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Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston


ttps://www.facebook.com/john.hammond.3557440/videos/4300391883335324/ A happy positive video to support love in all its rainbow variations cutesy of a UU songwriter in southern California. If you like feel free to share, use in a service or just enjoy. Blessings.
Worship this today, July 12 at 10:00am: "Wrong Beat, Right Speech" Led by: Linda Weaver, Dre Betancourt and Jesse Leong To Participate Online: click on this link to join the online Zoom worship service: https://zoom.us/j/603044881 To Participate by Telephone: dial +1 312-626-6799 and enter the following webinar code when prompted: 603 044 881
This morning's General Assembly worship was so inspiring! What a great message of hope and challenge. May we be one!
https://www.facebook.com/emmasrevolution/videos/619256258689883/?v=619256258689883 Okay, UUs...it's time to get ready! Emma's Revolution teaches us to sing the anthem for the Poor People's Campaign...get online and let's learn!
Tune in on Friday, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. as your neighbors share their talents in support of Herndon Cares! This one hour premiere event features artists including NextStop Theatre professionals, educators, students, and more. You’ll enjoy inspirational, fun, and creative performances, and you’ll learn more about Herndon Cares and its important mission to deliver compassion and build business in the Herndon/Reston area. Streaming begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Herndon Cares YouTube page, which can be found on the website, [https://herndoncares.org/](http://herndoncares.org/), or at [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwEk2jBNJ1E](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwEk2jBNJ1E). You won’t want to miss it!
Hello there! Would you mind spreading the word and sharing this event, that will be happening this Thursday IN Herndon? A peaceful driving protest where we will show solidarity with the black community and ask for justice for black lives. We had guidance from the Herndon PD and have very mindfully put this event together. Thank you!
Tuesday, May 12th at 7 p.m. ET What does it mean to practice our principles during a pandemic? What are we doing to guarantee free and fair elections in states targeted by voter suppression? How is UU the Vote rising to the challenges of COVID-19, while creating a movement towards UU values in the 2020 elections? Join LIVE for a special update from UU the Vote. This event will feature musicians from across the country, a message from UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, and opportunities for you to get involved and make meaningful impacts in 2020.
I will be grocery shopping tomorrow (Th 4/16). I can shop from a list and deliver near Reston for 1 or 2 others! Let me know.
Call for personal masks! I’ve been so fortunate to be on the receiving end of the help and support of this community and though I’m still not 100% back to normal, it will be a joy for me to pay it forward! Everything is made from my fabric stash so color choice will be limited. For now, I do have a little bit of elastic, but elastic masks do not launder as well over the long term because hot water breaks it down. Unless specifically requested, these will be made with fabric ties. This is my own pattern based off of several tutorials I’ve found, and made of two layers of preshrunk quilter’s cotton with a pipe cleaner nose wire. Sizes are adult small, adult large, or child. I will make 20 of them before I start charging, because by then I’ll need to buy some more materials. If you can pick them up from my apartment stairwell in Hunters Woods, they’re free. Otherwise I’ll need you to pay shipping. Fair disclosure, I was symptomatic and presumed positive and my quarantine is just ending now. Each finished mask will be washed in extra hot water and placed in a ziploc bag with gloved hands before being given away, but you should probably still wash them before using them. Comment here if you would like any and then message me with details like sizes and shipping address.
Now this song is stuck in my head! Thanks to all who brought today's virtual service to us. It was very real to me!
Thanks for our super cool kids activities package we got in the mail today, UUCR! Soren is fighting away COVID-19 with his chalice sticker sword! 💪🏽
Greetings Friends! What a time to let our light shine in the community! Me and my sons have set up a group to help when we can where we can for those at increased risk or disadvantage due to COVID19. Picking up and delivering groceries, writing letters to cheer folks up, delivering goods to shelters, and making medical masks for local hosptials. We could sure use your help in spreading the word. Please check out our FB page, and share/like if you please. and more importantly if you or someone you know needs some help let us know. We are NOT looking for funds in any way. It's free to help where we can! Ray Whitney Caremongers Reston VA! https://www.facebook.com/restonVa19

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston is a progressive, vibrant, and active congregation, serving both intellectual and spiritual needs.

For nearly 50 years, the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston (UUCR) has been home to liberal religion in our area. We strive to be a spiritual community where hearts and minds are encouraged to grow, question, discover, and learn. UUCR has a long history of diversity and inclusion, of affirmation and advocacy. These beliefs and actions are at the core of Unitarian Universalism and are at the core of our church. We are a Welcoming Congregation; our church embraces people of any age, sex, race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, class, ability, language, or cultural background. UUCR supports each person in his or her religious journey. We invite you to share your religious journey with us.

Mission: Our Vision: To be a religious community of unlimited opportunities for personal and collective growth, serving as a beacon of free and liberal faith in a changing world. Our Mission: The mission of this church is to be an inclusive, ethical and spiritual community in which we strive to live our values and make the world a better place.

Operating as usual

"What Happens When a Woman" by Alexandra Olsavsky

We are thrilled to share this information with you and to invite all girl and women-identified singers to join us for this special summer choir project!

"What Happens When a Woman?" Summer Choir Project for Girl and Women-Identified Singers

All Girl and Women-Identified Singers in our community, ages 9 and up, are invited to join this special inter-generational virtual choir project, to learn and record the song "What Happens When a Woman?" by Alexandra Olsavsky.

There will be three Zoom rehearsals to learn the song together, then everyone will create their own video of themselves singing to contribute to the virtual choir video of all of us together! Please join your voice with ours. and bring along your friends, too! You can invite people from anywhere, as this whole project will happen virtually!

If you are interested, please send an email to Cynthia,([email protected]) to sign up.

Please click below to watch a performance of the song by the female trio Artemesia. 🎼 ❤️ 💻

A song for the strong women of our world who seek to empower themselves by asking important questions. Sheet Music/MP3 Download Available HERE: https://www.a...



Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are Confronting Coronavirus Cases.

I know we all wish we could be back in the church building. This article from the NYT explains why church is such a high risk environment for the spread of COVID-19.

nytimes.com The virus has infiltrated Sunday services, church meetings and youth camps. More than 650 cases have been linked to religious facilities during the pandemic.


Food Benefits for School-Age Children During the Pandemic - Fairfax County Emergency Information

When school was in session before COVID-19, many students depended on the Free and Reduced Price Lunch program for nutritious meals.

Due to the pandemic, children no longer have access to that food at school, but through the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS), they can receive food benefits through a program called Pandemic EBT, or P-EBT.

Please click below to learn more about this program and how children in need may receive food.

fairfaxcountyemergency.wpcomstaging.com Posted at 9:30 a.m. When school was in session before COVID-19, many students depended on the Free and Reduced Price Lunch program for nutritious meals. Due to the pandemic, children no longer have access to that food at school, but through the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS), they can...

[07/02/20]   Dear ones, I know NOVA has gone to phase 3, but the virus hasn't gone away. My public health self is urging you to wait three weeks and let others go to the movies, the gym, inside restaurants, etc. and see if cases go up. I'm predicting they will like every state that has moved too soon to open. My minister self is praying for your health and for you to thrive. And wear your mask, wash your hands, stay at least six feet away from others, and stay home if you are sick. I LOVE YOU and WE NEED YOU.

Connected by Brian Tate - The UUCR Choir and Les Voix de Laafi

For our virtual service on Music Sunday, June 14, 2020, our amazing Music Director Cynthia Young contacted a choir she used to direct in Burkina Faso. They collaborated with us on this virtual project to show how truly connected every human being is--across time and almost 5,000 miles.

Please enjoy and share. ❤️🎼🌎

For our virtual service on Music Sunday, June 14, 2020, our amazing Music Director Cynthia Young contacted a choir she used to direct in Burkina Faso. They c...


Black Lives Matter Banner Stolen from Reston Church

Another article about our BLM flag being stolen - this from our friend Mercie in the Connection

connectionnewspapers.com A large banner reading Black Lives Matter was reported stolen along with its supporting posts on Juneteenth 2020 from church grounds of the Unitarian Universalist Church Reston.

[06/25/20]   Several people asked me to update them on the impact of the Moral Assembly this past Saturday by the Poor People's Campaign. Here's what I received today:
"More than two and a half million of you from all across the country and around the world viewed the program on Facebook alone, more than 42,000 of you uploaded selfies and stories on our website, and you sent nearly 300,000 letters to our elected officials insisting they implement the policy agenda of the Poor People’s Campaign.

We were covered in the New York Times, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post the Religious News Service and many more!"
Thank you to all the UUCR folks who participated! I hope you were as inspired as I was! Rev. Debra


Black Lives Matter Banner Stolen From Reston Church

The Reston Patch covered the theft of our BLM. This is ALSO a way for us to live our faith aloud.

patch.com A week after it was installed, a Black Lives Matter banner was stolen Thursday night from the Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston.

[06/19/20]   Our Black Lives Matter flag was stolen last night, poles and all. A new one is on its way.

"I Can't Breathe"

"I Can't Breath."
Rev. Debra's homily from Sunday is now available to view online. Click below for "I Can't Breathe."

Homily by Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner, June 7, 2020

[06/05/20]   The silent vigil on Wiehle Avenue with UUCR, MLK, and NVHC members for Black Lives Matter will take place rain or shine. 5 pm - 5:30 pm. Bring a mask, an umbrella, and a sign!

[06/05/20]   Rev. Debra organized local clergy to release a statement regarding reopening. We are proud of Rev. Debra for her leadership and commitment to our community. And as Rev. Debra has said many times, The building is closed but our church is OPEN! ❤️

The statement follows.


June 5, 2020

The State of Virginia and Fairfax County have told us that we can reopen our houses of worship at fifty percent capacity. We will not be doing so at this time.

Faith leaders bear a special duty. Whether at a mosque for Friday prayers, a synagogue for Shabbat, or services in churches or temples, worship spaces crowded with loving song and prayer present a dangerous risk. We urge everyone to follow the lead of public health officials, who overwhelmingly urge people to continue maintaining social distance. Faith institutions can demonstrate leadership and set an example of love and care for our communities.

As local clergy in Reston, Herndon, and Fairfax, we long to gather in our sacred spaces. We mourn the loss of in person ritual, fellowship and music. But we are continuing to serve our congregations online. We are convinced that our faiths require us to protect each other’s well-being by refraining from gathering in person at this time.

Rather than putting lives at risk, let us instead protect the health and the economic security of everyone in our community. Each and every person is precious. The time has come to build a society that honors the call to justice and enables life to flourish. We must strongly advocate for economic recovery measures that extend to all -- including lower-wage workers, people who have lost jobs, immigrants, uninsured people, seniors, people who are incarcerated and small business owners. Exclusion is inexcusable.

Our faiths are bigger than any building. Drawing strength from that faith, we mourn our dead and commit to action. Acting in a spirit of love and an ethic of protecting the health of all is the true way to serve the divine and to love our neighbor.

Our buildings may be closed but our work as communities of faith goes on.


(List in formation)
Rev. Tom Berlin, Floris United Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner, Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston
Rev. Russell Heiland, Unity of Fairfax
Rabbi Michael Holzman, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation
Rev. Dr. Marcus L. Leathers, United Christian Parish
Rev. Rebecca Messman, Trinity Presbyterian Church,
Rev. David Miller, Unitarian Universalist Church in Fairfax
Rev. Barbara Miner, Floris United Methodist Church
Rev. Michelle L. Nickens, Washington Plaza Baptist Church
Rev. Bob Riggles, Floris United Methodist Church
Rev. Stephen Smith-Cobbs, Trinity Presbyterian Church
Rev. Rob Vaughn, Community of Faith United Methodist Church
Rabbi Jessica Wainer, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation
Rev. Tim Ward, Restoration Church Reston

Wear a mask, bring a sign, park in church parking lot or on Fairway and stand six feet apart on both sides of Wiehle Avenue spreading out from the church. We will stand or sit on the sidewalk in silence to witness our support and stay safe. Please note this is an opportunity for personal witness. It is not civil disobedience. We will gather separately, as individuals or families, at least six feet apart with masks. If you can't sit or stand, you can drive by during that time and honk or put a candle or sign in your window at home to participate virtually. If possible, we will also broadcast on Facebook Live during the public witness.


Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: #WeCantBreathe: A UUA Virtual Prayer Vigil. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Dear UUCR friends, please join Rev. Debra tomorrow night.

JOIN UU's across the country as we gather to uplift Black resistance…
decry white supremacy…
grieve the murder of Black lives and
recommit to living our Unitarian Universalist values.

#WeCantBreathe - A UUA Virtual Prayer Vigil

Tomorrow, June 2nd, 8 PM – 9:30 PM EDT / 5PM - 6:30 PM PDT

RSVP for Zoom information.

UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
Rev. Carlton Elliott Smith, UUA
Everette Thompson, Side with Love
Paige Ingram, Black Lives of UU
Rev. Michael J. Crumpler, UUA
Musician: Melanie DeMore

Register at bit.ly/wecantbreathevigil for Zoom info to participate and share the Facebook event with your congregation and community.

uua.zoom.us JOIN US as we gather to reclaim black freedom…decry white supremacy…grieve the murder of black lives and recommitted to living our Unitarian Universalist values. Speakers: • Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray • Rev. Carlton Elliott Smith • Everette Thompson • Rev. Michael J. Crumpler • Paige In...

"Say Yes to Life"

Rev. Debra's homily from yesterday's service is now available to view online. Please click below for "Say Yes to Life."

Homily by Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner: May 31, 2020

It is hard to miss our rainbow flag, waving 16 feet above Wiehle Avenue! 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️


Sign the Petition

NVHC is now asking for Restonians to add their name to their call against the hate crime at NorthPoint this week. UUCR folks, do your thing! Please add your name here

change.org Call For Courage


A Response to Anti-Semitic Graffiti at North Point Shopping Center - NVHC

This is the interfaith letter I signed today with clergy across Reston and NOVA against the hate crime at North Point.

nvhcreston.org Often we call these “symbols of hate,” and they, along with zoombombers shouting the n-word or posting images of pornography, demonstrate the dark path that seduces too many of our fellow citizens during this pandemic. Whether one promotes the hatred of Jews, people of color, or women, I believe...

[05/20/20]   I have just learned that this morning the North Point Shopping center was defaced with swastikas. I've signed a letter that will be released to the press tonight, and will let you know how you can help. For now, can you put up a sign or chalk "Hate Has No Home in Reston" where your neighbors can see it? Rev. Debra

Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston

Join us for a special repeat service - tonight at 7pm!

Help us celebrate our amazing volunteers!

Monday, May 18 at 7:00pm

Zoom is fixed and we are holding Sunday's service again on Monday, May 18 at 7pm. This will be a LIVE service - we hope you will join us as we recognize and celebrate our volunteers. 💗

Click here for the worship service: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/603044881

[05/18/20]   Help us celebrate our amazing volunteers!

Monday, May 18 at 7:00pm

Zoom is fixed and we are holding Sunday's service again on Monday, May 18 at 7pm. This will be a LIVE service - we hope you will join us as we recognize and celebrate our volunteers. 💗

Click here for the worship service: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/603044881

Thank you for your patience and forbearance today during Zoom’s worldwide bugs. This is what I looked like today!


"See All the People"

Rev. Debra's homily from this Sunday is now available to watch online. If you missed Sunday's service, or you would like to watch it again - or you want to share with your friends - please do so!

Click below for "See All the People."

Homily by Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner - May 3, 2020

[05/04/20]   PLEASE SEND PHOTOS! 📸 💗

We are requesting photos for a special Mother's Day slideshow for the worship service this Sunday.

Please send photos of the mothers and mother figures in your life to Beth ([email protected]) by Tuesday, May 5. Thank you!

April 28, 2020: Ritual and Connection in a Time of Social Distancing

UUCR friends, I was on a panel last week for the Pacific School of Religion about how to do church in the time of pandemic. I highlighted all of what UUCR has done. You might enjoy listening:

Reflections on balancing our own well-being and need for distance while seeking to stay connected, lead worship online, particularly ministering in times of ...

[05/01/20]   Parker Palmer offers this counsel for interacting with other human beings: “No fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other straight.” It's good practice during these times when we are all stressed. Love, Rev. Debra

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1625 Wiehle Ave
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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 15:00
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Asteria Philanthropic Asteria Philanthropic
Reston, 20190

The Asteria Philanthropic Foundation has one goal: to eliminate the cycle of poverty through education for children.

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
2320 Hunters Woods Plz
Reston, 20191-2811

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located in the Hunters Woods Shopping Plaza in Reston, Virginia.

Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos Servicio Geológico de los Estados Unidos
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr
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The Episcopal Church of St. Anne's Smiles For Liberia The Episcopal Church of St. Anne's Smiles For Liberia
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Reston, 20190

Providing dental healthcare for the disadvantaged youth of Liberia, West Africa

Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church
11400 N Shore Dr
Reston, 20190

A warm, loving and welcoming community of Christian believers who embrace the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as well as reaching beyond the walls of the church to serve, comfort, care and love the larger community.

Rosas de Acero Rosas de Acero
11979 North Shore Drive
Reston, 20190

Rosas de Acero es un Ministerio de Mujeres de la Iglesia Ekklesia USA que tiene el objetivo de edificarte y conectarte con tu destino.

St. Anne's Episcopal Church St. Anne's Episcopal Church
1700 Wainwright Dr
Reston, 20190

Welcoming | Diverse | Progressive

Nicholas Duncan-Williams Ministries Nicholas Duncan-Williams Ministries
1818 Library Street, Ste 500
Reston, 20190

NDWM exists to deploy the hand of God through prophetic intercessory prayer. Get newsletters and announcements from Archbishop, https://ndwministries.org

Coptic Youth 4 Holy Book Coptic Youth 4 Holy Book
1564 DR
Reston, 20194

It is time to restore the jeopardized mentality of young Copts. It is time to have our brains biblical ones.

Ekklesia Life Ekklesia Life
11979 N Shore Dr,
Reston, 22079

Pagina oficial de Ekklesia Life

Ekkle Parejas Ekkle Parejas
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El Ministerio de Matrimonios de Ekklesia USA. Reconstruyendo el diseño del Reino en tu Matrimonio.

Ekklesia English Service Ekklesia English Service
11979 N Shore Dr
Reston, 20190

Ekklesia-USA is a dynamic, biblical, and multi-cultural church. Our 8:30am service is in English. Our 10am and 12pm services are in Spanish.