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This is the official page for PHC's Shall We Dance Society. Like this page to get updates about dance lessons, dances, and more!

This is the official page for PHC's Shall We Dance Society. We have so many fun plans for this year, like this page to get updates about dance lessons, dances, and more! Please contact any of the Board Members if you have questions, ideas, or are planning a dance! Board Members: Rachael Stahr, Thaddeus Tague, Steven Kreuger, Rachel Hebert

[04/24/19]   There will be no swing practice this weekend due to the choral concert. Private lessons are available through the week until the day of Liberty Ball.

[04/06/19]   Swing lessons at 6:30 tonight as usual. We will be in the gym if it is available, otherwise in the MPR. Depending on the balance of regulars vs pre-Liberty Ball newcomers, Elias will either continue teaching Lindy Hop or give a refresher on some basic moves.

[03/23/19]   This week, Elias will continue teaching the basics of Lindy Hop. See you all at 6:30 in the MPR!

[03/15/19]   Tomorrow Elias will host a lesson at 6:30 in the Gym (MPR as backup, as usual). When the CME meeting ends between 7:30-8, we will gather on the BHC steps and leave for Glen Echo.

Message Garrett Yoder or Jane White if you need a ride.

[02/23/19]   In light of Sadie's last night and the chorale concert tonight, there will be no swing practice this week.

[02/16/19]   Last practice before Sadie's, and it looks like the Gym is open. 6:30 as always. Elias and Garrett will continue with form exercises and other dance styles you might want to know for Sadie's.

Edit: Once again, the Gym is reserved without the reservation being properly marked in EMS.

[02/09/19]   Swing will be at 6:30 tonight in the Gym. We will likely review some common form issues and go over the Continuous Pretzel and Floor Sweep.

[02/02/19]   The SWD instructors are heading to Glen Echo tonight. Message Elias Gannage, Garrett Yoder, or Gabi for details.

[02/01/19]   TONIGHT: Casual dance practice at 9PM in the MPR. Be there and bring a friend.

[01/31/19]   TONIGHT: Casual dance practice at 9:15pm. Be there and bring a friend.

How many of you would be interested in a Glen Echo field trip this Saturday at 8pm? Live band, $20, and rides provided.

And how many would be interested in an on-campus practice session on Friday night?

[01/26/19]   Swing dancing and Charleston review lesson will be tonight at 6:30. If the women's basketball game is still going on, we will meet in the Multipurpose room. Otherwise, we'll be in the gym. See you all there!

[01/19/19]   First lesson of the semester is TONIGHT in the BHC Gym at 6:30. Hope to see you all there!

Thanks to everyone who came to the lesson last night! We covered the following aerials: burrito-wrap, princess, A-frame, and the burrito transfers. Special thanks to Eli Karnes and Jane White for teaching.
If you need any additional instruction before the Ball, please contact any of the instructors.

No dance practice tonight. Go to Glen Echo or eat leftover turkey.

Dance practice is cancelled tonight, because all our instructors are theater nerds. Go see deadly sword dancing at The Three Musketeers tonight at 7PM in Town Hall!

[11/02/18]   Hey all,
There will be no swing instruction this week due to Fall Break. See you next week for the Irish Step lesson!

[10/20/18]   Lesson and practice in the MPR tonight at 6:30! Tonight, we will be going over the basic Charleston step as we start shifting into new styles of dance.

[10/13/18]   If you need a ride to Glen Echo tonight, meet in front of the BHC at 6:45pm.

| Glen Echo Park

October break schedule:

- Friday dance practice in the multi-purpose room at 6:30pm
- Saturday field trip to Glen Echo for swing dance from 8pm-12am. Message Garrett Yoder or Gabi Johnson if you have a car or need a ride. More information in the link. The Glen Echo Park Partnership presents a swing dance with live music by The Joker's Wild in the historic Bumper Car Pavilion.

| Glen Echo Park

Since this weekend is break, who is interested in having a dance practice Friday or Saturday night?

If there's not enough interest, the instructors will be taking a field trip this Saturday night to Glen Echo for a larger venue swing dance. Anyone is welcome to come, and you can find out more about it in the link provided. The cost will be $18 for four hours of dancing, and there's a lesson in triple step included in the fee.

Have a great weekend! The Glen Echo Park Partnership presents a swing dance with live music by The Joker's Wild in the historic Bumper Car Pavilion. 

[10/05/18]   Ballet lessons are cancelled tonight due to homecoming activities. Have a great weekend!

[09/26/18]   Update: Beginner Ballet lessons have been moved to Thursdays at 7pm! We hope this time is more convenient for you! Come on out to learn ballet from Rose Perkins!

The Freshman Dance may not be free, but our lessons are!
Learn dips and tricks tonight with Gabi and Jane. Wear your most slippery socks and come to the gym at 6:30pm. No partner required.

See you tonight, darling!

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[09/14/18]   FA2018 Weekly Lesson Schedule:

Swing Dance Lessons - Saturdays at 6:30pm in the Gymnasium (or in the MPR as posted).

Beginner Ballet with Rose Perkins - Thursdays at 7:00pm in the MPR

Advanced Ballet with Esther Katz and Catherine Hechtman - Fridays at 6:30 in the MPR.

Come out to learn some moves and have a great time!

[09/07/18]   Swing practice this week will be held at 6:30pm Saturday in the BHC Gym, NOT the Multipurpose room. Lessons will be in the Gym for the rest of September to alleviate space issues in the MPR.
We will be continuing to teach the basics along with some new moves. Starting next week, lessons will begin to also focus on leading/following techniques to prepare you all for the Freshman Dance.

[05/05/18]   Dance practice is cancelled tonight due to finals. Finish strong! See you next semester!

[04/28/18]   Tonight's lesson will be somewhat shorter than usual, due to the fact that most of our instructors are big Marvel fans... but we'll have an extra lesson on Monday night so we can warm up for the Liberty Ball!
6:30-7:15 tonight, and 7-8 on Monday night.

[04/06/18]   This Saturday, we'll be turning the multipurpose room over to Dr Guliuzza/Elise for a mock trial round, so we'll meet in the gymnasium instead! 6:30pm - lesson is free!

[03/17/18]   Dance practice tonight at 6:30. IT'S FREE

[03/17/18]   Dance practice at 6:30 tonight!

[03/09/18]   I'm changing the time of tonight's practice to 9pm to avoid conflict with the faculty concert. See y'all there!

[03/08/18]   If anyone needs dance practice before Sadies, I'll be hanging out in the raquetball courts around 7pm Friday night. -Gabi

[03/05/18]   Ballet lessons tonight are cancelled due to midterms, essays, and illnesses. See you on Thursday at 8pm for more Ballet!

[02/01/18]   Don't forget to head to the gymnasium this Friday for the Model UN team's Sock Hop! The Model UN team asked us to send one of our instructors to give a short lesson - and Gabriella has saved up some new moves to teach at the Sock Hop! Come on out for some old-fashioned music and some brand-new swing moves!

[01/20/18]   Shall We Dance Society Kick-off Swing Practice tonight at 6:30 in the Multipurpose room!

[01/20/18]   SP2018 Schedule!
Swing Lessons every Saturday at 6:30pm in the Multipurpose Room. (Instructors vary)
Ballet Lessons every Monday at 8:00pm in the Multipurpose Room. (Instructor: Rose Perkins)

[11/11/17]   It's the weekend! Come to the multipurpose room tonight at 6:30PM for a free beginner's cha-cha lesson taught by Michaela Miller, a competitive ballroom dancer from Purdue University. She will be teaching a social dancing style and introductory ballroom style moves. Free dancing to follow.

[11/04/17]   For anyone who's still on campus, we will still have swing dancing tonight at 6:30.

[10/28/17]   Dance practice at 6:30 tonight!

[10/21/17]   Swing dancing in the multipurpose room in 30 min. Hope to see you there!

Since dance practice was cancelled this weekend, we're having a practice tonight in the multipurpose room at 9:30. :D come learn to dance like these babes.

with Gabriella Johnson and Spencer Milligan

[10/13/17]   Because all the teachers are either off campus or otherwise indisposed during October Break, there will be no lesson this Saturday.
Hope you all enjoy your break and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor again next Saturday!

[10/05/17]   The Shall We Dance Society is pleased to announce a Sock Hop at the conclusion of Homecoming this Saturday! The dance will be held at 6:30pm (our regular lesson time) in the BHC Gymnasium! Admission is free. Wear your most outrageous socks and come dance!

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