constantly required to make choices related to our behavior. We are encouraged to deal in a straightforward fashion with others, with the hope that they will respond in the same fashion.

Prayer: Don’t fear, be direct, love returns.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/S51s50un3zG
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 32: Loving Righteous Ways (Ohev et hatz’dakot)

To do so in every aspect of our daily lives, in our contact with all our fellow human beings, in our rituals, in our social and economic pursuits. Learning is a means to action.

Prayer: Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/M14A50ulOx9
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 31: Loving All Creatures (Ohev et Hab’riyot)

Opening our hearts to all creatures, human and animal, enables us to pursue peace.

Prayer: All God’s creatures, each one loved.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/gLgT50ukfuF
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 30: Loving God (Ohev et HaMakom)

God loves us as demonstrated through the gift of Torah and mitzvot and we love God back by loving the Torah and showing that love through our actions.

Prayer: God’s love inspires human action - redemption.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/SiCy50uiLNW
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 29: Beloved (Ahuv)

Rabbi Akiva suggests that humankind is beloved by God as evidenced by the fact that we were created in God's image. As we are in God’s image, we are to in turn and share that love, which will bring forth a world of wholeness.

Prayer: Great love makes our days count.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/JBFg50uhKEY
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Shabbat shalom everyone! We hope you're able to join us for Shabbat services tonight at 7, and then tomorrow morning at 9 at Lake Fairfax Park for Shabbat Bachutz (Outdoors)! Just as a reminder, Shabbat Bachutz will be our only Shabbat experience tomorrow morning.

Omer 28: Limiting Self-Aggrandizement (Eino machazik tova l’atzmo)

We live in an age when self-esteem and feeling good about one's achievements are highly valued. Judaism asks us to discern between moderated self-esteem and ego.

Prayer: Ego blinds me to my faults.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/2HaC50ugMOs
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 27: Guarding One’s Words (Siyag lid’varav)

Not everything one thinks should be said. Not everything one writes should be printed and not everything printed should be read.

Prayer: To speak or not to speak.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/u4wA50ufwhI
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 26: Content With One's Portion (Sameach b’chelko)

To be satisfied with our portion from the effort we expend in life - it is in the doing, not the acquiring, that satisfaction and happiness are to come.

Prayer: Know your blessings, breathe and smile.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/atIf50udJsF
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 25: Knowing One's Place (Makir et m’komo)

Humility. Knowing who you are and knowing what your place is, can lead you to knowing who and what you want to become.

Prayer: Here and now, lead me onward

Character Matters http://ow.ly/LzES50uc5kX
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 24: Acceptance of Suffering (Kabbalat hay’surim)

Suffering simply exists as part of the human condition. And, if suffering is part of the human experience, God’s role is to be there, holding us in times of adversity.

Prayer: God, hold my sufferings with me.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/lgPM50uajc3
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 23: Trust in the Sages (Emunat Chachamim)

While our society tends to emphasize individualism and independence of thought, Judaism teaches that there are times when we must rely on the wisdom of others. It takes a great deal of trust to have faith in people who are wiser than we are, and to discern when we need that support.

Prayer: Who to trust for deep wisdom?

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/n2gC50u8QBW
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Shavua Tov!

Omer 22: Good Heartedness/Generosity (Lev Tov)

Judaism values the goodness of an individual. Our goodness is to be reflected in how we behave, speak, conduct business, learn, and grow.

Prayer: The sea of generosity is infinite.

Character Matters: http://ht.ly/rZ4730oHR5H
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Shabbat shalom everyone! We hope you are able to join us tonight at 7 for Shabbat Kavod, our Shabbat celebrating those who have raised us and cared for us throughout our lives, or tomorrow morning for Shabbat Sustenance.

Omer 21: Slowness to Anger (Erech Apayim)

Everyone loses his or her temper and becomes angry on occasion. It is the degree to which one is able to control one's temper that makes all the difference.

Prayer: Anger burns us like hot coals.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/zoO050u6ZzK
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 20: Moderation in Frivolity (Mi’ut s’chok)

Laughter is important in relieving suffering, but should never be at someone else’s expense, nor distract us or others from important matters.

Prayer: Laughter is inexpensive medicine; use wisely.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/rio250u5F4l
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 19: Moderation in Conversation (Mi’ut sichah)

“There is a time to be silent and a time to speak.” (Ecclesiastes 3:7)

Prayer: Speech - holy words; Silence - holy space.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/kuIK50u2nwD
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 18: Moderation in Sleep (Mi’ut shaynah)

We are called to think about the way we spend our time. Getting the right amount of sleep helps us to be really awake in our lives, physically refreshed and spiritually attentive.

Prayer: Beneath our fatigue lies our spirit.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/kuIK50u2nwD
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 17: Moderation in Pleasure (Mi’ut ta’anug)

Moderation means balance rather than limitation. Enjoy life’s delights, not for their own sake, but as part of living morally and generously.

Prayer: Love life, be kind, like God.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/qbHw50u0O4Y
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 16: Limiting One’s Involvement in Worldly Concerns (Mi’ut Derech Eretz)

We are called to be engaged citizens in the world; but again, not to excess or in a way that brings imbalance to our lives.

Prayer: Speak truth to power; equilibrium rocks.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/yj7750tZgJ8
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

Omer 15: Moderation in Business (Mi’ut s’chorah)

We are called to balance the work of earning a living, even loving what we work at, with expanding our horizons and opportunities for growing our minds and souls.

Prayer: Stable earnings, good work, growing mind.

Character Matters: http://ow.ly/l3by50tXrP6
#CharacterMatters #NVHCOmer5779

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